Get 3,500 Real Website Visitors for FREE
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Get 3,500 Real Website Visitors for FREE

Start a free trial on Simple Traffic and get 3,500 real website visitors for free on the extended warrior forum trial. Cancel at any time.

Actually generate leads and sales from real visitors who navigate your website. Simple Traffic delivers thousands of quality visitors to your website with location and device targeting.

Just sign up to the Warrior Forum extended trial with the coupon code warrior and get 3,500 real visitors to your website, blog, or affiliate offer for free! Cancel at any time.

Need even more traffic? We can deliver up to 20,000 real visitors per day on our subscription plan.

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Traffic that converts
Receive 100% real website traffic that can convert. No bots ever!

Get Ad Clicks
The visitors you get can actually click through your funnels, navigate your website, and click on ads.

Boost Search Rankings
Get onto the first page of Google by proving that your website continually gets large amounts of visitors.

Google Analytics Tracking
Track your increased website traffic on both Google Analytics and in our own custom dashboard.

Advanced Targeting
Target visitors by country, device, and browser to get your offer in front of the right audience!

Expert Support
We are experts in digital marketing, so if you need any help setting up your subscription or are looking for advice on how to reach your goals send us an email. Or just use the live chat on our homepage.

Lowest Prices after trial ends
If you want to continue to receive traffic after your trial ends you can continue with a subscription for as low as $0.35 per 1000 visitors.

What's Included:

  • 3,500 real website visitors for free
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • live tracking
  • Location, Device, and Browser Targeting

Order Tracking
Once you start a trial we provide you with live tracking in our dashboard.

To see the traffic in Google Analytics just make sure that you select "Track visitors in Google Analytics with UTM parameters" on the subscription form, then you will see your visitors in two locations:
The first is Behaviour -> Site Content -> All Pages
Set the Primary Dimension: Page Title
The second is Events -> Overview -> Event Category
The event category will say: Simple Traffic

Are you an Affiliate marketer? Our traffic does best with more general affiliate offers such as Make Money Online, Business Opportunities, Dating, Personality Profiles, etc. We have an in-depth guide on how to market affiliate offers with our traffic here:
How to get sales on ClickBank with Simple Traffic

Marketing Tip
The website traffic we send is considered "cold traffic" which means they have not clicked directly on your offer but instead been forwarded from another website from our network. For best results, we recommend sending the traffic to a pre-sale page such as a review, news article, blog post, or youtube video about your product to warm up the traffic and get them interested in your offer before sending them to a sale page.

Want even more traffic?
Subscribe to Simple Traffic and get up to 600,000 real visitors per month for as low as $0.67 per 1000 visitors.

Coupon Code
To claim the extended trial make sure you add the coupon warrior when signing up!

Get 3500 real website visitors now
  • Where do the visitors come from?

    We forward traffic to your website from our large network of domains that we own and rent. These include parked and expired domains, as well as monetized webpages.

  • Do I have to pay anything?

    No, you just have to subscribe to any of our free trials. You can cancel during the trial period without any charges.

  • How do I cancel?

    Just log in to your PayPal pre-approved payments and click on cancel to stop all future charges. Here is the link: We also have a more details guide here:

  • Are the visitors real?

    Yes, our visitors are forwarded from our network of websites and domains. We do NOT use bots. All website traffic is 100% real and is visible in Google Analytics.

  • Is this traffic method safe?

    Yes! The traffic you receive is real so it will help boost your search ranking.

  • Where do the visitors come from?

    We forward traffic to your website from our large network of domains that we own and rent. These include parked and expired domains, as well as monetized webpages.

  • Can I track the traffic in Google Analytics?

    Yes, the traffic is visible in Google Analytics. We also provide you with tracking in our dashboard here:

  • Does this work with AdSense?

    Our service can promote sites using any ad platform, but AdSense does not allow forwarded traffic. You can read AdSense policies here:

  • Does this work with YouTube videos?

    We can send traffic to a youtube video. But we cannot guarantee any views to be counted because YouTube does require a certain watch duration on a video to count it as a view or visitor. If you are just looking to get views or subs then we recommend trying a site like

  • Can I use multiple URLs?

    We can only accept 1 URL per subscription, but you can change the URL as many times as you like on our dashboard. But you can also use a link rotator like to provide us with a single URL that splits the traffic between several of your websites or links.

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    I did that but after that, I receive an error in my email is ⚠️ Subscription Error
    like that
    Hey Ayoub

    It looks like you have already tried our service so we could not create another trial for you.

    To use our sevice you will have to start a new subscription without the free trial, you can do so here:
    Start a new Subscription

    IMPORTANT: To prevent being charged please cancel your paypal recurring payments here.
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    • Profile picture of the author Simple Sites
      This means you have already used a free trial. We limit it to 1 per person, even if you sign up again using a different email address.

      If you reply back with your original email address I can allow a 2nd free trial for you.

      Just make sure to cancel the current subscription in your PayPal account to prevent being charged after 7 days.
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