[Case Study] How A Former Electrician Made $13,970.16 In 5 Months Using Local SEO Traffic
maxdosh 1 year ago

[Case Study] How A Former Electrician Made $13,970.16 In 5 Months Using Local SEO Traffic

No special skills required | No experience needed | Set it up once and forget about it

  • What is the Payper method about?

    This is a method that shows you how to create a website that ranks locally FAST and you make money by promoting local services without the need to reach out to any of them via cold calling or mailing

  • Do I need to make extra investment to make this work?

    Yes you do, this is a business and this eBook only shows you the right path to take. You will need some capital for SEO and things like your domain and hosting.

  • Will I get the same results?

    I cannot guarantee you any specific results. The results might not be the same as yours, they may be lower or higher. A couple of factors determine the results and most especially how much effort you are willing to put in to make it work.

  • What if I need help afterwards?

    A support email is available and you can send me questions personally anytime. I respond between 24hrs to 72hrs.

  • Why dont you offer a refund?

    This is an information product that took a lot of time and effort to create and I don't want people abusing it by going through the information, making a copy, and asking for a refund. And that is the reason there is a discount code so it makes it easier for you to make a purchase without breaking the bank.

  • What do I get when I place my order?

    When you place an order you will be granted access to the eBook in PDF format

  • Is there any OTO?

    No OTO, just what you see here

  • How do I place an order and get the discount?

    Click the red BUY NOW button and you will be taken to the checkout page powered by JVZoo, type in the discount code PPM20 and you should get the eBook at a discounted price

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    Hey, is this method still working after the recent Google updates for SEO? What's the approximate cost to rank a website to get leads?

    Also, the price on the offer is incorrect. Says $7 on the ad but discount code only discounts to $17. WSO should be edited.
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      Hi thanks for reaching out.

      Yes, the method is still working despite the recent Google update.

      Approximate cost is about $100 or less, that should be enough to get started.

      $7 is the discount price for early birds who grabbed it when the discount code was $20 discount.

      The discount value of the code will keep reducing till it is back to the normal price of $27.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more clarification. Thanks
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    This ad is about a year old...does this still work?
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      Sorry for the late response, yes it does
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    Tried to reach you on Skype...no luck.

    How is money actually made here? From businesses who rent? Per lead? Affiliate offers?

    Very confused. Thanks
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      Terribly sorry for the late response, you make money from leads. Please email me with any other questions you might have. Thanks.
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        Ok and what's the cost to obtain the leads?

        How much money does it cost to create the business model?

        Can it be scaled?
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          You will be implementing an SEO strategy that will rank your site.

          The SEO I will be revealing to you will cost less than $200 but it's a set and forget strategy.
          And all you have to do is sit back, let the site rank and the leads start coming to your site.

          You make money each time these leads make a phone call to the number you will place on your website.

          Surely, this can be scaled.
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            So will there be info on selecting the proper niche where the site can actually reach page 1 on Google?

            Is it geo specific like... "plumber Baton Rouge, LA"

            $200 per site is ok...how many would be needed to hit $1000 a month total based on your experience?
            I have thought about something like this or rank and renting sites...but never had all the info needed.
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              I can assure you all the information has been clearly stated in the ebook to the best of my knowledge, if for any reason something is missing or you do not understand me. I will be glad to be of help
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  • Hey, Your site is not working can send your offer my inbox. Thanks Bro
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    • Profile picture of the author maxdosh
      Hey thanks for reaching out. It works now, had issues with the thank you page, but it has been rectified now.
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    Your download page gives an " 404 Not Found" error.

    Please fix it to enable buyers get the product.

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    • Profile picture of the author maxdosh
      Hi Mahrouqi, sorry for the mix up I was on vacation and the hosting expired. Everything is back up online again. Thanks.
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    What is the best way to monetize the traffic?

    Lead generation?

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    • Profile picture of the author maxdosh
      Thanks for reaching out. You can use all 3 because the traffic keeps coming and it's up to you to do with it what you wish. However, in the eBook, I reveal a peculiar lead gen method
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      • Profile picture of the author heffweizen
        That's great.

        I was thinking of using for my friends roofing biz to try it out.

        Do you provide a place to find a good template for the sites?

        Does the guide show how to bring in the traffic or is it just paid traffic?

        Can it be scaled just by creating more sites?

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          Thanks for your question and sorry for the late response.

          For template, No I don't have a template, but with elementor its a simple drag and drop.

          As regards traffic, its all about SEO so you are getting free traffic after the initial set up that requires a little bit of investment

          Yes it can be scaled
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            So you teach us how to generate the traffic and what to do with it as far as lead generation?

            And this electrician used it to increase his business...or did he sell leads?

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