I'll Help You Grow Your Sales, Get Unstuck, or Get Started (100% FREE!)
Tanda Copywriting 2 years ago

I'll Help You Grow Your Sales, Get Unstuck, or Get Started (100% FREE!)

Attention Warriors Making <$20,000,000 in Revenue (including those making $0!)

In 2022 I want to help you explode your sales, get yourself unstuck or even get you started making money online.

I've been coaching a group of over 300+ people over the past 2 years, many who have built an online business or income already. I've had students who have made over $1M dollars.

How will I manage to help hundreads, thousands of you for free?

By helping all of you at once, and bringing in some other expert help.

The way it works is that you click the button and request to join this Facebook group called the Marketing Underground Mafia:

Inside the group, every Monday, I will be hosting 1-hour long Q&A sessions where you will get the chance to pick my brain (and sometimes the brains of my guests) on any topic: marketing, business, sales, mindset, freelancing.

Sometimes we will also have other special events organised on specific topics, including with guests.

All these events will be recorded, you can check out previous recordings, and you'll get the chance to ask questions during the lives. If you can't be present for a live, no problem, just ask your question in the group, and I will answer it in the live, and you can re-watch it afterwards for the answer.

I will also be sharing other useful content on there, and helping you out.

Lives = every Monday at 20:00 EET (Eastern European Time), don't miss it!

Why Should You Care About Picking My Brain
  • I've helped generate MILLIONS in sales for different brands/people, including in a consulting capacity, through my courses/materials, copywriting and agency (can check more about me here: https://tudorfd.com)
  • Worked as a direct response copywriter for a total of 10 years.
  • Ran a sports betting magazine.
  • Ran a direct response agency for the past 5 years:https://tanda.digital
  • Started a marketing podcast and had the pleasure to interview guests such as Rory Sutherland (Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK), and David Deutsch (A-List Copywriter): https://tudorfd.com/underground
  • Recently made almost all my previously paid products (teaching things from marketing, sales funnels, copywriting, freelancing, and more) FREE, I don't even want your email anymore (in a post that went viral and across multiple online communities).
So yeah if you find any of the above valuable, join here and let's see those sales numbers shoot up:

Here's What Others Say:

(and you can find many more on my personal website)

Other People in The Group You Should Know About
  • Speed - he is a member of the Fastlane, currently running a SaaS business helping Amazon FBA sellers and working as a direct response copywriter. He's a marketing pro, and I've been working with him inside and outside of my agency extensively.
  • My good friend Ed - he's a mentor and coach for entrepreneurs, who grew his own business (eCommerce) from scratch to a near monopoly (multiple 6&mdash;figures) in his geographical area, is currently working as a full-time mentor and coach for entrepreneurs, specifically for mindset, clarity, accountability and overcoming limiting beliefs. Learn more about him here.
They will be helping in the group, and may join me for special events that we'll organise, that will be free access for everyone inside the group.

Other useful linksSee ya inside, if any events are particularly good, I may choose to release some of them in this thread too, publicly visible and available to all forum members.
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