[Verifiable Success Stories!] Make $100K/Month Selling on Amazon FBA With Our Done-For-You Offer!
samb7 1 year ago

[Verifiable Success Stories!] Make $100K/Month Selling on Amazon FBA With Our Done-For-You Offer!

Who Else Wants Us To Build a $100K/Month Amazon FBA Business? ... This is a Limited Time Offer!

Finally, It's Your Turn To Kill It On Amazon FBA... By 100% Automating Your Amazon Business Using Our Unique System.
... This Works Because We Do All The Work!

Hello Warriors,
Announcing our unique Amazon business which is all Done-For-You. We will do all the work. We will Launch and completely Manage your business for 90 days and upto One Year.

In short, we will do all the work while you enjoy all the success.
We will take your business to 6 Figures!... And maybe even more.

Would life be great if someone can do all the hard work for you while you just sit on your butt and enjoy all the success?

Would it not be a dream come true?
Well guess what?
Your dream has finally come true!

One of our students had this to say:

This is the last program you need to sign up to. You will finally be able to settle down to a successful business that is all done-for-you while you just enjoy the success.


Like this:

And for these who may not know, FBA simply means Fulfillment By Amazon. Amazon does the storage and fulfillment of your product sales so your business is 95% hands-free.

We will also scale up your Amazon business by doing FBM Model using our own US warehouse FBM is 'Fulfillment By Merchant'. You will have access to use our warehouse... We will act as your fulfillment service for greater profits.


Why are we making such an extreme promise?

Well, because we have done it over and over... This works! Amazon business succeeds when you approach it using our system where we build your brand and build you a massive audience!We send MASSIVE traffic to your Amazon offers... And then we will teach you how to do it. Learning these tricks alone is worth a fortune... Others beg to pay us more than $10,000 just to learn this tricks.

No one else is doing this!

Or at least, if anyone is doing it… then they will charge you an arm and leg... And maybe will not even deliver what they promise.

Ours may not necessarily be cheap but not expensive either... Your investment is nothing compared with the financial freedom you will get from this offer!

This is our unique strategy that we will not only build for you but we will also give you an opportunity to learn over our shoulders so you can do it on your own, and maybe even do it for others for fee later on, who knows?

What else sets us apart from all the other run-off-the-mill programs out there?

As you must have noticed we are giving you complete more than one business for one investment. And we are doing it as a Done-For-You business launch and management for months. No one else is doing this.
Before I forget let me introduce myself.

I am an internet business guy who has been in the online since 2009. My success has enabled me to spend meaningful time with my family and to travel to exotic destinations. But it was not always like this...
I have tried everything out there, I have bought shiny object after shiny object, and I have failed again and again. Well, I did have some few successes but not worth mentioning for now.

My fortune changed when a friend referred me to some Amazon FBA coaching by a well-known Amazon and Shopify expert. I signed up for the program and the rest is History. I became a super seller.

After selling successfully for more than a year I decided to help a few friends who were struggling to make a single dollar online. I gave them one-on-one coaching.

Then I came here on this forum to run a JV/coaching program where I have successfully worked with a few dozen clients. We have seen immense success. This is the success we want to replicate in your business!

If I could build a successful business from NOTHING... Anybody can do it!

But you won't have to start from Scratch, I will hold you by hand and walk with you till you succeed.

DO NOT buy a 6 figure franchise, invest on this instead. Think of it this way, a franchise will cost you an investment of $250,000 to buy and may take you more than a year to return any profit, and sometimes even 5 years. What if you could build a similar business for a fraction of that cost by investing on this offer?

What if you could start making profit within the next 3 months or less? Which one will you choose between the two?

The answer is obvious...

As you already know Amazon has millions of buyer traffic visiting their site every single day, you only need to know how to tap it to curve a slice of their success.

But remember we will also take advantage of a RED HOT Traffic strategy, which has hardly been tapped, to build you a list of customers and direct it to you website store or Amazon listing. We will take care of all of that, you don't have to lift a finger. We will also train you to do it on your own later on down the road.

What will you get when you join us?
  1. COMPLETE Amazon business done-for-you
  2. You will get PERSONALIZED attention from the best
  3. You will get 3-12 Months of my team MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS ... Skyrocketing your business to 6 Figures!
  4. RESEARCH and SELECTION of highly profitable products. They may not be at you think or what has been thought in many courses.
  5. Access to use our US based Fulfilment Center warehouse.
  6. Full Traffic & ADS MANAGEMENT and sales generation, we will build your audience or list of buyers... (This alone is worth a fortune. This strategy may be applied in any other businesses, actually this should be a high ticket product on its own. Someone begged us to take $10K to implement this for his company).
  7. You will get access to group of investors who may invest or buy your successful business for 6, 7 or even 8 figures once it is successful, (This is only for these who may want to sell their business later on).
  8. We will help you build BUYERS LIST for a long lasting business.
This is not for everyone!

