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bigmuff 13th September 2012 05:35 AM

Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Zebroid 4

Multifunctional site generator and auto poster

Import your content and Zebroid will create blogs, make all on-page optimization, insert links, upload all into blog platforms, and even upload blog comments for you ...

It can automatically post content in more than 40 CMS engines


It can automatically create static sites of any structure and post content on different services.

All with few clicks!

Everyone faces the trouble to build quality backlinks. Remember how much money you spent on different methods, just to rank higher. But there is one method that will work forever – just create countless of different blogs all linking to your website. It could take alot of time, but not anymore – with Zebroid you could build your own web in terms of minutes, and to manage them was never so easy


  • Most powerfull website generator
  • Blog poster
  • Blog Commenting at the press of a button
  • Image parser
  • Video parser
  • Automatic insertion of relevant tags
  • Automatic distribution of articles by categories (relevant or random)
  • Cleaning of titles/articles by set parameters
  • Built in synonym spinner
  • Built in macros system (to automate each and every step) and make it on autopilot
  • Translator on a base of “Google translate”
  • Easy to use relink kit (which will help you to create internal and external links)
  • and many other useful tools to manage the content …

All this tools works in multithread mode. It speeds up your work tenfold!

In addition you get:
FTP uploader - customizable tool for automatic posting and uploading of the content in any engine via FTP server – all you need to do is just to enter login information and Zebroid in a blink of an eye will upload everything on FTP (It works faster than Filezilla).

CMS installer – in a few clicks it will install CMS engines you need and all the necessary plugins and templates on desired servers.

XML-RPC posting


With all Google updates day after day it becomes harder to rank your site. But, there is one thing that will always rule – CONTENT and links from REPUTABLE SITES.

So now it's time to create your own blog network – Zebroid will help to save your time and rank your money site.


With this tool i can create multiple blogger blogs and content to all of them.

The software can create content for websites in a completely "whitehat manner". But the most powerful feature is creating doorway / satellite websites and interlinking them together. Combined with all the different CMS platforms supported, inserting images and videos, it really makes it the most powerful doorway builder so far i've seen. Simply you will stay under the radar because it's not like having 10 WP sites linking to your money site or product you promote but having all these different platforms.

WP Robot works only on WordPress.*Zebroid*covers almost any CMS out there.*

This is my first website created with*Zebroid.


It's WP site and I used RSS Feeds obviously, did not make the content unique by spinning it but added text decoration.
Love how easy is to tag posts, adding images a videos. I did not put videos in the posts just wanted to fill up the site with content faster.

I know there are many other autoblogging tools but the advantage I see with*Zebroid*is no plugins footprint. So, will see how that mister 'G' acts. BTW the domain is about 3 years old, never had any website previously using the domain name.

Now, I will work on another project with different CMS (MODx - never tried it but hear only good things about it).

This is what I was looking for. It can create second tiers for my money site.

I purchased*Zebroid*a few days ago and here's my quick review:
If you are used to IM software released by marketers like you find on the Warrior Forum, you're going to be surprised by*Zebroid. It's a rock solid app that has a refined UI and is able to show you it's complexity only when you need it. I've not seen any other xmlrpc app built with this many features, and that includes the most popular consumer-oriented xmlrpc apps like Windows Live Writer and MarsEdit.

Two quick things I want to point out:
If you don't have the ability in your software to post to Joomla, Drupal, Modx etc. platforms, you won't do it. If your current software doesn't give you the ability to quickly cross post among all your domains, you won't do it. (Zebroid*allows you to define multiple cross-post groups as templates).*Zebroid*makes it easy to do things you normally wouldn't do b/c there's simply no software out there like this to do it.
I wish more IM companies would adopt a pricing structure like*Zebroid. An upfront payment, and then smaller payments for updates. Too many IM companies are wanting the same $ year after year. That doesn't make sense to me.

*Refund Policy

To make sure there is no hesitation, if you are unhappy for whatever reason, you can are eligible for a FULL 30 day money back guarantee. Let us know what you didn't like, and we'll refund your payment, no questions asked!

dadhere 13th September 2012 08:38 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
What are the php modules? Are they like different templates?

bigmuff 13th September 2012 08:59 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO

Originally Posted by dadhere (Post 6976959)
What are the php modules? Are they like different templates?

Php modules are the modules for autoposting in different engines which not support XML-RPC posting but still are very valuable for SEO. Squidoo for examlpe

dadhere 13th September 2012 09:39 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Ok, I better list my questions here

1. Ok, can you buy more module packages later that will allow us to post to "different engine".

2. How much to buy additional modules

3. How many sites or engines are in each module.

4. How much would upgrades cost after my 6 months expire for the Pro package?


bigmuff 13th September 2012 09:58 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO

Originally Posted by dadhere (Post 6977371)
Ok, I better list my questions here

1. Ok, can you buy more module packages later that will allow us to post to "different engine".

2. How much to buy additional modules

3. How many sites or engines are in each module.

4. How much would upgrades cost after my 6 months expire for the Pro package?


answering your questions:

