Trend Watchers - Trend Alerts
Dejon Brooks 5 weeks ago

Trend Watchers - Trend Alerts

Get Access To Over 150+ New Trends Every Week!

  • What’s the difference between Trend Watchers & other tools such as Google Trends?

    For other tools, you have to insert a keyword to see if it is trending or not. With Trend Watchers, we provide you an easy to navigate dashboard where you can discover new trending keywords & phrases. There is no need to input any data. We also show you how to profit off the trends with The Viral Video Maker.

  • Can this be used for other platforms other than just YouTube?

    Yes! Our trends can be used for dropshipping, SEO, business ideas, investing ideas, etc. We focus on efforts on YouTube but will soon expand towards showing people how to use these trends for other things.

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