[1-on-1 Super Affiliate Coaching] Learn From A 7-Figure CPA Marketer
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[1-on-1 Super Affiliate Coaching] Learn From A 7-Figure CPA Marketer

Learn How To Become A Long-Term Super Affiliate From A 7-Figure CPA Marketer With A Decade of Experience

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Are You Sick And Tired Of Lackluster Results? Well...

"This Proven & 'Foolproof' Super Affiliate System Has Been Working For Well Over A Decade And It's Not Slowing Down!"

Here's your chance to finally leave the shiny objects alone and plug into a proven affiliate marketing model that does one thing and one thing only...


If you like the sound of that, then you're going to want to read every single word of this WSO because your CPA super affiliate dreams are about to become a reality!

From: The desk of DripRevenue

Dear Warrior,

Are you currently struggling with getting results?

Have you tried and failed at CPA marketing or online business models?

Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or fed up with all of it?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions then you've landed on the perfect WSO!

I have something to share with you that probably will be the most exciting news you've heard this year.

Did you know that there is a real "foolproof" CPA marketing method that has been working for well over ten years...

And with this coaching, there is:

  • NO need for lots of CPA campaign testing
  • NO need for a huge ad spend budget
  • NO need to worry about being suspended by Bing or Google
  • NO SEO or ranking websites
  • NO blackhat or unethical strategies
  • NO extensive technical expertise required to get started
  • NO need to do any heavy lifting yourself (it is easily outsourced)
  • NO making videos or YouTube strategies
  • NO talking to anyone or cold calling
  • NO product launches
  • NO list building
  • NO need to worry about getting into CPA networks

It's straightforward and simple enough that newbies and pros alike can get stellar results with it. In fact, some of the biggest CPA marketers in the industry have worked with me and come to me about my results.

But It Was Not Easy To Discover This...

After I discovered this traffic system (more on that later...), it took a ridiculous amount of time, money, and effort to perfect it.

I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours molding this method into the CPA campaign beast that it is today.

Now, it works like clockwork and does nothing but consistently generate profits year after year.

In fact, I have generated MULTIPLE seven figures with exactly what I am talking about.

Look... TRUST ME... You Don't Need To Be A Marketing Genius To Get This To Work...

My coaching program is based on CPA Marketing, which means you are just advertising and selling products to get paid, without having to deal with the fulfillment side.

Instead, you'll be focused on growing a portfolio of campaigns on Bing Ads and Google Ads and scaling things up.

I have long believed that affiliate marketing is the superior online business choice for beginners or those on a smaller budget.

Normally, with CPA campaigns, it is common to achieve a 0.5-1% conversion rate on campaigns, but with our strategies used at DripRevenue, we achieve rates as high as 10-20%+.

These kinds of conversion rates mean that you are generating higher profit numbers on your campaigns.

All you need to learn is how to drive traffic to your CPA offers, and how to choose the right CPA offers that will convert the best.

I will show you how to do both of these things.

And don't be intimidated by that...

It's all straightforward and if you have the tech skill to be browsing this forum and reading this WSO...

Then you already have all the technical skills you'll need to succeed with this method. While it can be helpful, you don't have to be able to make landing pages or fool around with websites to get started. You can start generating sales with my coaching before you ever touch a website.

And It Doesn't Take Long To See Results With This Method...

Some internet marketing methods indeed require long amounts of time to produce results.

Things like SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Video Marketing...

You might end up waiting for a few weeks up to several months if you're doing SEO.

With that being said, once you learn the basics of how to do this, you could have your first campaign up, running, and earning within a matter of a few days...

Imagine This Being The Last Money You Have Spend To Finally See Results With CPA Marketing...

Imagine rolling out of bed in the morning, without an alarm clock...

Imagine commuting just 45 seconds to your home office and logging into your home office PC...

Imagine seeing that you've generated sales overnight while you've slept...

Imagine "working" for a small handful of hours checking on your campaigns...

Imagine seeing the sales piling up and come flowing into your affiliate network accounts while you were "working"...

Imagine logging off by 2 PM with the rest of the day awaiting you!

Wouldn't this be incredible?

It doesn't have to be in your imagination!

