[Done For You!] Start Your Own White-Label Web Agency Business! No Exp. Needed!
jackie2011ws 1 year ago

[Done For You!] Start Your Own White-Label Web Agency Business! No Exp. Needed!

Ready to go with done-for-you agency business website, instant support, unlimited revisions towards any project&multiple profit streams...

Are you Sick and Tired of buying Internet Marketing course after Internet Marketing course, only to be LEFT FELLING RIPPED OFF?

It Seems Like There is more Fluff than Actual Strategies That You Can Use to Start Earning Money Now...

Warrior Reviews

Just wanted to jump in real quick and say, these guys rock, we have done projects together and no matter what issues come up, they stick to it and follow through. I have never felt as if they where upset with me or my needs. Sometime support is as important or even more important than profit margin

All the best to your Success guys Jackie thanks the Support team for me

Auggie Ask8
I rarely give reviews because more often than not, I feel very UNDER whelmed by the provision of most internet services these days! But the team at Startbuck's are BRILLIANT! Not only do they do what they advertise, but they do it with a sense of pride, flexibility, patience and professionalism that I cannot fault.

They are 'spot on' with their 7 day turn around for a website build and are refreshingly responsive with their email communications. I feel very secure using Startbuck's and can whole heartedly recommend them.

This is what my most recent client had to say about their website (built by Startbuck's):

"Just had a proper look at the website it looks GREAT - we absolutely LOVE it, please thank you and your team!"

You guys ROCK!
Just had my first site completed. Very happy. The promised turn around time was 7 days, it was met, and all of my instructions and amendments were carried out to the letter.

They were very responsive by email (take the time zone into consideration) and no request was troublesome for them.

They went above and beyond to enhance the site and improve its performance.

I just landed $400 on my first site and the client is very pleased!. There is no reason why anyone couldn't do this.

I'm usually skeptical of WSOs but this is one of the few that delivers the goods. Recommended.
I've purchased many products in the past years, but none of which I think deserved a review.. I thought I'd give my thoughts here though as I signed up a little over a month ago.

The product from this WSO is solid, no doubt. I've used the same marketing techniques before, which are taught here and they get you the results you want.

I paid $200 for my membership when I signed up and it has been worth every penny. The monthly membership was not available at that time though, otherwise I would have picked that.

Let me start by saying; This is not a sit on your hands type of business. You need to take some action. If you're looking for a WSO that completely hands-off will make you $10,000 then please let me know when you find it. I have been in this industry for a long time and have yet to come across such, even after purchasing 40+ "Millionaire promising WSOs".

Is it worth $25? Without a doubt, it's worth a lot more. You will have trouble even finding someone to setup a simple website on your server for this price, let alone get a website full of content, all the membership content and the assistance from the help team.

I will give it 4 out of 5 stars since when I signed up I paid $200 for my membership, which I thought was a bit high.
... The important part, I have made money but not yet to the $1,000 mark. Now that I have my website design to where I like it, I can now market more.

... Hope this answers everyone's questions about this business. Startbucks is a great place to start making money but if you're serious about this business, make sure to read up on the topic and learn as well.
I have already received my site from Sheng and the team the site looks professional it can easily attract visitors to avail the services that is being offered, the startbucks team build the site the only thing that we will do is to market it, and also if you got a customer you can count on the startbucks team to do the services. Thumbs up to the startbucks team they are highly recommended.
I just thought I'd hop in here and post my feedback. I actually signed up with these guys before I knew they were on the Warrior Forum. Before going out and finding my own customers, I wanted to have them do some work for me first. I never sell or promote anything I wouldn't purchase myself or sell to my grandma (she doesn't like being ripped off) so I decided to take their services for a test drive of sorts.

So far, I am more than happy with their team of programmers and developers. First, they gave me my free business site which looks and functions great. But then I actually placed an order for them to transfer an outdated website that I had to WordPress. To say they handled everything would be an understatement. They actually made a ton of improvements along the way. The few questions I've had after the transfer have been answered and addressed quickly and professionally.

Due to the great job they did on my first website redesign / transfer, I am having them do the same thing for another site I own. After that, I'll have two more.

