Earn $1,000's in Passive Income Every Month
Serene Carmen 1 year ago

Earn $1,000's in Passive Income Every Month

100% commissions every single month. Your success is GUARANTEED, or you’ll get DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK.

How To Get Paid EVERY Month -- Like Clockwork -- For Performing ONE Simple Task... And We'll Even Train You!

If you've been looking for a simple, legitimate way to profit online -- but always seem to FAIL -- you'll want to READ EVERY WORD OF THIS LETTER.

The fact is...

The majority of internet marketing beginners (and even many with experience) don't make any money.


Because internet marketing can be VERY COMPLEX... which can require many skills.

But, imagine this...

What if you only needed to possess (or learn) a SINGLE skill instead of a DOZEN or more?

Can you see how that would change everything?

Suddenly, making money online would become an awful lot FASTER and EASIER (which is just how we planned it).

And, with our system there is...

=> NO prior experience required.

=> FREE internet marketing training.

=> GUARANTEED success or your money back (see our 200% Money-Back Guarantee below).

=> NOTHING held back... and NO caps or limitations on your earnings.

For these reasons, we're confident that virtually anyone can make money as a RESELLER.

Remember... WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and make money.

Why Being A RESELLER Is A GREAT Business...

A large number of people start their internet marketing career by trying to create "a course" of some sort.

The BIG problem is, courses can require a TON of time & effort to create. It can weeks... months... sometimes even YEARS.

And, the vast majority of the time, first-time course creators FAIL.

Why would you want that kind of hassle?

That's why our program is GREAT FOR BEGINNERS.

You have only ONE TASK to do – driving traffic to our site -- and we'll even show you how to do it. Then, when a prospect signs up, you get PAID. It's just that simple.

To put it another way, our program is LOW RISK & LOW COST... which makes it a tremendous VALUE.

That said, owning a KickStartSell reseller's license is also a very attractive option for experienced internet marketers. Again, drive traffic. Get paid. It's super-simple.

In short, you can profit from OUR hard work. Easy.

Here's Why KickStartSell Is Your BEST CHOICE...

You'll have a very difficult time finding another MEMBERSHIP site of our high quality that will offer you 100% RECURRING commissions on... every sale you make... every single month.

Just to be clear, our RESELLERS DO NOT have to:

=> Create any content whatsoever.

=> Download or upload anything at all.

=> Set up any membership programming or scripts.

=> Manage the membership site.

=> Maintain the software and hardware.

=> Write any sales copy.

=> Pay hosting fees.

=> Collect payments from members.

=> Talk to members.

And, to help keep members happy and SUBSCRIBED, we will continue to work hard adding UNLIMITED UPDATES to KickStartSell on a regular basis... so you can CONTINUE to profit.

>>> Remember: As time goes on, your monthly profits will typically be BUILDING. <<<

This Package Is INCREDIBLE Value...

Why? Well, here are couple of POWERFUL reasons...

1) How much do you value your time?

Sadly, the MAJORITY of beginning internet marketers spend their time chasing one money-making SCHEME after another. (In the internet marketing world, these are known as "bright shiny objects.")

The ultimate result is that -- years from now -- you may wonder why you've never been able to succeed. But, eventually, it will dawn upon you that all you've really done is spin your wheels and WASTE YOUR TIME.

The simple solution is to involve yourself in a business that is PRACTICAL & REAL.

And that's what we're offering you. Nothing more; nothing less.

2) How much money are you willing to WASTE?

That is, how much are you willing to spend before you finally see the light? How long will it take before you realize you're chasing dreams that are an illusion (designed to make YOU poorer... and the marketing GURUS richer)?

You see... it's not easy being a beginner and starting from scratch.

So, let us give you a leg up with a license to our site and training that will help you achieve the kind of success you've been looking for.

Here's What You Get When You Purchase Our RESELLER'S LICENSE...

=> A simple, one-task system.

In truth, running a membership site requires a lot of hard work, time, and technical expertise. But with our reseller's license program, that stuff is OUR JOB... NOT YOURS.

We provide ALL of the customer support. You never have to talk to anyone.