I've been running my CPA marketing business this way for nearly a decade.

Just Who Are You And Why Should I Listen To You?

Well, my story starts like most people who get into online marketing...

I became interested in online business in 2012/2013 when I was trying to find a way to help pay my way through college.

I first discovered CPA marketing in 2013 when a college friend introduced me to one of his childhood friends who was a CPA marketer.

This was back when Facebook Ads was just in its infancy and affiliates were making tens of thousands of dollars per day running ads there.

He told me how much money he was making in just a few hours per day and I was blown away.

He had even bought a brand new Audi R8.

I just couldn't believe it. How could such a thing exist? Why wasn't everyone doing this?

I joined a private community of super affiliates that he recommended and saw all of the impressive lifestyles that these people were living.

What they were sharing pictures of was what I wanted - true freedom.

I tried implementing some of what they taught me, but I had far too little money at that time and continued to struggle with CPA for two years until I had saved up enough money from another business that I had started.

I paid $5,000 for coaching from a claimed CPA marketing "super affiliate."

He showed me a new method, but while I was learning he told me there was a certain method that I should NOT do...

I suspected that this method wasn't actually the bad thing or waste of time that he claimed it to be, but was in fact how he was earning the bulk of his profits.

He was feeding me a fake method on the one hand while hiding the true source of his success.

Scammy and shady, right?

So I went against his advice and tried the method he told me not to do...

And guess what?

It WORKED and has worked ever since (that was nearly a decade ago)!

I quickly fired him as my coach and got down to the business of perfecting this working method...

I spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars perfecting my system to be a CPA marketing powerhouse traffic method.

10 years later, I now have a well-oiled and polished CPA affiliate machine that spits out far more money than I put into it.

Now I want to share this same affiliate campaign method that I've used to generate millions of dollars with you...


This coaching program is the culmination of over ten years of hard-fought experience broken down into a straightforward program that is good for newbies looking to become pros or pros looking to add another income stream to their affiliate business.

Inside you're going to discover:

  • How to find & access the best CPA offers
- Choosing the right offer is going to make or break your campaigns. I show you how to pick the best offers each and every time. You don't need to worry about getting into CPA networks with this coaching, as we have our own CPA network that you can use to get access to the current top offers.

  • My winning foolproof traffic system
- Traffic is usually the biggest problem for affiliates of all sizes. They either end up having to constantly test or deal with wildly fluctuating ad spend numbers that destroy their campaign profits. I show you the methods I use to flood my CPA offers with red-hot targeted traffic that converts like crazy and delivers me consistently high campaign ROIs.

  • How to create profitable campaigns
- From the traffic source, to the offer, to the ads, I pull back the curtain and show you my step-by-step method for creating killer affiliate campaigns that multiply your ad spend like clockwork.

  • My proven way to keep your ad accounts from being banned
- I run an ad account recovery service as a side business so I know why accounts get banned. You'll be able to directly leverage this knowledge and keep all your ad accounts in good standing.

  • How to get results without huge ad spend
- When you think about running paid traffic you may think you need thousands to do it correctly. This is a myth. I'll show you how to maximize your paid traffic results even with a small ad budget.

  • How to get results without excessive testing
- Another myth is that you must test everything repeatedly and extensively to get a winning campaign. I'll show you how to become a successful CPA marketer without huge amounts of testing.

  • And much more!
Look, I know this coaching program works but don't just take my word for it...

Let Me Prove It To You... Take A Look At These!

Below you're about to see irrefutable screenshot proof of the income I've been generating from what I teach in my coaching program:

As you can see, I have been successful with this for years, so you'll be getting coaching from someone who has invested years into this... and, most importantly of all, you know that you're learning from someone who actually does this for a living and not just someone teaching or selling some lifestyle nonsense.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

My private coaching program is hands-on.

You're going to learn everything that you need to know to make this work.

And if you have any questions, you'll be able to get them answered by me.

I'm literally going to show you my entire step-by-step process.

On top of that, I'm going to keep you accountable and make sure that you execute the information that you learn from me.

This alone is worth the price of the program because I'm willing to bet that accountability is one of the biggest things you've been struggling with in your journey so far.

