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Unread 6th Sep 2011, 04:14 AM   #1
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Most Powerful WordPress Lead Capture Theme On Steroids! EASIEST ALL-IN-1 SYSTEM FOR ANY MARKETER!!
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Despairing of ever breaking into the big time and joining those folks with massive cash-rich mailing lists? Then this clever new package is for you …

Transform WordPress Into A
MARKETING POWERHOUSE That Sucks In Eager Prospects And Buyers Like A Shop Vac On Steriods . . .
All With A Few Simple Clicks Of Your Mouse . . .

Read on to discover how you too can easily create your personal fast track to wealth with your very own MEGA-SIZED customer list that pays you in cold hard cash week after week …
  • If you can point and click and copy and paste … then this is a complete no-brainer.
  • Create one opt-in or sales page – or hundreds – lightening fast … to your PRECISE requirements.
  • The more names on your lists the more income you enjoy … so imagine your very own mega list of targeted, highly motivated REGULAR buyers of your own and your affiliate products, pumping cold, hard cash into your account – just for sending out an email.
  • Creating web sites or blogs for clients? Then they will LOVE you for this extra service and pay you BIG BUCKS (yet it’s push-button easy to do).


" … if it is from Ash, you will always be getting the very best there is in WordPress,
always, every time without question.

Scott Linklater
‘scottlin’ on the Warrior Forum
From the desk of Ash Goodman
Professional WordPress programmer

Dear fellow Warrior,

If you’ve been involved in internet marketing longer than a week, you’ll have heard the mantra “The money is in the list”. You hear it everywhere that marketing folk gather – because it’s true.

I personally know of internet marketers who have lists containing 250,000 names. So just imagine if you had a list just one tenth of that – 25,000 - and you sent them an affiliate offer say every couple of weeks. And, because you nourish them with good free content in between your twice monthly offers, about 20,000 of them eagerly snap open your mail, the instant they spot it.

And let’s assume you make a modest $25 on each affiliate sale and – even though these guys love you – you ONLY get a miserable 1% conversion …

Even so, that’s still (20,000 X 1% = 200 X $25) = $10,000 ON AVERAGE EVERY MONTH or $120,000 a year.

In fact, that’s quite modest compared with the industry benchmark that says that each name on your list is worth a dollar a month.

Yet all, you’ve done is hunt down some decent content, to send them a few times a month, and then source a couple of high converting affiliate offers. Hardly something to make you break into a sweat, is it?

But, merely saying “The money is in the list” doesn’t do the subject proper justice – because it’s far more important than that (as I’ll reveal later). It could even be the most valuable couple of paragraphs you ever read.

But I’m forgetting one thing …

… convincing folks to join your mailing list in the first place.

Well, actually, I haven’t forgotten that, because that’s the most fun part of all.


"Love it! Thanks for making this newbies journey much easier and, dare I say, fun!"

Travis Weimer
‘Dragon Warrior’ on the Warrior Forum

"imPower Themes have put the *fun* back into the world of affordable Wordpress themes."

Candice Sinclair
Hi … my name is Ash Goodman … and I’m increasingly the ‘go-to’ guy for WordPress themes, because I always create Rolls Royce themes that are way ahead of the field.

I achieve that because my central ethos is 'Do one thing and do it well'. In my case that one thing is creating WordPress themes that are user-friendly and give my clients a powerful UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over the rest. But don’t take MY word for that …

Here’s what folks are saying about me and my previous WordPress themes …


"Feel free to use my comments anytime, anywhere.

I genuinely say that the Refined theme is the easiest, most flexible, feature-rich theme I have used and I'm anxious to see your future updates.

Daniel Liquete
Sierra Vista, AZ USA

"I’ve used themes before from Ash and have always been super impressed. Well he didn't disappoint this time and once again over delivered in all areas.

The trouble he goes to to make sure his products are the best is incredible..

Scott Linklater
‘scottlin’ on the Warrior Forum

"I've owned Ash's Refined Theme since last year, and have recently been using his Leadership Theme.

