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Unread 22nd Feb 2012, 08:10 AM   #1
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[FREE $10 WSO] $4,533 Monthly with ADSENSE!... Red Hot Adsense Niches Revealed...Closing Down Soon!
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Brand new 'profit intelligence' report reveals an under the radar niche site that's...

And still banks $4,500/mo
from ADSENSE...

**One of my top selling Adsense reports is FREE for a limited time!**

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Keep reading for all the details of what's included.....

Hello Warriors!

I have a brand new "profit intelligence" case study report for you today!

This report was quite fun to do. This has to be the ugliest site I have ever reviewed but also one of the most intriguing. I am going to analyze this site in depth and reveal hidden profit pockets within this same niche for you to capitalize on. I'll show you exactly how this site is able to generate $4,500/mo from Adsense. I think you'll be a bit surprised how simple this site's monetization strategy is.

There's some VERY good insights in this report about what truly makes Adsense sites successful...

See Behind The Scenes of
this Career Related Niche:

Truly The Ugliest Site Ever - But
Still Banks $4.5K Monthly...

I love research, crunching numbers and "mining gold" from already successful websites.

See, I put on my spy goggles and scour the internet looking for successful websites and then look for un-tapped opportunity within the same niche.

Don't you think that if you found a site that was already making $5,000 per month, that there has to be some opportunity there? Don't you think that you could enter the same niche, target a slightly less competitive sub niche and make at least $500 to $700/mo?

Of course you can!

The reason this method works so well is because you will be finding sites that ALREADY are making it big. Do you realize how huge this is?

When you are done with my reports...

- You will ALREADY know that visitors click on ads in these niches.

- You will ALREADY know that there is plenty of traffic to these niches.

- You will ALREADY know that a ton of money is being banked every month in these niches.

- You won't be breaking new ground and trying to "re-invent" the wheel.

- You'll be following a path that has already been proven successful!

See, here is what most people do - they launch 10 or more sites and only a couple end up working out (if any).

When you follow this method, nearly EVERY site you launch is going to be very profitable - because it's based on an ALREADY successful website.

I've done all the research so you don't have to.

*This brand new case study will dig deep into the very profitable Career Niche and reveal pure gold sub niches that you can capitalize on right now.

Here's exactly what you get...
Primary Case Study:
Inside A $4,500/mo Niche Adsense Site

  • Where's The Money?: I'll take you through a detailed look at our case study niche adsense site and why I believe it is so successful.

  • High Traffic High Profit Keywords: I'll show you the keywords within this niche with the highest traffic and highest potential ad revenue. These numbers are insane!

  • Opportunity Analysis: I'll reveal 3 very strong opportunities for you to swoop in and capitalize on a profitable sub niche of our case study site. I'm basically handing you a golden goose!

Here's a sample of the keywords revealed in this niche and their Avg CPC.

Keyword - Estimated Avg. CPC
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $8.06
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $7.67
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $7.57
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $7.33
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $6.60
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $6.47
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $6.40
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $6.14
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $6.13
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $5.95
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $5.95
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $5.84
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] $5.62

And Hundreds more!

*These keywords don't have the highest avg cpc in the world but they get a lot of traffic and they get CLICKED... what good is a $30 cpc if it has no traffic and never gets clicks... right?!

I'm not done yet. I also want to give you 3 case studies absolutely free...

3 FREE Bonus Case Studies!

Here's what you'll also get (100% FREE) when you order my report today....

(The URL of this site and two others are revealed inside the bonus report)

  • FREE Bonus #1
    In Depth Case Study:
    $30,000 Per Month Adsense Site - (Technology Niche)

  • FREE Bonus #2
    In Depth Case Study:
    $3,100 Per Month Adsense Site - (Nursing Niche)

  • FREE Bonus #3
    In Depth Case Study:
    $30,000 Per Month Adsense Site - (Home Improvement Niche)

For each site in this report we'll do some in depth look at the Traffic, Earnings and Keywords. Plus I'll analyze this info and provide you with ideas for profitable

sub niches you can build on for yourself! Build a long term passive income using adsense and content based niche websites. Take my advice on what niches to

target and fast track your results with my report.

