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+++ 20 Exclusive PLR Articles >>LOW COMPETITION FITNESS NICHE! << Only $27 - Includes Bonus PDF!
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Are You Sick of Seeing Awful PLR?

Dear Warrior,

I confess. I've built crappy adsense sites with terrible PLR. As a writer and an editor, I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's true. The promises of membership sites like PLRPro were just too hard to resist, and once I was in, how could I not make use of the plethora of content?

So I tried it. I followed the advice - I tweaked the content, I built a good looking site that was optimized for adsense, and then I promptly made 5 cents for my efforts. I left the site up and waited. . . nothing more ever happened.

I knew if I would just promote the site, work on it a little, I could get it earning, but the thing is I couldn't make myself do the work. I felt so ashamed that I had contributed to the pollution on the internet that I could not bring myself to look at the site, let alone promote it!

I really wanted to create a whole portfolio of sites that would offer real value to the visitor, but I knew that it would take me months to get going if I wrote all the content myself. I knew I needed to find some quality PLR to save me time, but I couldn't find it. It just didn't seem to exist for the types of micro niche sites I wanted to create.

I know there are others out there like me, so I've created what we're all looking for.

Imagine getting in on a hot new niche and creating quality content, all without having to do any of the research or writing yourself!

I've spent weeks doing all the keyword research, the competetive analysis, the affiliate research, and the writing so that a select few can share the result. The best part is that this niche is in demand and trending up fast! Plus, being fitness related, you'll find a spike in traffic every winter right around the first of the year when all those resolutions are being made. . . your timing couldn't be better.

Move Fast and You'll Get. . .

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Plug this content into your Squidoo lense, WordPress blog, existing diet or fitness website, use it for article marketing, or quickly start a new site.
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  • No need to proof-read! These articles run about 500 words and have been reviewed by two different sets of eyeballs.
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  • Only 40 copies will ever be distributed. Ever. Once the 40 licenses are gone, that's it.
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  • This list is in Excel format so you can sort it, add to it, filter it, and modify it however you like.
  • You'll get the exact Google search volume, competition, and even a strength of competition score for each keyword!
  • Each keyword for which there is an article included is marked with an X so you can easily filter the results if needed.
*** Get a list of affiliate products - Don't waste time looking for products to promote! ***

  • You'll receive an Excel spreadsheet complete with 13 affiliate products and stores you can use to monetize your site.
  • No annoying, unmodifiable PDF! This list is easy to sort and filter based on commission, type of product, and affiliate program.
*** BONUS Training Log!!! You need something to build your list, but you don't want to create it! I've got you covered ***

  • As an additional bonus, you'll get a PDF Training Log / Progress Assessment that you can give to your visitors.
  • Your list will find this log to be of great value and more versatile than a similar physical product which sells for over $10 on Amazon!

When I created this complete PLR pack, it was with the intent of selling it for $47. I've invested a lot of time and energy into it and I feel confident that it is easily worth that amount. Then I found the Warrior Forum! You all don't just expect a smokin' deal, you demand it, and a special offer just isn't special with a price tag of $47.

So, since I'm confident that by offering this package exclusively to Warriors I can sell out before Christmas (honestly, at this price I don't expect any licenses to be available after just 5 days. . . ) I have decided to offer it for a 57% discount . . . that's $27.00.

That's it. For the price of a night at the movies you can reserve your place in the Google search results for these terms before this niche explodes.

365 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you don't find that this package exceeds the standard you expect, I'll return your payment without delay.

I am absolutely comitted to providing great quality and value, so if there is anything you want to know or that I can improve, please let me know by replying to this thread! I've included a list of common questions below, so read on if you still have reservations.


Can I see a sample?

Sure. Just scroll to the very bottom of this page for a sample article. Please be aware that this article, while informative, is somewhat general. Most of the other articles offer more specialized information, and several include sample workout routines with instructions.

Do you accept PayPal?

Absolutely. PayPal is the payment processor I use for all transactions. You can pay via PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account.

Will I have to wait a long time for an email to get the pack?

No way! After you purchase, you will receive your download link via an instant email message which you should find in your in box within seconds.

What affiliate programs are on the product list?

You'll find reputable affiliate programs from ClickBank, Amazon, Commission Junction, and more.

Can I use this content to build a site and then sell the site?

Sure! Just bear in mind that you can't create another site using the exact same content.

Won't I be penalized for using duplicate content on my site?

Not as long as you include some additional content on your pages - by using RSS feeds, small bits of your own writing, or comments from other people your page will be seen as unique. Of course, you can always do a quick rewrite or hire someone to rewrite any of the articles if you want to be 100% unique.

To be notified of my next WSO and get in on the early warrior discount, add akaelo to your notifications list!


[YES] Can be used as content on your web site

[YES] Can be included in ebooks and reports without resale/giveaway/PLR rights

[YES] Can be used in an autoresponder series

[YES] Can be edited however you wish

[YES] Can have your name put on them

[YES] Can be rewritten for submission to article directories

[NO] Can be sold

[NO] Can be given away

[NO] Can be packaged

[NO] Can be offered as a bonus

[NO] Can be added to membership sites

[NO] Can be submitted to article directories substantially unaltered

Sample Article:

(Note: the niche keyword has been replaced with xxxx in order to reserve this key information for those who purchase the pack.)

A xxxx Workout Will Help You Lose Weight!

How a xxxx Workout Can Boost Fat Loss

A xxxx workout is a great way to lose weight, and to do so in a short period of time. xxxx exercises allow for variety, intensity, and fun. You work your whole body and raise your metabolism with these amazing, deceptively simple weight training tools.

It's important to note that a xxxx workout will make use of every muscle group in your body. Lean muscle burns off far more calories at rest than the numerically equivalent amount of fat-weight does. If you burn calories with every muscle group, you transform your entire body into a lean fat-burning furnace. That's not to say that you shouldn't eat smart just because your body has become a furnace; but it does mean that you'll be healthier in general, and won't have to worry all the time about exactly what you're eating or count calories...and if you give yourself a delicious "naughty" day here and there, it won't matter at all!

Not only do xxxx exercises raise your metabolic rate dramatically in a pretty short period of time, but you get extended benefits from such workouts. You see, if you use a machine for your workouts, (even if you do a lot of cardio on one,) you burn up the calories while you're working out, but as soon as you're done your metabolism goes right back to normal. Not so with xxxx. These ingenious weights and their accompanying exercise routines give you a high EPOC; that is, exercising post-oxygen consumption. Your metabolic rate remains elevated for up 24 to 48 hours after you've set the xxxx down for the day.

The right kind of xxxx workout pushes your muscles to the limit and gets your heart rate up very quickly. You don't need to do these exercises for long periods of time in order to experience tremendous benefit from them, as they are so efficient at raising your metabolism. To really derive tremendous benefit from one of these workouts, you can use what are called xxxx complexes, or a serial set of exercises performed with the same weight. The complex is rather like circuit training, but a complex equals one set, and you don't put switch between different weights.

The complex can be just a pair of exercises or half a dozen. It depends upon your present level of fitness and what you're trying to achieve. The xxxx exercises that should be done together with high effectiveness within a complex include:

(a list of exercises follows, but has been removed for this sample)

Now, what you want to do is get the size of weight that you are presently able to lift and do five to eight reps each of two to six of the exercises. (If you are totally new to xxxx, stick with two or three exercises and just five reps). Again, you do these all in succession with the same weight, and don't stop until you've gone through them all.

A xxxx workout can be ideal for our hectic world. This obviously doesn't take up a lot of time, but you get a lot of benefits, and you can shed those pounds faster than you ever thought possible!

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