What I love about the imPower Themes is that Ash Goodman, the developer and designer, creates all his themes for the user's experience; his attention to details totally eliminates the frustrations encountered when working with a new theme.

Candice Sinclair
And breathless praise like that acts as a real spur to do even better next time. And – just like I did with my well received ‘Refined’ and ‘Leadership’ Themes - I simply asked my existing clients what they ALSO needed from their WordPress. And the answer was overwhelming …

You wanted me to create a theme to transform WordPress into a money making SALES MACHINE …

Think about it for a moment and you’ll realize that – until now - WordPress has yet to come of age in the sales department.

True, it has evolved a very long way from a simple way for folks to blog about their pet dog, but it still had some way to go.

But now …

WordPress finally takes its place as a WORLD CLASS MONEY MACHINE …

… because I’m now releasing not one, not five – or even ten … but TWENTY perfectly honed, customized PAYING CUSTOMER MAGNETS to finally complete WordPress.

So you get …

TEN ‘traditional’ squeeze page/ sales letter themes, like this …

You ALSO get point and click popup video, as well as unlimited columns and text or “shout boxes”, built in SEO, full integration with FaceBook, per page font and banner upload options plus the ability to add blog posts with comments. All this, plus copy/paste integration with virtually any auto responder system.

And I’m not finished yet …

Because you can personalize your pages with A TOTAL OF 1,800 buttons in a multitude of colors and designs, such as: ”Subscribe Now”, “Add to cart”, “Download Now” et cetera.

And, if that’s not enough, they ALSO come in a choice of two formats: static and animated – and ready for instant deployment.


TEN VIDEO squeeze pages, like this …

Why video? Because it’s far and away the MOST POWERFUL way to compel visitors to subscribe to your list. Video has been shown to increase sales and other actions by as much as 300%.

What’s more, my Optin Engine theme makes it a complete no brainer, taking about 30 seconds (even for newbies) to create a brand new, customized, prospect magnet of a VIDEO optin page. What’s more … these video squeeze pages integrate seamlessly with Aweber, Get Response and Mail Chimp.

And the whole package provides instant and constant hand-holding support with my famous built in user manual and quick start guide right there at your finger tips inside the guide.

These themes have all now been field-tested …


"Since I already have the Refined and Leadership WP Themes that Ash has as his flagship products, this was a chance to see if his new product would hold up to those excellent themes.

The new theme pack didn't fail to impress me and stood right up with the others. It was quick to set up and I had the choice of making them simplistic, or build them out as I pleased.

I have many video and squeeze page builders and now when I look at those compared to the Optin Engine Theme Pack, those just look so………..2005.

If you want ease of use pages optimized for the search engines and get a professional look, then get with the times and get this pack. Eventually you will, so do it now."

Jack Kinakin
‘JKinakin’ on the Warrior Forum
And here’s Candice Sinclair, again …


"This new theme pack includes 10 Video Optin themes and 10 Squeeze Page Optin themes. It's not just about the massive quantity and variety of colors, formatting, and layouts that you get.

Plus, if that wasn't enough, Ash gives you almost 17MB of static buttons and almost 10MB of animated buttons to use in your themes. So you don't need to go out and buy graphics; they're already included in this theme pack.."

Candice Sinclair

“What Ash has provided here is really a kick-butt product. And the price is unbeatable. For that price, basically a decent lunch, I get a killer theme that is seamless to install and optimize (really - from buying and mapping a custom domain, to installing WP and adding content, was 15 minutes - Less than 10% of the time to begin the customization of most of the other themes - and prettier than most).*

And*that's for a world-renown client - a keynote speaker and NY Times Bestselling author.*

He's happy. I'm happy. And I have 2 more immediate clients we're deploying this theme to drive their book sales. Feel free to use my comments anytime, anywhere.”

Mark Effinger, WA, USA
‘eAgent’ on the Warrior Forum

Flexibility abounds within the OptinEngine Theme pack which is an internet marketers dream. Now, you’re probably thinking that this theme pack sounds all great but must be a bear to use… This might be the case for other products that have come and gone but not with a product which bears Ash Goodman’s name.

