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The Sales Letter Blueprint - Write Your own Cash Sucking Sales Page Quickly & Easily!
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"Now It's Time To Write Your Own Cash Sucking Sales Letter Using My step-By-Step Blueprint...

If you're looking for a long sales copy with stories and all that BS, then you can look for it somewhere else. But if you want to create your own sales letter quickly and easily, than this is EXACTLY what you need...

Dear Warrior & Friend,

If you've ever tried to write your own sales copy, than you know how frustrating it can be.

It can take days... Sometimes even weeks until you get something that you feel comfortable with.

But that still doesn't mean that people will buy from you... Right?

If YOU like your copy, it doesn't count. What does counts is your visitors wallets being tossed on you when you say the magic words.

Well, Starting now you can be a sales page magician.

I'm serious.

I've created the perfect blueprint for you... And you can start reading it in under 5 minutes from now.

Here's the table of contents to help you understand some of the things you'll learn inside...

Getting Started

Chapter 1: How to connect with your reader and gain interest right away.

Chapter 2: How to create a powerful and lasting first impression.

Chapter 3: How to maintain momentum and move forward in your letter.

Chapter 4: How to tell a story that will push buttons and evoke emotions.

Chapter 5: How to personalize and persuade with the benefits of your product.

Chapter 6: How to build the value of your product so you can get your price.

Chapter 7: How to overcome every last objection.

Chapter 8: How to strengthen the selling power of your product.

Chapter 9: How to prove you're ''the real deal'.

Chapter 10: How to sell a solution.

Chapter 11: How to sell even the most skeptical!

Chapter 12: How to use even the last second to close the deal.

Bonus Chapter 13: How to format for busy readers.
A few final thoughts.

Feeling Curious?


That's exactly what I wanted you to feel.

And what you're feeling now, from less than 200 words can impact your readers.

Words produce money. No one can agree with this.

If you write the right words on the right time... You make the sale.

Simple as that.


In just a few moments you'll feel confident that I know what I'm talking about...

Read what warriors had to say about my copy:

Originally Posted by imMindset View Post

Had the chance of working with Mike on my sales letter, and he really over delivered. He has the ability of creating compelling copy which actually makes a person want to push the buy button. Heck, I almost bought my own product after reading my sales page!

He also is a great guy and responds to all your questions promptly. He also delivered it on time which is always a plus. Will definitely work with him in the future. For copy writing at this price, you definitely can't go wrong!

Originally Posted by lanta99 View Post

Hi Guys,

Just used Mikes service and I have to say that it was worth every penny.

Everything flows perfectly and I didn't have to edit the copy a single bit unlike with other copywriters.

I will definitely be using Mike again.

Thanks so much!
Originally Posted by giantimpact View Post

Hi Mike,

You deserve a great recognition from a happy customer like me.

I have a very wonderful experience to have YOU to work on my website sales copy. At first with the crazy low price you charge, I honestly just look for something at low end to start. And I expect many reviews and revises are required on the copy before putting it on my website. Now, I have already got the value way above the cost I pay.

As it turns out, YOU have over delivered by spending hours and hours straight to work on my project. And the draft copy is already exceptionally well and definitely standout in the niche. You can quickly create an excellent copy without me spending extra time with you. I then accept your work after just a revision.

Like you said at the beginning when I hand you my project. You told me I can sit back and relax. You definitely keep your words and make it happen. And one more bonus I receive from you is the speed of delivery. In essence, the final copy is created from start to finish within days. And you have done a good job on all the customized graphics and PSD files too. When your job is done, I just have to upload everything from you. Then my website is ready to make sales immediately.

That is really important as I have to move things fast to achieve my target. And your work without a doubt supports me to make it happen. I am so grateful to have you to write the copy for me. I would highly recommend your service to any one who look for GREAT quality of work. And I am ready to discuss my second project with you. I am sure you CAN provide the same kind of quality to me again.

