[WTF!?]11437 Hits, 173 Leads, And 32 Sales Using This Simple Ninja 3 Step Traffic System!?!
mikeandy01 1 year ago

[WTF!?]11437 Hits, 173 Leads, And 32 Sales Using This Simple Ninja 3 Step Traffic System!?!

The Ultimate 3 Step System To Get Swarms Of Unlimited FREE Traffic To Your Website Or Affiliate Links 24/7 On Demand!!!

[WTF?!]11437 hits, 173 leads, and 32 sales using a ninja simple 3 step traffic system that spews out free traffic on demand!?!

Yes thats right...this traffic system generates hoards of hungry visitors to wherever you want to send them!

But before we get into it i need to ask you some important questions...

: Tired of old outdated traffic methods that simply dont work anymore?

: Or how about throwing tonnes of cash at paid traffic only to be crushed with no subscribers or sales?

: Or maybe, Just maybe your one of the smart ones whos always on the lookout for solid traffic methods to add to your arsenal?

Now if the above sounds more than familiar to you then please listen closely because i have a solution to all your problems with getting targeted high quality traffic!
My names mike, and over the years i've created some cool methods as a solution to help others with building REAL passive income streams online in a variety of simplistic quirky ways...But i've also released some powerful traffic generation systems and tools that had some amazing feedback from the community!

Which brings me to the present...You see i regularly recieve private messages on the forum, some from previous customers just saying hi and checking in...But most are from those new to the forum and my products...

And of those messages most are about struggling to find quality traffic that doesnt break the bank or take years to see results...which i can understand as it can be tough to get traffic as someone new to trying to make money online...But even as someone experienced online it can still be rough not to mention paying insane advertising costs on facebook, adwords, ect!

So i felt a responsibilty to help members of the community by putting together a solid traffic method that generates free traffic and leads on autopilot 24hrs a day, 7 days a week even while you sleep!!!
And thats exactly what i did!

But first let me tell you how i first accidently discovered this insane traffic method...

It was around 2 years ago that a friend of mine was having serious money problems after what was happening globally with the pandemic...and being my friend we had previously spoken about making money online and things like affiliate marketing, ecommerce, ect...

But before this time he was never really into the online stuff, it was only when his job as an event organizer stopped bringing in money that he started trying his hand at affiliate marketing...But like many others he quickly found out that traffic is a major factor when it comes to getting leads and making sales!

Thats when he reached out to me and told me everything about his situation and what he had been trying with affilate marketing so far...And the main thing he stressed was not being able to get qaulity traffic, especially with practically ZERO budget!?

Now this was my friend and he was going through a real tough time, many people were!...So knowing my friends situation i quickly put my thinking cap on and within 48hrs i put together a simple 3 step traffic system that gets hordes of high quality targeted FREE traffic to your website or affiliate offers 24/7 on autopilot!!!
I quickly wrote out the entire method step-by-step in a simple word document and sent it to my friend via whatsapp telling him to give it a try...After that i didnt hear back from him for a while and thought nothing of it and assumed maybe his event business picked back up and maybe he was busy with that...

Then out of the blue 3 weeks later i get a phone call from my friend asking me to meet him at a local bar for a quick bite to eat and to catch up...Now once i arrived at the bar i instantly noticed a difference in his mood, he seemed cheerful and upbeat unlike weeks before?!...as soon as i sat down he immediately started telling me about the last few weeks since i sent him the method!

He was telling me how he was getting hundreds of visitors a day to his affiliate links and making sales daily and was already in the process of scaling things up to a next level...i was over the moon for him as he managed to secure a few hundred dollars weekly in extra income from applying my ninja traffic hack!

So this got me thinking...if i could help my friend by giving him this method then it would probably help many more people in a similar situation struggling with getting quality traffic...
So now im also giving you the keys to this explosive traffic system!

The Ultimate 3 Step System To Get Swarms Of Unlimited FREE Traffic To Your Website Or Affiliate Links 24/7 On Demand!!!

Lets go over exactly what you wont find inside this method...

: Old outdated methods.

: needing to spend a bunch of cash on paid traffic.

: no need to create and uploud endless videos or post on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

: no need to do any tedious/hard work.

: Nothing to do with anything illegal&unethical.
If your worried about any of the above then dont be because you wont find any of that inside!

So why exactly do you need to get your hands on this crazy traffic method?...

: The ability to setup little traffic machines within 1-2hrs that generate unlimited amounts of traffic 24/7 7 days a week!

