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Free Training Learn How to Boost your SEO Clients' ROI in the Next 30 Days
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Take The Guesswork Out of Keeping Your SEO Clients for The Long Term.
Learn how to boost your SEO clients' ROI in the next 30 days --so you can raise your rates and scale.
Note: This special offer is for Warrior Forum members only. The standard pricing for this course and SEO Playbook Library is $976. I am offering it to Warriors as a way of giving back to the community that helped us build our agency.

Running an SEO service for clients is no piece of cake.

When you're responsible for getting results for your clients, the struggle is genuine.

You're even getting good results for some of your clients, but often they don't value your efforts.


Because their inbox is jam-packed with spam emails from fake SEO providers, all of who claim they can offer the same services dirt cheap and faster.

So, your clients think you look like everyone else. They can't see what makes your SEO different from another provider. Or even that spammy one promising fast results and cheaper rates in their inbox.

The result?

Clients develop buyers' remorse after they've purchased your services. It's a fact of life. They feel they don't need to stay with you long term and leave faster than they came.

You've learned and tried every SEO tactic out there. You've lowered your rates to impress and make them stay. But it still ends up as a hamster's wheel.

You know you've got what it takes to grow your SEO agency, but you wonder if there's a way to…

Stop Your SEO Clients from Firing You So You Can Finally Start Growing Your Agency

You don't want another sucky SEO training course.

You want to keep your current clients happy. You also need enough time to find new, better prospects and create raving fans out of them.

You're tired of your palms getting sweaty each time you get an unexpected call from any of your clients. And the sudden headache comes with wondering if they're calling to say goodbye in a not so lovely way.

It would be best to have the specifics that show you how to service and keep clients for your SEO business. Not next year. Or next week. But today. Right now.

But most of the secret hacks or tips from 'gurus' out there are gibberish. They have only left you more confused, frustrated, and with ZERO results for your clients.

What if…

You could learn a PROVEN framework with repeatable steps that will WOW your clients FAST.

Then get them the kind of fast SEO results they've always wanted.

Hi, I'm Matt LaClear.

I'm the co-founder of Happy SEO Clients. We have built over 13,377 SEO campaigns for businesses since 2009.

Most of those campaigns were for Warriors like yourself.

I NOW know what it takes to build solid relationships with clients. I learned how to keep them coming back again and again for our services.

But I don't just understand how to get lasting SEO results for our clients; I've also been where you are.

Yes, we struggled with client retention for 40 months after Penguin!

It was 2012, and Google found a response to our agency's use of black hat link-building techniques. We were using them to manipulate our clients' search rankings.

It was the Penguin algorithm update.

It seemed like a welcome change to most, but the impact of the update wasn't. It still makes me cringe today thinking about it.

For 40 months, we failed to use our services to help our clients get a positive ROI on their investments.

Of course, you guessed right…

We kept getting fired by clients within the first 90 – 120 days of getting hired by them.

It was an unpleasant season for all at our agency.

We weren't only losing clients faster than they had hired us. But we could hardly deliver fast results or even a positive ROI.

At that time, we tried many remedies to improve search rankings for our clients, and they all kept failing.

We tried everything we could lay our hands on too. But the best results we got were only temporary and not sustainable.

It was a slow-moving train wreck for us.

Then – Phew! - I Found the Way Out.

I had to find a better way to earn high-quality white hat backlinks for our clients and get better results.

And I did.

I didn't stop there when we finally found the formula that could help us improve their sites.

I took the time to tweak it until we learned how to do it faster to replicate it for our clients and at scale.

The results have kept our clients satisfied and stay loyal to our agency for years instead of only 90 – 120 days.

It's time for you to learn how to do the same for your clients and scale your agency.


The 'Happy SEO Clients in 30 Days or Less' Formula.

We've taken everything I've done for our SEO agency that made it scale for over 12 years and counting... and turned it into this practical, fluff-free training system for SEO providers. This system takes the guesswork out of keeping clients paying for the long term.

Finally, You Can:

Make Client Retention a Given.

You already know how hard it is to keep a long-term business relationship with SEO clients.

But, with our course, your business will be the exception to the rule.

So, say goodbye to getting fired by an SEO client due to lack of results again.

Build Trust and Become Your Client's Superhero in the Next 30 Days.

You're always thrilled when a new client comes to you. Who wouldn't?

But your client also has expectations that they've made the right decision by hiring you.

Therefore, we've designed this system to ensure that you make a solid first impression.

And impress your current clients with REAL results within the next 30 days. So, they get super-stoked to keep working with you.

Convince Your Clients to Increase Their Monthly Spend.

Convincing your clients to pay you more is a tough sell when you don't have results backing you up.

But when you have results backing you up, it's a piece of cake to get clients to increase their monthly spending.

You'll see how to go about this and drive results that will back you up and, in turn, help you grow your revenue.

Double or Triple How Long You're Currently Keeping Your Clients.

Let's say you've got about 3 – 5 clients you don't want to lose. You won't have enough time to find new ones –even if you could use some new clients right now.

You need to produce results for them now to evaporate their buyer's remorse from the equation.