Unfortunately our DONE-FOR-YOU program is not for everyone.
This is only of these who are ready to take action and are willing to invest in their business success. This is for these who have tried and failed again and again, but have not given up, but are now ready to finally succeed.

Who is This Program For?
  1. These who are already running Amazon FBA or Shopify business but are struggling to make sales.
  2. These who have tried everything to succeed online and offline to succeed and failed... this will beat chance to make it online.
  3. These who have money to invest in their success.
  4. People who are ACTION takers, people who are motivated.
  5. These who are particularly interested in ecommerce business.
Who this program is NOT for:
  1. Time wasters who simply want to inquire into every opportunity but never take action
  2. People who are not willing to invest in their business

What will this cost you?

Good question!

We do custom offers, so your cost and your income depends on what you can afford to invest. There is a place for everyone.

But our offers are nowhere near some of the other programs who will charge you and arm and leg just to train you. But ours is beyond training, we do-it-for you.

You will discover this is simply an INSANE OFFER!

But first lets do a FREE session where we will reveal live examples, accounts which are currently doing 6 figures. We will discuss your goals and how this can completely transform your financial status.

Apply NOW!... This is a rare opportunity.

Got some more questions? Here are some few Q and A

Question: But why are you giving us this insane offer?
Answer: Naturally I like helping people, but there is another reason. If I make you succeed we will build a long term working relationship. Then you may sign up to work with me long term if you are busy. Most clients I coach often request to pay me to continue working together long after the contract period is over.

Question: How do I start?
Answer: Simply fill the form to book for a FREE session with us. This will allow us to find out whether we are fit for each other or we just need to go separate ways.

Question: Can I see some income proof?
Answer: This is not allowed as per the WF terms of service, however, once you apply we show you all the proof you may need, we will take you through live proof of income.

Question: How long before I start making the money?
Answer: You may start selling and making money in as little as 2 weeks with Amazon FBA. These are just estimates of what is possible, there are other obvious factors which can cause variations.

Question: Is this newbie friendly?
Answer: Yes, why not? This is a done-for-you meaning you really do not have to do much. We do all the work. We build your business for you.

Question: Do you have a REFUND POLICY?
Answer: YES of course! We will refund if we do not deliver what we promise!

WARNING: Apply now because this is a LIMITED time OFFER!

This is only open to 30 HIGHLY MOTIVATED applicants for now, Once the spots are filled up, they are gone.
This not a false scarcity, you understand this is a DONE-FOR-YOU program and my team can handle only so much number of clients.
We may only work with few clients at a time so that we may give our best.
You now have a chance to make 2022 the BEST year of your life with this unique offer.

But remember once we close this we may never open it again.


  • Do I need any technical skills?

    None whatsoever! This is all Done For You so you will just be doing almost nothing... except learning the strategies so you make take over the business later on down the road.

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    Interested. Plead send me info on what your guarantee entails, how much coaching, the work needed on my end, pricing and what you mean with a six figure business. Profit?
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  • Profile picture of the author rubens
    1. I'm from Brazil, does this work for me?
    2. In addition to the cost of the consultancy, what approximate value do I need to make the business work?
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    • Profile picture of the author samb7
      Thank you for your questions.
      YES this will work for you in Brazil.

      Sending PM to answer your other questions
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  • Profile picture of the author jadegem
    hi kindly send more info I have knowledge but need help to go up and running and interested to be your affiliate ..thanks
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    • Profile picture of the author samb7
      Thank you for your comment,
      I just emailed you with more details.
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    Send me some info man...thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author wisecoach
    hey is that work for Indian as well?
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    • Profile picture of the author samb7
      Yes, this will work perfectly for India. We have Indian sellers working with us.
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      • Profile picture of the author wisecoach
        is that Indian guy selling in indian market keeping inventory or selling on international market and shipping in dropshipping style..
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        • Profile picture of the author samb7
          Not selling in the Indian Amazon but our focus is mainly US Amazon.com. We do not do dropshipping but we ship inventory to Amazon to be 'Fulfilled By Amazon' (FBA)
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  • Profile picture of the author heffweizen
    I'm very interested in starting a REAL business. What type of earnings are typical after 6 months? Thanks
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    • Profile picture of the author samb7
      Thank you for reaching out, I send you a PM.
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    May I know more info and the prices of each package? I've sent an email but didn't receive a reply so I thought I'd ask here
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    • Profile picture of the author samb7
      Thank you for your message, I send you a PM.
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  • Profile picture of the author mdrisk
    What is included in the package?

    How much additional cost is expected for ads?

    What exactly is the guarantee? A business producing $100/month?
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    • Profile picture of the author samb7
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      I send you a PM.
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    is that work for indian
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    • Profile picture of the author samb7
      Yes this works for India and any other country.
      PM me
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    Reserved for Q & A
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    • Profile picture of the author samb7
      I am here ready to answer your questions!
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