: The option to work when you want and generate traffic at will sending it wherever you want!

: Method can be setup and maintained from anywhere in the world with an internet connection even from a smart while living in the himalayas!

: the entire system is so simple it could even be setup by a 10 year old!

: You can setup and maintain the entire method with ZERO investment Or budget!

Once you setup this method you will see just how incredibly powerful it is and will never have to worry about traffic again!!!

Now what do you get when you purchase a copy of Limitless Traffic Hack today?...Well lets see!
: a copy of Limitless Traffic Hack in pdf format that you can study from your computer or even on your smart phone while on the go.
: much needed ninja resources guide full of golden nuggets.
: 24hr support via email to answer any questions or concerns.

And not to mention i'll be throwing in a few awesome bonuses worth $374+ just to add extra value because i want to see you succeed!

Now i need to be honest for a second...i could easily sell this insane traffic method for $197+ like others might do...But thats not what i do, i put together systems and methods to help members of the community and of course to help myself in the process by building my reputation among the marketing community...

So thats why you can grab your copy of Limitless Traffic Hack for a super one-time low fee of $9.99 by hitting the button below right now!
Thats like you buying me a cup of coffee and to be honest is pennies for the value your getting inside this juicy traffic method!!!...So hit the button below now and lock in your copy while you can still get 10% off using the code below!
warrior special 10% off Coupon code: warriors10

And remeber your covered by my 30 day money back gaurantee so if you setup the entire system just as explained in the method but still dont get even a single visitor simply email support@elitewealth.club and i'll issue a full refund no problem...But i know it wont come to that because this system is awesome and you'll see that for yourself!
  • Q:Does this traffic system really work?

    A:Of course it does! as long as your willing to invest 1-2hrs of your time on your computer your good to go, but you wont get any results if you dont take action.

  • Q:is the traffic really free?

    A:Yep! once you setup a traffic machine it will send you Free traffic consistently on autopilot.

  • Q:How long does it take to setup a traffic machine?

    A:No more than 1-2 hrs, but quicker once you get used to setting them up.

  • Q:Once i set the system up how long does the traffic last for?

    A:Once setup properly the traffic will flow consistently round the clock and could even last years.

  • Q:How much will it realistcally cost to setup a traffic machine?

    A:ZERO! But you do have an option to invest($10+) to put the system on steroids and get 10x the traffic and results without practically lifting a finger to setup your traffic machines(explained in the upgrade).

  • Q:Are there any upgrades/OTOs and are they needed for the main method to work?

    A:There are 2 upgrades but they're not needed to see results from the main method it just helps not only setting up but scaling up for bigger and faster results........Upgrade1 - Contains my ninja custom coded traffic script and guide that takes this system to another level and is practically hands-free and gets your traffic machines setup in minutes and generates 10x the traffic in the process........Upgrade2 - Is my traffic black book which contains 10 juicy penny click paid traffic sources that i personally keep in my toolbox, This is perfect for those that want that extra edge in both paid&free traffic.

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  • Hi Mike.

    Is the $10-$20 per traffic machine setup using the upgrade a one-time fee, or is it a daily ad budget?
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    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      its a one-time thing really as once you setup a traffic machine in the right way all the traffic that it generates will be organic and consistent
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  • Profile picture of the author StevenDoS
    Is this a software you are giving or a just a technique?
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    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      This is a traffic method and script for practically automating the system
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  • Profile picture of the author giulio74
    I asked for a refund just purchased to your personal email
    to the paypal purchase email
    to the email inserted in the downloaded pdf
    You boast a 30 day guarantee....
    I asked for a refund as soon as I purchased it, so much so that I read the pdf and I smell the smell of the black hair method and not very edible.
    I judge this product "unethical" because it is a spam technical note, among other things not even new, but rather very abused
    and discussed in some black hat forums.
    Why do I judge this method unethical?
    How do you judge comment spam worthless in an attempt to drive youtube comments in defiance of yt's anti-spam algorithms?

    P.S. i was very upset that wf allows posting
    of this stuff
    I await my refund. Thank you.
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    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      i cant see any email asking for a refund especially within the last few hours so im not sure what your talking about mate?!

