Ecommerce Business Set-Up - BUILD FOR YOU - 1 YEAR Money Back Guarantee - Coaching Included
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Ecommerce Business Set-Up - BUILD FOR YOU - 1 YEAR Money Back Guarantee - Coaching Included

I will build you a ready to make money ecommerce store and teach you how to start making money with it!

It is probably the highest ROI business model when it comes to making money online in 2020.

If you are looking for a newbie friendly business model which is very scalable , then you are in the right place.

Start now your E-commerce Business before it’s too late!

You can get from $1,000 in Revenue in 1 month to over $10,000 in Revenue in 4-5months if you follow the right steps.

Do you know any other business model which can generate so much cashflow so fast just from your laptop?? I don’t think so.

Usually the profit margin is around 20-30% using this business model.


We'll build you a similar site + show you the process to replicate its success.

Hi, I am Stefan.

Along the time I have built over 400 successfull ecommerce businesses, I have sold a lot of them on Flippa and some of them were kept along the years.

I know you have been pitched a million times; this is not one of those.

No fancy claims or overwrought promises.

It’s actually very simple, I have a system which works everytime when it comes for E-Commerce. I will select the right products for you, make a killer design that has a high converting rate and also help you create the ADS for facebook&instagram so you can start generating SALES!

The most important part of this business is knowing how to create profitable ADS and make them work longterm. That’s where I come in. Besides the fact that I will create the first ADS FOR YOU , I will also give you a VERY COMPREHENSIVE VIDEO TRAINING for Facebook Ads so you can LEARN Yourself how to create profitable ADS in the future!

We'll show you a proven system that works + build you a site to achieve that.

You will get coaching with ME until you get PROFITABLE!


My OFFER is simple

We'll build a complete E-commerce Business for $247.

You'll get:

- A customized Ecommerce Website.Professional Design&Logo and other key things to raise the conversion rate.

- Premium Theme.

- Premium Plugin for fulfilling the orders and for adding new producs to the website.( Basically it takes 2 minutes or less to completely fulfill an order).

- 3 Facebook&IG ads campaigns you can get started with the sales.

- Free VideoTraining for learning facebook ADS.

- AT LEAST 50 products added and edited on the website(only products that have potential will be included based on our previous experience).

- Free niche research and recommendations.

- Free product research and recommendations.

- Free keyword research and recommendations.

- Free 12-months web hosting. Want to host it on your own server? That’s not a problem. Just send us the cpanel information and we will set it up for free on your server.

- Free training- I give you a detailed step-by-step, "do-this", "do-that" set of instructions by email or skype. We and other veteran marketers use the same system to run our own sites.

- 12 MONTHS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- Yes, that's 1 year. Try this for 365 days. If you do exactly what we teach you in our training and don't make back your investment, submit proof that you gave the training an honest effort and we'll refund your investment, simple as that.

This is a 100% newbie-friendly business model.

Does it Take a LOT OF Your TIME?

No, you will need just a few hours per week to manage the business and then after you get some experience you can outsource all of the tasks and we will show you where to find good&hard-working people for this.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have a job or if you aren’t good with computers, this isn’t a BARRIER, I will make it work for you! Basically even a 12 years old kid can do it with no prior knowledge about business or TECH.

The price?

You get everything I have listed above.

It is just a one-time payment of $247.
DO NOT FORGET: 1 YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you don't make money and prove that you have tried what I have trained you to do and you didn't make money, I will gladly refund you! Therefore, there is NO RISK FOR YOU!



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