And To Sweeten The Deal, I'm Going To Throw In The Following Incredible Bonuses...

No good coaching offer would be complete without several bonuses to make it a real no-brainer.

This one is no different.

Remember that when you join my coaching program, in addition to the coaching itself, you're going to receive:

Bonus #1 - Direct Access To Me On Skype (The Super Affiliate Who Has Actually Gotten The Results)

Have you ever bought an offer and you feel confused or had questions after going through the materials?

You try to get support only to find out that the coach has an "assistant" or some kind of "junior coach."

You learn very quickly that this person doesn't know what they are talking about like the confident person who wrote the sales letter.

Well, with this coaching, put your mind at ease because I'm offering direct access to me.

All questions regarding what I teach will be answered by me.

I do not outsource my coaching fulfillment like others.

You'll be able to come directly to me, the affiliate who has had six-figure months with what is taught in this coaching program, and I'll help you with any problem you're having related to this program.

And that's not all, you're also going to get...

Bonus #2 - Direct Guaranteed Access To Top Affiliate Offers

Your CPA offers are going to make or break your campaigns.

This means choosing the right offer is CRUCIAL to your success as a CPA marketer.

I have relationships with all of the top networks and can leverage my contacts to get you access to the top offers available.

Having the right offers and payouts can make a huge difference.

This means that you'll start with a massive head start over all those learning from the wannabe CPA marketing coaches without real industry connections or those starting from scratch.

And finally, you're also going to receive...

Bonus #3 - Lifetime Support For Anything Pertaining To This Coaching

Should you have any issues with this coaching, technical or otherwise, I'll be there to support you the whole way.

You will have zero excuses to not succeed.

I'm going to provide you with all of the insider information that's taken me nearly a decade to accumulate...

Backed up by world-class support and access to me...

All you have to do is enroll while spots are available!

So, Let's Recap...

You're just moments away from accessing my coaching program. I'm confident that something this powerful has almost never been offered for sale in this forum's history of nearly 30 years.

When you say YES to my program and enroll you're going to receive:

  • Private CPA Coaching From A 7-Figure CPA Marketer ( A $4,997 Value )
  • Access To Me On Skype ( A $14,997 Value )
  • Access To Top Affiliate Offers From Someone Who Has Owned A CPA Network ( A $2,997 Value )
  • Lifetime Support ( A $4,997 Value )

That's a real-world value of $27,988!

I can prove that I have spent more than $40,000 on coaching programs to learn what I know now.

But, luckily for you, you won't have to pay this much...

I decided that I'd only charge a fee for the core coaching and just throw everything else in as a bonus exclusively for Warriors, which means you will only have to pay $4,997.

I plan to keep this program at that price, however, I realize this is a new offer and I want to make this deal a complete no-brainer.

So For The First 5 Warriors Only...Private CPA Coaching From A 7-Figure CPA Marketer Will Be Available For A One-Time Payment Of Just $997!

Click the link below to contact me on Skype and get started:

This pricing is only available for the first five Warriors. This is my way of giving back to this forum after being a member for nearly a decade. I got my earliest start here.

If you want to take a chance to see if it's false urgency, be my guest. I don't have the time or make enough money from this at this price to offer this price past the first five. It will essentially be a non-profit compared to how much work will be required from me.

There are only so many hours in a day and I want to be able to devote enough time to each student as well as run my business, which is the majority of my income.

So if you like the sound of what has been shared here then contact me right away.

Don't hesitate, because once the five spots are gone the price will be raised to $4,997.

Look, I know that $997 isn't a bag of chips and a soda.

It's a big decision, and with that in mind, I want to do something for you to show you I'm serious about my coaching program and its reputation...

Your enrollment today is completely secured by my...

Exclusive One-Year "It Works Or Else" Guarantee

I want to be able to remove the risk from this for you.

So, with your enrollment today in my coaching program, I'm going to money-back guarantee your satisfaction.

All you have to do is take action and work with my instructions for any 90-day period within one year of your purchase and if you can show me that it didn't work for you...

I will refund the entire coaching fee back to you - no questions asked. Plus, if you take consistent action for an entire year and can prove that you did not at least generate what you paid for the coaching in revenue, I will refund TWICE your enrollment fee.

