"Discover How To Make Money EVERYTIME You Send An Email"
myattitude 4 weeks ago

"Discover How To Make Money EVERYTIME You Send An Email"

Put It To The Test For a FULL 12 Months ... You Have NOTHING To Lose With Your 12 Month Refund Guarantee!

Dear Fellow Email Marketer,

If you want to make money from EVERY single email you send, build up a passionate following of readers who love to receive your emails and position yourself as someone trusted within your niche industry then this letter will show you how.

Even if you've already 'had a go' at email marketing before but never enjoyed any great success, or you have a small list (100 named email list and you are good to go) I can transform your business literally overnight.

Here's the story:

My name is Sam Farnham, and over the years I've personally sent more than 1,000 email marketing messages and generated over 10,000 orders.

I email my list every (week) day and receive 20 - 40 orders per day (depending on the offer) ... and it takes less than an hour (usually 25 minutes) to write each message.

This all means that I make around $1,000 on a good day and $400 on a bad day (just last week I made $5,645) from EVERY email I send out ... multiply that by 5 and you have an idea of the income this form of marketing can bring your every week.

I have subscribers contacting me everyday thanking me (totally unheard of in Guru land) for my email messages, and telling me how much they look forward to receiving them.

My unsubscribe rate is VERY low (especially for the IM niche) and I very rarely get any 'spam' complaints.

Further more, I've build up such a loyal following that I can generate orders VERY easily ... in fact many of my subscribers buy just on my recommendation without needing to be persuaded.
Now that is powerful stuff ... don't you agree?
And the good news is ... I can teach you my foolproof e-marketing formula, so that you can apply what I do and make $1,000's per week ... EVEN without a huge list.

I've created an advanced email marketing training program featuring a mixture of hard core email marketing teaching and instruction, plus I'll psychoanalyse emails (mine, subscribers, other emails I see, etc). So you'll see what's worked and what didn't work.

You can then apply what I'm doing to your email marketing.

And more importantly it'll put money in your bank account.

And if you follow my instructions, then you should be putting money into your bank account every time you send out an email ... even if you have a small list.

The training program is an (advanced) email marketing course that teaches you my VERY successful strategy - step-by-step, and is split into 10 info-busting lessons (No padding or B.S.) so that you are not over-loaded with everything at once.

It's all delivered via email (one email "lesson" at a time, twice weekly) for 5 or so weeks in PDF format ... and once you've received all 10 lessons, I'll print the whole training program, bind into a book and post it to you so that you can keep it by your side for constant reference.

Some of what you'll learn includes:
  • The first thing you must tell your subscribers after they opt into your list. (If you DON'T do this then your subscribers will start to complain straight away and unsubscribe. If you do it right then your subscribers will trust you and order your products)
  • The 'MEGASTAR' email marketing method of writing emails that read like a story... but are in fact pure selling. (This is one of the MOST potent emails to write, and it's eagerly read by your subscribers whenever you send them out.)
  • How to promote your products in every email you send without coming across like some desperate Guru. (In fact doing it my way and your readers will actually enjoy clicking on your product links.)
  • 8 different subject lines that are almost impossible for the recipient to ignore. (Considered as the most important part of an email, you'll learn how to write email subject lines that'll make you stand out in the inbox, never get considered as spam, and ensure you are NOT mistaken for a Guru trying to pitch something all the time.)
  • How often should you send an email. (This could be daily, twice weekly, weekly or monthly. You'll learn which one suits your market best.)
  • Why 'getting down with the kids' in street slang generates more sales. (Forget writing a perfectly crafted, pleasant, grammar-correct email, you'll actually get a MUCH better response when adding a few 'slang' words or expression into your message.)
  • Which of my email messages generated the BIGGEST sales. (This alone is worth the price of the training program. I'll reveal my best performing email messages ... the ones that generated THOUSANDS from one message. I'll dissect each email – line by line – explaining why each one worked so well.)
  • The easiest way to write an email message. (I don't use any 'tricks' or 'black hat' methods – just a simply strategy for writing emails that your readers love to receive.)
  • How to use 'weird' and 'wacky' events within your email that'll make you stand out from all those Guru messages. (I've written about being 'chatted up' at a wedding, threaten by a 'mad' dog owner, my wife's knickers, my Mother-in-Laws OCD ... totally different to what most people get in their in box.)
  • The 'proven' reason why giving 'free' information away within emails DOESN'T work anymore. (In fact these emails are now usually deleted on mass. Learn how not to get your message deleted before it's opened.)
  • Why you should NEVER use the words: "Click Here" within your messages. (Do this and not only will the spam filters destroy your message, but readers do the opposite. Learn what I use instead.)
  • How to write an email within 20 minutes ... even if you hate writing. (There's a simple method to writing emails that takes no effort, no preparation and no research. You'll be zapping them out like no bodies business.)
  • How using music titles increases the open rate of your emails. (I've been doing this for ages, recently I used the email heading: "My Daddy Wasn't A Bank Robber" a play on the Clash hit "My Daddy Was A Bank Robber" and turned out to be one of my most profitable messages.)
  • Why 'turning off' some of your subscribers actually increases your orders. (Again, it's something you'll not learn anywhere else, but it actually is good to 'turn off' parts of your list.)
  • How to use 'hate' email messages to build loyalty from your subscribers. (Rather than ignore or get upset from 'hate' email messages, use them within your messages and you'll find your loyal subscribers will 'fight your corner' and back you all the way.)
  • Sprinkling your messages with 'bad spelling' mistakes and bad grammar ONLY annoys the 'Spelling Police' (who would never order from you anyway) ... but actually increases orders. (Strange but true ... most people slip up with their spelling now and again, and doing so within your messages actually brings you 'closer' to your readers.)
  • My VERY best 'openings' and 'closings' for you to use within your messages. (I'll share with you the best methods to open an email and to close an email.)
  • A two week plan on exactly what type of email messages to write. (You don't want to be writing humorous emails every day, or bizarre ones, you want to mix them up a little so as not to bore your readers. I share with you a mixture of email message 'types' to write on different days of the week.)

