(Giveaway Magic) - An Income Method For Those Who HATE Selling [100% FREE]
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(Giveaway Magic) - An Income Method For Those Who HATE Selling [100% FREE]

Do You HATE selling or have you failed in selling online. Discover how to give for free and sell without facing any rejections.

Let's Face It - When you don't generate enough income(online/offline), you often get humiliated. Humiliation by sharp questions of others can be managable but when it's done by person close to you, then it can really hurt.
If you are in that situation, then nothing except 'GOOD INCOME' can provide relief.
That's not a situation where you can justify your failure. You have to prove yourself. And prove it with strong results.
You don't have to prove anyone. Just prove yourself. Good results is the only medicine that can work for the self-confidence destroyed by humiliation.

So, my friend, this article is just about 'YOU'.
Not about 'Me' or some 'Product', it's just about 'YOU', the person who is reading this right now.
So, read till the end. You will gain a lot of understanding about creating an income online.

Are you looking for consistent and stable income online?
If you answered 'Yes', then please leave this page right now. 'Yes' you can leave.
The universal law says ,"You are either growing or disintegrating, nothing remains constant".
So, our aim is to provide a GROWING system. A system with INCREASING income month after month.

By the time you reach the end of this article you will discover how to establish an increasing income system. That's a promise we make right at the start here.

Answer this honestly.
Are you struggling with sales & online income ?
If you answered yes, then I can help you.

Good news is that you won't need to buy or even think of purchasing a single make money course after you get access to this.

Your solution in single line - "Forget selling, focus on building trust".
If you do this, then sales will happen automatically and you will become a magnet to money.

Here we will show you how you can build massive trust and the software will do automatic soft selling. So, you don't have to do any hard selling.
Do you like to be rejected ?
If you are like me and most common people, then obviously you hate rejections.

On the other hand, do you like compliments and people speaking good things about you.
How about getting thankyou emails in your inbox.
Thanking you for the service/product you provided them which helped them a lot.
Do you want that kind of email?
Say it loudly. Did you say yes, became happy or infact I can see the little smile.
But, you didnot say it loudly. What is stopping you?
Say it loudly ," I want success online."
What are you afraid of ? Just be yourself and demand success. Demand what you want.
Now atleast say it loudly ," I want success online."
If still you didn't say it loudly, then I can understand. I have been in exactly the same position you are right now. So, it's OK. We will work together to change things for better.

Now we will come to the product and the beautiful concept.

Now, let's discuss about your income system. It comprises of two parts.
1) You
2) System

About You:
There are two things that are stopping money to flow freely into your life:
1) Stress
2) Consuming instead of producing

Remember these two lines
1) The more stressed you are, the lesser the income you will make.
2) The more content you consume, the lesser the income you will make.

Do you want to listen how normal cells and stressed cell sound like.
Don't be afraid after you hear the sound of stressed out cells!
Go to this page and scroll below to find the two audio.

If at cellular level, stress causes such damage, then how can we expect results when our whole body and mind is under stress.
So, the solution is "Become happy, stay blessed and start producing".

Yes, producers also consume. But, they consume to produce. And consumers just consume for entertainment.
So, are you watching youtube or other social media platforms just for entertainment or for learning so that you can produce great content?

Now About System:
This is the simple formula for income.
Income = Impact X Volume

Impact means how well you solve the problem of your customers.
Volume means how many customers you are serving.

So, if you are able to solve a big problem of large number of customers in a better way, then you will earn lots of money.
You can use this formula to calculate your income.
If you are lacking, then either impact or the volume factor is weak. Or both might be lacking.
Don't worry, here we will show you how to increase both impact and volume.

But first, remember this.
If you chase money, it will continually remain out of your reach. But, if you chase needs, then you will achieve everything you desire. By chasing needs and focussing on solving problems or improving lives, you connect with people and also directly with universe.
Just watch around you, businesses that solve problem attract money. So, if foundation of your business is genuine need, then wealth will be limitless.
These are lines from Midas Manifestation - So true lines and an excellent course.
To know more about manifestation of money and your desires you can download our free android app here :Click Here For Android
iOS users can visit online here :Click For iOs

So, if you are solving the problems of large number of customers you will attract money.

Now, let's discuss about the product and how it can solve the problem of impact and volume.

First, we will discuss about the product and then the surprise offer for you. So, read till the end to solve your money problems.

We have designed a very useful software. This will be of great help to youtubers.

About the software :
Users just have to enter the keyword for video they want to rank and click 'Generate video details' button.
Then software will analyse the top 20 ranking videos and generate the following within a minute.
1) Top 3 most used words.
2) Suggested tags
3) Suggested titles
4) Content for description
5) Average duration of top 3 and top 20 videos.

