Selling your services or knowledge? Get interested prospects sliding into your DMs for cheap.
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Selling your services or knowledge? Get interested prospects sliding into your DMs for cheap.

Simple 5-step process for attracting cold strangers and turn them into lukewarm prospects who may want to buy what you sell.

Do you sell your services or productized knowledge?

Get interested prospects sliding into your DMs at a discount.

If you sell your services or productized knowledge...
How would you like to get a bunch of messages from interested (and targeted) peeps who may need your solution to their problem?
  • Without sending cold emails.
  • Without cold messaging.
  • Without cold calling.
  • Without writing a ridiculous amount of content that hopefully gets read but who really knows if it ever will.
All of the above takes too long and kinda sucks, if you ask me.

As a self-proclaimed #adnerd, I’m all about minimum efforts with maximum results.


The alternative?

Run a simple ad campaign.

As in:

"Hire" the algorithm ad companies have spent millions (if not billions) of dollars to develop and optimize - and make it work *for you* for pennies on the dollar.


And in a specific way.

To attract people to you.

To pull them into your ecosystem.

To get them to slide into your DMs.

People in pain.

Who might need your help urgently.

The ones facing the exact problem you solve.

In a way that sets you up as a credible authority from the get-go.

In a way that positions you as a leader who has their best interests at heart.

In a way that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise so that you get paid what you deserve.


By extracting what you know out of your brain and displaying it to the ones who need it most.

Solving problems and selling results.

It doesn't matter if you’re a freelancer, product creator, coach, consultant, or service provider.

If you sell a service or your productized knowledge and want to get people seeking you out for it, you need this.

Full disclosure:

I'm NOT promising you high-ticket clients or sales.

Just connections and conversations started by your target audience who’s actively looking for solutions to their problems.

Oh and by the way...

I'm getting great results by reverse engineering a process I created for myself. A process I called:

The Magnetic Expert campaign.

The Magnetic Expert campaign is a simple 5-step process designed to attract cold strangers and turn them into lukewarm prospects without breaking the bank.

After all…

If you need clients…

Then you need to have conversations with people who are struggling with a problem you can actually solve.

It’s all about connections and conversations, isn't it?

A two-way back-and-forth started by *your* prospects rather than the other way around.

No need to chase prospects away when you can attract them your way instead.


Here's the first video in the series to whet your appetite:

(The pandemic was hard on your boy's facial hair)

On the other videos you’ll see:
  • How to find the audience you’ll resonate with the most (and make you the most money).
  • How to attract them through a single *attraction* pice rather than creating tons of content that generates little results.
  • How to run a simple promotion to test whether you’re onto something or not.
  • Simple targeting methodologies anyone can follow along in a step-by-step fashion.
  • Word-for-word example from a previous Magnetic Expert campaigns I've run you can model and swipe.
Among other things.
By the way...
All the videos are short and straight-to-the-point.
No hours to go through.
No fluff or fillers.
No nonsense.
Just actionable information you can implement within a day.
So you can run your own Magnetic Expert campaign ASAP and start getting interested prospects sliding into your DMs.
Cool, huh?
As if that wasn't enough...
I'll also email you the slides, the audio, the transcripts, and all the frameworks necessary so you can have your own campaign running fast.

How much?
You can get the Magnetic Expert by clicking this link:
That's pretty much $1 per video.
Doesn't get any better than that, if you ask me.
Especially when you turn those $5 into prospects sliding into your DMs seeking *you* out instead of you chasing them.
Still on the fence?
You have one year to make a decision.
That's right...
A 365-day money-back guarantee.

Get the Magnetic Expert campaign video series here:
Check out what people are saying about The Magnetic Expert campaign video series:

"I was blown away by the Magnetic Expert process" – Dino Tartaglia.

:I highly recommend this course" – Franco Y.

"I love simple funnels, and this one is a beautiful example of that." -Nicolas Anguiano

"With Magnetic Expert, you are setting yourself apart from other experts…" -Tega Diegbe
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    What is a DM?
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      It's a direct message.
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        Thank you, I actually bought the program and love the step by step instructions. Got my 1st ad running right now.
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    what about writing the content?
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      There is a short guide in the video that helps you create the content.
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    Got this.
    In one of the videos you talk about a swipe file at the bottom of the page, but I cannot see anything there - just a calendar asking to book an appointment with you.

    Cannot see a case study either.
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