1. Zebroid constantly updates (each 2 weeks) so there is a chance that engine you need will be included, also if you Enterprise plan you will get 3 custom written modules. And yes you can order additional modules
2. The price will be discussed via email and it depend on complexity, but don't worry it wouldn't be high (approx. 20$)
3. One module - one engine. Now there are more than 40 engines
4. updates cost 50$ for 6 month

bigmuff 14th September 2012 02:13 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO

Originally Posted by helios87 (Post 6979354)
Hey , im interested in the software , can you tell me hows it doing against penguin and other zoo animals G has released ? :D Thanks

This is a great way to create some potentially very high quality links to your
site that are completely under your control. The best part is that they will
age and their link quality will increase over time too. This is part of the high
quality links in this overall course. + your links will be thematical from your niche... This way you will rank your longtails very well...

dadhere 15th September 2012 05:10 PM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Do you have any video walkthroughs for making sites with the software? So far all I see is the video on this page with an overview of its functions. To be able to use software this complex I would need a video walkthrough I could follow making and linking sites until I became used to doing it myself.

The main site has text (with pics) of functions of the software but no walkthroughs I can see anywhere.

Hopefully you have this.

bigmuff 18th September 2012 02:14 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO

Originally Posted by dadhere (Post 6991997)
Do you have any video walkthroughs for making sites with the software? So far all I see is the video on this page with an overview of its functions. To be able to use software this complex I would need a video walkthrough I could follow making and linking sites until I became used to doing it myself.

The main site has text (with pics) of functions of the software but no walkthroughs I can see anywhere.

Hopefully you have this.

We are working on this now... While it's in process you can use articles on site - there are detailed instructions to each and every tool

Ninjasword 25th September 2012 01:11 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO

I tried to pay you through paypal unfortunately due to some issues in Indian paypal account. My credit cards are rejected by paypal account. Could you please send me a credit card payment link. I had sent two emails earlier and I am waiting to purchase the software.


bigmuff 8th October 2012 07:31 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
NEW UPDATE)) also we added Polish synonym dictionary


XML-RPC support for Joomla 2.5
Webs.com blogs posting script
Support for WordPress custom post type (takes from the add.fields "wp_post_type")
Support quotes in WordPress (takes from the add.fields "wp_excerpt")
PHP plugins: added 2 procedure for converting text encoding - _utf8toansi and _ansitoutf8


Search for duplicates significantly reduced memory usage, as well as re-written in C++ search algorithm, which gave rise in speed (about 2.5 times faster)
Purchased library for MS Excel files: import/export no longer needs the MS Excel, the speed of import/export increased in few times
XML-RPC Synchronization: If you want the program to remove blog post, before performing it asks the user for permission (incidentally shows the information about the number of deleted posts)
Optimized loading of large lists for project manager (to see the changes, you must refresh the project list)
Auto posting script in liveinternet.ru now able to post in community
Minor improvements


Fixed performance of posting script to tumblr.com
minor bugs
Error in multisite export to Kandidat CMS
Failed to save old projects
Fixed the encoding of the input parameters for PHP plugins (now in UTF-8, since in most cases it is more important than if it was ANSI). If needed, use the ANSI _utf8toansi

bigmuff 17th October 2012 11:05 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Hi guys we have some new update
Update: version 4.1.3 (Fields collector)

  1. New tool: Fields collector
  2. New macros for export templates in HTML: {URL-CAT} (url of the category) and {ADDIT_FIELD(NAME)} (value of add. field)
  3. Display the number of marked records in the status bar
  4. New macro for a project export folder name in a drop-macro - {ITERATOR (X)}
  • A library for working with CSV replaced by written personally - faster and more reliable
  • Autoposting: script function ClearCache also removes all browser cookies
  • Ability to change status of all selected entries in the Project, by pressing the "Space"
  • Import XML is now able to import the user-specified tags to add. field (before the field name should be present in the XML file)
  • Synonym spinner: the ability to specify a list of additional. fields, which can be processed
  • Synonym spinner: the ability to specify a list of stop words (words will not be processed by spinner)
  • Synonym spinner: the ability to choose few dictionaries for project processing
  • Import: if csv/xls/xlsx files have links to the pictures and these images are in the visible range of files, the program saves them in the project (as well as for .txt and .html files)
  • Editor add. fields: syntax highlighting for HTML and can change the height
  • After the XML-RPC posting in the log appear a record with a list of links to posts created by the program
  • Minor improvements
  • Autovideo: Restored RuTube
  • Export to HTML: XML sitemap was generated not always correctly
  • Mass posting XML-RPC in blinkweb
  • XML-RPC synchronization with blog that have static pages
  • Minor bugs

bigmuff 7th November 2012 10:34 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Hi - we got new update))

New tool to make your content unique - Unique content by "Noodle" method

Also added:

Comments about your project and the journal
To the API scripts for autoposting added functions to work with CSV, XLS, XLSX files
Priority of threads option (for high loaded tools that works in multi-thread mode)
New plugin that allows to combine records with the same name in one forum thread
New plugin: add to the post title a random string

bigmuff 22nd November 2012 11:02 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: version 4.1.7

  • Export to Monstra CMS (as a plugin)