      Either way this could have been handled better rather than negatively posting on my thread and sales thrashing it just seems very spiteful& negative. However if you have any questions or genuinly need something resolved please email me at "support@tiptopreview.com" Or "support@elitewealth.club" and i'll get back to you asap.
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      • Profile picture of the author giulio74
        I have already sent this email
        I purchased on December 6th and on the same day I requested a refund to the paypal address
        two days later at "support@elitewealth.club"
        and mikeandy...@....
        see screenshots:

        I will resend the refund request to "support@elitewealth.club"

        I wrote in the forum because no one had answered my emails for two weeks, check your mailbox better, don't reply to emails and complaints, it's a big lack,
        and a review, even if negative, is part of the game, it helps you grow and improve...
        and this is just my opinion if others like your course good for you.
        I'm also not saying that this method doesn't work (I don't know if it works, I haven't tried it), but that I don't like it, for the reasons already explained, others will judge and that's why there is the possibility of a refund, but if you promise a guarantee you have to give a refund.
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        • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
          Dude i after further checks i genuinly cant see any email from you around the 6th, BUT im seriously sorry if you've been trying to reach me without success and can understand your fustration if thats the case

          I pm'd you my private email so we can get this resolved asap. Cheers
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          • Profile picture of the author giulio74
            I sent an email to your private email (it's inside the pdf)
            on 8 December
            I have now sent you my paypal email in pm
            so let's do it first
            thank you.
            if you can't find my emails, do a search in your mailbox with the key "request for refund" and you will see that it pops up
            if you check by date, consider that a possible time zone can move the date of the day.
            I have however sent you another email to your private address
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  • Profile picture of the author ocean wave
    Hi! Your product sounds EXCELLENT!

    That said, I have some questions I'd really appreciate your answering:

    1. In Internet marketing, what does "script" mean?

    2. As I understand it, I won't have to be on any social media whatsoever, e.g. YouTube, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc. Is this correct?

    3. Will I need to answer questions and/or respond to comments from prospects and customers?

    4. Can your OTO's be purchased later, or must I buy them when I buy your front end product?

    5. Will I need to do keyword research?

    6. Other than my desktop computer, what if any, extra equipment will I need?

    7. Can your method be used to sell self-help books on Amazon?

    8. Can your method be used to build an email list, AND if so, will I need an auto responder?

    9. Once the traffic machine is set up, how much time do I need to spend on it daily?

    10. As I'm sure you know, some vendors on Clickbank do not want direct linking. Can your direct linking method be used in a way that will satisfy these particular vendors?

    11. Will I need to talk with people on the phone?

    I know I've asked you a lot of questions! Thank you very much for your time, your answers to my questions, and your great patience with me!
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    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      Thanks for the kind words dude! about your questions...

      1: It can mean a variety of things but in this case by "script" i mean...A custom coded webpage with special code working in the background automating certain processes saving a bunch of time.

      2: it does involve a social media website but the way my method utilises this site is unique and doesnt involve you being on camera or posting videos/shorts/memes/ect.

      3: Nope not unless talking to leads is a part of whatever your promoting and sending traffic to.

      4: You can buy them later if needed but possibly not at the initial price.

      5: Nope, no mind numbing keyword research needed.

      6: Your computer is the only thing needed, you might even be able to do it from your smart phone on the go.

      7: i dont see why not.

      8: yes of course you can use the traffic to build and email list, and you will definately need an autoresponer if your looking to take list building seriously.

      9: 1-2 hours at most but ultimately depending how fast you get things done.

      10: you can get around this by either using a webspage or pfd(with link inside) inbetween the traffic and clickbank offer to avoid this issue.

      11: Nope.

      No problem i hope my answers were helpful
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  • Profile picture of the author dluhut
    I don't know anything about affiliates etc. So I guess even if I purchase this WSO, I still won't know exactly how to work with it, script etc.

    But if I understand it correctly, this only works if you're having an affiliate link that you're promoting right? Would this work for a client? i.e. a realtor but I still want to have the power to control in generating/stopping leads (remember I don't have a website neither do I know how to create affiliate link. I'd assume clients website doesn't have affiliate link as well)?
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    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      i understand it can sound complicated mate but its really not tbh, and this traffic can work for any niche or industry not just affiliate/digital products but also lead acuisition for local businesses clients, ect.

