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List of 387 Profitable Keyword Phrases for WEIGHT LOSS Niche(Early Birds Get Bonus 25 PLR Articles!)
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NOTE: The first ten buyers of this WSO will also get a cool bonus:
25 PLR articles in the Weight Loss niche - see below for more details
(4 bonuses gone....6 left)

Dear Warriors,

I wouldn't classify myself as a "marketer" and I personally get turned off by excessive use of hype. So I will try to make this WSO as hype free as I can.

Choosing effective keyword phrases is one of the most important decisions you can make when doing most IM related activities. It's great to narrow down onto a niche, but even within the niche, certain keyword phrases are much more likely to result in success than others.

Makes sense, right? Keyword Phrase A gets searches for 30 times a day and has 2,150,000 resulting pages on Google (inside of quotes). Keyword Phrase B gets searches for 450 times a day and has 128 results on Google.

Which would keyword phrase would you base your article/blog post/content page on? Keyword Phrase B of course! But why exactly is Keyword Phrase B the better choice?

Well, it's better on two fronts. It's much easier to get to the first page of Google results when you are only competing against 128 pages (especially if you have basic SEO knowledge). Going up against over 2 million other competing pages? It's going to be tough.

Along with being able to rank higher in the search engine results, Keyword Phrase B is getting ten times the amount of daily searches. If you are only able to get 20% of the people searching to click on the listing for your article/post/page, Keyword Phrase A will average you 6 visitors a day. Keyword Phrase B will get you 90. Enough said.

So this WSO is simple: I took the time and effort to research a niche (Weight Loss) and came up with a list of 387 keyword phrases that I believe will be effective in any marketing aspect (articles, blog posts, forum posts, content pages, etc). These are high search/low competition type of keyword phrases.

I am selling that list of keyword phrases. And we both win. I get paid for the research I did. You get an effective list of keyword phrases and save yourself a few hours of tedious work. Fair, right?

This niche, Weight Loss, is always hot. There will be many results that will totally shock you. It's amazing what information people are looking up.

There are many ways to monetize this niche. From Adsense, to dozens of Weight Loss related products.

About the keyword phrases:

There are 387 keyword phrases. The amount of daily Google searches ranges from 1,340 to 12, and the amount of competing Google pages ranges from 0 results to 48,700 results.

Here's a picture of the top of the list sorted by Daily Google Searches:

Not bad, huh?

Well, I hope this WSO has been hype free enough for you. If you are looking to get into the Weight Loss niche, having this list of keyword phrases will save you a few hours in research. So how much am I charging?

I am selling this list of keyword phrases for $10. [Now Just $5]

Click Here To Buy And Download The WEIGHT LOSS Keyword Phrases List

Upon payment, you should automatically be transferred to a download page. Please PM or email me if you have any issues.


The first ten people to purchase this WSO will also get 25 PLR articles in the weight Loss niche. Most of them are around 300-400 words long (some around 1000 words). Using these articles along with the list of keyword phrases should give you a few easy ways to QUICKLY generate ongoing income.

Thank you for taking the time to read my WSO.



P.S. Be sure to check out my other Lists of Keyword Phrases WSOs:

List of 128 Profitable Keywords in the STOCK MARKET INVESTING Niche (+ 20 Bonus PLR articles)

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List of 28 Profitable Keywords in the HORSES Niche

List of 152 Profitable Keywords in the Job Seekers Niche

P.S. A Few Tips On How To Use These Keywords To Write Articles That Rank Higher in the Search Engine Results:

1. Be sure to use keyword phrase in article title. The closer to the beginning of the title, the better.

2. Be sure to include the keyword phrase in the introduction and closing paragraphs. If your article is long enough, you can add it one or two more times.

3. Be sure to bold the keyword (ie. <strong>keyword phrase</strong>) just once in the body of your article.

4. Although you are writing to make your article keyword rich (so that it ranks high), remember that you are writing for humans. With a little practice, you can do both (create keyword rich articles that read very well).

5. Be sure to use your keyword phrase in an anchor text within your author resource box. The code will look something like this:

Want to learn more about how to use <a rel="nofollow" target="_new" href="">keyword phrase</a> to make more money today?

These are just a few things that I personally do to write my articles with keyword phrases that I compile.
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