  • Scheduler: if at the time of execution of the next task, previous is still not completed its work, the new tasks waits until the previous (before it was skipped)
  • Slightly increased the speed of importing a large number of records
  • Text decoration received multiple cores support (will be faster processing of large projects if you use more than one processor core)
  • Modules for Joomla 1.5 - 2.5: an option that disables the search for duplicates on the page title
  • Project tree: the ability to add multiple blank records (Right mouse button - Advanced - Add N entries)
  • Accounts for Auto posting and FTP: You can clone profiles
  • Code insertion: the opportunity to embed the code for the nearest tag </table> (so as not to break the table when you insert the tag <!--more-->)
  • Import files: The program works with all file extensions. Unknown extensions can skip to import as text or as HTML files
  • Minor improvements

  • HTML Export: macro URL-CAT has work not correctly
  • Minor bugs

bigmuff 11th December 2012 09:21 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: version 4.1.9


* Structuring: optimization options (the ability to manipulate the fields for search and record type for achieving best results)
* Customizable export: while exporting to a single file added an option which determines the need to export categories
* Export to Excel: a new parameter "Subcategory"
* Export/import of profiles settings in "CMS Installer" and "Export and Uploading"
* API PHP plugins: new functions to enumerate the list of posts in the same manner as in the Project
* New PHP plugin: Ring linking of the pictures


* Web images: in the selection of images window (from founded), you can specify keywords manually and immediately update the image for only one of the selected record
* Customizable export: while exporting to a single file, the extension of the file is taken from the file name template
* Search for the tree project: during the session user-entered search phrase is saved
* SQL Import: an opportunity to select a prefix of the tables in the profile settings to know which part of the name to ignore (allows you to import a database dump, in which the prefix is different from the standard without the need to edit the dumps files themselves)
* Minor improvements


* Import XLS, XLSX, CSV: two letters columns was not imported
* While importing large SQL files the cancellation doesn’t worked
* Drop-macro, Web images: does not run the correct profile
* Web images: in some cases, the program downloads the wrong picture
* Restored performance Auto video for YouTube
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 25th December 2012 08:03 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Merry Christmas Everyone

We launch a new update

Shortly about some major features:

Support of spinned format (now you can add your spinned article and post it to all of your sites), we developed a great algorythm that improves uniqueness of generated articles

Auto posting script for bravenet.com - great web platform in terms of trust and authority

and many more.

Also we launch a New Year's Discount period - detailed in next post


* Support of spinned format: XML-RPC, Auto posting
* XML-RPC, Auto posting: A new way to select posts "Every post to every blog"
* XML-RPC, Auto posting: Post till run out of blogs (if the number of posts is less than the number of blogs, the program will allocate posts for the second round on blogs that hasn’t got them)
* PHP Plugin: Divide the project into N parts
* Downloading a list of links: a new option "Only past dates" (export only links on posts the date of publication of which came)
* Drop-macro: import templates in different tools (useful for those who have files with templates created automatically by other programs/scripts)
* Auto posting script for bravenet.com


* Scheduler: the ability to schedule in Cron format
* PHP plugins: support for categories, it is possible to make the plugin icon (to speed up the visual search of the necessary plugin)
* PHP plugins: Call and control the individual plugins through the main menu (the separation of plugin developer interface and user interface)
* PHP plugins: All standard plugins are divided into categories, and almost for everyone assigned a menu icon. dou can Download all standard plugins in one archive on this page viewtopic.php?f=16&t=740
* Auto add. fields: the opportunity to load not only the first picture of the text, but also random or all at once
* The import module of files into DLE: Added option "Lock the news" and "Publish on the main"
* Proxy: Now you can copy the list of selected proxy to the clipboard directly from the program interface
* Auto posting: configuration templates for auto posting can save also the posting mode and the option for posting of already used entries
* The program remembers last used drop-macro for each project
* RSS import: the ability to specify a tag name with the text of the news in RSS feed (used for WP blogs that write full text news in your tag)
* CMS Installer: export/import of templates using the full path instead of FTP account ID(for ease of manual creation of templates for import). An example of the full path: "Category name\Subcategory name\Profile name"
* Minor improvements


* If you try to "Upload list of links" if user activated option "Remove links to posts, date of publication of which has not come", the program could not upload the whole list, but only those posts, the publication date of which has not come
* The disappearance of the categories with templates of different tools
* Inserting images ignore the alignment option
* Planner: not properly considered the next start for the plans “Day of the Week" after their performance
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 26th December 2012 04:23 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
New Year's discount (2013)

Merry Christmas Everyone & Happy NEW YEAR!!!

We want to greet everyone with discount -25%


Discount period will be valid till 08.01.2013
We wish you and all your family well and pleasure holidays along with great revenue :)

Also will be thankful for any kind of sharing this info)))

bigmuff 9th January 2013 08:41 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO

Discount prices would be valid for 2 more days only!!!