You will learn how to do that in this system.

Scale Your SEO Agency By Keeping Your Clients Paying You Long-Term

Scaling your agency is one thing but doing it without struggling is another.

You'll see how to use our vetted SEO Playbook Library to service your clients.

You'll also get 100% access to the same playbooks we use in our agency.

They will be yours to keep forever, even.

Quit Spinning Your Wheels

You didn't start your SEO business to hand over its control to your clients and then go to bed praying you don't lose them.

But now that you're here, you want to gain back control. So, it's time to master getting your clients to value you for what you bring to the table.

In this system, you'll see what to spend your time on and get detailed instructions on how to do it.

Whether Your SEO Business Is Brand New Or, You've Been in The Game for A While Now...

...You'll Learn EXACTLY How to Get Your Clients Fast SEO Results in the Next 30 Days.

Here's a taste of what you'll be getting inside the course:

Lesson 1: Stop Getting Fired by SEO Clients, Now [$197 Value]

The problem is…your clients want to see the value of the return on their investment with you -- as fast as possible.

And if they don't, you can as well kiss your business relationship with them goodbye.

This fact of life means you don't have the leisure to convince them to wait up to a year before getting the results they need. Else, buyers' remorse will set in their minds and get you fired.

That's why we've taken the time to include actionable lessons in this system that will help you:

- Use the exact, repeatable tactics that have kept our clients paying us for years and years.
- Discover the biggest lie in the SEO industry that is hurting your service business right now.
- Get the inside scoop on what every SEO Agency owner ought to know about scaling their agency's growth!
- Learn how spammers and scammers are priming your clients to fire you so that you can stop it from happening.
- Get a step-by-step process that will help your SEO business make more money than you did last year.
- And much more!

Lesson 2: Get Fast ROI Results for Your Clients in the Next 30 Days [$197 Value]

You know SEO is not a quick, one-time, easy fix; neither is it one-dimensional.

And you're ready to take this weight off the shoulders of your clients so they can focus on other things.

But for your SEO business to become and stay invaluable to your clients, you need to give them quick victories.

Otherwise, you will use their trust fast.

That's why we've designed this lesson to include practical tips that show you how to:

- How to find and set up potent link juice bars that improve your clients' SEO rankings super-fast.
- The quickest and easiest way to keep your SEO Clients from firing you next month and the month after that.
- How to become an SEO Superhero to your clients within the next 30 days they keep doing business with you.
- How to evaporate buyer's remorse from your clients' minds fast and forever.
- How to generate many pages one rankings for your clients in the next 30-days.
- And much more!

Lesson 3: How to Earn Potent White Hat Links for Your Clients at Scale. [$197 Value]

Your client came to you for SEO help.

After hiring you for your services, your team got to work immediately to keep your promises to them.

You spent hours on SEO audits and on-page work so that you can get glowing results for them.

But here's a shocker…your client will still fire you if you're not earning links for them.

That means all your hard work building a long-term business relationship with them...

...will be gone.

Not to worry, I designed this lesson to lower this risk by showing you how to:

- Discover a fool-proof method to earn links to your clients' sites so that their SEO rankings hit page one.
- Get the facts on how one of our clients earned an extra $1 million in one year from our backlinks.
- How to craft an outreach message that link prospects love and respond to instead of deleting.
- Find out why the canned outreach messages you found online suck. Then start sending ones that work and scale.
- How to win new clients for your agency by sending out link requests for your clients.
- How to follow up with link prospects in a way that nudges them to say yes to your requests.
- Bonus: Win Clients by Sending Link Outreach Requests for Your Clients [$97 Value]

Lesson 4: Use Our SEO Playbooks to Provide Superior Services to Your Clients. [$197 Value]

The SEO game is tough and succeeding in it is more challenging. That's why your client hired you in the first place…so they won't stay up all night trying to figure it all out.

But what happens when you run out of things to do for your clients? It's most likely going to end in disaster and put your reputation in jeopardy.

And sometimes, your clients' rankings crash, and you catch yourself not knowing how to fix it.

In this system, you'll learn how to:

- Get dozens of our vetted playbooks you can use to improve your clients' SEO Rankings and take all the credit for it.
- Use our SEO Playbooks to boost the level of service you provide your clients so that you can charge them more.
- Give your staff and VA's instant experience so they make your agency stronger.
- Increase your agency's current workload because your team will know what to do and when to do it.
- Get rid of the headaches of trying to figure out how to service your clients forever.
- Simplify the way you do SEO work so that your agency produces better results and for cheaper.

Lesson 5: Communication Tips to Help You Prime Your Clients to Work with You Long Term. [$197 Value]

The average SEO client has gotten burned a couple of times. Which means there's little room for you to prove that you're different.

But as your initial contract is about to end, your clients are thinking of firing you.

So, you must establish the value you're bringing to the table and do it repeatedly.

Of course, they're not after you to teach them SEO or giving them all the details on what you're doing.

They want to know this…are your SEO efforts working and worth their investment in your SEO service?

The best way to answer this is by earning them a positive ROI fast and then leveraging further growth.

