Book 15-30 Sales Calls For Your Agency Or Online Business Every Month
Tanda Copywriting 2 years ago

Book 15-30 Sales Calls For Your Agency Or Online Business Every Month

Access to the complete lead generation system that I have been using myself to book 20-30+ sales calls per month for my business.

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For the online agency owner looking to start conversations on autopilot & book his calendar full of excited prospects, waiting cash-in-hand to start working with them...
Learn How to Set Up Your Own "Perpetual Motion&" Lead Generation System & Secure Anywhere Between 15 and 30 Sales Calls Every Month
Without Spending a Dime on Paid Ads or Lead Gen Fees

How would it feel like to have your very own slave (100% ethically!) do all your outreach for you, without you having to lift a finger day after day?

A slave who never complains, never says no, never takes weekends off, never requests money and never makes a mistake?

Sounds almost too good to be true right?

Well, right now, over 4,017 entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this strategy to book themselves full month after month...

And no, they don't bother with creating complex funnels, lead magnets, spending countless hours interacting on Facebook and posting content, or risking their hard-earned money on ads.
Here's what that can look
like in a month:
All with virtually NO WORK on your side, apart from taking the calls. You can expect weeks when your calendar will look like so:

You'll be getting DMs and replies regularly, and notifications will go *ding* *ding* *ding* on your phone through out the day (and even while you sleep - make sure to keep it on silent!).

And the best thing that happens when you've got so many options?

You NEVER have to make a single concession again with a client. You don't like the client, you don't like their terms, just give them a kick in the butt and go to the next one.

The freedom this gives you to work on YOUR terms and fulfill YOUR passion is unbelievable.

And it's all in line with our vision:

"A world where people work from passion rather than necessity"
With the B2B Perpetual Motion Machine Clients Are No Longer The Problem... It's Making Sure You Can Handle All The Volume

The first thing that people do when starting this system is that they kick out the clients who they hated working with before.

Those nagging clients who were always complaining and treating them like shit, but they couldn't let go of because they had to put food on the table...

And the second thing? The second thing is that they raise their fees. When you're fully booked, the only way to keep up with demand is to make it more and more expensive.

You can get to the point where you're only working a few hours a week and making what it used to take you 2 weeks to make before.

I've had many people say things such as:

"I had to turn the system off in 1 week because I was inundated with requests. As I process them, I'll be turning it back on in a few weeks!"


"Why was it so hard before
Because it actually WAS hard with all the solutions you may have tried before:
❌ Creating lead magnets
❌ Spending thousands to build sales funnels
❌ Recording webinars
❌ Blogging
❌ Cold email
❌ Paying thousands for ads
❌ Cold calling
❌ Posting content on social media
❌ Hiring VAs
❌ Inbound Marketing

And all the other strategies that the gurus are pushing.

Those are HARD, because everyone else is using them. You're competing against millions of people, so no wonder you're struggling.

But what I'm about to show you is leveraging a little-known strategy... which is still in its infancy stages.

I myself have barely discovered it in the past year. But the results have been phenomenal...

It's all because I've discovered this unique client generation strategy that works without me, and doesn't require me to pump into it more money to reach a larger number of people...

And like I said, it's all WITHOUT Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, Webinars, Funnels, Newsletters, Building a Tribe, Running Paid Ads or Paying Lead Generation Fees...

In a bit, you'll learn exactly how, and it will barely take you 20 minutes in a day to fill up your pipeline with high paying customers...

I've Been Using It For Myself... And It Literarily Changed My Life!

So much so, that I've recently turned it off for the past 2 weeks, since I just can't keep up with all the requests.

My name is Tudor and I've been running a marketing agency for the past 5 years, and worked in marketing for about 10. And believe me when I say that I've never seen anything like this.

Before I discovered this Holy Grail of B2B marketing, the Perpetual Motion Lead Gen System, I was just like you. I'd spend hours hiring a team of Indians and cracking the whip on them to get me more and more emails and phone numbers.

Then I'd crank out my email system and start ringing the numbers. I'd spend hours doing this daily, and being quite an anxious person by nature, this was never easy for me.

It was soul-crushing because the only way of growing my business was making more calls and sending more emails. And unless I did it, there was no one who could oversee this activity as well as I could.

