(Business) MMM Guide to creating a thriving work from home business even during the pandemic!
Shawn Arms 1 year ago

(Business) MMM Guide to creating a thriving work from home business even during the pandemic!

Start a business during the pandemic with no money - using your phone, internet and email. Give clients something they really need.

Start a business!
Make Money online!
Work From Home!
Quit Your Day Job!
Replace Your Lost Job!
Yeah that sounds nice but often times is easier said than done. Many people don't even know where to start. There is so much information out there and it gets confusing. You don't know who to trust. People pump in thousands of dollars to some guru in hopes of making a living online. Even trying to explain what they are selling and teaching is often times confusing. It seems like some mystery that you need $10,000 dollars to decipher.
Lets break the problem down.

Is it a mystery?
Does it need to be hard?
Where can I go to learn?
In reality making money online is not a mystery. It is not hard and if you have ever had a job you know the basicas. But let's make it a little simpler for you.

This formula for making money works online or offline. It is how business simply works.
It is so simple a monkey can do it.
You ever watch those movies where a monkey is dancing around or maybe you've been somewhere where people are taking a picture with a monkey on their shoulder?

A monkey providig a photo op - something someone wants and/or needs - it is made available at the zoo - and they deliver a memorable experience and photoopo.
So yes - even a monkey can do it.
Yes it is true you are not a monkey but if a monkey can make money then so can you.

Is is a simple concept. Let's break it down in a video.


Well in this system you will learn all those things we just talked about.

This system will get you in the right mind set, give you an easy to begin business with a high demand and show you the simple way to make it available to your potential customers.
Actually the idea is quite simple. It is so simple I decided to put in all in 3 simple videos. You'll be saying - why didn't I think of it? Well you probably should have but since you didn't - I'm selling you that information.
This information could change your life and help you earn extra money or even replace a job that you may have lost due to the COVID pandemic or other situation. Or this may help you quit the day job or have a side hustle to pay off debt.
I'm not a guru and I'm not rich. Just some dude who figured it out and now want to share it with you.
Why should you trust me? You don't have to. It s a few bucks and some information I put together. Usually I give this same advice to friends when they ask me how to make money online.
I put that little speech and information into a training video and now I'm selling it to you for a few bucks. Also another way to make money. If you learn how to do something - sell it. There is a lesson right there.
Enjoy the video training and let me know how it worked for you.
  • What is this training about?

    When my friends ask me about making money online this is usually the idea, advice and motivation I give. It is a simple and easy guide that will help you create a service based business. This series of training videos is designed to quickly get you into the right mind set, show you what business(s) you can actually start and where you can find customers for that business.

  • Who are you and why should I trust you?

    Look you don't have to trust me. All I can tell you is I'm not one of those guru guys. My name is Shawn and I've been working online and living around the globe for several years. I'm not rich and I"m not going to show you my cars and fancy house. But what I am is what folks call the "new" rich. I work 2 days for about 2 hours. I live in Latin America and before that was living in Japan all because I wanted to and I could. When the pandemic runs its course I plan to go to a lot of places. I have that freedom now. So naturally many of our friends ask us how we do it. I usually assess their skills and give them a little more customized game plan and if they don't have skils I show them another way to make money...in this case..this video is the advice I give them. I decided to record it and share it with you. Of course if your good at something you don't give away for free.

  • How much can I make?

    I don't know you. This is an actual business. You have to work it like a business. How you do is up to you. I can't promise you anything other than what you can do. For me I have been able to turn it into making a living. Even during the Pandemic we have actually done better financially than we ever have before. That is all I can really tell you. Also you won't lose much other than the time you put into it. Little to no startup cost depending on how you want to do it. I just know this is a really great idea that has done good for me and many of my friends whom I've helped them learn.

  • Why "Money Making Monkey"?

    It just rolls off the tongue. I like monkeys and it actually got you to click. Plus we are primates ourselves and the only primate that needs to make money. Plus I found a bunch of cute monkey pictures.

  • Why so vague?

    Was I being vague? No. I mean if I was any more clearer about the training it would be really easy to figure it out and you wouldn't buy this course. I want you to buy the course and I know once you watch the video you will be "Wow, why didn't I think about that?" Sometimes the biggest tasks and problems have the easiest answers. Plus I told you basically what you need to know. The secret of making money - simplified! Now you have to find the product.

  • Are you one of them internet gurus?

    Nope. I wish I was. I want to figure out how they sell their training for 1000s of bucks. I've had friends buy these 1000s of dollar courses and tell me about them. I'm like rolling my eyes. 5K for what? This information I'm giving is a few bucks and way better than half the stuff you'll learn on some of those guru programs. I just simplified it. I tell you in the video exactly what to sell and you don't have to start an "ad agency" Actually that is what sparked me to make this video. I had a relative buy a 5K training module. He tried explaining the business he was going to do and I was still confused and thought you paid 5k for that? I've had others ask me about those 1000 dollar trainings as well. Nope not a guru but now I need to find their website, copy it and actually give sell my training like they do...just with easier, cheaper, useful information.

  • Why did you make this course?

    Well I could tell you an inspirational story that I have millions of dollars and really want to help people. The truth is I simply had friends and family ask me how to make money online. I shared what I know and how we do it. Showed them what they can do and decided there are so many people out there with these questions. I decided "why not answer these questions?" So I did! I then packaged it up and I am selling it to you. Plus I want to make a little side hustle money helping you. Chances are if you caught me on the street and asked me how to do it...I'd talk to you for hours about it but this is the easiest way to teach people. Plus I ain't dumb. If you are good at something don't do it for free.

