(DONE FOR YOU) Sales Funnel From 10 Years Experience Marketer's Desk
DomasG 1 year ago

(DONE FOR YOU) Sales Funnel From 10 Years Experience Marketer's Desk

DomasG Done For You Sales Funnel From A Still Active Solo Ad Seller!


As an active email traffic provider since 2012, you may already know me from my WarriorForum thread:


I decided to offer DONE FOR YOU Sales Funnels for MLM/Forex Trading/Healthy/Personal Development niches.
During all these years, I built up vast experience in various sales funnels, I launched tons of affiliate offers/promoted affiliate offers and still pushing them.

I noticed that the number one problem is SALES Funnel if we are talking about conversions.

Many promoters, traffic buyers, are selecting bad quality Sales Funnels, and in that way, they are losing many potential profits from Solo ad run/Facebook ad campaign or Google AdWords.

Recently I have started DONE FOR YOU Sales Funnel servicesfor my existing buyers;
I noticed pretty good conversions after my created sales funnels, so it's a perfect time to launch my services publicly.


So what am I offering?

1) Entirely set up Sales funnel included:
  • Landing pages (will create few different versions for split testing purposes);
  • Sales page (with down-sell)
  • Thank you pages
  • Upsell pages
2) Follow-ups sequence

3) 1-on-1 strategy session

Price: Starts from $599 (it depends on your needs).

You don't need to worry about anything.

I will host it on your hosting or my hosting. I will pick up the product (typically, it's an eBook for your selected niche).

I will do all the graphics, set up all the tracking using your tracking software (e.g., ClickMagick). I will set up your autoresponder services (e.g., AWeber).

I will create everything.

You need to tell me the niche, relax, and enjoy your FLIGHT to your OWN PERSONAL Sales Funnel!

Forget technical struggle, lack of knowledge in the Sales Funnel structure.

Can you put this offer on WarriorPlus/JVZoo/ClickBank? OF COURSE!

If you need it, I will prepare JV pages as well!

Invest today in your OWN Sales Funnel and be a part of a


Remember, everything I will create using my OWN experience.

I am not relying on any agencies, VAs, or something.

You will get 100% personal attention from me!

Remember an excellent converting offer - means a huge profit!

Contact details for ordering:

Email: dominykas.gobe@gmail.com
Skype: dominykas.gobe
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dominykas.gobe

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    In what niches are you specializing?

    It doesn't matter; strategies for all niches are almost the same; I can prepare a sales funnel in your desired niche.

    How long does it take?

    In most cases, I prepare sales funnels in 2-3 business weeks.

    Do every sales funnel is unique?

    Absolutely! It's not a pre-made funnels, every case is different and I am preparing a unique custom-made sales funnel according to client needs.

    Do you have your portfolio?

    YES! I have a legacy WarriorForum thread of sales funnels, and I have a separate portfolio, contact me for more info!

    Can you guarantee sales?

    YES, I can guarantee that you will start building your own buyers lists using my sales funnels!

    Where can I find an original thread?

    https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior...ters-desk.html this is the old original thread.
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    What about the products which are sold in the funnel. Are you creating them too?
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      Hi! I am mostly taking PLR and re-branding it as your own product. I have a paid access to the PLR database.
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    Is it newbie friendly?
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      That's mostly related to the newbies. Because you must start affiliate marketing by having a proper foundation - Sales funnel.
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    the avg solo ad is 40 cents per click, what is the revenue per click from the funnel in about 30 days? for example, if i buy a solo ad and pass it through the funnel, whats the expected return?
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      The funnel's main idea is to build up a quality list with three layers of subscribers - freebies, low-value, and high-value buyers.

      Buying traffic straight to the sales funnel you will probably end up with 0 profits, but eventually, you will have a buyers list that you can use in various monetization ways.

      Using sales funnel - the main goal is to build your email list as fast as possible and then you will start generating profit from your email list, not the actual sales funnel.

      Sales funnel is like a foundation of your affiliate business, the main tool for the list building.
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