In this system, you will learn:

- How to answer clients and prospects when they ask you how long it will take you to rank their website on page one.
- Get insider secrets on how to prove ROI to your clients, so you can start charging them more money.
- Connect the SEO results you got for your clients to revenue.
- Bonus: Steal and tweak our SEO reporting scorecard to provide insights on your work [$97 Value].

Total Value: $985

The best way to turn your one-time' SEO clients into excited, long-term clients is... get them a return on their investment in your agency as fast as possible.

But you don't want a theory course.

You want strategies, tactics, and repeatable systems you can use to get fast SEO results for them.

Then this is your opportunity to get Happy SEO Clients in 30 Days or Less Course

For FREE Today

But that's not all…

Join Now and Get Access to Exclusive Bonuses

[Available for a Limited Time Only]

These are the EXACT checklists we use in retaining our SEO clients and scaling our agency. And what's better than bonuses that don't just sweeten the deal but also get you to your goals faster?

Before they go away, grab our:

Bonus #1: Practical SEO Playbooks [$597] FREE

Access practical, proven, and step-by-step processes that will help you:

- Plan well-structured processes around your core service deliverables.
- Train your team members to make them more billable.
- Build marketable skill sets you can upsell to your clients tomorrow.
- Perform SEO tasks that drive sustainable growth for your clients.
- And much more!

Bonus #2: Access to A Private Live Webinar Training [$194] FREE

Some pitfalls are almost inevitable when you're trying to scale your agency. So, we created a private webinar training that will also be available as a recorded replay if you can't make it live.

This training will:

• Offer guidance and support to get you ahead no matter where you are on your success journey.
• Answer your pressing questions/brainstorm on solving your biggest headaches.
• Allow you to bounce your ideas for constructive feedback.
• And much more!

You Get to Dive for Free!

You'll get instant access to a sea of fundamental and advanced SEO knowledge.

You'll also get access to our bonuses that we've packed with so much value and practicality…

All at a price we've made deliberately accessible...

...whether you're just getting your agency started or are a grizzled veteran in the industry.

Still Want to Think About It or Wondering If This Is Right for You?

It's easy to think or say to yourself, "Now isn't the best time" or "I can do this much later." But here's the hard truth: There's never a 'convenient' time to change the direction of your SEO business.

But there's a right time…and it's right now.

The longer you wait for the time that feels right, the harder it is to take the next step until you never take it at all.

And you already know that nothing matters until your clients get the results they want…

...but once they do, everything changes, and they get stoked to keep paying you.

You don't want your SEO business to get seen as 'one of the others'. And to do that, you need to take a step further in the direction of success, dare to be different, and, of course, better.

So, the choice is yours: spending many hours on clients' work without time to find and land new ones, making less than you could, feeling trapped, having sweaty palms when a client calls or feeling like the 'entrepreneurship life' is against you...

Or taking control of your success, your income, and your life.

Don't sell yourself and your agency short this year: Enroll Now.

Some Pressing Questions You Might Have

Do I Get Lifetime Access?

Yes! You get lifetime access to all the training lessons, bonuses, plus any extra ones we add. You also get the chance to shape the course to tailor your needs better by letting us know what you'd like to see.

Is This Also a 'How to Do SEO' Course for Beginners?

This course doesn't teach you how to do SEO as a beginner. You already know the nitty-gritty of SEO. Instead, you want to learn how to 10x your clients' campaigns, get them fast results, and keep them paying you. Sounds like you? Then, this course is for you.

Can't I Just Learn What This Course Covers for Free from Google?

We doubt that unless you want a lot of guesswork based on theory or luck. But we're sure you want repeatable steps that you can test out for yourself.

That's why this course contains tactics from our experience in getting real results.

How Much Support Do I Get?

We've done our best to make each lesson easy to understand and as packed full of actionable tips as it can get.

But if you need some guidance, ask us during our live webinar sessions.

If you can't make it live, send us your questions, and catch up when you get the recorded replay.

I've Got More Questions…

No problem, shoot us an email now at

………………&h ellip;……………&hel lip;……………&helli p;……..

So, Let's Recap:

When You Enroll Today, Here's What You'll Be Getting:

Lesson 1: Growing Your SEO Agency – [Value: $197]

Lesson 2: Earning A Positive ROI for Your Clients in the Next 30 Days – [Value: $197]

Lesson 3: Winning White Hat Links for Your Clients – [Value: $197]

Lesson 4: Using Our SEO Playbooks to Service Your Clients – [Value: $197]

Lesson 5: communicating With Your Client in A Way That Keeps Them Working with You Long-Term – [Value: $197]

And 3 Limited-Time Offer Bonuses:

Practical SEO Playbooks [Value: $597]

Access to A Private Live Webinar Training [Value: $194]

Add it all up, and you get a total, absolute value of $1776

But if you're beyond ready to achieve a positive ROI for your SEO clients in the next 30 days...

...then this is your opportunity…

For FREE Today

Here's to helping you win and keep your clients long-term and grow your SEO business -- we can't wait to be a part of your success!
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