This special report is 1 buckaroo. Why so freakin cheap? These reports do take me hours of research and writing but I am going to be totally honest. This is a front end product and I have several back end products for helping students on a deeper level. I am willing to give this info away for such a low price because I know a percentage of buyers will work with me in a larger capacity later on. But if you don't, no big deal. Just enjoy the report and take action on the advice.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

I guarantee you'll find at least one nugget in this report that will be worth hundreds of additional revenue each month for your business -- if you don't think so after looking it over -- I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked! How you like them apples? Enjoy!


"Actually Works In The REAL WORLD"

Originally Posted by edlewis View Post

Okay guys....David was generous enough to give me a Review Copy of his WSO...

I was impressed.

Personally, I am a big fan of Case Studies because you get a chance to see stuff that actually works in the REAL WORLD...not some bogus theories some guy who lives in his mom's basement dreamed up and

wrapped up in a PDF to sell as a WSO.

These 3 Adsense sites will give you a ton of David also suggests ways to "copy"....wait..."mimic" is the better word, the success these sites have had.

I will be honest - I don't use Adsense much, I have a couple old sites still out there that make me about $100 every month...but these are examples of Adsense publishers making that much or more EVERY DAY.

No frills or fluff here...just solid, proven content.

A quick note - I checked out David's blog for the first time too....good stuff there as well.
"No Fluff - Looks Very Realistic"

Originally Posted by StephenDavies View Post

I took David up on his offer above of a review copy. I have never heard of David before (and I dare say he has never heard of me either!), and my first impression was good, I received my

review copy in no time at all, and was put under absolutely no pressure to even submit a review.

Verdict: Don't let the slim 20 pages fool you, he gets straight into the meat without any preamble, so there's no fluff to waste your time. It's all looks very realistic to me. I liked it so much I signed up to his newsletter!

Hope this has been helpful to anyone thinking about getting this.

Kind regards,Steve.
"I really Enjoyed This Report"

Originally Posted by Jonathan Heusman View Post

Just went through David's report and he delivers on exactly what he claims. There are a lot of things to take away from this compact report and everybody will take different golden

nuggets after reading it. Personally, I took away the idea of tweaking my Adsense placement on my current sites to mimic other site that have proven to be successful (like the ones in David's report).

Not only does David show 3 highly successful Adsense sites as well as what makes them successful, but offers some killer ideas for sites in similar niches.

I really enjoyed this report, thanks David.

"Buy The Case Study, Take Action"

Originally Posted by Joseph Johnson View Post

As the title says it's a case of 3 sites in different niches. Besides the title on pg. 1 and a brief intro on pg. 2, he get straight to the point, no fluff. David provides with each case study,

earnings, primary keywords, rankings, backlink# and traffic/avg cpc.

He gives you more than enough info to dive into these niches as well as sub niches, with keywords and ideas to take action. I already found domain name for one of the niches and he gave more ideas to get into another


This is not an overnight success, bottom line if you are a go getter, buy the case study take action.
"You Are Almost Guaranteed To Make Money"

Originally Posted by tim254 View Post


I received a free review copy of this Adsense Case Study report and I'm pretty impressed with it. He shows you where to find successful sites already and then digs deep to find sub-niches/related niches. This is a great

idea since you are not going after the exact same niche but a related niche. Not only does he go over 3 successful sites, but he gives you resources and ideas on how to find plenty of sub-niches and keywords. This is an

awesome report and if you use these ideas, your are almost guaranteed to make money.
"I Got Hints On How To Improve My Results"

Originally Posted by rickstooker View Post

I'm grateful I also received a review copy of this report.

It contains a lot of useful information. It's not a complete analysis of the three sites,
such how their layouts and designs may be enhancing (or not) their income.