And as any of you who have experienced anxiety know, what happens when it gets too intense is that you start procrastinating. Checking out funny cat videos on YouTube, staying in bed longer, going to sleep late just so that you wake up tired and don't have to do it...
You're basically losing out your life... and WHY?
Because you're pushing an old, outdated method of client acquisition that no longer works! Whether it's cold outreach, or posting content, it's all the same. YOU are doing the work!
Why "Regular" Marketing FAILS To Deliver Consistent Results
We all know how it feels to waste hours on marketing, and then discover you're left with no clients at all.

Hours of cold calling, cold emailing, creating content, pitching to influencers, God knows what else.

It never works.

And you know why?

We like to blame ourselves, but it's actually our own NATURE.

The "OLD" Way of Marketing Fails
Because It Relies On YOUR EFFORT

And YOU are not consistent. And unlike society, which makes us blame ourselves for not being the ideal "robot", and beat ourselves up and feel depressed, the truth is that you're human.

We're all human. And humans aren't built for robotic consistency!

Sure, if you could make 100 cold calls a day, or send 300 cold emails, or post 20-30 times in the right Facebook Groups, you may get your calendar booked. But who can do that?

I know I can't. So that's what motivated me to stop beating myself up and find an alternative.

The Problem Was ME!
I realized staring at the ceiling depressed that the root cause of my issues was myself.

The system of cold calling and cold emailing and all the rest failed because it relied on me. It relied on my effort, on my being consistent.

But That's Exactly What Made The "NEW WAY" Such a Miracle For My Business & Mental Health

Because the outbound system now works without you. And not only does it work without you, you also don't need to risk thousands on ads that may, or may not work.

So you get maximum returns for minimal effort, and can build up your business with peace of mind.

Imagine getting the best out of both worlds... paid ads that work without you, BUT without paying a dime. Direct outreach that doesn't require any of your effort.

It just happens!

All you have to do is respond to the hundreads of people who contact you... all the messages and requests you get on autopilot.

It's THAT powerful.

You basically get all the consistency of paid advertising without spending a cent, AND all the power of direct outreach without ever picking up the phone or writing a cold email!

At this point, you may be wondering...
"How Does The Perpetual Motion

B2B Lead Gen System Work
You see, all direct marketing involves just two steps:

Imagine if there was a way to do this
WITHOUT Spending Either Your Time or Your Money

Well, there is. It's called the Perpetual Motion B2B Lead Gen System. And it can flood your calendar with high-paying clients faster than you've ever thought possible...

Without cold calling, paid ads or any of the stuff that doesn't work...

You see, the BIG difference is that the Perpetual Motion B2B Lead Gen System gets the best of both worlds... it's automated and doesn't take your time, it's targeted, AND it can scale because there's no extra cost to reach more people, just a constant cost of $55/month regardless of how many people you reach out to!

Here's What Using It Looks Like

Sounds unbelievable?

I thought so too at first. I couldn't believe that such an easy way actually exists, and you don't have to torture yourself with cold outreach, or keep staring at your ads dashboard hoping you'll get a client before your money runs out...

You see, it took me time to figure out this system.

But I'm giving it to you here on a silver platter.

Just plug and play and watch your calendar fill up
The Perpetual Motion B2B Lead Gen System
The New Way To Fill Up Your Calendar Without Spending Thousands on Ads Or Putting In Hours Upon Hours of Effort!

The Perpetual Motion B2B Lead Gen System takes you through the exact process that I use to acquire high-paying clients today.

It's a proven blueprint that doesn't just help you book your calendar full, but also allows you to charge more than you ever thought possible for your services.

All you'll need is a LinkedIn account, to acquire the system, set it up as you're instructed to, and then watch your inbox fill up with qualified client opportunities.