  • Are there any upsales?

    Nope. As of yet don't believe in them. I know they make folks money and all. I hear they are the best way to make money but nah...too much work and this idea is so simple..I don't know how I'd upsale it anyways.

  • What do I need to start?

    All you need is a phone and internet. That is it. Maybe a notebook or a spreadsheet to keep track of your clients. Paypal or way to accept payments is also needed.

  • Can I work from home?

    Yes. This is designed to work from home or wherever you want really. You got a phone on the beach - work on the beach. I'm working from my apartment in South America.

  • Profile picture of the author Exit Reality
    The course is a cash grab imo. This is the equivalent of telling someone you'll teach them how to swim and then pushing them into the water and walking away.

    You get A and Z but nothing in between. The business model has been tossed around for at least a decade, it's nothing new. It's all over youtube and any other forum for people looking into getting started with internet marketing. OP was just looking for a quick buck without providing extra value on how to actually communicate with prospects and make the sale.

    This gets a 2 out of 10 for me.

    The delivery was poor. OP rambles on for a solid 20 minutes about trying different things out instead of getting to the point. When you only have 50 minutes total of content you should try not to drift off.

    He tells you where to get clients but not how to close the deal with them. If you're going to sell a product give all of the info brother. Where to source the product, where to find clients, how to make a sale to said clients and maybe provide proof of your actual earnings. This would have been better off as a throwaway method to grow a youtube channel.
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  • Profile picture of the author iconoclast
    Sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to reading some reviews.
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    • Profile picture of the author Shawn Arms
      I would love some folks to leave reviews.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shawn Arms
    Sure I can answer questions. I'm quite wordy as you can tell above. Basically I demystify the way to make money online, I gave some simple ideas you may not of thought of before I tell you about the big thing you can sell and where you can find clients.

    It is an easy process - it ain't all this marketing stuff - it is basically the idea I give my friends when they ask "how do you make money online and how can I"

    I'll set with them and have a 2 hour conversation about it...but I condensed it to give to other folks.
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  • Profile picture of the author heffweizen
    Can you give a little more info about the income potential, hours needed daily to produce a decent income, etc...

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    • Profile picture of the author Shawn Arms
      Sure I can give you some information by telling you how we started out and where we are now.

      When we first started out we would work like an extra 10-20 hours a week but that was because we were making money. We started in the first month like making 1500 - 2500. We'd come home and work 1-2 hours a night until we streamlined things. We didn't know how to manage it at first. Now we do.

      But very quickly we paid off any debt we had and got more efficient. We perfected our work.

      After about 1 year we quit our day job, sold our house and moved to Japan. Which was a dream of mine. After Japan we wanted to still have flexibility and try out another country - so we moved to Ecuador. We've been here about 4 years and would have already been preparing to move to Thailand for a couple years had it not been for the pandemic. We still plan to move when things get a little normal.

      But now we have things streamlined. We don't have any day jobs at this point and this is our full time business. Because we streamlined it and have happy clients we don't have to work much anymore - we basically are that 4 hour work week people. Great book if you have never read it.

      Year over year we have kept making more and more money. This year during COVID we made $15,000 more than last year. Prior to that 10K more, 6K more, etc. It has only gone up. With very little work each week I think this year we are going to be in the 100k bracket working even LESS.

      That is the coolest part. The training video actually shows you how to not work at all if you want to expand. Like literally work less but make 10xs more.

      Now I understand 79k-100k a year is not rich. And that is net profit. We do have some expenses associated with the business but that is usually to buy cool stuff and write it off on taxes...like I get to write off my Ipad pro - our new iphones - cool toys and even VACATIONS. That is our expenses. Fun stuff that we could use double for business.

      If I put in a full time work and expanded the business - we'd be making 300k a year easy. I know a lot of folks want to be rich - my wife and I not so much. We like to enjoy our free time vs working. But I mean if you want to work 9 to 5 doing this and then expand a bit I know 100K is not crazy at all. We are almost there by working even less - we just charge more now. Little secret. Know your worth and the worth of your product.

      No promises you will make 100k- there is never any promise. I'm just saying we make close to that now without even trying. It really is a good business

      All I know is the friends I taught to do it and actually did it are all now working part time and their business is growing. They have no 9 to 5 day job. One couple friend of ours are down to 20 hours a week. And another one of our friends is down to about the same. Neither have day jobs anymore. They quit.

      All I know is folks can be successful and do it fast. You could start earning today. But it ain't no get rich scheme. It is a business you can start with no money or if you want to be a little fancier a website.
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      • Profile picture of the author heffweizen
        Very nice...thanks for the reply.

        So is this like a set training...or a road map if you will? Do you provide the service that we would sell or do we have to come up with our own angle? Just curious because so many courses give you 90% of the info and leave out the important parts

        Would you be able to help if I had any questions after purchase?

        I'm looking to replace my day job if possible and your numbers suggest that I can...
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        • Profile picture of the author Shawn Arms
          Sure I can answer questions. I'm quite wordy as you can tell above. Basically I demystify the way to make money online, I gave some simple ideas you may not of thought of before I tell you about the big thing you can sell and where you can find clients.

          It is an easy process - it ain't all this marketing stuff - it is basically the idea I give my friends when they ask "how do you make money online and how can I"

          I'll set with them and have a 2 hour conversation about it...but I condensed it to give to other folks.
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      • Profile picture of the author Kiwigal
        I think I,ve read this verbatim before somewhere. ;-)
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