You can see the product demo video here :Click Here To Watch
<iframe title="YouTube video player" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/lRzYgDp-kLI" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

Now, here is offer for you and the secret recipe of soft sales.
After generation of video details when the users clicks 'OK', your link in opened in a new window. So, everytime user uses the software they will visit your link.

Let's see how it will solve the problem of impact and volume which we discussed earlier.

Delivering Impact:
Most, infact all youtubers need it. They spend lot of time on creating video but neglect these. They know tags,titles, description are important but they donot know how to generate it easily. So, you can solve a big problem for them.
Getting access to this product would be a huge relief for them.
In other words, you will be delivering a big impact.

Now, let's discuss volume:
There are already millions of youtubers and thousands join everyday.
You donot have to sell, just give it to them for FREE. So, now can you think of the huge volume.
There are many youtubers who make youtube related videos. They make videos about tools, methods and tips for youtubers. They are constantly looking for new ideas for new videos. So, they will be happy to make videos about this product. Contact them and let them know about the product.
Once,they promote, hundreds and thousands of people will download your product. And they will regularly use it for generating video details.So, they will constantly visit your link.
So, now you can see how we can generate volume.
And if you keep doing this for a period of time, then the volume will add up quickly. You will start getting thousands of click per day for free.

Now, do you want to try the software?
You can download the latest version from here - Click Here.
(Read FAQ Section To See How To Insert Your Link)

It's not any demo version. You will get the full version to try and test.
Give it a try and you will know how simple it is to use.
Then, you can promote with confidence and attract huge traffic.

So, as we had promised in the beginning, you can know see how to establish a system with increasing income.
As you can observe, we addressed the root cause of the problem.
The reason why most products fail to deliver reasult is because they donot focus on impact and volume both.
But, here we have addressed both in a simple way.

Isn't that great.
Instead of sending people to your affiliate link or website, if you send them to your optin-page. Then you can keep sending them offer for month and years to come.
So, how rewarding this system can be.

Give this very useful software for free and stay relaxed. Let the software do rest of the work for you for long time to come. Let it work to bring sales and income while you can relax and grow your business further by giving it to more for free.
You can download the latest version from here - Click Here.

Ok, now we must mention here that it took a lot of effort in designing the software.
We spent a lot of time, so that you have to spend little to no time.
We had decided to charge $499 atleast for the rights to the software.
You can see the true potential it has.

But wait, if you decide to share your success story with us then we are going to do something unbelievable.
We decided to offer it for FREE.
This is just for limited time. So, it's no brainer. Get access to it for FREE now.
You can download the latest version from here - Click Here.

Imagine This:
Earlier people use to turn you down or ignore your email because you were trying to sell.
Now, they will gladly accpet your offer because you are giving a very useful product for free.
They can see the benefit and this will increase the trust. And trust increases sales.

In addition to this, you are also getting this software for FREE. So, you can use it for your videos also.
So, start today getting access to this for FREE.

As you can see, this sort of offer has never been done before.
You now know the secret of making income ( Impact X Volume ) and you also have our software.
It would be great when dive in right now and implement the system.
Remember reading this might make you feel good, but it will not make much of a difference. But, when you take action, things will start to move.

Treat It Like A Business For Fast & Better Results:
After getting access don't do everything yourself. Treat it like a business.
Just find an affordable person to whom you can outsource and let him do the work for you for 1-2 hours/day.
We tend to become lazy after few days and then give up. But, if you outsource then he will treat it like a job and do it seriously. There are plenty of sites like freelancer or upwork where you can outsource.
So, start now, treat it like a business and never give up.
You can download the latest version from here - Click Here.

We wish you grand success every day,
Gyan & Sonam, Cofounders
Abhigyan Digital Marketing Solutions
  • How To Insert Your Link ?

    There is a wealth.txt file under the 'SysFiles\ClientId' folder. Enter your link here. Then you can zip the total folder and distribute.

  • How To Get Promote This ?

    Remember, you are giving this useful software for FREE. So, opportunity is limitless. Method 1: Thousands join youtube daily and they want to know how to rank videos. So, details generated by this software will be very useful. You can make videos and post it. Just run the software and you will get many title and video ideas. Method 2 ( Most effective) : Contact youtubers who make youtube related videos. They are looking for content regularly. As you are offering this for FREE, they will be happy to make a video on this. Just do this regularly.

  • Will It Work In Both Mac & Windows

    This is a windows software.

  • Where Can I Get Training For The Software ?

    This is very simple to use. You can find the training inside the download file.

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