FREE 17-Point Checklist To Grade Your Sales Funnel's Conversion Effectiveness
Tanda Copywriting 2 weeks ago

FREE 17-Point Checklist To Grade Your Sales Funnel's Conversion Effectiveness

Discover How Effective Your Funnel is at Turning Clicks Into Customers. Made Based on an Analysis of 1217 Sales Funnels For Their Efficiency

Hey Warrior,

Are you struggling to improve your sales funnel's conversion rates?

My direct response agency and I have analyzed 1217 sales funnels looking to identify the key factors that can maximize conversions. As part of our methodology, we have looked at our own funnels, funnels of our clients, and third-party funnels that we have come across.

In each case, we looked for funnels that were successful, and attempted to codify what made them so.

Where we did not have access to the sales data of the funnel, we estimated the success based on how much was being invested in running ads to the funnel, and the length of time the ads were up for.

As a result, we have identified 17 factors that are essential to a funnel's success.

We have codified our results in an easy to use 17-point checklist that we use to assess and grade a sales funnel's effectiveness.

Nowadays, we use this checklist whenever a client hires us to optimize their conversions. It is the very first step that we take in the process to grade their funnel and understand where they're at.

If you want to check your own funnel by yourself, you can do so. For a limited time, we're giving our 17-point checklist away entirely FREE of charge, so go ahead and grab it here if you're interested:

The Checklist will give you a CONVERSION GRADE which will indicate how well your funnel is converting. We have identified that funnels fall into three broad stages, which we have named Stage I, II and III (I know, we're not very creative lol).

Each stage represents a different stage of efficiency. Based on your conversion grade, the checklist will tell you in which stage your funnel falls in.

We have identified that Stage I funnels (the least efficient) struggle with very low conversion rates and quite often a negative ROI.

Stage II funnels usually break even, which is where most people are at. They don't make much money, and they don't lose much money.

And finally, Stage III funnels are where you want to be. These are super high-converting funnels that are the best of the best. People who own these funnels are usually industry leaders.

Going through the checklist will help you determine which stage of the funnel you're at, how you can improve, and how much of your sales potential you're currently at now.

For a limited time, we're giving it away for free. So grab it below:
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