Get Step-By-Step Plan To Help You Create and Launch Your Profitable Affiliate Website FROM SCRATCH
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Get Step-By-Step Plan To Help You Create and Launch Your Profitable Affiliate Website FROM SCRATCH

Regardless of Your Prior Experience!

"Now You Can Get Step-By-Step Plan To Help You Create and Launch Your Profitable Affiliate Website FROM SCRATCH... in JUST 30 DAYS......Regardless of Your Prior Experience!"

If I were to have started all over again with no email list, no customers, no traffic channels, a total stranger on social media with no product or service to sell, and most of all with no website


I constantly receive many emails daily from people who struggle with internet marketing and their questions have always been, "What would I do If I were to start all over again?". It soon dawned upon me that there are indeed many people who fall into this abyss of failure despite putting in their best efforts. It also reminded me of how I went through these same struggles when I first started on my own journey.

When I first started, I tried to learn and do everything from complicated funnels, Amazon websites, CPA marketing to spending tons of money on FB, and Youtube ads. It was a nonstop trying of the system after system, from cheap $7 WSOs to high ticket courses that ran into the thousands.

Looking back, I still wondered why did I make my life so complicated and overwhelmed myself with all these so-called systems, loophole, hacks, and whatnot,

If I could start all over again and build a REAL and PROFITABLE online business, I will not be taking that scenic route ever again.

There will be no complicated sales funnel, creating unfinished products, upsells, and downsells that no one wants to buy.

Instead, I will just focus 100% of my efforts on one single thing and that is building a profitable affiliate marketing website and while building an email list as a by-product from my affiliate website.


If you have been failing in your internet marketing journey up to this point, you need to just forget about all the failures in the past and start to build your own digital asset. You do not have to be a failure anymore because now you know EXACTLY what to do.
I want to offer you a helping hand to create your PROFITABLE affiliate website which will become very valuable as you progress. I want to show you what needs to be done and how to do it. You will have clarity and a strategy to make it all work. You will have a simple, fundamentally sound, yet powerful training that shows you step by step on how you can be successful as an affiliate marketer making a consistent monthly income. There is no need for you to resort to using tricks, hacks, and loopholes.


Affiliate marketing is a GOLD MINE waiting to be mined but has often been ignored and overlooked by many people not because it is unprofitable but because it is not as glamorous as other money-making systems that many gurus promote. However, the real fact is that affiliate marketing has been the most consistent and evergreen online money-making system over the past decade, and it is getting even better. Recently, more and more people are waking up to the fact that affiliate marketing is the real deal and that they can achieve a 6 figure income with less than $30 to start with and doing it part-time.

There are many people who tried to start an eCommerce store selling their own products online but most of them do not realize that they have to spend thousands of dollars to stock up on inventories, spend a few thousand more on marketing and more money to set up their delivery and logistics. You are looking to spend at least 30-40k before you can get any meaningful eCommerce store off the ground.

In addition, there is massive competition in eCommerce right now and you will need to compete with the likes of Amazon and Walmart for a piece of the action. With affiliate marketing, once your website is established, it will continue to bring you passive income for years to come. Making 6 figures per year income from your affiliate website is a reality and my program will show you the steps to achieve that comfortably and confidently. No need for inventories, no huge capital outlay, no logistics issues, and no customer service required. In other words, NO HEADACHES!

I do not know you and I do not know if you are a go-getter. I do not know if you are hungry and you have the desire to make more money. But if you are someone that wants things in life and wants more money to spend now and in retirement, you need this training.

So when you know where you are, where is it that you want to go, you will know how important this is for you. The best way to do that is to imagine a year from now and we are back here together and it was the best financial year of your life. Feel it for just a moment. Close your eyes if you have to. What does the best financial year look like to you? How much money did you make? What do you feel when you wake up? Are you in better shape because you got money out of the way and you are enjoying your life more?
If what you are doing now is not bringing you to that destination and not generating you the money you want, then you need a new how.

And that is why I am so excited today because I want to give you the how by creating literally the best step by step. training in my life for you.


Authority Affiliate 2.0 is my signature training program that teaches you how to create and grow your affiliate marketing business to 6-figures per year. It is a fundamentally sound and powerful training program that shows you in a step by step way through over the shoulders video tutorials and checklists. This training uses unique strategies that I have perfected over a number of years. You learn systematically and clearly on how to become wildly successful in affiliate marketing even if you have not done it before. There are no fluffs, no 200 hours videos, no 100 hours of audios, and 1000 pages of PDF of instructions. Instead, you will be guided by a series of clear and actionable videos and accompanying checklist and instructions that will deliver a clear and concise understanding of the whole process. You will achieve success at a quicker pace than many others who spend years spinning their wheels trying to figure out what works and what does not.