And loads more including...

How to use Guru messages within your emails to boost sales ... How many links should you include within a message ... How to run a sale within your emails ... How to build sub lists ... How to do a 'MEGA' successful product launch.

So how much does it all cost?

Well, I could quite easily charge $997.00 for the training program (and it'll be worth it) especially as I'll be teaching you my $400 - $1,000 per day email marketing methods.

But, I know things are tight at the moment with the economy and whatnot ... and I genuingly what to teach as many people as I can ...

So, I'm only going to ask you to invest $97

Remember, the training program it's divided into 10 info-busting lessons (works out at $9.97 per lesson).

You'll receive TWO lessons per week in your email in box.

And... at the end of your 10 lessons, I'll print the whole course, bind into a book format and post you your copy, so you can keep it by your side and refer back to it whenever you require.

And to give you 100% piece of mind .... it comes with a:

12 Month Money Back Guarantee

The "Email Megastar Boot Camp Program" comes with a no nonsense 12 MONTH money back guarantee.

Put it to the test for a full 12 months, and if at any stage throughout the next 12 months you want to return it, then I'll instantly refund your money - NO questions asked.

*I don't care if you decide to return it 11 months and 28 days time, either – it's up to you.

Just one more thing...

The "Email Megastar Boot Camp Training Program" is NOT for everyone.

Especially if are not prepared to put some effort in... or those who buy every ebook on the market and then complain of information overload ... or if you are timid, faint-hearted and are scared to ruffle a few feathers.

But I'm sure you are smarter than that and just want to get down to business for earning $400 - $1,000 per week.

There's a HUGE amount of money to be made from email marketing, it's fun, exciting and once you know the methods, is VERY easy to do.

So it's time for you to choose if you 'want in' or not.

For those that want to make serious money from email marketing click the "Buy Now" button on this page.

And I'll then see you on the other side.

Sam Farnham

P.S. I'll show you EXACTLY how to generate cash from EVERY email message you send to your list. If you send a daily message to your list, then you could be looking at a weekly income excess of $2,000.

P.P.S Enroll RIGHT NOW and you'll have Lesson 1 in your inbox within a few hours from now. Read it through from cover to cover, apply all the methods to your email and you should have earned back the cost of this training from your 1ST message.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nathan Haycock
    Hay mate, I purchased this offer but haven't received the product.


    Nathan H
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    • Profile picture of the author myattitude
      Hi Nathan,

      Please check your PM and let me know you got it okay.

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  • Profile picture of the author Reddevil007
    Are these principles evergreen and will work for many years to come considering I have an email list?

    Also, may I know your other product that teaches how to build an email list?
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    • Profile picture of the author myattitude
      Yes it is an evergreen training that has worked for years. The other product is not a WSO so I'm not allowed to direct you to it. Please keep questions focussed on this WSO.
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  • Profile picture of the author createfreedom08
    Thank you. Could you direct me to your list building product so I can maybe start there. Thanks.
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    • Profile picture of the author createfreedom08
      Also, to add to this, I don't have my own product to use to build a list...can I still build a list with your list building model?
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      • Profile picture of the author myattitude
        No you don't need a product to build a list, you can just offer an email newsletter itself.
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        • Profile picture of the author createfreedom08
          The only thing I have right now as far as a website is a new health/fitness amazon affiliate site. I just started this a few weeks ago. Would I use this to build a list or are we using other lead magnets etc?

          You show how to get traffic?

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          • Profile picture of the author myattitude
            A website is not a lead magnet by itself no. You need to give them something that makes them want to subscribe to get it. While that could be a free ebook, I tend to just offer the newsletter itself and say they'll receive daily emails about the subject at hand. Then I send them the type of emails within this training course.
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            • Profile picture of the author createfreedom08
              Thank you. Sorry I can't private message you as my post count is to low.
              I was thinking I needed to give the something. Do you show how to set up the newsletter and the whole process of getting a list set up? Paid traffic? Free traffic?
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              • Profile picture of the author myattitude
                You can give something like an ebook if you want, but giving them a newsletter is giving value too. The newsletter content is described in this WSO.

                If you don't mind, I'd like this Q&A section to focus on this WSO and not go too far off topic. Feel free to PM me once you have a high enough post count. Regards.
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                • Profile picture of the author createfreedom08
                  Thank you. I totally understand. Is there an email address I could reach you at? Thanks.
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  • Profile picture of the author createfreedom08
    What if we don't have a list....do you show how to start a list or does one need a list before we can use what you teach?
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    • Profile picture of the author myattitude
      You need a list to email to. This course isn't about list building, no. I have separate product for that but this course is about marketing to an existing email list.
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