Ash has installed on the dashboard the imPower User Guide which will guide you step by step and answer 99.9999% of your questions. If you’re worried about the other .0001%, Ash is readily available via the imPower Users Forum to answer your questions.

Ash always over delivers, the OptinEngine Theme pack is no different as he provides over 1800 different graphic buttons to use with this theme pack. The OptinEngine Theme pack includes everything you need to create astounding video opt-in pages and power packed opt-in squeeze pages.

I highly recommend the OptinEngine Theme Pack and suggest you get this quick before your competition does.

James –
And I even had it tested by a TOTAL ROOKIE …


“Quite frankly, I was terrified that it would be to technical for me! (Yes, I'm a tech newbie too!)

I started with the quick start guide. *It's very user friendly and easy to use. Ash said that I could have a video optin up and running within 30 seconds and I was skeptical, as I've heard that before. *Once I got everything installed and just ran a simple test page, it really only did take me about 30 seconds! The squeeze page and sales page templates were just as easy, and there are a lot of different templates to choose from.”

Travis Weimer
‘Dragon Warrior’ on the Warrior Forum
Not JUST a prospect and customer magnet – but complete with supercharged search engine optimization, too …

There’s little doubt Google prefers sites based on WordPress. So, using WordPress for your squeeze and sales pages, hands you an instant VIP pass to the SEO penthouse suite.

But it doesn’t end there, because I’ve taken great care to build in ALL the SEO you’ll ever need – which is vital …

Because – apart from the possible cost for some plug-ins - plug-ins are resource-hungry, dragging down your site’s load time.

And having your site load lightening fast is now an important part of Google’s ‘user experience’ algorithm.

So, relax, because you get all this built in …
  • Built in SEO enhancement – forget messing around with extra plug-ins - every function you need is already seamlessly integrated, speeding up load times.
  • Cutting edge SEO-friendly coding – super-optimized with the perfect architecture to make it lightening fast for the search engine robots to home in on the exact info they seek to award you MAXIMUM GOOGLE LOVE.
  • Complete mastery of the search robots – you are in full control with FIVE options, giving you total mastery over where they may go and where they may not – and all with a few mouse clicks.
  • Lightening fast loading – because the faster your site loads, the higher your score with Google (what’s more, your visitors won’t have time to get bored and disappear.).
  • Video integration for your sales letters and ‘traditional’ squeeze pages– a snap – because nothing works better than video to pull in those opt-ins and convert visitors to BUYERS. What’s more, video keeps your visitors on your site for longer, and Google credits your site with greater value, the longer your visitors stay.

And, this is NOT JUST a SEOer’s dream come true …

Because you have everything you need to process your eager prospects and customers with silky smooth efficiency there, at your finger tips. Yet, so simple to do - even someone who only discovered how to turn on a computer last week - can be a marketing expert in a very short time …
  • Lightening fast Analytics tracking: simply grab your codes and paste them into the box – and you’re done!
  • Choose the best possible videos without worrying if the file will work: the theme works with the widest possible range: from AVI through WMV, MP4, MPG, MOV, FLV and even SWF. And, of course, it’s a snap to integrate YouTube or other videos.
  • Explode the appeal of your video with an instant ‘splash’ image: point and click easy to add your own splash image to any video.
  • The perfect ‘hot spot’ for your compelling call to action: telling your prospect what you want them to do next, right under the video, has been proved to be highly effective. And it’s a snap with all these themes.
  • Harnessing the awesome power of social marketing: every Video theme has FaceBook and Twitter buttons fully integrated.
  • Instant cash – if you want: because you can choose to send your new subscriber to a ‘special offer’ page immediately on signing up or just a simple thank you page – the choice is yours.
  • Power up your opt-in rates with this little known secret: a few savvy marketers know that adding a testimonial or two to their squeeze pages can increase opt-in rates by as much as 5.79%. So, I’ve made it a snap for you to profit from this!
  • Knowledge is power: so you can add tracking codes to BOTH video and return pages for maximum intel.
  • Start a conversation for an even better response: it’s human nature to want to be part of the group, so allowing interaction with your visitors creates a further compelling reason to subscribe to your list, as well as enhancing your Google profile.
  • Point and click branding with easy logo and banner uploads: easily upload your own banner image for each salesletter or traditional squeeze page

Your golden opportunity to harness the KEY SECRET of the MEGA rich

Have you ever wondered what separates self-made multi-millionaires, like Bill Gates and Donald Trump, from the average ‘wage slave’?

