UNDERDOG MARKETING - Sales Messaging That Helps Small Businesses & New Entrepreneurs Win
Tanda Copywriting 4 years ago

UNDERDOG MARKETING - Sales Messaging That Helps Small Businesses & New Entrepreneurs Win

Smash Your Louder (and Better Funded) Competitors With a Highly Relevant Customer-Obsessed Message

All the marketing you're doing is wrong for you!

What hurts me most is seeing small businesses acting like big businesses and getting wiped out.

You read all these blog posts, books, listen to all these gurus...

And everyone is telling you to present your benefits, offer solutions, give customers your unique selling proposition (USP)...

But what happens when you do that?

Your customers say "SO WHAT?!"

And you lose the sale...

You struggle against your bigger competitors.

The market ignores you.

It feels like nobody wants what you're selling...

You feel like David fighting against Goliath...

So instead of

Solution/Benefit/USP --> Customer --> "So What?"

We go...

Customer --> Solution/Benefit/USP --> "I Want This!"


By creating a story-driven customer-obsessed message that starts with your customers, and leads to your solution...

We're a new service and this is our official launch. And here's what we offer:
- A new understanding of how small businesses are different than big businesses.
- Why small businesses require a different marketing strategy to win against their bigger and louder competitors.
- How having the right customer-obsessed message can help you win even if your competitors are louder than you
- A free newsletter and FB group formed of new entrepreneurs and small business owners (networking) where we'll post relevant content.
- A free report: "Top 7 Mistakes People Make When Quitting Their Job To Start A Business"
- 'Gary Halbert' level sales copy at affordable prices, fully automated so that you don't need to waste your time finding a copywriter, knowing what you need to tell them or speaking to anyone 1-on-1.