Frank Lee
Originally Posted by audreyly View Post

I recently had Mike to write me a sale page for my ebook. I got to say I am very pleased with the outcome. Although it is not in the IM niche, Mike has done a great job in putting the buyer in buying mood as well as stresses on the desperate factor. I like the font design he did for my sales page too. Very professional. His customer support is superb.

Will definitely use his service again.

Originally Posted by jdwolfe View Post

After doing research on the Internet for someone to do ad copy for me I came across Mike G. I emailed him and within an hour he replied. I might add that I also emailed someone else and I am still waiting for a reply...that was 10 days ago. (will never be using that person) Mike G kept in constant contact through out the project until completion. Mike G was always very thorough, patient and professional. I highly recommend his services to everyone....Thanks again to you Mike G
Originally Posted by Ron Hitson View Post

Ron Hitson here!

I hired Mike to do a sales letter, needless to say, I was disappointed with the price he charged. I felt like I was ripping Mike off. Poor guy. Mike more than delivered for the price he charges. You better book your spot now before he changes the price to $997, because that's what he needs to charge for this WSO...minimum.

Mike did an exceptional job on my sales letter. As a matter of fact I requested several changes even after I told Mike the letter was perfect. Mike never once declined to make any changes. He always respond with "If you need anything else let me know".

I know Mike worked really hard for me because this being my first "real" sales letter for a product I am selling, I was unorganized. Mike knew what I wanted better than I did. He taught me a few things about how things sell as opposed to what I thought made things sell.

I can't say enough about Mikes skill level. Folks Mike is giving this away. If you're new to IM and low on cash and need a pro to write your letter, hire Mike. If you're experienced with IM and want to save a few bucks but not skip on quality, hire Mike.

Mike will get more work from me, even if he raises his prices. ( I encouraged him to do so).
Originally Posted by azamuki View Post

Only a few days ago I bought a sales page from mike, looking at the really low price i was a bit skeptical until i looked at his portfolio so i decided to give him a shot.

Mike did beyond and above, this was an amazing turn out for such a small amount of time and money, the two things I think are the most important. Mike was able to produce an amazing sales page in a small amount of time which is exactly what i needed, if i had known how good my new sales page was i would have been even more rearing to join and i suggest you do the same because with a sales page this good he is bound to raise the price sometime soon.


People are raving about my copy, and you can learn the same tactics I use to write the perfect copy in less than 3 hours!

If you're still not sure that you can write your own cash sucking sales page faster than any other copywriter can... Try me.

Order the blueprint and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Now, because you're a warrior... You get a special price from me.

You see, the strategies I'm sharing with you in the blueprint have never been shared in such a simple to understand attitude before.

Even if you're a non native english writer/speaker, you'll be able to write a sales letter that will actually FORCE your visitors to buy from you.

And here's my guarantee:

If you don't manage to write your own powerful copy in less than 12 hours, I'll pay you back every penny you paid me.

I will make a refund as soon as you tell me that you can't write it.

Heck, I don't care if you didn't even open the blueprint. Want you money back?

It's yours.

No strings attached.

All I ask you is to give it a shot.

Try to work on your copy using my blueprint, and you'll see how easy it is to write a hot sizzling sales letter by yourself.

OK Mike... I'm In, but how much do you charge for this blueprint?

Well... Good question!

You see, I'm going to launch this blueprint soon for $197.

I'm planning to launch it VERY soon so you better take this offer now, or you'll have to pay the full price in the launch date.

Think about it for a second.

The cheapest copywriter that you can find here, good or not, will cost you at least $97... No kidding.

So I'm offering you here an amazing deal. Because after you'll learn my secrets, you'll be able to produce as many sales letters as you want.

Heck, you'll be able to charge up to $997 per copy using those secrets.

OK, now it's your turn...

Give it a shot and I promised that you'll than me for years to come.

Make the right decision and order NOW!

Best of success,

Mike Hersh
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