8 Lifetime Deals Left: Site Tracking Software - Heatmaps + Screen Replays For Unlimited Websites
tomhunt88 1 year ago

8 Lifetime Deals Left: Site Tracking Software - Heatmaps + Screen Replays For Unlimited Websites

A lifetime deal for website tracking software: GoAnalyze. Unlimited heatmaps and site replays for all of your sites... forever!

There is one scene from The Matrix that always stuck with me:

It's the scene where Neo finally meets The Architect, a highly specialised, homourless program and the creator of the Matrix.

As Neo looks at the thousands of screens being montored by this man, he starts to develop a true understanding of the Matrix in which is was born. This data gives him a greater understanding and therefore control of his situation.

This scene stuck with me as multiple times throughout my online marketing career I experienced a simillar transition: going from obscurity to clarity and then from clarity to control.

The most recent example of this occurred two weeks ago... when data first started bleeding through from the SaaS Marketer and bCast websites into a new website tracking SaaS product we started using.

As I was scrolling through the event data, heatmaps and screen recordings I felt a new sense of awareness and control.

I knew that with this data streaming in 24/7, 365 days a year, we would have the understanding and then be able to the changes we need to improve site experience.

It's those 1% tweaks to your headline copy, menu structure or site speed that compound over time.

This SaaS tool is called GoAnalyze and is built by community member Timothy Iznerum.

Now I'm going to be real with you, GoAnalyze is not a polished as HotJar or FreshMarketer, but I can tell you that:

  • It was about 3 times faster for us to get set up
  • Timothy's responses to my idiotic questions took an average of 16.5 seconds
  • If you jump in, you won't need to spend another dime on website tracking software (this deal includes unlimited replays, events, heatmaps and websites)
But that’s not the reason you need to jump in…

You need to jump in because you need to be collecting this data if you are to thrive as an online marketer in 2020. You need full visibility of everything that is happening on all of your sites, all of the time.

You need to take the red pill and understand what is really happening on your marketing site, not the blue pill that will take you back to ignorance.

Think of GoAnalyze like your personal Architect, collecting the data you need from ALL your sites, 24/7... forever.

As a reminder, all deals are only open for a five day period, or until we hit 25 sales (17 have already been made).

And with that, there is just one thing left to ask, which pill would you like to take?

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