Online / Local Agency Mastermind. Tons of Actionable information, Tips, Tricks and Constant Updates
deu12000 1 year ago

Online / Local Agency Mastermind. Tons of Actionable information, Tips, Tricks and Constant Updates

Serious about starting an online agency or own one? This could be the cheapest and best purchase you ever make. No upsells. No monthly fees.

This is currently a Warrior Forum exclusive offer. The price is rising as updates and content is added to the site. In the future this offer will be opened to a wider audience at a higher price.
  • Are there any upsells?

    No. There are suggestions for other products/services that you can use but there are no upsells.

  • Is this a one-time fee?

    Yes. There are no hidden or recurring fees. The price will go up without notice and in the future this may turn into a recurring membership but for now it's a one-time fee for whoever gets in.

  • Why no PayPal?

    Because PayPal held about $10K of my money hostage for 6 months until finally releasing it. I'm using a regular merchant account to process orders. If you really, really want to use PayPal send me a PM and I'll send you my PayPal but access won't be instant due to having to set your account up manually.

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    Just added: Start a social media posting service, for little to no money you will learn what type of content to use, where to get the content, how to efficiently post the content. This is another standalone business that you can start with little to no experience or add it to your arsenal of services.
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      what can you charge for this service and how difficult will it be to procure customers? thx
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        I charge $100 a month for it. It takes me about an hour a month. You can go more in depth and charge more and offer higher quality work.

        As far as procuring customers it's about the same as selling any other web services, you might even get less resistance if you offer it as a cheap foot in the door. I've only really sold this as an add-on to other services but it can be standalone also.
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    Hi ,
    Is it $4 or $8?
    I'll be more comfortable to pay via wire transfer. Let me know if it's possible.
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      It's $8. Price goes up every update. Just waiting on WF to approve edits so that it shows correctly everywhere.

      I don't accept wire transfers for this offer. I guess if you really want to use your bank account, I can take PayPal but it would be a manual process to setup your account so it's not instant access. You can PM me if you want to do that.
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    Just added:

    How to contact millions of businesses easily and efficiently (HINT: contact forms). This is a secret that no one wants you to know. You can find fragments and pieces of this throughout the internet but I've never seen everything put together in one place until now. This alone can help you find tons of new clients.

    More coming soon...
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    Just added:

    How to get free and paid trials that can last forever.

    A new service that you can offer and get your foot in the door to upsell your other services, this involves a camera.

    More coming soon...

    I already have four more topics/tutorials pending to create in the next few weeks. Every time that I add new content to the site, the price goes up.
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    Hats off one of the best purchase I have made in my IM journey. The fee could literally be charged 100x based alone on the stuff that I have seen the members discuss inside the Skype group. Get in and I bet you won't be disappointed!
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    When I said no upsells I wasn't joking.

    Just added:

    A LinkedIn method that one of our members used to make thousands of dollars per client. Bonus: Business opportunity. You make the sales, someone else does the fulfillment.

    $100's of dollars in free ad credits.

    Creating multiple personas - tips to stay under the radar for generating qualified leads.

    More coming soon...
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    So correct me if I am wrong but the skype group is also included for free for the price?

    $1 is a one time fee or recurring?

    Also, how many members are there in the Skype group?

    Is prospecting also taught or discussed?
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      You are correct. The Skype group is included. The $1 is a one time fee and there are no upsells. The Skype group has 73 members at the moment. Prospecting is discussed in the group and there are some ideas that work on the website.

      The $1 isn't to make me money it's just to show the tiniest commitment to get into the group. Spammers and scammers are kicked out of the group.

      Past discussions have been many different prospecting methods in great detail, info on closing deals, info on building sites out, SEO, and much more. A recent discussion was how to diversify with what they've learned and moving into other businesses and succeeding.

      There are a few five figure per month earners and one or two six figure per month earners, there are also others that haven't really made much money online yet but are learning.

      Several of us have also done business together in different forms throughout the years.

      Also if you are working on a deal, you don't want to post about it publicly so you go into a private group like this and get tips on moving forward.
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        Will we also get access to the previous skype chats?
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          We just re-did the group a few weeks ago so there isn't the years worth in there right now. Future members will probably get access to all of the old chats.
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    Looks a good offer, but your payment page does not look good asking for bank details.
    I'd rather pay by PayPal.
    Please add PayPal buttons.

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      No bank details are being asked for just credit card details; like you would be asked for if you ordered from anywhere else online.

      PayPal for now is not an option. Maybe in the future since there are issues with integrating it with the system being used right now.

      If you're really paranoid you can just use a VCC.
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        Well even with credit/debit card details, the page does not look very convincing. PayPal is the easiest to integrate can set a redirect to whatever you are selling.
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          I'm very aware of how to integrate PayPal into a site (it would take about 5 minutes). The integration issue isn't due to not knowing how to do it, it has to do with not having a business PayPal account which is required to integrate it into the membership platform being used.
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    I have purchased but as yet have not received my access to the course. deu12000 could you please arrange access for me please.
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      You should be able to login with the username and password that you used to signup. If that doesn't work, PM me your email address so that I can resend your login instructions.

      To login you can go here . If you don't remember the username or password click on Lost Password on that page.
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    How many hours of content is it?
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      You can read everything in under an hour. For now it's all in text format. Depending on future needs more can be added to the site.
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