39 Days to Online Success PLUS Live Coaching - Unbelievable Value
PatrickTaylor1 1 year ago

39 Days to Online Success PLUS Live Coaching - Unbelievable Value

Are you still struggling to crack the code for online success? The confusion ends now.

From the desk of Patrick Taylor:

Dear New or Struggling Entrepreneur,

If you're like me, you get dozens of offers everyday in your e-mail telling you how easy it is to become rich and live the lifestyle of your dreams...if you just buy their program.

So, you buy their program.

And the upsell.

And the second upsell that promises to make it even easier with done-for-you templates, coaching, and lifetime access to their site.

Maybe you've done this several times and have had several false starts.

There is a reason you're HERE right now and not on some other site. And, frankly, I'm glad you're here.

You see, my MISSION is to help young people (and even not-so-young people) learn that there's a different way to earn a living than by giving 50 or 60 of your prime hours every week for 50 years to a company that really doesn't care about you or your family and will pay you just enough to barely squeak by financially.

I started my own entrepreneural journey relatively late in life, and there are so many times along the way, and even now into the present when I exclaim to myself, "WOW! I wish I'd known this when I was 18..."

Well, I can't go back and live my own life over again, but hopefully I can help some people learn the joys of being an entrepreneur much earlier than I did, and help someone avoid all the mistakes I made along the way.

Good grief! Just avoiding my mistakes can shave YEARS off your learning curve.
So, toward that end here is my Very SPECIAL OFFER to Warriors on the Warrior Forum....at a ridiculously low price...what I feel is the best deal this side of the Rio Grande!
  1. "How To Earn Your Living Online: The complete guide to building a profitable online business so you can start living life on your own terms." This is my flagship book that has received RAVE REVIEWS from new marketers and veterans alike.
  2. "39 Days To Success." This is my step-by-step companion e-course that compliments the training in my membership portal. This is the real deal that breaks down the process of building a complete online enterprise. It takes you by the hand with practical homework assignments and provides product recommendations that I feel will save you years of trial and error.
  3. Live Coaching Sessions. This is a key component to the e-training. I think one reason most people (over 95%) who set out to earn money online never earn a dime is because they just get stuck at some point and don't have anyone who can get them UNstuck. I have made live coaching so affordable it's incredible. You'll get a lesson or some technical training of some sort, then the ability to get your own questions answered.
  4. A new traffic method every month! One of the things I hear new marketers complain about is the difficulty of driving traffic to their offers. Every month a new traffic generating method will be unlocked for you. Some are free methods and some are paid methods. The lessons start off very simple and increase in scope and complexity.
  5. PLUS - Access to the entire business building system;
  6. PLUS - My Technology Bootcamp;
  7. PLUS - Private Label Rights and Master Resale Rights products that YOU can SELL. This is the fastest way to get a product of your own to market;
  8. PLUS - Access to the Product Archive Vault (past books);
  9. PLUS - VIP e-mail response - because sometimes you need an answer NOW!
  10. PLUS - Insightful interviews from industry leaders

PLUS so much more that I can't even list here!

Bottom line: I want to give you every advantage and tool that you need to make it out of the gate strong.

Look, if you're coming from a background as an employee and you're trying to become an entrepreneur who is going to live the "laptop lifestyle" and travel the world earning tons of money and doing your work from exotic locales like you read about in all of the ad copy you're going to need more than some gimmick you paid $7 to some guru for.

I'm going to give it to you straight in all of my training. I promise to over deliver and do my best to give you the best of the best tools and strategies.

But YOU'RE going to have to put some effort in too.

If you put the effort in, I think you'll be unstopable. In 365 days from now, I think you'll look back and think, "Wow! I'm so glad I put in the effort toward my dreams."
You can have it ALL for only
$6.99 for my 14-day trial
(After that it's just $19.99 per month)
(Cancel anytime. No ridiculous contracts. Cancel during your trial
and I'll even refund your $6.99 plus you can keep "How To Earn Your Living Online" (previously sold for $197.) and stay enrolled in "39 Days to Online Success" as my gift to you!)
My mom would say you're taking advantage of me, but she says that about everyone. She's my mom. That's her job.

I would say to jump on this NOW before the price goes up (because, trust me, that's the only thing the price can do at this point).

All the best,

P.S. Of course, you have absolutely ZERO RISK. I'm assuming ALL of it. You have 14-days to decide if you like it. If not, let me know and I'll refund you, no problem. And even if you cancel, you can keep the e-book "How To Earn Your Living Online" and continue going through my e-course "39 Days To Success" as my gifts to you. (You can even drop me an occasional e-mail as you go through the course and I'll answer you!)

Jump on a live coaching call. Check out the member's area.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results because, let's face it, the vast majority of people will do absolutely nothing with this information, so anyone doing anything and achieving success is exceptional. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. No one on planet Earth can guarantee your success. We don't believe in "get rich quick" schemes, but believe that success is achieved by hard work and providing massive value to your customers. That being said, I CAN guarantee your failure--simply do nothing and you will achieve none of your goals.
Your choice.

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