So hurry up )))

bigmuff 22nd January 2013 10:15 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
New update today (New CMS for auto installer)


* InstantCMS installation script
* CMS LiveStreet installation script
* CMS Drupal 7 installation script
* Plugin for WordPress, which implements the functionality of comments scheduler on the site (comments like post will appear when the date of their publication will come)
* Merge selected records in the Project tree (Context Menu - Advanced - Merge records)
* New plugin "MakroReplace”: search values and replace them ​​on one of the listed options
* New parameter for command line to run the program: the opening of the project and run rain-drop macro


* PhpBB 3 Zebroid Edition: Updated to version 3.0.11, corrected the errors if user's time zone is different from the server time zone
* Autodate in a drop macro can work as well with time ranges (used to be only days, months and years)
* Now you can sort the list of profiles by name in tools "Export and Uploading", "CMS Installer"
* Generating of posts from spun texts also handles titles and descriptions
* Export and Uploading learned to work with multi-site projects (you can export multiple sites in one click)
* Quickly adding images to current article on user requests
* XML-RPC: the ability to suspend the execution of posting (either manually or automatically when a mistake occurred)
* Scheduler: when scheduling is over - the program does not close the current project and wont be closed itself, allowing the user to make some changes to the project and save it
* "Add N records" can add to each of the selected category specified number of records
* FTP: if during uploading of files some files can not be loaded on the server, the program will make another attempt to download these files after completing the task. Appeared an opportunity to manually repeat the process for downloading these files or after interruption.
* Export and Uploading: export/import of profiles instead of FTP account ID is now using the full path to your account
* Minor improvements


* The script of import into DLE: error when importing users in Cyrillic, script does not always work with DLE versions below 9.6
* When posting via XML-RPC, program sometimes broke the img tags
* When exporting to WP, the project with comments, authors with names written in the Cyrillic alphabet did not get an email addresses
* When importing profiles of different tools the data separator ";" didn’t work
* Some Socks4 proxy fails to post into Blogspot
* Local images: sometimes not correctly insert the path to the image
* Module for import to MaxSite: Fixed import comments
* Minor bugs

guzer 13th February 2013 12:51 PM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO

This sounds great, cool software i guess. I would like to buy your program with my friend, so we need 2 licencens. Do you have some discount right now ? That will be great to hear that - so tell us "yes we have special discount for you"
Waiting for your reply.
Thanks !!

bigmuff 14th February 2013 08:15 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO

Originally Posted by guzer (Post 7735851)

This sounds great, cool software i guess. I would like to buy your program with my friend, so we need 2 licencens. Do you have some discount right now ? That will be great to hear that - so tell us "yes we have special discount for you"
Waiting for your reply.
Thanks !!

Hi unfortunately there is no discount at the moment (and wont be any soon)

The only condition that would be cheaper for both of you i s to buy 1 main license and one additional. But please read all information about additional license here: The difference between additional and main licenses of Zebroid

Thanks for asking, have a nice day

guzer 14th February 2013 03:04 PM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
You don't have any special offer for warriors members? That not sounds good... 300$ for 2 licenses is too much for us, please understand that. Please give us something at the begining, you will be much more reach man if you will have some dicount for wariorrs. To be honest i would like to test your program first if i should pay 300 bucks for 2 licenses, do you have some trial?

bigmuff 15th February 2013 03:30 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO

Originally Posted by guzer (Post 7740309)
You don't have any special offer for warriors members? That not sounds good... 300$ for 2 licenses is too much for us, please understand that. Please give us something at the begining, you will be much more reach man if you will have some dicount for wariorrs. To be honest i would like to test your program first if i should pay 300 bucks for 2 licenses, do you have some trial?

We give discounts due to some big new updates, several times a year.

If you want to give a shot with Zeboid, here is a link on Demo version: Download Zebroid free demo version

guzer 17th February 2013 07:20 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO

Thanks for demo, i`m gona to check it.

Do you working with some big new update ?:) If you, me and my friend will wait to it.


bigmuff 27th February 2013 09:13 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: version 4.2.8 (Manual text rewriter)


* New tool: Manual text rewriter
* The text editor, button "Quote", "Heading 1-6"
* Sort the project tree by the number of characters in the article
* Import: the ability to sort files by the name mask
* Support for Image Hosting: imageshost.ru, hostingkartinok.com, freeimagehosting.net, simplest-image-hosting.net, shot.qip.ru


* Drop-macro: in Auto date now you can enter fractions (for example, to mark half a month is enough to enter in the box 0.5)
* Significantly speed improvement in the splitting of large texts
* Search in the Project Tree fixated
* Window adding links when changing the type (and the window size) chooses the correct offset to remain in the center itself (it is important for those who have small height of the screen)
* Updated export plugin for Monstra CMS due to changes in CMS
* DLE (file export): Added support for a rating field via add. field in program (rating)
* Minor improvements


* Error when trying to select an FTP account in multisite project
* Auto comments: the option "Length of keywords" exposed to 0 work wrong
* Auto date: partial selection did not work for static pages
* Local images: a large number of files is very slow
* Component for Joomla 1.5.x: fixed a bug in which ignored the option "Publish"
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 18th March 2013 10:19 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: version 4.3.0 (Posting into VK.com)


