Turnkey {DONE 4 YOU} Money Making Authority Sites! Earn $$ From [Clickbank]+[Azon]+[Adsense]+[MORE!]
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Turnkey {DONE 4 YOU} Money Making Authority Sites! Earn $$ From [Clickbank]+[Azon]+[Adsense]+[MORE!]

Are You Looking To Finally Take Things To The Next Level? Well…

"This New Turnkey Business In A Box Can Completely Change Your Life!"

If You Can Give Me Just A Few Minutes Of Your Time I Will Show You How Making A Small Shift In Your Thinking As An Internet Marketer Can Take You From Zero To Money Making Hero In No Time Flat...

...So If You Like The Sound Of That You're Going To Want To Read Every Single Word Of This WSO...

...Because If You Do, I Can Guarantee You'll Never Look At Making Money Online The Same Again!

From: The Desk Of Claude Williams, Your IM Biz Pro

Hello Warrior,

If you're like me then you've probably been spending time, money, and energy on trying to get your internet business off the ground.

You've probably invested in ebooks, courses, video teachings, webinars, and memberships, the whole time chasing the dream of making real money online and living the internet marketing lifestyle.

If this is the case, then...

It's Quite Likely You've Hit Roadblocks That Have Preventing You From Getting The Results You've Been Desperately Seeking

Don't worry though, in just a second, I'm going to explain to you why this isn't your fault...

It's actually a flawed mindset that's the issue and this mindset is the very cause of all of your struggles and lack of results.

So let me explain it like this to keep things simple...

On the internet, there are two types of people...

First, there are producers.

Producers create content, products, and services for profit.

The second type of person is a consumer.

Consumers do as their name suggests and consume the content, products, and services the producers create.

When it comes to money, producers make money, and consumers spend money.

In other words...

If You Haven't Been Making The Money You Want It's Because You've Been Consuming More Than You Have Been Producing!

A stark truth about the IM world is that it's designed to keep you in a consumer mindset...

You've probably thought to yourself that all you need is that one method that will work...

That one magic pill you can take and finally begin seeing results!

However, when you find a product or service that is appealing and you think is this "magic pill" it's almost always flawed in some form or fashion and you end up with more questions than answers.

So you seek out and consume more products and services, all the while spending more money.

The sad reality is that you end up spinning your wheels in the gravel going nowhere fast in your internet marketing business.

This whole time the producers of this content, products, and services are earning a healthy income from you and the millions of other consumers out there who are stuck in consumption mode.

Now, It's Time For You To BREAK FREE Of The Consumer Mindset And Finally Begin To Earn A Killer Income As An Elite Internet Marketing Producer

Now, I know this may be easier said than done.

Even if you resolve to start producing there are dozens of different ways to do it with many hundreds of variations.

You may end up confused and begin consuming again and start chasing the "magic pill."

Don't do this, because I'm going to tell you one of the best, simplest, and most effective ways to make money online.

It's Affiliate Marketing With An Authority Site!

Online there are two components to making money.

Traffic and Conversions.

With this business model your conversions, which is the act of converting a website visitor into a sale, will come from affiliate marketing.

As you may already know, affiliate marketing is the act of earning commissions for referring customers to a specific vendor.

You can do this with all kinds of products including physical products with an affiliate program like Amazon or digital-only products with an affiliate network like Clickbank.

On the traffic side, we will use an authority site.

An authority site has many keyword-optimized content posts that rank in the search engines and bring in free traffic to us.

All the free traffic is funneled into affiliate offers and we make money anytime one of our referred website visitors purchases from the vendor!

Told ya, it's pretty straightforward, right?

If you've ever used Google to research product reviews, landed on a website with content about that product, then clicked a link and bought from the vendor then you've witnessed the power of this model firsthand.

The best part about an authority site is that you don't just do this with one piece of content and one affiliate product.


You Scale & Multiply Your Traffic & Income By Creating Dozens, Or Hundreds Of Pieces Of Content Targeting Even More Affiliate Offers!

So this probably sounds like an amazing opportunity right?

However, there may be some sticking point's stopping you from taking advantage:
  • You may not know how to find a profitable niche and affiliate offers
  • You may not know how to design an authority site
  • You may not know how to find low-competition keywords to create content around
  • You may not want to spend hours and hours creating content
  • You may not know how to rank that content in the search engines
If you answered yes to any of those then you're in luck...

Because for a limited time only, I'm offering a few Warriors a chance to get their very own authority site launched by me!


The IM Biz Pro Authority Site Launch Pad Service!

Instead of going through all of the headaches and frustration of trying to create a profitable Authority Site on your own, let me handle everything for you so you can get to the money that much quicker!

My Authority Site Launch Pad websites are fully featured turnkey packages that include everything you need to be able to make money.

Here's a full in-depth list of all the features that I pack into every site that I do.