      But maybe look into something like "prettylinks" plugin for wordpress or another link tracking service like clickmagic so you can track your visits from a system like this and have control over where the traffic goes like in the case you explained in your comment...then feel free to check back with this when you feel more comfortable.

      hope that helps
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  • Profile picture of the author Gabriel B
    Hello, someone who has bought the product, can you tell us about your experience?
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  • Profile picture of the author heffweizen
    Not sure if this has been asked, but how targeted is the traffic when automated? Thx
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    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      its just as targeted as if done manually, but with alot less manual work
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  • Profile picture of the author roytee68
    Hi Mike,

    Is your system and script sustainable and still working?
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    • Profile picture of the author heffweizen
      ☝️...please answer, I'm still interested if so. Thx
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11733666].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      Hey mate, hope you been well!
      yep this system and script is evergreen and will always be sustainable
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  • Profile picture of the author billythekidd
    PayPal error after payment never received anything
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11730713].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      Sorry about that mate sometimes wf payment systems acts up ...But dont worry, check your emails as you should have recieved a confirmation email from wf with a download link for the product
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  • Profile picture of the author bozzich
    Hi Mike, my website is running on wix platform, is your script applicable also for wix?
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    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      hey dude! yep it doesnt matter if your websites on wix, my script can run on free hosting which i show you how to get
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  • Profile picture of the author heffweizen
    So this will work with a service related business as well? I would use the OTO1 if that can be scaled as needed
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    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      Yep! you can use this to promote practically anything...the upgrade willl put the main system on steroids BUT is optional
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  • Profile picture of the author heffweizen
    so this can work with a service business as well? I would probably use the OTO1 to automate and scale if thats possible.
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  • Profile picture of the author Colt Schroeder
    I placed an order and see the charge went through on Paypal, but I have not received anything.
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    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      Hey dude! thanks for purchasing my wso! you should have recieved an email from warriorforum containing the download links...But if you still havent managed to access your purchase let me know and i'll get that sorted right away. Thanks again!
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  • Profile picture of the author Artezqr
    Hi bro, I am interested in buying your method, would this traffic work for CPA offers? how many approximate visits could I get daily in tier 1 countries, thank you.
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    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      Hey mate! yep this traffic will work with cpa/affiliate/your own products/ect and will work with any niche, the amount of traffic you get will depend on you and how much traffic you wish to generate by setting up your traffic machines
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  • Profile picture of the author fathi198429
    I paid via paypal but it gave me an error after I made the payment, please help
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  • Profile picture of the author jaanus
    Do we see conversion on these traffic? Specially for cpa and clickbank or adult cpa
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  • Profile picture of the author clos80
    Is this related to social media traffic in any way?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11725643].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author jaanus
    Anyone here who used this traffic source and got results? Anyone who used it for cpa marketing or clickbank or anything of those sort
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11725449].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author clos80
    Can you use direct linking?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11724728].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      yep you can link directly to your website/affiliate offers no need to send traffic to a landing page first if you dont want to
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11725579].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author moon50370861
    I have one more question just say if I had my own website with this type of traffic am I able to move all the traffic that one website? Like using 10 scripts for one website or is this one script per website or product?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11724002].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      you will need to setup the script for each traffic machine/campaign you setup...But its literally fill in the blanks simple, once you know what your doing you can get traffic machines setup within 30mins or less.
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  • Profile picture of the author maclennan
    Bought your wso, looks good, but wasn't offered the oto's..
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11723645].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      sorry for the delay been busy with the kids over the holidays...im also sorry about you not being able to access the upgrades mate, my sites been having some issues that seems to be resolved now
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11725576].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author moon50370861
    $20 to $50 dollars a day for traffic and is this quality traffic? And is this with the first or second upgrade? And I know it's probably a secret but does this convert best with well known large or small niches?
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    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      $20-$50 a day?!? ...lol dont worry you wont have to pay anywhere near that! ...each automated traffic machine(using the script-upgrade1)will cost around $10-20 at the most. and depending on niche and targeting the traffic from these machine will be consistent and Free, and could even last years
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  • Profile picture of the author mdzarate
    I paid via paypal but it gave me an error after I made the payment, please help
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11723200].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      sorry about that dude, sometimes WF's systems act up but you should have recieved an email with the download link if the purchase went through...But no worries i pm'd you access to the product anyway. Enjoy and thanks for your support mate!
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11723627].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author richardearp
    Hi Mike
    Bought this and interested in the upgrade,have emailed but no response as yet.Cheers
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11722558].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      im sure i emailed you back but my bad if i missed it mate...i pm'd you about your question on grabbing the upgrade. Thanks for your support
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11723626].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author jaanus
    Who ever bought this wso? Can you post your experience and also how the system is going on
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11721528].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author msabihj
    Will this work in the men's sexual health niche? Affiliate products in the men sexual health niche.