* New tool: Posting into VKontakte publics
* Filter by the records: added an option that allows to determine exactly where to look for the text - in text and in title, only in text or in title only
* Batch tags add: added an option that allows to determine exactly where to add - in tags and keywords, only in tags or only in keywords
* Keyword density: export the results to MS Excel added
* Batch editing in CMS Installer
* API for PHP plugins: new features (working with Excel files, use Zebroid proxy servers, determining the type of posts). Established new convenience class for work with proxy
* PHP plugins: Comments Import
* PHP plugins: Distribution of posts
* FTP Accounts: for profiles without passwords Zebroid checks the passwords during their use (for those who are afraid to store passwords in the program)
* Partial selection mode, new options: check only categories, check articles, check only comments
* Drop-macro: support tool "Linking designer"
* Drop-macro: support tool "Choosing keywords"


* Script for auto posting in WordPress: Added ability to specify the date of publication of the post
* CMS Installer: choice of tables prefix in database for WordPress Installer
* Updated import profile for softmarket XML in connection with changing format
* Image Manager: The program stores user entered alt to each image, as well as a picture publish date (to sort by date)
* Drop-macro: the program displays a log of posting via XML-RPC
* Linking designer: the ability to store settings in individual profiles
* Code editors in the "Plugin Manager" replaced for new
* Minor improvements


* Export to Zebrum Lite: not correctly exported add. fields
* InstantCMS import component: some errors of import
* Did not copy images when divided not saved project
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 5th April 2013 03:29 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: version 4.3.2 (Related articles)


* New tool: Related articles
* Ability to copy profiles for tools: XLS import, SQL import, XML import
* Displays statistical information for the completion of the tool "Mass processing of images"
* Support parameter @@images for Zebrum Lite
* Relink: added a list of banned tags, in which you can not insert links


* The program remembers when window was maximized (previously memorized only the size of the window)
* Counting statistics in the project tree made asynchronous (now there is no delay in the tree of a larger projects)
* All editors with syntax highlighting are replaced for new (more stable, fast and adequate)
* While downloading images - the program finds and replaces the UTF characters in addresses of pictures on understandable for the server interpretation
* Text decoration: the ability to specify the minimum length of a word in the decoration of random words
* Splitting of articles: while creating new records, the program copies the settings from the parent record (tags, publishing date, add. fields, etc.)
* FTP Accounts: Accounts can be sorted by name
* Project Manager: the ability to move projects into the category via context menu (only for categories of the first level)
* While searching in project tree or in record (except the visual editor), you can use regular expressions
* Export and upload remembers the last active profile for each project
* Minor improvements


* Autovideo VK.com: did not work with the settings "sort by length"
* Error while splitting by: removes the last character of last splitted article
* Unique images: wrong marking of records in option "Mark not processed only"
* Mass processing of images: computer freezes when a program makes physical resizing of images using multiple cores
* Some bugs when working with multi-site project
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 25th April 2013 02:53 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: version 4.3.4


* New tool: Batch projects creating
* Plugin: Ring relink by blocks
* Drop-macro: Import/Export of Profiles
* Webimages: the ability to save images directly in the project folder (to speed up the process of saving)
* Export and upload profile for Instant CMS
* SQL dump import profile for LitePublisher CMS
* Search and Replace: new macro that allows you to substitute the serial number of the found matches for replacing in text
* Merge same categories (context menu of the project tree -> Advanced -> Merge same categories)
* Option to specify a template for the names of images that the program receives from the SE


* Video Import from Youtube channel can parse more than one page
* HTML Export: while exports in half CMS mode, if the file type is different from php - program generates a file .htaccess, which prescribes the rule of redirection, so the links on site user could use the specified type
* The format of the export file in WordPress is aligned with the current format (generated by the software files will be smaller in size)
* Import XML WordPress: the program saves the IDs of posts that were on the site
* Code Insertion: removed the “add code after a certain number of characters” funcion (duplicates functionality of “custom type of insertion”), and in its place added new option allowing to insert code after certain tag in the text (for example, after the second tag img)
* Plugin "Import Comments": added the ability to specify the column with the comment header
* Relink kit now can work with comments
* When copying records from the program tree, the program copies its optional parameters (additional fields, add. categories, XML-RPC posting mark, etc.)
* The merge records function in the project tree (Optional - Merge records) is now able to merge the same categories and posts with comments
* Auto Titles by the list of words in "Split articles" and "noodle content uniqueness" can be downloaded from the list of user-specified file
* Partial selecion mode is now working in multisite export
* Minor improvements


* Import of text files with the option "forum format"
* Import video from Youtube channel
* Failure while merging projects with the same name of pictures in different projects
* Errors in the "text decoration"
* Error while uploading images on image hosting if the attributes of the img tag used in single quotes
* The program generated files encoded in ansi for Instant CMS, which recently moved to a utf-8
* Error while importin MS Word files in drop-macro mode if the setting “do not split file by title” enabled
* Posting in WP via XML-RPC ignored nested categories
* Fixed performance of some video services for the “Auto Video” tool
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 25th June 2013 09:41 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Hi, the first butch of tutorial videos are ready:

Tutorial Videos

From now we will add more videos constantly

Thanks for your patience and support

bigmuff 1st July 2013 07:45 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: Version 4.5 (Auto posting via Chromium)


