Brand-Spanking New Course Shows You How Pros Are Making A Killing At Cryptocurrency Trading Everyday
pritishk 1 year ago

Brand-Spanking New Course Shows You How Pros Are Making A Killing At Cryptocurrency Trading Everyday

Want To Skyrocket Your Income, Learn Crypto Trading And Make It Work Like Clockwork? Then this course is built Specifically For You!

Hey Warriors!

Pritish here! It's been a long time since I successfully launched the SMS Marketing Course, Facebook Marketing Course, and even A Dating Course which got some great reviews, and many still making Moolah from those alone.

It's been a long time since I have been active on Warrior Forum. The reason was simple. I moved away from full-time marketing to dabble in the Cryptocurrency Markets.

And I could tell you that the decision was BANG-ON!

I love the newfound LOVE for cryptocurrencies and TRADING it ALL-DAY-&-NIGHT LONG.

Most of you who are not familiar with Crypto-currencies might think that Bitcoin is already so pricey right now and NO Money can be made. That is far from the truth. Investing is another chapter altogether.

What I have focused on is Day-Trading and sometimes Swing Trading many other Crypto Pairs which have far more potential with small or large amounts and Making it a Bagful Size.

And after rigorous testing and making handsome money myself and knowing tricks of all the trades happening.

As always, I want to share these TRADING Opportunities With ALL of YOU!

In a nutshell, here's how it works:

âœ... Trader understands the Easy-To-Follow Chart Patterns

âœ... Does Rigorous Back-testing, Apply it on Real-Time Trading Charts

âœ... Crypto Exchanges provide you leverage (loan) to Trade Aggressively with Ease

âœ... Your Crypto Assets increase relatively more due to the calculated risk and low leverage

âœ... From there, you just bankroll and trade with the "Pure-Profits-Only"

And setup is quick and easy.

âœ... You can set up accounts with Crypto-Exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Bitmex, etc., easily

âœ... There is a plethora of trading methods given in the course, but you can focus on a few and start earning with those alone! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE Makes You PERFECT!

âœ... You ask for advice and see the overall market conditions and trade and earn, that's all you have to DO!

The journey of yours starts by

âœ... Taking the leap of faith and purchasing the course and just sitting back and chilling with a cup of coffee and going through the Introduction videos which will prime you to imbibe the fundamental and advanced topics with ease.
âœ... You wake up every day and follow each drill and exercises that are given in the course with immense pleasure.
âœ... You share your findings and experience with all.

I want you to EXCEL & HAVE A WICKED SMILE every day in any situation while trading.

Learn to start trading in the crypto markets safely. We have taken proper care to create the best course on trading cryptocurrencies and this includes in-depth videos explaining everything you need to know to trade safe and better.

If you are just starting out or are a pro – this course will definitely help you to understand the market and see it from a different dimension.

We believe in achieving our goals and we believe that everything is possible.

I have been trading and learning at a faster pace every second of our lives and I am thrilled to see you gaze by here and want you to experience the same on our backs.

Yes, I Want This, Sign Me Up

"The Simple Trading Course" comprises of 10 Intensive Modules teaching you the Cryptocurrency fundamentals from time-tested trades that we have personally taken.

The main goal of this trading course is to remove your limiting belief system and also remove whatever you might be doing wrong and inform you beforehand where you can mess up. We want you to initially learn effective ways of reducing your stress due to mistakes that are quite frequent from new traders. This will result in fewer drawdowns.

Our main focus will always be to engrain in you the seeds of proper trading methods to use. And that comes with Drills and Exercises. We have made it compulsory for you to finish these drills and submit the reports to us. YES! We will read and evaluate the exercises and it is for the betterment of you and want to see you like Superman in Trading.

Get Enrolled in "The Simple Trading Course" Now. I personally believe you should not miss this opportunity.

  • I don't have any experience trading — I'm a newbie — will TSTC still be relevant for me?

    This course is specifically designed keeping in mind that many new traders will be joining in as well and we have kept it our goal to explain small details too so that you can get started on this trading path with relative ease. The Pros will be able to brush up their knowledge going through the basic topics, though advanced topics and strategies are kept for you all too.

  • How is this course different from the other course out there in the wild?

    During the span of few years that I have traded, I have come across a lot of trading materials, courses, etc., and have learnt and sometimes have to remove the grain from the chaff and utilizing the good things in the trading and testing extensively. The one thing is that I have LEARNT. I learned and applied the methods. Gave ample screentime to methods and strategies to see what exactly works better than others. As you might know that Trading is a probability game. You can place an entry anytime and it will have either loss or win as the end result. But we need to increase the probability of our wins and that’s how we become better than the rest of the crowd. While recording and writing this course I promised to myself that I will share the knowledge and show my understanding of the market in the best possible way and how exactly I am approaching the market to take profits. I have laid down each and every step that is required to trade better with the already given strategies.

  • How will the course be delivered?

    The course consists of Videos, PDF Slides, links to external resources in an easy-to-access online portal. I want you to be a better trader and that comes with sheer practice and I have made finishing assignments and tasks mandatory to move to the next video or module. If you think that this is not what you can do, please refrain from purchasing this course.

  • What are the prerequisites for starting this course?

    You should be driven by trading is the first thing you should have. As with any other business venture, you should have ample capital with you to not worry about your other financial obligations when you get started with the course. As you start a business, you have to spend money on things to keep the business flowing and then expect profits out of that. So, I would suggest you have at least a backup of $1000 other than the course fees to get started with ease and at a good pace. If you are struggling financially, we advise not to put across the money on this course right now.

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    I can't send a PM, can you please send me a PM with your Skype ID? I have some questions about your WSO. Thanks.
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    Are you still teaching any other of the other courses...they seem less risky as most day trading ends badly
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      Hey @heffweizer!

      Currently, I'm focusing on cryptos only. You can DM me if you need access to the Dating Course that I made. And to your question about Day trading. Most new traders don't use the proper risk management and the proper way to trade and end up doing bad. The drills and exercises in my course condition you not to make mistakes that newbies and even pros sometimes make.
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