The point of this WSO is to find your own customers who need some web development work done. Startbucks provides the programmers you need and you act as the middle-man.

The trick here is to find a niche market. For example, there are a TON of websites out there that are not mobile friendly yet and even if they don't realize it, they desperately need to get a mobile friendly version of their site up. So, you could find a target niche and go after that particular segment. Say, for example, you decide to focus on Church groups. Here's how a conversation could go if you called up a church with an oudated website...

You: Hey, my name is Jon Smith and I noticed the website for your Church isn't mobile friendly. My web development team specializes in helping Churches update their websites to a mobile friendly version. Have you considered having your site updated?

Them: Yeah, we just haven't had the time or money to do that yet.

You: Well, we can do everything for you so it won't cost you any time at all. Why don't I have one of my programmers take a look and see how much it might cost? No pressure at all and at least you'll know how much it will cost whenever you're ready.

Them: Well, I suppose a free quote wouldn't hurt...

Ok, so now you go to your Startbucks dashboard and open a new project saying something like, "hey, this church I was talking to needs to update their site to a mobile friendly version. How much will that cost?"

Let's say Startbucks gives you a quote of $500. You go back to your customer and say, "hey, good news! We're able to completely redesign your site and make it look fantastic for just $700. We can handle everything.

They say yes, and the job gets done, and you keep $200 on just one sale. Basically, you are the owner of your business and the folks at Startbucks are your "employees" or sub-contractors. They get their cut, you get yours, and your customer gets a beautiful new website they can be proud of for years to come. Startbucks will give you all the credit even though they did all the work. Pretty cool.

So this is pretty straight forward stuff and if you are able to find the right niche market, this can easily bring in a full-time income. It's good to see a legit WSO from a legitimate company.

This offer is straight forward, members get access to the back-end portal used simply to place orders. There you will also find 3 plans - a business plan; an easy to implement marketing plan; and a 'day by day' operations plan. Each plan is simple by nature, easy to follow and quite customizable to your specific need.

Separate from the 'ordering portal' you will get your very own website to operate as your business site. Here you can do whatever trips your trigger, or not do for that matter.

If I may help to clarify a few things about the offer... Buying this WSO puts you in the 'online' marketing/design business in the sense that you will have to find clients to purchase your services. Your clients need never know you are merely the middle man in the buy low sell high business model. Basically you are retaining your very own outsourcing resource, never having to get bids, request bids etc. through elance or odesk as examples. Or play the whole arbitrage thing, as you are set up ready to go knowing the services you provide with the wholesale prices attached.

You can sell logo design, website design, or ecommerce for example. Your client gives you the necessary information to meet their need, you pass this info on to Startbucks for actual completion of project. Once complete you will deliver as your company, though startbucks may do some installation your client never knows or understands.

I suggest start small with logo designing to get your feet wet. This way you learn the process, see the quality of work you are putting your reputation behind, and can quickly reclaim your monthly investment, not mentioning make money too.

I don't know, maybe I'm merely mudding the waters trying to clarify the opportunity here... hope not. Naturally not having worked with an actual project I cannot speak to quality of anything but what I see in your member area, it is quality enough I plan to continue on and sell a few services myself.

All in all this is a good place for people to start their online venture. Start small, stay focused and have fun. I recommend giving it your best efforts!

OK all,

I own a mobile app biz and thought this would be the perfect compliment to our business. I was thinking how nice it would be to be able to offer website design (or re-design) to our current clients.

So, after playing around with the provided website, all I have to say is WOW!

The website looks astounding! I really hope the OP's design team creates websites that even look half this good!

The ability to edit the website with your own services also makes this an amazing deal.

You are also provided with a "game plan" to get you started. If you really want to get started in the web design business and have the "go getter" attitude and discipline, I don't see how its possible not to make money with this.

Outstanding job on the website and the support is excellent!

I'm really glad to have jumped on this opportunity.
Hey warriors,

Just got my site from starbucks
seriously, this is huge. I know that because i have already worked in the webdesign niche. It's really high level disign provided there. All is done as stated in the thread.

