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Unread 3rd Apr 2019, 05:53 PM   #2301
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Re: Tons of Results Posted-See Post #2! A REAL business that's highly fulfilling and extremely rewar
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Hi everyone,

This thread is getting pretty long, so here are some results that people have shared throughout the thread. This way, you won't have to read through all of the pages and posts to find these :

Originally Posted by EpicWin View Post


This is not to brag... but it's literally the most money I've ever made from a WSO I purchased off the Warrior Forum. This isn't all profit, I'll need to spend $460 of it. But the other $540 is mine to keep!!!

Anyone who is considering this, and or already bought it... just DO IT. You'll make cash!

Originally Posted by simplenewbiz View Post

Just bought this WSO 3 days ago and implemented later that day. Tonight I received my first sale for $455.00 with a profit of $200.00! I have another one on the burner for $1307.00 with a $600.00 profit. Keeping my fingers crossed.

So if you're wondering about this offer just stop it and do it.... I can see big potential here. Looking forward to outsourcing this and really get the ball rolling.

A special thanks to Terry for putting this offer out there and also for being a person that is genuine.

Will be back with more updates as time goes by....

One happy camper,

Originally Posted by EMaria View Post

This Works!

Hello everyone. I just wanted to drop in and give a quick review about this WSO. I purchased this WSO about 2-1/2 weeks ago, and actually only started working the program about a week ago because I had to go out of town.

Anyway, as stated in the WSO you can actually run this business without speaking to anyone either by phone or in person, which is something that appealed to me. You can do it quietly from your computer.

Long story short ... I woke up this morning to learn that I had received a payment of $455.00 to my Paypal account. So I can attest to the fact that it does in fact work, and it works great!

This WSO is "fall off-a-wet-log" easy to do, and WILL make you money. You just have to do it, or just take action, as is so often said.

If you are on the fence about this WSO and wondering if it's the real deal, believe it. It does work.

Originally Posted by DeCoSu View Post

Hello Terry,

...So far I have closed 5 deals for a total PROFIT of $566. Guys, that is profit. I did not have to make a SINGLE phone call to close these deals. Follow the process and you will start receiving payments on your paypal account.

Thanks Terry for sharing a REAL business and allowing me to add another income stream.

Originally Posted by pinkgink View Post

I Did It!!!!!!

I just received a payment of $240 to my paypal account (about $100 is profit)

....I love it when things work out like they should!

Thanks so much for this GREAT WSO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by element94_2007 View Post

I purchased this course towards the end of 2017.
Set up the website and the connection with the supplier within a week.
Got my first client during the first week of following the instructions in this course.
This is a VERY doable business however you WILL NEED to put time into this, unless you are prepared to outsource.
I was able to pull in more than $3000 in the first two months without any issues, doing the business myself.
Thank you for a wonderful course and business model.
Originally Posted by Rrgm View Post

24 days after implementing this business I made a $1000 sale...This is honest work - you must put in the time and effort to see results but anyone can start this business. Thanks for the WSO Terry!

Originally Posted by kasner View Post

Just wanted to report back on my success with this business. I've only been able to work at this sporadically, since i purchased about a month ago now. But I have made two sales so far for a total of $300. If I was able to spend more time, I know my profit would be much more. You do need to work at this, its not hard though, it does take some time, but the money is there. I'm going to be looking at outsourcing the initial contact part so that I can get things moving along faster. This will make money, stick with it and success will follow.
Originally Posted by Deidra Renee View Post

Update: I've secured Party B-a little less than $300 profit!...

...Terry's customer service is awesome by the way
Originally Posted by barbarak View Post

Hi Terry,

I purchased your course a month ago and I absolutely love it!

......When I got my first order I was absolutely thrilled and I have had more orders since.....

.....I have closed two orders this past week.....

......This works, period! Well it has for me. I have it down to a fine art now to keep the pipeline flowing. I cannot think of anything else that is so satisfying - helping our young folk - and running a business about them at the same time.....

Thank you Terry.

Originally Posted by Defacto View Post

Here's my review. I bought this WSO a couple weeks ago and have just received my first paid order Saturday morning, of which I will profit over $150. Had I went full force with this method I have no doubt I would have made more money by now but I wanted to do a limited test campaign first.

Like Terry said above, this WSO will work for you if you are willing to follow instruction, exactly, and put forth the necessary effort.
Originally Posted by andrea_vk View Post

I had one sale, $200 in my pocket. SO that covers more than the investment
Originally Posted by Jeremy James View Post

If'n I may, I'd like to share............

that I got my first sale tonight. I received a payment of $240, of which $100 (minus Paypal's fees of $8.32 will be my profit.)

...Thanks so much, Terry!

Originally Posted by bdaw57 View Post

Hi Terry, just wanted to stop back by to offer my review of your WSO. Have been up and running this week (my first week of operation) and have 1 sale $480 and one pending of $255. This is a great feel good business that is pretty simple to set up from a techie stand point. Your blue print makes the set up easy to follow and to understand. This is a "REAL" business that is worth every penny paid for...

...If anyone is looking for a "real" way to earn working at home then this WSO is for you!

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