It’s simply this …

Unlike the vast majority, they don’t have a ‘job’.

That’s because they understand that anyone with a job – even a highly paid one – is simply on a treadmill.

And yes … compared with the guy who collects the trash, a lawyer might enjoy a more mink-lined treadmill – but the BRUTAL TRUTH is this …

If either one stops working – so does their income.

By contrast, folks like Bill Gates and Donald Trump work to create INCOME PRODUCING ASSETS.

So, Bill G has his assets of computer and games software and Mr T has his hotels, and golf courses and apartment blocks. So, they can stop ‘working’ – like Bill Gates now has - and still the millions keep flowing.

And Donald Trump has even cleverly turned his actual name into another income producing asset. So now other real estate developers pay him risk-free megabucks, simply to be able to put the ‘Trump’ name on their sale boards. That’s because they know the association with the Trump name allows them to command premium prices for their real estate projects.

And now you can do the same

Because, not only can you now build YOUR VERY OWN INCOME PRODUCING ASSET of a mailing list, it won’t be very long before your name ALSO becomes a valuable asset, too - once word gets around you own a substantial mailing list.

And, if you’ve ever tried to get another big list owner to joint venture with you (and probably failed to even get a reply), you’ll already understand the sheer BLASTING POWER and kudos of being a big list owner.

So, very soon now, you’ll be in the driving seat with other marketers eagerly schmoozing you to allow them to pay you a massive slice of their profits, just to use your name and send out their email to your list.

And it doesn’t stop there, either. Because many joint ventures involve BIG MONEY and other prizes for the biggest sellers (and that’s on top of the very handsome affiliate commissions!).

So what’s your investment to join the savvy (and wealthy) asset owners of this world?

I guess you can clearly see how this awesome theme will empower you to join the elite super-rich asset creators, with a few clicks of your mouse. And you’re probably wondering just how much your investment in such an obvious path to sustainable wealth will be.

Before I reveal that, I must make one thing crystal clear.

You risk nothing.

Because you can start to see your list grow and grow, starting today. Yet you are fully protected for the next 60 days –just over eight weeks - plenty of time to be enjoying the income from your new asset.

So, if at any time in the 60 days, you feel this isn’t all I’ve said – and much, much more - simply shoot me an email for a lightening fast, no-hassle refund. Fair enough?

At the start of this letter I showed how even a modest mailing list of just 25,000 names could still provide a regular monthly income of $10,000. In fact, as I said at the time, it is generally reckoned that each name on an on-line mailing list is worth a dollar a month. So I was quite conservative with my calculation.

Even so, you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else you could invest – say - $1,000 and make about TEN TIMES your investment back month after month.

But your investment isn’t going to be anywhere near that amount – although only the size of your ambition will limit how much you choose to make each month.

And I will, naturally be giving you any upgrades for no extra charge. So I think you’ll agree your investment is a real bargain at just $60. And you don’t get just one theme … you get 20 – making your investment in each theme … just $3.

Yet, folks who have tried this theme on for size, say they’d be happy paying more … a LOT MORE …


"I would gladly pay $25-$50 bucks for a theme of this quality that's this easy to use. (and no, I'm not an affiliate - just love when I find a product that actually works better than advertised)."

Mark Effinger, WA, USA
‘eAgent’ on the Warrior Forum
You early bird Warriors really do get the juiciest worm

Because I’m now allowing my fellow Warriors to have a first bite before releasing it to the public for a great deal more.

But, in ‘giving it away’ on the Warrior Forum first, I do have a hidden agenda …

I’ve already beta tested this – as you can see the enthusiastic response I’ve already gotten.

But I’m greedy …

Because I want even more feedback from folks, like you, with the foresight to invest in this.