    And, does this traffic convert too? I mean is this real humans or some bot traffic that only makes analytics bulky?

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11721443].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      Hi! this will work in practically any niche mate, and dont worry bot traffic is useless and doesnt play a part in this system
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  • Profile picture of the author Devilfish168
    hmm interesting but ...i read the comments etc what script upgrade need to install at our host server side?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11721265].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      thanks for your interest dude! yep you will need to install the traffic script on web hosting but its just simply uploading a file to your hosting account...AND the best part is i show you how to get FREE hosting to host the script so theres no extra cost to you for installing/runnging the script!
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11721296].message }}
      • Profile picture of the author Devilfish168
        Side note on hosting the script so need a domain ?
        {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11721354].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Sampeter
    Does this traffic method also work for German affiliate products or does it only work for the English speaking market?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11721142].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      This method will work in any language, as your able to target niches even in different languages if you want!
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11721295].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Varun Pandya
    Hey mate!

    I purchased this but I got error page after payment. Could you please check and if required I can email you the payment details as I can't DM
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720678].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      pm'ing you to resolve this now mate...If anyone else has issues accessing the content after purchase feel free to email support@elitewealth.club and i'll get the issue resolved asap!
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720833].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author moon50370861
    How long did it take you to get those results? Also how much would be a good budget for the paid traffic upgrade? And when are you going to start to do coaching?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720637].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      Hows it going mate!

      Around a 1-2wks but your results will vary depending upon your niche, Targeting, how many machines you setup , ect. as the sky the limit on the traffic you can generate...i would say anywhere from $20-50+ would be a good start when using the paid traffic upgrade...i might open the doors to coaching clients again soon so stay tuned!
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720831].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author kevinmyles
    I purchased the front end but did not receive it after purchase.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720624].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Varun Pandya
    Do I need to invest in anything after this purchase to get the traffic? if yes, how much?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720618].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      Nope, you can setup your traffic machines absolutely FREE...But with the upgrade1(custom script) you can choose to invest around $10+ to have your traffic machines setup and run on steriods practically on autopilot!

      Hope that answers your question mate
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720641].message }}
      • Profile picture of the author Varun Pandya
        Thanks mate! one last thing. do I need to install anything? or it's web based?
        {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720649].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author jaanus
    Does this work for cpa offers? Like type of audience are we Targetting? Any chance of ban? Account restrictions? Any issues from website owner?....could you explain
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720592].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      Yep it works for cpa/affiliate offers and practically anything else you want to promote...you can target any niche with this system...NO chance of a ban or restrictions, if you follow whats taught inside you wont have any issues.

      This system is very straightforward and when you go over it you'll see just how simple yet powerful it can be!

      Hope that helps mate
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720640].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author dave7131053
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720540].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      sent you a pm buddy!
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720639].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Adolf Moen
      Could you send me a copy because I don't have the money to buy it
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11723790].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Digital Secret
    Sounds interesting..
    I would like to know what kind of products or service we can promote with
    this type of traffic?
    Is it helpful for online service business?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720179].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      hows it going mate!
      The beauty of this traffic system is it can be used to promote practically Anything, that includes digital and physical products!
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720280].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author rssmith
    Hey mike, this sounds like another winner. I'll grab a copy this weekend and put it to immediate use...hopefully I'll have great news to report in 2or3 weeks.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720139].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author mahrouqi

    Is your system and script sustainable and evergreen or just a quick fix that will eventually stop working?

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720096].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      hey mate! my traffic script is most definatley evergreen and isnt built on a temporary loophole or anything so theres no worry of it ever getting patched, ect
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720278].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author jaanus
    Is this tiktok? Is this YouTube shorts? Does this really get traffic...no offense....I know you had best method in the past...always worked....but we have seen people selling traffic in three steps and even a kid can do...but when in reality if we buy there would be so many confusing steps that we need to do and get lost in between....let me know If this traffic would help in cpa marketing.....
    I am focusing on that only
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720036].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mikeandy01
      Hey dude! no offence taken i can totally understand the sceptism given some of the junk floating around ...But no need to worry, this is really a simple method of generating traffic in just a few steps, and has nothing to do with tiktok Or youtube shorts.

      This traffic will work with ANY niche and practically for any product/service you want to promote, that includes cpa which should work well with this traffic source!
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11720277].message }}
      • Profile picture of the author Adolf Moen
        Hi mike,
        Could you send me a copy because I don't have the money to buy it I'm like your friend who had serious financial problems
        {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11723789].message }}
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