Exclusive Profitable Niche Selection Formula

Your niche is extremely important to whether or not your website is going to be profitable. If you pick the wrong niche for your site you're going to shoot yourself in the foot before you even start the race.

With my service, I will personally research several profitable niches for reviews and provide you with a list to choose from.

Domain Name Suggestion Service

Once you have chosen your niche, I will also create a list of available domain names that you can choose from.

*NOTE* - If you already have a niche and domain name registered we can build your site around that too.

Compatible With All Affiliate Networks

This service works with all affiliate networks. It doesn't matter if you want to do physical products from somewhere like Amazon or use digital products from somewhere like Clickbank or JVZoo. Whatever affiliate network you want to work with, we can work with them. ( Amazon's affiliate program is only available in certain countries. If you want to use them please let me know where you're from so we can make sure they're available there, if not we'd need to choose another network. )

Extensive Keyword Research

After we've chosen the niche, registered the domain, and figured out what affiliate network we're going to use, the next step is choosing products and finding the keywords buyers are using to search for these products on Google.

We'll do just that using my favorite tool suite of Keyword Research tools which will help us uncover highly searched yet low competition keywords in Google. These keywords will then be used to optimize the...

In-Depth Pre-Selling Product Reviews With 1000+ Words Each

These product reviews are going to be your bread and butter. They are going to be what is responsible for you making money and they are going to be awesome.

To ensure that the reviews rank well on Google, they will be at least 1000 words long. These days Google is looking for in-depth and lengthy content that helps the web visitor so our reviews are going to reflect that.

Also, each review will be keyword optimized for the buyer keywords that we've discovered during our research step. This is important to ensure that they rank in the search engines as well.

500+ Word Keyword Targeted Blog Posts To Generate Traffic

Besides buyer keywords, other keywords can be profitable to an Authority site. These are the shopper keywords and the information-seeking keywords. We will create informative articles around these keywords and post them to the website to draw in additional search engine traffic.

One 10-Page Informative Buyers Guide Lead Magnet To Build A Massive Email List

Building an email list of buyers is key to any successful Authority Site. This is because a lot of people don't buy from a website on their first visit. With an email list, we extend our opportunity to contact them. We can send them more helpful content and also send them additional marketing to encourage them to buy.

One of the easiest ways to get people onto our email list is to offer them a free bribe in exchange for their email information. This free report in the form of a buyer's guide will be an excellent draw that will bring people onto your list in droves.

7 Day Follow Up eMail Autoresponder Series To Entice Customers To Buy

Following up with your prospects regularly is important if you want to make tons of commissions via email marketing. Besides the buyer's guide, we're going to create a 7-day follow-up email marketing campaign for you. This campaign is going to include a fine balance between helpful content and marketing material, and it's going to help boost your overall commissions from the site.

High Conversion Squeeze Page Design + Copywriting

Having a solid lead magnet and follow-up is not enough. Using my exclusive copywriting formulas I'll also create a squeeze page that will convert a large percentage of visitors into subscribers to help you grow your list and income.

Responsive Mobile Friendly Design

These days upwards of 60% or more of the traffic you're going to receive to your Authority Site is going to either be on a tablet or phone. Your website will automatically reconfigure itself to display properly on these devices so you don't have to worry about losing clicks due to the visitors having to pinch their screens.

If you'd like to see a sample website, simply click the link below to check it out:

Like what you see, let's get down to business...

I'm sure you're wondering how much all of this is going to cost you.

Well, first off you should consider this an investment that is going to pay back in returns as opposed to just a one-off expense.

With that being said, I'm not going to ask you for an arm and a leg to use this service.

I have created a few different packages to make this service affordable on most budgets.

Before I share the pricing, remember, the more content you have, the more opportunities you have to rank, the more traffic you'll bring in, and ultimately the more money you'll make.

So if you're serious about this opportunity I'd recommend you get the biggest package you can afford.

So let's get down to the nitty-gritty and discuss...

The IM Biz Pro Authority Site Launch Pad Service!

All packages come with the following:
  • Niche Selection Service
  • Domain Name Suggestions
  • Affiliate Offers Selection
  • Keyword Research
  • Buyers Guide Lead Magnet
  • 7 Day Follow Up eMail Series
  • Content Articles Posted Every 2-3 Days
Here are the packages that are currently available

As you can see for the amount of content you're getting these prices are a DEAL!

So contact me now to place your order!

eMail - claudewilliams324 [at] outlook [dot] com

Warrior PM - IMBizPro

Skype - live:.cid.b2852db2cf76c81d

Here's your chance to finally get a website that is going to earn you money, so take advantage of this amazing opportunity while it is still available.

Think About How Much A Service Like This Could Be Worth To You

Instead of going through the pain and frustration of trying to do it all yourself...