* Autoposting using the browser based on Chromium (more stability, support for multi-threading and proxies)
* Autoposting script for tumblr.com (via Chromium)
* Support thumbnails for XML-RPC posting in WordPress


* Autoposting script for WordPress blogs adapted for Chromium
* Autoposting script for beon.ru blogs adapted for Chromium
* The replacement process can be stopped now
* Relink kit: unless you select a template for the link insertion block - the program automatically inserts blocks at the end of the article
* Name of the open project is displayed in the taskbar
* While calculating the number of characters in article, the program considers tabs and non-breaking space - as a space, not as a symbol
* Minor improvements


* Error while importing some XML files
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 9th July 2013 03:56 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Hi to everyone) We are glad to celebrate the birthday of Zebroid !!!!!

4 year ago the program was made for Russian market and now 1 year at global market with English version

We want to greet everyone with discount -25%

Discount prices

*discount prices are available till 23.07.2013

bigmuff 10th July 2013 07:44 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: Version 4.5.2 (Generation of projects for other programs)


* New tool: generation of projects for other programs (supported programs AllSubmitter, XRumer, Bugmarker)
* Plug-in "Transferring add. fields"
* Plug-in "Adding the expanded tag"
* Auto posting API: the ability to log links to published posts (procedure «AddUrl»)
* The removal of images that are smaller than the specified size in "Bulk processing of images" tool


* Auto posting scripts adapted for Chromium: blogs.mail.ru, bravenet.com, FC2 Blog, liveinternet.ru, LiveStreet, privet.ru, squidoo.com, taba.ru, Ya.ru blogs
* XML-RPC is able to convert Cyrillic domains in Punycode to create a link to the XML-RPC server
* Optimized memory usage when operating in the "Big Project"
* From Import removed the option "pictures alt" This function is in a tool "Bulk processing of images"
* API of plugins: if in a function «zebroid_addit_field_set» set a blank value - the program will remove add. field
* Synonym spinner, mixing: ability not to touch the first sentence/paragraph for mixing
* Minor improvements


* XML import: categories search was case sensitive
* Error in mass auto posting
* Tags were not displayed in the preview
* Rollback does not work if you do the mixing of text without synonym spinner


And keep in mind about:

Discount prices

bigmuff 30th July 2013 10:09 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: version 4.5.4 (major and minor improvements)


* Plugin "Add. fields import"
* Drop-macro: Import of drop-macro profiles to specify "Profiles import" task


* Support of macro in the folder names for images (the program is now able to scatter images for different folders, instead of storing them all in one)
* Web Images: Displays the size of the picture in the preview (for Google and Yandex)
* Export to HTML: control the format of articles lists in categories
* Export to HTML: the ability to export sites with relative links (previously exported only with the absolute)
* Export to HTML: the ability to specify the folder name for child pages (previously it was always the name of the index folder)
* Export to Excel, you can only do for unpublished articles (those that were not exported to Excel or through Auto posting and XML-RPC)
* Auto paragraphs: the ability to skip the categories with the text
* Date generator: When creating a new period, it automatically starts with the end of the previous
* Plugin "Split posts": the ability to form the name of the new post as a result of the union of all post names
* Generate projects for other programs: support drop-macro hot keys, the ability to make a big button in the user menu
* Cleaning of articles: an opportunity to search articles with too many words with capital letters, too many digits or special characters
* XLS import profiles: the ability to download a list of fields from the first row in the XLS document
* Custom export: the field that indicates where to save images deleted. The program takes the name of the folder with the pictures in the settings of the program. Only images that are used in texts will be exported.
* Export in PHPplugins: only export those pictures that are used in texts. The program takes the name of the folder with the pictures in the settings of the program.
* Minor improvements


* Error while posting posts with pictures in add. fields via XML-RPC
* Posting in wordpress.com via XML-RPC
* Export Monstra CMS: not replaced the internal links and images are not exported
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 2nd August 2013 04:53 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Here are 2 new videos, great tools, i think it would be interesting for you to checkout them

CMS installer tool in Zebroid - CMS installer tool in Zebroid
Autoposting tool in Zebroid - Autoposting tool in Zebroid

As you see, we trying our best to keep making new videos and new updates of Zebroid))) And New Tools will be explained also in new videos.

Discount prices will be valid for more 2 days, so everyone who are interested, please welcome)

bigmuff 14th August 2013 04:30 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: version 4.5.6 (Regular expressions kit)

* Regular expressions kit
* Progress bar in the tool "code insertion"
* Ability to specify hotkeys for buttons text editor: quote, pre, h1-h6
* Hand rewriter: the ability to hide not marked records in partial choice (option is located in the context menu)
* Custom menu: the ability to make a tool button "Image uniqueness"
* Search for snippet name in the tool "Replacement"


* Search and Replace: The window interface is replaced by a more intuitive
* Tags dictionaries supports categories
* Web images: the ability to insert images without alignment
* Images can be inserted in posts directly from the clipboard (Zebroid itself will create an image file)
* Drop-macro, XML-RPC posting: the opportunity to save a list of posting links to a user-specified file
* Fields collector: the ability to collect tags not from first suitable tag, but combining them from all matching tags (select the option "Write to" value "Tags (repeatable field)")
* Minor improvements