Here's what you'll find inside:
  • How to get your own "ethical slave" to work for you 24/7 while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your time watching how your calendar gets fully booked.
  • The process you need to use to STOP your lead generation from relying on YOU and your inconsistencies, and instead rely on an automated process that delivers clients to you with ZERO effort on your end.
  • The 4-Step Instant Targetting Process that allows you to identify high-value clients that can help you grow your business while you work less.
  • How to use Sweetspot Marketing to bypass competition, easily get the attention of your target marget, and maximize your conversion rates.
  • The Bulletproof Social Media Account Security Process to ensure that your account remains safe while you use this method (which is so powerful, that it is officially BANNED, but we have a loophole!).
  • How to use Targeting Archetypes to improve your targeting process and maximise effectiveness.
  • The 3 curiosity traps that bypass the rational filters of your audience and positions you as a trustworthy authority that they're privileged to work with.
  • How to use the 4-Step Funnel Mastery Technique to get an overview of your funnel and eliminate people who aren't a fit in less than 30 minutes per day... the best time-management trick you've probably ever heard of.
  • The One Magic Question you need to ask to iron out the tire-kickers BEFORE giving them an opportunity to book a slot and waste your time.
  • How to use the slippery slope technique to get clients to agree to a meeting with you.
  • The 7 TRAPS that make you repulse your customer and prevent you from enjoying a full pipeline of leads (if you miss even ONE of them, you're facing an uphill battle already...)
  • How to never feel like giving up again (something that may sound crazy, but it happens so often!)
  • How to validate your offer before you waste months trying to get clients with no results (and why most entrepreneurs naturally fail to do this...)
  • How to find & locate your ideal clients - clients who can pay you what you're worth, and stop wasting your time with those who complain and want you to work extra hard.
  • How to use 4 powerful, hypnotic, NLP language patterns to speak to clients in their own language and gain their trust instantly.
  • The one mindset trick that gets clients to think you're much bigger and better than you currently are, and how to use it to get work that pays 10x as much as what you're used to.
  • Why you don't even need a website, and the two key ingredients that you absolutely must-have to get clients to line up outside your door.
  • The mental barrier that holds those who go from opportunity to opportunity back and makes sure that they'll never be successful, and how YOU can overcome it in less than 1 hour.
  • What the Sales Lag is, and how to keep pushing even when your calendar is full so that you put an end to the feast and famine cycle.
  • The Ambiguity Introduction that puts a prospect on his toes and makes him super curious to speak with you (he'll treat you as well as he treats his own clients!).
Fast, Reliable Results That You Can Count On To Grow Your Business NOW Rather Than Later

Gone are the times when you have to wait MONTHS before you know if your marketing strategy is working. Here it takes just a few days to see engagement and the initial sparks that make you realize that "this is different, hell yeah, it's actually working!"

And soon enough you'll find that you're flooded with conversation... initially until you get a handle on it, it will be more than you can carry.

But as you understand the process better, and start implementing the techniques we teach to kick out the tire-kickers faster, you'll be booking your calendar fully while working less than you currently do.

By the end of the second or third week, it all feels like second nature, and you're knocking up 30 conversations per day, and filling up your calendar.

And then the time comes when you're fully booked... and you stop speaking to anyone BUT those guys who pay you TOP DOLLAR and come to you like you're an Oracle...

So far my marketing strategies have helped hundreads of entrepreneurs...
Find Below The Results Agency Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Infopreneurs, And Service Providers Got Using My Strategies

Currently Giving This Away
For an Absolute STEAL of a Price

Listen... to get this knowledge some clients have paid me in excess of $17,000. I regularly charge $200 for one single hour of my time, and people sometimes pay me even DOUBLE that, and are happy to do so.

I was orginally going to price this at $199 considering the value. It would have been more than reasonable. I mean, just think about it. Let's take the INSANE assumption and say that you only got ONE client out of this. How much would they be worth to you?

How much would they be worth to you?
$500? $2,000? $5,000? $10,000? MORE?

However, my intention is to make this an entry level offer, easily accessible to ANYONE who wants to become successful. Whether you're from the USA or from India, you should afford this, and the only thing holding you back should just be yourself.

Not your ability to pay.

I want anyone who has a burning desire for success to make it.

That's why...
All I'm Asking For Is an Investment of Just $97
About What People Pay For Netflix in a Year

And Netflix doesn't put anything in your pocket right?

It just steals away your time, while you're glued to the telly.

Time that you'll never get back.

But this is actually an investment. It can easily get you an ROI of 500:1

If you use it and take action.

And If You Need Something Else To Push You Over the Edge... Here Are 2 Extras That Will Virtually Guarantee You Results

Imagine that every time someone asked what you do and what benefit you provide, you could answer with a SINGLE SENTENCE that would instantly make them want to know more.

Would that be powerful? Would it make it easier for you to convert them into clients, when THEY'RE asking you to tell them more about what you do?

You see, the secret to a great offer is all in the positioning. What does that mean?

It means that your customers have already heard of "web design" or "coaching" or whatever service you're presenting to them. Unless you position it as DIFFERENT from anything they've ever come across before, you don't stand a chance.

And in this small guide, we show you exactly how to position your offer so that it's irresistible, and yet crystal clear and simple... you can condense it into 1 sentence that is created by asking just 4 questions. That simple.

Most new entrepreneurs think that it's about the message... That a great message convinces anyone.

The pros though know that it's all about the sequence. And it's not about what you write in it, but what the entire sequence as a whole makes people think.

