FORMER FIRE-FIGHTER... Banks $6,021.29 In 1 Month, Now Teaches His Classified Ad Secrets!
warrior2008 5 weeks ago

FORMER FIRE-FIGHTER... Banks $6,021.29 In 1 Month, Now Teaches His Classified Ad Secrets!

100% newbie-friendly Untapped, PROVEN Set IT & Forget IT method for A consistent fast profit potential in ANY niche.

  • What exactly is Adtactics PRO?

    AdTactics PRO is a step-by-step over the shoulder video training series that teaches you how to duplicate the Lance's methods for your own business or niche, so you too can have incredible results.

  • I'm a newbie, will this work for me?

    Lance has done over a millions in sales with this exact business model so he definitely knows his stuff. While we can't legally promise you any results because results can vary depending on many factors, we can assure you that placing ads has never been more exciting & what worked for Lance could work for you.

  • I'm a busy person, how much time do I have to devote to start my first ad campaign?

    That's the most exciting part. Setting up your first campaign is not hard to do. Once you have a winning ad, you simply crank it out all across the country & just keep renewing that same ad. The amount of money you could make is insane!

  • Are there any upsells?

    YES...After you buy our front end Adtactics PRO course you will be presented with few optional upsells. None of these upsells are required to make these placing ad methods work. However, we do recommend them because we share some advanced methods along with other resources.

  • Will this require any further investment and tools?

    YES...You will be testing some classified ads however, Lance shows you some cheap ways to place them in the most inexpensive publications until you find that WINNING AD. We also recommend some optional tools which are free and/or cost effective.

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    Do you have to be based in the US to run these ads?
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      No. Many of my advertisers are outside of the United States.

      Price was lowered a couple days ago to help you out.
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    I just signed up and the training is inside is some of the best training I have seen in a long time, I can't wait to start setting up my ads.
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    Can i use your method for promoting clickbank offfer? how money i need to invest to run ads?
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    • Profile picture of the author warrior2008
      YES. You can start for as little as $100 bucks but this is a testing process like ANY advertising. I just help you remove the barriers and teach you the best ways going about it like I have.
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      I've just lowered the price to help you out ONLY $17 instead of $27.
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    Can I ask one question, is this for selling mmo products, or can it be used for other niches??
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    • Profile picture of the author warrior2008
      Please DO NOT Limit yourself to MMO offers. There are so many other Niches to scale up with.
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    • Profile picture of the author warrior2008
      I just lowered the price for you.
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