* Bug with the posting of categories viaa auto posting for scripts adapted for Chromium
* Adapted import module for the new version InstantCMS
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 11th September 2013 09:13 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: version 4.6.0 (SSH + Autosave)


* Autosave of projects (is off by default)
* Web Images: a new type of distribution of pictures - all files in alphabetical order
* Partial selection mode: mark posts that are less than a certain number of characters
* Support for the SSH in "drop-macro" tools (for custom scripts), "CMS installer» (unpacking of archives and acceleration of the installation process)
* The script that automatically install Kandidat CMS
* Script to export and upload for LiveStreet CMS
* Script to export and upload for Drupal 7


* Search in the project tree: the ability to search only for posts that are selected in partial selection
* Structuring: the ability to distribute evenly or relevant (posts with more keys will receive more articles)
* Structuring: the ability to specify the keys that must be and the keys that should not be present
* FTP accounts: the ability to specify a list of folders to ignore during cleaning
* Minor improvements


* Import: comments in the text are not removed during the cleaning tag attributes
* Auto categories: Distribution of categories in the multi-site project
* Failed to open projects that are stored in the previous version of the program that were with static pages
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 26th September 2013 10:15 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: version 4.6.2 (Few Updates)


* HTML editing features in the tool "Cleaning the headlines and articles»
* Module for control sheduled comments (publication date of which has not yet occurred) for DLE
* Autoposting API: a new feature for the browser Chromium (KeyPress)
* Statistics at the end of the "Fields Collector"
* Drop-macro: support for macro {DATE} in the name of the folder to export
* Drop-macro: support for macro for the file name in Excel export is similar to those that exist in the normal export


* Partial choice mode now supports: posting to Twitter, VKontakte, Autoposting, XML-RPC (except for synchronization)
* XML-RPC: during the export program creates only those categories, posts that are marked for export (in partial selection mode)
* Edit text of the article: when you insert graphics files from the clipboard to the program automatically stores them in the project
* Redesigned module for DLE import (for versions above 9.6). Now it is much faster, more stable and is not afraid of large files. Added new features: the ability to set the ratin and the number of views to hide future date comments and add new users avatars
* The script of export and upload for DLE adapted to the new module
* Autoposting Script to «squidoo.com» adapted to the new interface of the posting


* Web Images for Google with activated proxy
* Login to VK.com with Cyrillic password
* Do not activate a profile site in multisite project, if it was created after the removal of another
* Export Drupal: not exported add. category
* Minor bug

bigmuff 2nd December 2013 11:01 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
We have working for a while to make new features of Zebroid like:

Facebook posting
Twitter posting
and other

Also we made a new site, so it is now easier to learn how Zebroid works, and now we changing all documentation.

In this case in order to compensate all time without updates each active user gets 3 more moth of free updates.

Here are 2 updates, please read carefully
New Zebroid version and new site engine / News / Zebroid
Update: version 4.7.8 (Export to TYPO3) / News / Zebroid

bigmuff 20th December 2013 09:59 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update: version 4.8.0 (Auto Maps)

So we've made new Zebroid update.

You can check another new tool - Auto Maps.

Selection of maps for articles

This tool allows you to search maps, addresses, phone numbers through a Google search using the necessary user requests and insert them in the text of articles.

The need to add the map can be different: improve local seo, website directories, classified ads sites, increasing the "humanity" of doorways, etc. In any of these cases, you can add maps as in fully automatic mode and semi-automatic (controlled by the user).

Just implemented a number of medium and small suggestions from users of the program. Zebroid continues to evolve and improve thereby giving its users a convenient, powerful tool for fast processing and uploading texts.



* New tool "Auto Maps" (search and insert Google maps)
* Web Images: the ability to search for images on request, which consists of the category name and the name of the post (eg.if you have post «X5» in the category «BMW», the program will search for images on request «BMW X5»)
* Joomla 3: support of images for short and the full text of the material
* Division of articles, Auto Caption: new options for searching suitable titles that can help you achieve better results


* Cleaning articles: Support masks of words in black and white lists
* Import Excel: program has learned to work with Excel cell format "Date/Time" for the date of publication
* Export to Kandidat CMS: pages category code more compliant to CMS
* Upload images on FTP: despite the fact whether all images were uploaded successfully or only part of them- it replaces the links in articles for images that was uploaded
* Auto Posting Script in empowernetwork.com: added pause between actions (to avoid a situation where the page has not had time to process the previous step)
* Minor improvements


* Auto Paragraphs has destroyed tables
* Error that sometimes occurs when processing The Best Spinner
* Multiple file selection did not work in file import function of drop macro
* Cleaning articles: black and white lists took into account partial entries
* Translator does not work properly due to changes in delivery service response of Google
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 13th January 2014 02:23 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Update 4.8.2. (Export to HostCMS)
In this update we've added support for HostCMS.

HostCMS — convenient, fast and modern content management system open source, allowing you to create websites of any complexity. It allows you to manage multiple sites from one admin. We will not advertise it, who worked one knows better all the advantages of working with this CMS.