With a guarantee like that it's obvious that you have nothing to lose.

Learn a proven plan that has been working for a decade without fail, and is only getting better...

Let's make this your best year yet...

And if you don't, you have my money-back guarantee behind you the entire way.

Very few coaches are willing to put their reputations (and wallets) on the line with such a powerful guarantee.

Now It's Time For Action...

If you want to learn a martial art...

Sure, you could read a bunch of books and watch hours of YouTube videos...

But you won't become a master at it without learning directly from an experienced teacher!

So get off the hamster wheel and stop jumping from training to training.

I'm the only CPA marketing coach you will ever need.

How good will it feel to finally get traction and see results instead of being frustrated spinning your wheels and trying to do it all by yourself?

Contact me on Skype right away and let's get started coaching you to make measurable and sustainable progress toward your affiliate goals.

If You Want This, Let's Do It...

If you've read down this far, it's obvious you're serious about becoming a successful affiliate.

Don't just bounce off this page and leave here empty-handed.

You'll be back reading this sales page in several months wishing that you had taken the leap at the current price.

You don't need to constantly test CPA campaigns with no end in sight...

You don't need a huge ad spend budget that will take you months to recover...

You don't need to worry about being suspended from Bing Ads or Google Ads...

You don't need to learn or use any SEO strategies that could vanish overnight with a Google update...

You don't need to worry about being able to sleep well at night...

You don't need extensive technical expertise or to build complex websites...

You don't need to do much of the work yourself (if you choose to write content or make landing pages, you can outsource all of it)...

You don't need to make YouTube videos or show your face...

You don't need to make cold calls or send cold emails...

You don't need to make product launches that will take you days or weeks of work for little gain or profit...

You don't need to build a list (although you can if you choose to)...

All you need to do is plug into my proven coaching that has worked for a decade and only continues to get better and better.

That's what this is, and that's why you need to enroll as a student right now before the price goes up.

Okay, Here We Go...

You've agreed that you're sick and tired of not getting the results you deserve.

Once you contact me on Skype, we'll get to know each other a little bit, arrange payment, and (if we're a good fit) get started with our coaching right away.

You're going to receive all of the following:

  • Private CPA Coaching From A 7-Figure CPA Marketer
  • Access To Me On Skype
  • Access To Top Affiliate Offers From Someone Who Owns Their Own CPA Network
  • Lifetime Support

All of this is only $997 for the first 5 Warriors who act fast and take advantage of this offer.

After that, the fee is increasing to $4,997.

Your satisfaction is completely secured by my Exclusive 1 Year "It Works Or Else" Guarantee.

This means you have a full year to work with me as a student and absorb every ounce of CPA marketing knowledge that I have in my arsenal.

If you can prove to me that it didn't work for you after a year of taking action and following my teachings, I'll refund your entire coaching fee, no questions asked. Plus, if you can prove that you followed my training for an entire year and don't at least recover your enrollment fee, I will refund double your money-back as an apology for wasting your time.

You are about to discover how you can transform yourself into a successful CPA marketing super affiliate.

And, remember, with my program, there are:

  • NO need for lots of CPA campaign testing
  • NO need for a huge ad spend budget
  • NO need to worry about being suspended by Bing or Google
  • NO SEO or ranking websites
  • NO blackhat or unethical strategies
  • NO extensive technical expertise required to get started
  • NO need to do any heavy lifting yourself (it is easily outsourced)
  • NO making videos or YouTube strategies
  • NO talking to anyone or cold calling
  • NO product launches
  • NO list building
  • NO need to worry about getting into CPA networks

It just WORKS!

And if you don't act today to take advantage you'll be back here in a few months or years reading the many testimonials on this thread and paying a much higher price for the coaching.

So let's go!

Contact Me On Skype Right Now To Get Started While Spots Are Still Available

I can't wait to get started with you on your super affiliate journey.

Thanks for reading my WSO and I'll see you in training!

- Phil Steptoe

President @ DripRevenue, LLC


I changed my business completely by using what I teach. Please do yourself a favor and try it out. I know you'll be amazed! With a little work and dedication, you can start getting results too. Contact me right now on Skype and let's get started!