All we (startbucks members) have to do, is to promote our offers. And Startbucks will still show you how to do that. Plus, if you have any issue, support will gladly take your hand (as they have done with me).

Every body can implement this since there is no skills needed. So, if you have a computer, a connection and will to run a serious business, this is totally suitable to you. And There is any hidden fees too.

I've just got my smart site today. I'm implementing the system and i'm sure, i'll find customers asap.

This time, it's not a joke, it's really Done For You . I really urge you to grab this offer if you're serious about your business.

This product is great, but you won't make any bucks if you don't act.
Yes, taking action is still the key.

And now, let me thank Startbucks folks for this great offer; they really deserve it.

Good luck and take care .

Daniel Yao
These guys provide quality sites, very impressed so far.
Working on sending some sites there way to design for me.
Quick to respond in the support live chat.
... You have solid support from a company that does care about it's members and supports them as well as they can. Take the time zone into consideration, but if you outsource to India or anywhere outside of USA, do you think it would be easier.

...The Website they provided me. Impressed a Lawyer enough, that I am just getting the contract signed for a 2 website project for his lawyer firm and his son's site (son is a young up and coming actor). I am going to add on the other services I have (white-label or re-seller services) on the back-end.
I just want to leave my feedback on my experience working with the team here. I signed up about two weeks ago and just finished my first full transaction with a customer.

The very first thing you'll get is a very professional website to conduct your business. It's the type of site you'd be proud to show off as your own. To be honest the site they provided is what sold my first client on contacting me through a classified ad. He liked the portfolio.

Let me add these guys are also a first class service. I contacted them multiple times about various questions and they responded promptly and resolved every last one of them. Not only was the communication great but they have a talented team that took care of my client's requirements. This is the type of team you want to be associated with in this business.

My client received a final product he loved. I'm looking forward to placing more orders. The one thing you have to take care of interfacing with clients. So if you think you can place a few classified ads and following up through email then this is definitely for you.

Thanks again to their team for all of the help!
I have to say this service is very good. I started a week ago and already have clients and projects.

The team has gone above and beyond what I would have expected to help me get my first project with them of the ground.

the site looks great, they are easy to communicate with and I look forward to a long and prosperous future with them.

I rarely ever leave testimonials like this but I can honestly say this is worth 100x the cost and the service is fantastic.

Thanks Guys!

  • 1. I'm a newbie/fresh, can I still do it?

    Absolutely yes! We have full instructions inside to help you jump-start very quickly. No special skills or experience required on your end, as long as you can send/reply email, it's good to go. As we are doing all the technical stuff in the backend as well as providing ongoing support whenever you need.

  • 2. What is the investment required?

    Your only investment is a domain name and hosting account, actually it's the very basic investment for all kinds of online business. Step by step instructions are provided regarding business ideas/domain/hosting.. etc.

  • 3. How much money can I make?

    We can never promise any amount of profit to make, but based on past members, it's fairly normal to achieve 2k-3k per month with minimum efforts. While the real potential is way over than that, as each customer will be your repeated lead source, the more communications you have with potential customers, the more money you will make. Plus a single job alone could cover your cost plus great nicely profit. You do the calculation:).

  • 4. Do you cover how to market/land clients?

    YES! As one of the most important phases, we never leave you alone. All proven tested free methods are revealed inside the premium membership area, both online and offline, which are free to implement and suitable for both newbies and experienced people. You won't have any trouble getting your targeted prospects.

  • 5. How much time do I need to run this business?

    Generally speaking, one - two hours a day or so is more than enough. Unless you really have many customers inquiries to handle. In addition, it doesn't matter where you are, or what time is it, you can set your own working hour for your own flexibility.

  • 6. Does it come with money back guarantee?

    Yes! If you followed the instructions and implemented the system but failed to make any profit, we’ll issue full refund.

  • 7. How and when do I receive affiliate commissions?

    All our free and premium members become our affiliates automatically. If you are a registered member, kindly check "refer a friend" page for more details. We issues monthly commission payment between 14th and 17th of each month via paypal. For affiliates that perform well, we are more than glad to upgrade your withdraw cycle to fortnight or weekly.

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