But he delves a lot into niche and keyword research. This report is useful in that he gives
a lot of suggestions on how to create profitable keywords and sites using the success
of these three sites as guides to emulate (not copy or rip off!).

On the first site, he looks at the links, and comes up with info on what kinds of links
are working - you may or may not like his observations.

I'm making some money with Adsense - more than some, not nearly as much as others,
and I got hints on how to improve my results. I like the idea of looking at sites earning
large amounts, instead of the more usual 200 sites earning 25 cents a day model.
"Extremely Useful And Motivational"

Originally Posted by Not New View Post


You did some very interesting and detailed study. Thanks for sharing; this is extremely useful and motivational.

I think this would be great WSO, however, I don’t know who you are targeting the WSO to. I would include newbie’s too. IMO they need more help and are somewhat more eager/desperate therefore easy sell. If that’s

your plan then I would suggest that you make it simpler by adding steps and defining each step as to what they need to do and what would they gain from completing each step in relation to achievement.

Just my suggestion, thanks again for this insight and well researched product.
"Save Us A Lot of Time And Headaches"

Originally Posted by iambob View Post

Hi David,

You've done a great job with this report. It really does provide the keys to the kind of study required to determine if a niche will likely yield significant benefits. By showing us what to look for and where to look, you're

definitely going to save us a lot of time and headaches down the road.

I'm going over the report again carefully, trying to draw out all the nuggets. Thanks for putting this report together.

Bob Sherman
"Loved The Report!"

Originally Posted by hjorrip View Post

Loved the report! Thank you so much!!
"Information Really Piqued My Interest"

Originally Posted by ijohnson View Post


I've just finished reading the report and the information really piqued my interest and gave me more ideas to consider for Adsense sites.

~ Iris
"...I'm now giving myself the 'DiNozzo Slap'..."

Originally Posted by Ray Erdmann View Post


For some reason, over the years, I never gave Adsense much thought! Don't ask why, as even today, I can't even answer it!

After reading through your report and realizing the long term potential (As well as reading about "xxxxxxx"), I'm now giving myself the "DiNozzo Slap" (NCIS Reference for those 'in the know' LOL!)

I've now bookmarked your own website and am now looking forward to your future posts...just so I can take whatever tid-bits you provide regarding growing an adsense site(s)...and work them into growing my own

garden of adsense generated income myself!

To your continued success!
"Awesome Work!"

Originally Posted by MingJong View Post

Thanks for sharing the case studies! Awesome work!

Ming Jong
"You CAN Make Really Good Money With Adsense"

Originally Posted by Katie Byrd View Post

Thanks David for sharing this information.

I think the value here is the fact that you CAN make really good money with Adsense. There has been so much "Adsense is dead" rumor floating around... that's definitely not true.

And as far as these being competitive niches - yes they are, and that's why the sites are making money. Their owners have put TIME, EFFORT and MONEY into ranking these sites for competitive keywords and now it's

paying off for them.
"Enhanced My Enthusiasm For Adsense... Great Report"

Originally Posted by blueclcl View Post

This is a great report that has enhanced my enthusiasim for adsense. It is well structured and provides lots of valuable information.

Thanks for the report

"OMG David!...I Could Have Easily Soiled My Pants"

Originally Posted by billallridge View Post

OMG David! This report goes right over the top!

As I read your report and checked out the examples I became so excited I could easily have soiled my pants.

I know what I must do from here on out and will get started immediately.
Thank you so so much for your generous sharing.

Warm regards, Bill

See you on the inside!

Take care,


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Unread 23rd Feb 2012, 11:05 AM   #2
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Re: [FREE $10 WSO] $4,533 Monthly with ADSENSE!... Red Hot Adsense Niches Revealed...Closing Down S
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Thanks for looking. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me...

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Unread 23rd Feb 2012, 07:23 PM   #3
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Re: [FREE $10 WSO] $4,533 Monthly with ADSENSE!... Red Hot Adsense Niches Revealed...Closing Down S
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