So, if you’re smart enough to understand just how this can help you duplicate the exact same business model as Bill Gates and Donald Trump, you are in line to SNAP UP A REAL BARGAIN …

Because I’m NOT JUST slashing the public $60 price in half …

In fact, your one-time investment for your total of 20 video squeeze and squeeze page/sale pages is ONLY ONE THIRD of what the public will be paying – JUST $20. Yes, that’s right each awesome theme is JUST A BUCK.

And the first 200 early birds ALSO get these two powerful bonuses to help your profits soar like an eagle.

I’ve managed to twist the arm of the highly regarded, time-served marketer who painstakingly gathered all this intel, and he’s finally licensed me to give away just 200 sets of each on the Warrior Forum. So, once they are gone … they are GONE!

Early bird bonus # 1: 50 Power Tricks To Turbocharge Your Sales - value $27 but yours FREE if you are among the first 200 Warriors to grab this package …

Here is sage advice right from the frontline of internet marketing with every single tip and trick fully explained and illustrated. Most tips can be set up and making you money in less than an hour. Once you’ve studied this you’ll know:
  • The color to use if you want to build maximum trust and respect for your web site (tested and proven by some of the biggest names on line).
  • The street-smart way to use testimonials (and there’s a second way to use them to drive up your sales even more).
  • We all know video explodes sales letter responses - but do you know this OTHER place where they are just as effective?
  • The best ‘look’ for your ‘buy’ and ‘subscribe’ buttons (also used by probably the most marketing savvy site on line).
  • The most powerful place of all to feature your best testimonial (attracting free traffic like pins to a magnet).

PLUS about another 45 crafty tips and tricks, as well …

Early bird bonus # 2: Email Marketing Secrets - value $27 but yours FREE if you are among the first 200 Warriors to grab this package …

If you want to make your fortune on line, then you must become a Zen Master of email marketing, because the key to riches is making repeat sales to a loyal band of buyers. So here are twenty pages crammed with practical, proven, direct from the trenches tips and tricks to squeeze every drop of profit from your email lists. Tips like …
  • The simple change that explodes your email opening rates (it’s probably not what you think).
  • Harnessing the fatal flaw in human nature to get your emails read.
  • The subject line that got opening rates as high as 55.2% (and how changing one word slashed response by 10%).
  • The psychological triggers that compel folks to take action.
  • How to DOUBLE your ‘take’ from each mailing.

And much, MUCH more …

This is one of your “Crossroad Days”

Most days are routine.

But there are a handful of key days in your life – I call them “Crossroad Days” - which have the power to change your life forever.

The crossroad days when you have to decide what college course to take or what job offer to accept … deciding who to date – and who to spend the rest of your life with.

And then there are days like TODAY … when you can choose to pass on the rich, no limits life this breakthrough theme will empower you to enjoy - even though you risk nothing – and have everything to gain.

Or you can make the SMART choice.

Because there’s little doubt, if you take on board the priceless secret I’ve given you about how true, sustainable wealth is created and couple that with the power of this theme to quickly build your very own income producing asset, great things will start to happen in your life.

So one day, soon … maybe when you have another crossroad day, moving into your new home, bought from the profits of your supercharged mailing list – or, perhaps as you relax, mesmerized by an amazing tropical sunset, viewed from the stateroom on some luxury cruise liner, you’ll think back to this day and say to yourself: “Ash was so right: my life really did take off on the day I invested in his Optin Engine theme”.

I’m really looking forward to helping you transform your business and your life,


Ash Goodman
Professional WordPress programmer
imPower Themes

P.S. The only way you can possibly lose out on this offer is to decline it, because you risk nothing by taking a full 60 days to check it out.

You’ll be the only judge: so, if this theme isn’t everything I’ve said – and much more – simply shoot me an email for a prompt, no-quibble, friendly refund. Fair enough?

P.P.S. It's never too soon to start enjoying the good life, so the sooner you get started, the sooner you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

But, BE WARNED: Because, right now, I’m launching this on the Warriors at this low, low Warrior discount – for the moment.

But, once I have enough extra testimonials, I’ll take it away fast - because I’ll get three times more selling to the general public.