Please don't put this off. Every minute that passes drastically increases the chance of your slot being taken by another Warrior. Once the limited number of positions are filled, it's over and you've missed out on the extreme discount - period. I don't want to take absolutely any more students than I need to build organic testimonials on this thread.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, you are protected for one year with the coaching. If, at any point, within the one-year period, you try my coaching and implement what I teach for at least 90 days straight without any conversions and can prove that you tried things exactly as you were taught, you can request a refund by reaching out to support@driprevenue.com. The reason that I extend things to one year is that, sometimes, life intervenes and you might not be able to consistently apply 90 days of work into what I teach. This guarantee gives you extra time to implement.

  • How much budget do I need to make this work?

    Starting with $100-200 is a good start, but you should be able to add more over time or have a monthly ad spend budget. This is not for people down to their last $100.

  • Which traffic source will we focus on?

    Bing/Microsoft Ads and Google Ads are how I’ve grown our CPA marketing business to 7-figures. These are the two traffic sources that I have the most experience with and are the focus of the coaching.

  • Why are you teaching this? Aren’t you creating competition for yourself?

    I’m teaching this for several reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that it’s extra income for me. I make the majority of my income from my CPA Marketing business, not from teaching. It would take a lot of students to outpace my CPA Marketing income. It would also take a lot of students to saturate this. I would need to have hundreds of students actively running campaigns in order for this to become saturated. The chances of that happening are slim to none. The second reason that I am teaching this is because I get a lot of fulfillment from helping people. I remember when that first profitable conversion rolled in in 2015 and the absolute euphoria that came over me. I want to help others experience that, regardless of whether they are beginners to affiliate marketing or are pros who want to create another affiliate revenue stream. This forum has played a big role in my journey and I had my earliest beginnings here. I want to give back.

  • What format is the coaching in?

    The coaching is over Skype chat. I do not do calls so that I can work with multiple students at once. Another reason that I do this is that it makes it easy to go back and reference my responses if students have questions. I can send screen recordings or videos to answer questions in certain situations but do not do calls for the additional reason that it allows students to go back and reference instructions that I give at a later time. We will start with Bing Ads and move on to Google Ads after mastering Bing.

  • What tools do I need?

    You will need a Bing Ads and Google Ads account. If you have been suspended from either Bing Ads or Google Ads, you can reach out to me and I will see if there are thing that can be done to fix the situation. Most suspensions can be fixed. Outside of that, nothing else is needed to get started. The (affordable) tools that we get for the more advanced steps of the coaching will be shared with you in training. If future tool costs concern you, feel free to PM me for more information.

  • How long does it take to see results?

    The answer to this will vary for every student. It depends on how quickly you absorb the information, how quickly you can implement it, how focused you are, and other factors. Most students who do all of the above at a consistent pace will start to see results in the first 30-45 days and sometimes sooner.

  • Who is this NOT for?

    This program is not for those on their last $100 in the bank or those looking for a miracle financial cure. This is a real business. We do not want to attract the people looking for some miracle “get rich quick” program to fix all of their problems. If that is you or sounds remotely like you, please do not enroll under any circumstances. If you have realistic expectations, are at least somewhat patient, and can contribute a consistent monthly budget to implementing what I teach, I am very confident that you will be a satisfied student.

  • Do you have any other industry references?

    Absolutely. If you have any reservations, I would encourage you to ask around to several of the major affiliate networks for the name "DripRevenue" or "Phil Steptoe" and you will encounter plenty of people that we've done business with over the past decade. If you would like specific introductions to CPA marketing industry references who have experience working with us for years, feel free to contact me on Skype.

  • Are there any upsells?

    None that are required. We have a $97 per month DFY campaign/offer research service for those who are short on time. We also have a DFY landing page service at $150 per landing page. For the level of quality and content that goes into each page, this is usually cheaper than Fiverr, UpWork, or any other outsourcing alternatives. We occasionally offer pre-tested DFY campaigns that have proven results as well.

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    Are you linking directly to the offers or are you sending to landing pages, and if sending to landing pages do you teach how to create high converting landing pages.

