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    I have been around IM for a long time (as you can tell by when I signed up for WF) and have had success with several different methods over the years but have never built a long-term sustainable business around affiliate marketing before.

    The problem was always information overload - there are so many ways to go! I really liked this training because it takes that away. It's literally a blueprint for you to follow so you don't get lost in the weeds. Do this - then do that. I like having a clear simple plan.

    David has also been wonderful about answering questions and being available when I overthink something or need clarity. This has been invaluable!

    I am just starting, so don't have any results yet, but I know from my previous experience that what he is teaching is solid and can create a viable sustainable business.
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      Thank you for your kind review and I am glad that you are enjoying the training. I believe you will achieve success as you progress along with this training.
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    the question is
    how long you need to make 100$ a day ?
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      Thank you for your interest. If I tell you in one week, I will be lying to you. It's really up to you to follow the training, put in the effort and see the results. I know everyone is always looking for super fast results and this is not it. This is a real solid training that gets you to $100 days and beyond without the fear of having it crumbled overnight.
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