Just want to remind you that the Christmas discounts on Zebroid continues. If you have not purchased the program — it's your chance to save money and get a great tool at a very affordable price.

List of changes
Export to HostCMS
Small improvements
Import module for DLE 10+: errors with encoding
Module for Joomla 3.x: script does not correctly made menu, which caused different types of mistakes
Auto Maps: search for particular address
Uploading images on radikal.ru
XML-RPC posting on Blogger
Small bug fix

bigmuff 14th April 2014 05:30 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
Official release of 5th version of Zebroid.

The main reason why we've made 5th version of Zebroid is to make vital changes in order to improve all existing tools. It is now more faster, stable and easy to use. Though there are some unconvertible settings, but all changes were made for better usage of Zebroid.


* A window with information about proxies: for all tools (except autoposting) that uses proxies shows a window where you can see statistics about the proxy usage
* Added support of anticaptcha services: rucaptcha.com, ripcaptcha.com
* Autopostin Scripts: macro "$POST_AUTHOR", which will be replaced by the post's author
* Filter in the project tree for records with/without notes
* Support for add.fields in "Google Translator» tool
* Support anticaptcha in VKontakte posting


* Replaced the browser engine for Auto Posting on the Chromium. This gave greater stability, speed, capability, as well as adds support for proxy authorization and SOCKS5 proxy
* Each browser tab for auto posting - it is a separate and independent process of Chromium, which in turn means that if during this process unexpected error arise - that will stop only the process and will not touch other ones.
* All scripts for export and upload, as well as the CMS installer were rewritten for Chromium usage, which gave greater speed and stability
* When exporting to DLE, the program ignores add. fields that have a null value
* Web Images: increased speed of parsing flickr, as well as added information on the size of images to flickr
* Loop relink: accelerated algorithm of analysis and relinking
* Changed the internal structure of the program folder. Now clearly assigned user files and files that are included with the program
* All templates settings translated into a XML format (instead of the outdated ini, which was slow, uncomfortable and unstable)
* Settings of transliteration transferred from ini files in xml. Also accelerated algorithm itself
* Settings for automatic Captcha solve (serviceof solving and key) made separately. Now all the tools which may need solving captchas will take these settings
* Standard scripts of Auto posting made ​​in separate window with its own settings and a list of accounts. Each exports window opens by separate button and it can be present on a custom panel
* Auto Posting Tool renamed on "Designer of autoposting" (now a tool for creating custom scripts for autoposting and not execution of standard). Improved usability of tool
* Tested almost all standard scripts of Auto Posting. Scripts that were transcribed for IE browser to use Chromium. In all scripts, where possible, we’ve added the ability to draw links to the posts created by the program
* When exporting to DLE add. fields are automatically converted to lowercase (otherwise they can be ignored by DLE)
* Significantly increased the speed of sorting project tree
* Optimized the algorithm of the ring relinking
* Significantly accelerate a number of tools when working with large text
* Zebroid saves the last 5 logs of posting via XML-RPC, Twitter, VKontakte
* A library for working with XML files replaced by faster and more stable
* Removed Zebrum Lite field. Now, instead they use the standard add. field of the program. This gives more flexibility in manipulating their contents, and the need to refine Zebroid leveled when adding new fields to Zebrum Lite
* Improved algorithm of export : WordPress, Drupal, DLE, MaxSite, Blogger
* Import module for CMS MaxSite improved (increased speed and stability)
* Prevent re-run of the program from one folder (prevents accidental start of the second copy of program that can clear the contents of the temp that need for work with the first instance)
* Improved add. fields : added support for macros in the alignment of value add. fields , added the ability to search and replace values​​/add. fields
* Unified interface of AutoCaption for different tools
* Improved speed and accuracy of proxy checker
* Replaced library for the network for more stable (particularly when dealing with proxy)
* Improved quality of proxy checker
* Function AntiJS in parsing proxy now loads the page via Chromium (greatly increases the chances bypass JS protection of site)
* Significantly improved work with proxy in Web images tool
* Several minor improvements...


*Simultaneously import of multiple XML files doesn’t work correctly
* Minor bugs

bigmuff 9th September 2014 04:53 AM

Re: Zebroid4 - site generator for SEO
We keep updating Zebroid, keep fixing bugs and making new functions )


* Drop-macro: support of export in a custom format
* Ability to interrupt the relinking proces
* Structuring: support for import of complex structures (both different types and levels of nesting)


* Sorting by the number of records includes categories and posts to be located together in the project tree
* The alignment of code: You can now specify a list of tags, in which you can not embed the code (it was only for the tables before)
* Keyword Selection: next to the number of matches in the text of the program also writes the frequency as a percentage
* Search by articles id in the project tree on a separate button for which you can assign a hotkey
* Keyword Selection ignores HTML mnemonics
* Minor improvements


* When using a standard browser of auto posting doesn’t worked the choice of patterns for reproduction
* When you add an index to the alt_name of article, the name of which is already in the project, Zebroid does not considered the setting of a transliteration of the project and always added as a separator — underscore
* Module for InstantCMS
* Minor bugs

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