You’ll hate yourself if you go away to think about it, only to come back and find this WSO CLOSED and you have to PAY THE FULL PUBLIC PRICE.

So hit the button below, whilst it's hot in your mind and start your new, no-limits life right away.

P.P.P.S. I’ll leave the last word to Scott Linklater and Anton Cipri …


“I've used some other well known software out there for sales and squeeze pages and whilst they were good I never felt they looked really sharp. And they took a lot of messing around with to get right.

This is where this product shines. The pages look amazing and the choices + the buttons that are included mean you get great looking pages that don't all look exactly the same. I love how you can easily mix it up and produce pages that look different to all others out there.

The other thing that makes this a no brainer is the ease of use. Once set up (and the quick start guide makes it easy as) these pages are so easy to roll out, customize, add to etc. And with top notch SEO on every page, you can not go wrong with this package.”

Scott Linklater
‘scottlin’ on the Warrior Forum

First of all...The OptinEngine Theme Pack is superb...just buy it.

Now...let"s focus on a really important aspect of buying and using Wordpress themes…Support.

Ash is highly available and actually cares about his products and his customers.* His response time is remarkable.* His explanations complete.

I own the Refined Theme, Leadership Theme and the Corpro Theme...
When Ash produces his next product, I will buy it too and here is why:

  • I trust Ash
  • I know he cares
  • I know he is competent
  • I know he will stand behind his work
  • I love his attention to detail and functionality
  • The themes look current, sophisticated and polished
  • The prices are beyond reasonable for the quality and support

Thank you for the wonderful products and superior support!

Anton Cipri...Raving Fan
’antoncipri ’ on the Warrior Forum
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Unread 6th Sep 2011, 05:28 AM   #2
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Reserved for FAQ
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Are there live demo's?

Yes there are:

Salesletter demo: OptinSqueeze

VideoOptin Demo: Video Optin Demo
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Unread 6th Sep 2011, 06:31 AM   #3
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Re: The Money Is In The List” Is Only HALF The Story. Get The Rest Here …
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Is there a live demo?
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Unread 6th Sep 2011, 06:33 AM   #4
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Re: The Money Is In The List” Is Only HALF The Story. Get The Rest Here …
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Originally Posted by websteve View Post

Is there a live demo?
Yes there are

Salesletter demo: OptinSqueeze

VideoOptin Demo: VideoOptin Demo
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Unread 7th Sep 2011, 02:29 PM   #5
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Re: The Money Is In The List” Is Only HALF The Story. Get The Rest Here …
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I'd like to see more samples of what this theme can do.

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Unread 8th Sep 2011, 04:11 AM   #6
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Re: The Money Is In The List” Is Only HALF The Story. Get The Rest Here …
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Originally Posted by JohnMac View Post

I'd like to see more samples of what this theme can do.

I'll try to post some more screenshots later today, but really you are only limited by your imagination. You can customize the banner for each page with a simple point and click uploader. You can customize the fonts, font colors and font sizes for each element on the page, again on a per page basis.

You can add multiple columns of content, use colored text boxes to highlight things like testimonials. You can embed almost any kind of video in a point and click process, add splash screens to them and even have the videos 'popup' in a nice lightbox style overlay.

Pretty much anything you have every wished you could do on a salesletter or optin page but have had to pay a programmer for you can now do point and click... if you buy the WSO
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Unread 12th Jan 2012, 06:50 AM   #7
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Re: Most Powerful WordPress Lead Capture Theme On Steroids! EASIEST ALL-IN-1 SYSTEM FOR ANY MARKETER
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Hi Thinkinginvain,

Can you tell me if I can get a hold of this WSO!

All the Best Mark!
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Unread 12th Jan 2012, 07:05 PM   #8
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Re: Most Powerful WordPress Lead Capture Theme On Steroids! EASIEST ALL-IN-1 SYSTEM FOR ANY MARKETER
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Originally Posted by Mark Rusling View Post

Hi Thinkinginvain,

Can you tell me if I can get a hold of this WSO!

All the Best Mark!
Hi Mark,

The WSO is over but you can buy the themes through imPower Themes
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