Again, your ONLY job is to send traffic to our HIGH-CONVERTING funnel. We'll take care of EVERYTHING else.

=> The training you need to succeed.

If you're a beginner, that might even be an ADVANTAGE. Why? Because you won't have to UNLEARN a bunch of bad habits and false beliefs. Our detailed training is EXACTLY what you need.

=> Get email support from us.

If you ever run into a problem you can't solve, you can reach us via email and get PERSONAL HELP. Remember... WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED.

=> Monthly pay via PayPal.

You'll be paid EVERY MONTH via PayPal. (This is nice because, on some affiliate platforms, you have to reach a specific earnings threshold and then wait 6 weeks or more to actually get your money!)

Here's How Our RESELLER'S PROGRAM Works...

You get to keep 100% of the RECURRING money from the members you bring in (with NO caps, NO limits, and NO ceiling on your earnings).

It's important to note that our HIGH-QUALITY content makes it easy to bring in members. (There are currently 25 courses covering virtually every aspect of internet marketing.)

And internet marketing is a RED HOT and evergreen niche. It's wildly popular. (And our courses are actually INTERESTING to watch!)

In addition, to give you every advantage &ndash; again -- we'll even TRAIN YOU to succeed. You'll get full, LIFETIME ACCESS to our complete KickStartSell Training Course. (Hint: Because we want you to be successful, we're giving you the training you need for FREE.)

In short, your profit potential is UNLIMITED.

Our No-Nonsense, 200% Guarantee...

If, within 90 days of promoting our membership site, you haven't made AT LEAST $1,000 every month, we'll refund your license fee... AND DOUBLE IT.

We're so sure you'll love our program that we're offering this CRAZY guarantee.

Here's What Our Program DOESN'T Require...

Let us summarize a bit, here...

=> You don't need DESIGN skills.

Running and maintaining the website is our job -- NOT yours.

=> You don't need TECH skills.

Programming, funnel setup, and the rest of the tech stuff is our problem. (Psst... but we don't mind. We like it.)

=> You don't need to create CONTENT.

Again, we have TONS of great content in place... and we're adding more on a regular basis. (Hint: We will NEVER ask you to submit any articles or other type of content.)

>>> With these kinds of advantages, we simply can't imagine how anyone could FAIL. We truly believe that ANYONE -- with our help -- can do this. (That&rsquo;s why we're making it as easy as possible for you.) <<<

Act NOW... ONLY 50 Licenses Are Available!

Right now, as a SPECIAL PROMOTION, you can get a reseller's license for $17 for the first THREE months. After that, it's just $47 per month.

This means, you can use the first THREE discounted months to PROVE TO YOURSELF that our program really works. (It does. Again, you only have to do ONE THING.)

In a nutshell, we're giving you a PROVEN money-making system on a silver platter. Consider our plan a short-cut to success.

(Note: Frankly, the price of this offer should be far higher than even the REGULAR price of $47 per month -- let alone the current DISCOUNT OFFER!)

Look at it this way...

If you make just ONE sale per month, you'll cover your reseller's license fee... and everything beyond that is YOURS TO KEEP.

So, click the button to GET STARTED...

Yours for 100% Online Profits,

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    Do you offer email letter or newsletters?
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    • Profile picture of the author Serene Carmen
      Hi Steven

      As a reseller you will be selling a subscription membership to a site that has over 25 video courses of the most profitable Internet marketing, wealth-building and profit-generating strategies (no email or newsletters, all video!).

      Let me know if that fully answers your question. Please feel free to contact me for more info.

      Remember, if within 90 days of promoting the membership site, you haven't made AT LEAST $1,000 (and this will be recurring passive income every month thereafter), we'll refund your license fee... AND DOUBLE IT.

      Kind regards
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    Isn't this the same as the other offer, except that it's sold by a different seller? (https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior...p-website.html)

    Are you guys selling the same stuff?
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    just joined up, made a mistake, please refund, my email on signing up is johngallagher2305@gmail.com, thank you.
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  • Profile picture of the author ProfessorGlum
    received refund already, sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Can I still buy? Does it still work?
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    • Profile picture of the author Serene Carmen
      Hi. Yes the offer is still available and still works.
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