Instead of enduring expensive trial and error trying to figure it all out...

Here's your chance to shortcut your way to success and get a nice stable platform for you to be able to launch your internet marketing career.

Making money online is a lot easier when you already have a website that is making money online.

If you want more income you can just emulate and scale from your successful website and build yourself an entire network of insanely profitable sites.

And in case you're a little skeptical, I want to put your mind at ease!

Your investment today will be completely secured by my...

6 Month Buy It Back Guarantee

I'm confident in the system I've developed to create profitable product review websites from scratch.

In fact, I'm so confident in this system, I'm going to use it to create your IM Biz Pro Authority Site too.

And if you aren't totally satisfied with the results my website is generating after 6 months after completion, I want you to contact me immediately and I'll buy it back from you at the same price you invested into it in the beginning.

This way your investment is completely secure and you risk absolutely nothing with your order here today.

So What Do You Have To Lose?

You could spend thousands of dollars on other websites, ebooks, and courses that all promise to make you money online...

Or you could make a practical no-risk investment today in a website that is sure to make you money and provide an excellent platform for you to build your business from.

You have nothing to lose other than the opportunity to make some easy affiliate commissions month after profitable month!

The choice is yours, and I'm positive you're going to make the right one!

Thanks and I look forward to working with you,

-Claude Williams, Your IM Biz Pro


If you've read down this far, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending your time with me.

I also want to reward you!

If you order a package from me today I'm going to include:


3 One Hour Coaching Sessions!

I know just creating a website and turning you loose with it without any after-sale support would be a fool's errand.

You'd have questions and you'd probably turn back to consuming instead of producing.

So I want to help you by offering you three 1 hour coaching sessions that will show you everything you need to do to make the most of the Launch Pad and enjoy sustained success with your Authority Site.

Inside these three one-hour sessions we're going to cover:
  • The basics of how to navigate and use the Wordpress Dashboard ( great info for newbies who've never done anything online before )
  • How to use the various plugins I've installed to extend the functionality of your website
  • How to use my favorite Keyword Research Tool to find goldmine opportunities for ranking in your niche
  • The simple formula you can use to write informational posts that will rank well and funnel tons of traffic into your site
  • My exclusive product review writing system revealed! How to effectively craft reviews that get clicks, get read, and produce sales
  • Other ways to expand your traffic opportunities beyond Google
  • How to set up email autoresponders and do broadcast emails to increase your profits with email marketing
  • And much more!
These coaching sessions are available after your website has been delivered and I will work around your schedule to make sure I'm available to work with you.

So let's get started, shall we?

Contact me right away to place your order!

eMail - claudewilliams324 [at] outlook [dot] com

Warrior PM - IMBizPro

Skype - live:.cid.b2852db2cf76c81d

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to working with you.

-Claude Williams, Your IM Biz Pro
  • What Resources Will I Need In Addition To Your Service Fee?

    Webhosting - I can show you where to get hosting for as little as $10/month if you don't already have it A Domain Name - I can help you pick one if you don't have one already ( $10/year ) An Autoresponder Service - I recommend GetResponse. ( $19/mo )They will give you a free account to start, but all the other services will work as well and I can even work with a self-hosted option if need be, it's your choice Keyword Research Tool - I use UberSuggest and love them and recommend you do too ( $29/mo ) There are other options available as well

  • How Long Will It Take To Start Making Money?

    With the techniques I use, you will begin receiving traffic to the website within days after posting your content. However, it does take 3-6 months for your content to really start ranking well within Google. Unfortunately, there is no way to consistently speed this up and this is something that affects all new websites. This is why I have my guarantee in place, which gives you a 6-month window to get your money back if you’re not happy. If you need money immediately and cannot wait 3-6 months for a return I’d suggest seeking out a different opportunity.

  • What Is Expected Of Me After Delivery?

    Your site will deliver results in its turnkey state. After delivery if you want more and bigger results and to continue to grow the site and your income you will need to add more reviews, add more content articles, and promote your website online. I can help you with all of these things as well via my three one-hour bonus coaching sessions. As far as the time requirement goes, at a minimum, you will need to be able to invest at least 1-2 hours per day, 5x per week. Of course, more time and energy invested will bring more results faster.

  • How Much Money Will I Make With My Site?

    Sadly I can’t give a concrete answer to this. It will vary depending on the person, the site’s niche, the package ordered, and their work ethic. The more content, the more traffic, the more sales and commissions you’ll generate. While I can’t give specific numbers I can reliably say that the 25 and 50 content article packages will make less money than the 100 and 250 content article packages in a vacuum. Also, your work ethic and post-sale efforts will have a huge impact on your income. Let’s say you want the fastest way to a healthy income with one of these sites, you should order the biggest package you can afford and commit to working on it for at least 1-2 hours per day.

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