You see, if YOU send the same message that I do, you will get a very different response than I do. Typically a much worse response. It doesn't seem fair right?

But that's because there are certain invisible factors, as I call them, that aren't in the actual message, but can only be found in the context of the entire sequence.

Inside the 7-Step Hypnotic Messaging Sequence, I reveal what they are and how you can use them to create message sequences that grab people instantly and force them to respond. I've seen response rates as high as 40% for this, which is almost UNHEARD of... in fact, I haven't heard of ANYONE ELSE reach those numbers.

But once you learn the 7-Step Hypnotic Message sequence, you'll know the unspoken art of getting people to do exactly what you want... easily and effortlessly. I'd say that this is so valuable, that it may very well be the MOST VALUABLE part that you actually get as part of buying.

Once you&'re getting people reaching out to you, the only thing standing between you and sales is actually getting the people to book a call.
Are you struggling to go from conversation on LinkedIn to a booked call on your calendar?
Does it feel awkward? Unnatural? Hard?
If so that&'s where the Chat Workflow will help you turn any chat into a sales opportunity.
Conversations have to go through 3 stages before you can get a call booked. The better you understand the stages, the easier it is to move through them.
Stage 1 - Engage
You must know when and how to engage people in order to have meaningful conversations.
Stage 2 - Filter
Are they a good fit for what you have or are they not? Do they have Money? Need? Desire? How do you figure it out without being awkward or putting them on the spot?
Stage 3 - Convert
If they&'re qualified you have to know how to invite them on the call and confirm that they show up.

The Chat Workflow will provide you with a list of step by step instructions that you can tailor to your business that shows you the straight line from starting the conversation, to getting a call booked on your calendar!
So, Here's Everything You Get For the Insanely Low Price of $97
  • The Fundamentals of Getting Clients Without Spending Time or Money
  • Locating & targeting your ideal clients
  • A step-by-step plug and play system to book your calendar.
  • The "One Line" Positioning & Irresistible Offer Creation Strategy
  • The 7-Step Hypnotic Messaging Sequence
  • The Chat Workflow to take any conversation to a booked sales call
And to get started with The Perpetual Motion B2B Lead Gen System today is real easy...

All you have to do is click the button below, and you'll be taken to our secure order form, where you can claim this limited offer with any credit or debit card.

We never store your information on our website, credit card details are all processed securely through Stripe.

After your payment is successfully made, you'll get instant access to download the entire system, with all the components mentioned above.

It's that easy!
This Offer Won't Last For Long...
You know this price is insane right? It makes no economical sense compared to the value. The only reason why I'm keeping it is because I want to remove the last silly complaint some people would have... that it's too expensive.

Now there is no excuse...

Really, what excuse do you have? If you're not buying this, go to the bathroom, stare yourself in the mirror and ask yourself...

"Do I believe in myself so little, that I can't afford to invest $97 in my own success
It may sound harsh to you, but that's the truth. If even NOW you're saying that it's too expensive, then you'll never be rich. And I can virtually guarantee that.

But for those with fire in their belly, who want to fill up their coffers with cashola, it's action time baby. It's time to bring in the cash, see the sour faces of all those people who never believed in you, and soar ahead to your potential.

Go ahead... click the button below, make the payment, release your breaks and fulfil your dreams:
I'll see you on the other side!
For The Rebels Who Skipped Ahead...
A One in a Lifetime Opportunity!

Here's the deal. I'll tell it to you short and sweet.

I've discovered and INSANE client acquisition strategy. It doesn't require that you risk thousands on ads that may or may not work.

And it doesn't require any effort from your part.

Once the Perpetual Motion B2B Lead Gen System is installed, it just books your calendar full of leads and gets clients to reach out to you. All by itself.

It's a proven process to grow your business to huge numbers without working more or gambling your hard-earned money away.

I've been using this myself to grow my business while preserving my mental health and peace of mind. I hated cold calling and cold emailing, but couldn't get away from it. This was my ticket out, and it can be yours too.

And all it costs is $97. Plug and Play.

It's insane isn't it?

As time goes on I'll be raising the price of this to $199, but I want the first people who take action to be rewarded... not only do they get the best price, but typically those people are also the most successful, because they're NATURAL action-takers.

And if that wasn't enough, here's how it gets even better...

For a limited time only, I'm including two free gifts with this purchase:

If you ask me, these 2 gifts alone are easily worth 10x what you're paying for this whole system.
If this isn't a no-brainer decision, I don't know what is!

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