You will not be overwhelmed because everything is done in a systematic and step by step way with nothing left to guesswork. Authority Affiliates 2.0 covers all the proven techniques and methodology that uses a strong fundamental system to ensure that your affiliate website will be a roaring success. There are no fluffs, no padded information, no inefficient steps, and no guesswork. This training teaches you several time-tested and reliable visitors generating techniques. Also, this training shows you several easy and creative monetization platforms that you can use to make money. You can stop figuring everything out for yourself or what works and what does not because Authority Affiliates 2.0 is the master blueprint that shows you all you need to know about affiliate marketing.

  • How To Choose Your Niche The Correct Way
  • Intelligent Domain Selection
  • Affiliate Website Structuring
  • Themes And Plugins Guide
  • Content Mastery
  • Building Your List
  • Building Traffic And Audience
  • Social Media Traffic
  • Backlinks Building
  • Monetization Channels
  • Growing And Outsourcing Your Affiliate Website
  • And much more
  • You are looking for a long-term passive 6-figures/year business
  • You are prepared to follow the training in this program and put in some work
  • You have a strong passion to make money online but don’t know where to start
  • You do not want an online business that requires you to stare at your computer screen for 10 hours a day while making peanuts
  • You want a simple straight forward and proven business model that can withstand the test of time and flourish
  • You are ready to start using your time in an efficient way while building an online business
  • You do not want to jump from course to course, trying to figure out which course is right for you.
  • You are tired of getting a single paycheck from your company every month
  • You want to be able to quit your 9-5 and the corporate grind in the future
  • You are looking for an EASY TO FOLLOW program with no fluff and all value
  • You are looking to create a second stream of income.
  • You want to start building your nest egg so that you can retire comfortably
  • You want an asset that you can sell in the future for 20x-30x of the monthly income
  • You have been through other courses and programs but achieved dismal results
  • You have worked with trainers and coaches in the past that cares about their image more than you.
  • You want to enjoy the freedom in your retirement by owning a valuable passive income digital asset
  • The Complete Authority Affiliates 2.o Training Course - Value $997
  • Over The Shoulder Video Tutorials - Useful tutorials where you learn the training from my point of view - Value $997
  • Checklists For Quick And Easy Reference - These PDF checklists come in handy when you want to recall what you have learned - Value $197
  • SKYPE Support - If you have any questions, I will provide you with support over SKYPE - Unlimited Value
Total real value = > $2000 - But today you only pay a One Time Payment Of $197



ONLY $247

Questions? Please SKYPE me on davidcheng918
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  • Profile picture of the author mike hanneman
    This sounds pretty cool.

    Once everything is set-up, how much time per day is required to maintain and grow our site?

    Can you go into more detail on the content creation? Is it blog posts, creating videos, etc.?

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    • Profile picture of the author freeabs
      Hey Mike,

      Thanks for your interest. Spending about an hour a day will be good enough but the idea here is not so much about the time spent but the consistency. The more consistent you are the better traction you get at a faster rate. But as your website grows, it pretty much runs on its own with minimal intervention.

      Content creation will mostly and predominantly be article posts which are still the best type of content for ranking purposes. The idea is not so much about posting a mind-boggling number of contents but rather contents and topics that have gone through and strategic research. One thoroughly researched article is worth 100 poor and hastily written articles.
      That's what's special about my training because I show you exactly how that's done.

      If you need more info or would like to discuss further, reach out to me on SKYPE: davidcheng918
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  • Profile picture of the author heffweizen
    How much does the 500 backlinks help with the site ranking? Curious!
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    • Profile picture of the author freeabs
      It really helps in terms of spending time looking for them as well as the quality of these backlinks websites. And with these backlinks, your rankings will definitely be an advantage. Having said that, backlinks are just a part of the whole equation because there are foundations to lay when you start to build your website. Get them wrong and no amount of backlinks will help you. You must get every part of the equation right to be successful.
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  • Profile picture of the author Norkali
    This sounds like a good WSO. What are the additional costs involved? Hosting, domain, responder, traffic for the first six months? Also, how long usually does it take to rank a site? What affiliate programs do you suggest?
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    • Profile picture of the author freeabs

      Thanks for your interest in my WSO. You will definitely need a domain which is about $8 but I know where you can get it for less than $5 at this moment. Hosting is about $2-3/month. There is a great AR that I am personally using for the past 3 years that allows unlimited subscribers but limited to 180 Emails a day. If you want to send more, just pay accordingly but for a start, it is more than enough as the unlimited subscribers feature cant be found anywhere.
      My training provides you with the insights on how to pick your niche, keywords, topics even before you start to do rankings because it would be a futile effort if you don't do it correctly when you start out. Rankings will come gradually and some keywords will see the light of the day from month 2 onwards. In my $247 package, I also provide you with a database of 500 websites that you can start to create backlinks from.

      There are several affiliate programs I recommend in the training which is the easiest to get apply into and great for conversions. Hope that answers your questions and if you need more info, just SKYPE me at davidcheng918

      ONLY $197



      ONLY $247

      Questions? Please SKYPE me on davidcheng918
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