    Thank you

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      PM sent! Let me know if you have any other questions.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shi Ling Huang
    I started learning from Phil about 1.5 weeks ago. I bought the DFY campaign from him and started with Google Ads. I've got $331 in sales so far with $127 ad spent. Phil's method is easy to implement. I will write here again in few weeks time with more updates.
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  • Profile picture of the author korum98
    I got into the coaching program with Phil. Recently, following his instructions, I started my first campaign on Microsoft Ads. As of today, I have $286.48 in sales and total ad spend so far has been $34.40. I think it's great you can get access to him on Skype and he'll answer all your questions. I am getting ready to start campaigns on Google ads. If you're looking for an expert in the CPA marketing field as a mentor, I think this is a good investment. I recommend chatting with Phil on Skype if you have questions.
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      We've enjoyed working with you! Looking forward to more great results together!
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      I recommend no less than $300-500 per month in ad spend for what I teach. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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        Didn't you wrote in the sales pitch that the minimum is $100-$200 (I'd assume it's per month)? Why is it now becomes $300-$500?

        Also...dm you yesterday and still awaiting for your reply with my questions.

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          $100-200 is the bare minimum for getting started. $300-500 is a reasonable and sustainable monthly budget for ad spend. Also, I did not receive any private message from you. Could you please resend it or contact me via Skype?
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            For some reason the pm wasn't sent, and it's not even in my "sent" folder.

            It's kindda bad as I've wrote some questions.

            I've added you to Skype and hopefully we can get into a quick call and to answer some of my question that I had in my mind.
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              We didn't receive a Skype request from you. Try messaging us again or PM us your Skype username and we will reach out. Thanks!
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    Quick question. What is the minimum daily budget you recommend starting with? Also are there any products we will need to purchase that charge monthly fee's? Thanks
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      Answered above. Appears that your post was duplicated by the ongoing forum posting glitch.
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    Is this selling cabbages to rich people?
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      Responded to you on Skype. Thanks and let me know if you need anything else!
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    I bought this mentorship program a week ago, and can say that Phil is a master in his field, i have ran one campaign for some days with somewhat promising results, tho not profitable "yet", and i've gotten the guidance to spit out multiple campaigns in a short timeframe.

    For anybody interrested in learning CPA marketing, this is surely a good place to go, as the possibilities in this market is so huge - and Phil is always ready to fill you with his knowledge in the market.

    But if you're struggling with cash, i would recommend you to save up some money before starting as you need to put money upfront in ads/tools etc. and you're not promised results on the first campaign.

    Im almost certain i will get a profitable campaign from this mentorship in the near future, and will update my review with my results when it happens.

    All the best
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      Awesome, thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out for future updates.
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    • Profile picture of the author empireambition
      Awesome, thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out for future updates.
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    • Profile picture of the author dluhut
      Yes please keep us updated please.

      Am looking for additional side hustle income/business. Got burned once with mentorship and am really cautious about it now.
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    • Profile picture of the author DripRevenue
      Looking forward to that update! It's been great working with you!
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    • Profile picture of the author empireambition
      Hey, just checking in. How are things going?
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  • Profile picture of the author empireambition
    I just went to your website, https://driprevenue.com/ , but it wont load and i just get an error. Is your business still active?
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    • Profile picture of the author DripRevenue
      Yes, it is. It's an error and we're working on fixing it. Try adding "www" in front of the domain in the meantime. Sorry about that and thanks for letting us know!
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  • I just wanted to post on my results with this. I got my first profitable sale today! It look less then a week. I'll report back with my updated results as I continue this journey. Things are looking good!
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    • Profile picture of the author DripRevenue
      Thanks for the feedback! It's been great working with you and I look forward to your next testimonial post/update.
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    • Profile picture of the author empireambition
      Hey, just checking in. How are things going?
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    So you spent $100 and got back $1800+ am I right?

    That's insane ROI
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      No, I spent around $100-150 each day (which is still a very high ROI/ROAS). One of the key things that I suggest for students is to focus on ROI.
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    How will this work if our google and Bing account are banned or suspended long time back
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      Feel free to reach out to me on Skype. I have a solution for you that can prevent this from being an issue.
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