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    After you pay how do you get access to the program?
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      After payment please check your PayPal email for downloading instructions. Alternately, you can send an email to the payment PayPal address for immediate attention.
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    Does this work in any niche? or just the MMO niche?
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      Thank you for your interest in my WSO. This works in ANY niche. In fact, you should not be focusing on the MMO niche with this as it is EXTREMELY competitive. Having said that, there are a ton of other niches that you can explore and I also cover that too in my niche selection module. For your convenience here is the payment link Looking forward to having you on board.
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    I bought this course two weeks ago and I just want to give a quick review. The content is great and very easy to implement. Best of all it really makes sense that it is very possible to make money with this if you do it right and follow the training.
    I will leave more follow ups as I progress through the course.
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      Thank you for your honest review. I am glad that you found the training useful.
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  • What other tools and subscriptions we need to get. Do you recommend generating automated content for the content mastery section?
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      Thanks for your interest. You will need a keyword research tool such as SEMRUSH or AHREF for the keyword research. Although SEMRUSH cost may be pretty steep, students will get a source for cheap.

      If you want to rank your website, you cannot skimp on content, and auto-generated content certainly will not cut it. Having said that, my training will show you how to generate original content easily. If you have any further questions, do SKYPE me at davidcheng918 for a quicker response.
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    Sent pm and hopefully you're able to receive it and reply me back. Otherwise, please let me know your email so that I can email my question to you.

    Thank you!
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      Thank you for your interest. I have replied to your PM. Looking forward to chatting with you more through SKYPE: davidcheng918
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    You do not have any comments on this thread
    did a lot of people buy this offer?
    Thank you
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      Thanks for your interest. Yes the offer is still available. In fact, I believe that the sales thread that has little comments are the ones that are quietly making sales. Another possible scenario is that my sales thread is quite clear in conveying what I am selling. However if you do have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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    Hi is this offer still available
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    I have been around IM for a long time (as you can tell by when I signed up for WF) and have had success with several different methods over the years but have never built a long-term sustainable business around affiliate marketing before.

    The problem was always information overload - there are so many ways to go! I really liked this training because it takes that away. It's literally a blueprint for you to follow so you don't get lost in the weeds. Do this - then do that. I like having a clear simple plan.

    David has also been wonderful about answering questions and being available when I overthink something or need clarity. This has been invaluable!

    I am just starting, so don't have any results yet, but I know from my previous experience that what he is teaching is solid and can create a viable sustainable business.
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      Thank you for your kind review and I am glad that you are enjoying the training. I believe you will achieve success as you progress along with this training.
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    the question is
    how long you need to make 100$ a day ?
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      Thank you for your interest. If I tell you in one week, I will be lying to you. It's really up to you to follow the training, put in the effort and see the results. I know everyone is always looking for super fast results and this is not it. This is a real solid training that gets you to $100 days and beyond without the fear of having it crumbled overnight.
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