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Unread 28th May 2009, 01:15 AM   #1
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Super Social Domination: Get On 15 Social Network Sites, 26 Bookmarks, 18 RSS & 12 Video Submissions
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WSO Reopened:

Super Social Media Domination Returns

How Would You like to Annihilate the Search Engines and Blow Your Competitors Out of the Water?

Time Sensitive Offer - Buy 2, Get 1 Free - Guaranteed

Discover how you can get more mileage and targeted traffic from one unique and originally written article than I bet your competition would even think about using when it comes to keyword domination in the search engine wars.

Listen getting traffic from the top social websites can be a very lucrative and profitable thing to happen for your business because it can lead to targeted traffic.

The only problem is getting it in the first place.

Driving traffic from these sites is easy and simple, yet so boring and time consuming at the same time. You need to work on your business like creating joint ventures and contacting your list.

Spending your time on bookmarking and article writing is not a profitable activity for you personally to do as your time is spent on better more profitable activities.

As a business owner operating a website, marketing alone is a full time job. Social marketing is just one portion of all the marketing and promotional activities you need to focus on in order to have a landslide of sales each day.

Doing social marketing submission is a time consuming task.

Time you can’t waste.

Do you really see yourself doing this daily just to stay on top of the search engine war:.
  • Writing a unique 500 word article for just one of your targeted keyword phrases?
  • Creating/spinning unique variations of each article to help avoid the duplicate content filter?
  • Creating accounts and verifying each account at each of the web 2.0 sites
  • Filling out the CAPTCHAs – just one more consuming step even when you are just submitting content?
  • Pinging each of the sites?
  • Bookmarking each of the sites you post with your unique article?
  • Linking each of the sites back to your main central ‘money site.’?
Here is where I come in. I do all of the above boring, time consuming, repetitive tasks for you, while you sit back and do all the more productive tasks like getting joint ventures, running promotions, and building a relationship with your list.

That’s why I am introducing my services to the Warrior Forum for rock bottom prices.

INTRODUCING: Super Social Media Domination & Annihilation Submission Services

  • Get an originally unique written seed article by a Native English Speaker, along with a different human spun variation of that article which is submitted up to 15 hot web 2.0 sites that index fast.
  • Bookmarked up to 26 DO-FOLLOW social bookmarking websites.
  • Submitted up to 18 Top RSS Aggregators.
  • Get that same article converted into a 2-4 minute video that gets submitted up to 25 of Google’s favorite video directories.
Grab your spot before your competition does.

Get one unique article written and then submitted up to16 hot social network sites that Google loves such as,,

Each article is spun to help avoid duplicate content and will be at least 30-40% unique content. However, it isn't used with crappy spinning software.

You need fresh content to continuously promote your website effectively in Google. Providing crap content by second class non-native English speakers from India is the worst thing you can do to your business besides giving out your social security to the Nigerian Scam Email we have all received from some dead prince's lawyer.

You need Grade A Quality Content written by a professional.

You will own full and total rights to this entire article. Copyright and everything.

Each spun article is human spun so it will make sense for the reader and the search engine.

I will take that same seed article and create a video for you out of it and submit it up to the following video online directories.

You need video. If you don't you are losing sales. Period. Video is interactive. People pay attention more online than even the TV. The average YouTube user alone spends 43 minutes a day watching video.

People are lazy. Video is passive. That’s why we love the TV so much.

Organic traffic results carry more weight than paid advertisement in the eyes of the searcher any day. What do you trust more - a paid advertisement or an organic listing? Google includes videos in the universal search. Does your video show up there?

Ready to dominate? Yes Sir.

Get your video submitted to multiple directories (up to 25 or more) such as and After that, I will turn around and take all the URLs of the pages that were just created and bookmark all of that content on unique social bookmarking websites. This includes bookmarking up to 26 social bookmarking sites such as backflipcom, and

Many of the social media sites generate RSS feeds for each account profile. Any site that creates an RSS feed will get submitted up to 18 different RSS directories and pinged. Get submitted to sites such as, and

Imagine doing all that by hand on your own? You will spend an entire day sitting at your computer with cramped fingers from typing all day.

If you think you can do this on your own, give me your address so I can FedEx you a bottle of Ibuprofen – you’ll need it in order to keep up daily.

I will create the article and then send it to you for final approval. After I get your stamp of approval, I will begin the social submission piece so you can go onto total domination for your selected keyword.

This is to help you get indexed and get backlinks to your site fast in Google, Yahoo and MSN and other search engines. Let me do the mind numbing work of submitting your site to high-value and high ranking social bookmarking websites.

However, this isn’t just about bookmarking websites. This is total annihilation and beating the snot out of our competition (even if it is only for a little while for those that give up easily). Get It Now.

Here is what I need from you in order to make this work:

After your payment has been processed, you will be redirected to an order confirmation page on my website This happens automatically.

If this doesn't or something happens, you can always PM me and I'll get you the link you need to go to in order to send over your information.

This is the information I will need from you:

PayPal transaction ID
Site(s) to promote
Description/objective of your article marketing campaign

  • One email address you check regularly. I may have a question I need to ask you before proceeding with any other work. I know as internet marketers we can have 5 and 6 email addresses depending on the niche.
  • Your keyword (include up to 3 variations of your keyword - think long tail) that you want to dominate for. Also let me know if you want me to use a pen name or your real name for the accounts I create at the social media websites and for the article.
  • Your web address URL you want to be promoted.
  • A description of what your objective with the article. What is its purpose - instructional, blatantly promotional. Are you promoting a blog, an affiliate offer or review site, your salesletter page, etc.
Once I get some of the details, I'll be setting you up an account on This is the project management software I use with my company. All communication will go through there, all articles will be uploaded on there, etc. This allows me to keep track of everything in one centralized place without constant back and forth on email.

Turnaround Time

This is based on a first come first serve basis.

You will receive a report in a simple excel spreadsheet letting you know where all your content has been distributed to.

Because of the amount of work involved I do estimate a 4-7 day turnaround time. I am working around the clock to improve the processes to speed up the work so you can get your report faster.

Ultra-Sweet Time Sensitive Offer:

If you are one of the first 10 Warriors to purchase 2 article creation and link submission packages at $97, I’ll do a third submission package absolutely free of charge for you (this includes the article and video creation)
Buy 2, Get 1 Free If You Are One of the First Warriors Who Invests in This Service

Ultimately, here is a list of benefits for what this means for your site and your business:

Laser targeted traffic (because part of the Social Domination Package Submission Service focuses on the long tail, your prospect is already more qualified and has a higher chance of purchasing whatever it is you are offering)

Superfast indexing in the search engines

Backlinks from authoritative sites. This gives you Google Love and boosts your SE rankings without doing anything fishy or illegal that would put you into Maximum Security SEO Prison.

Increases your organic rankings with targeted keywords

You won’t have to waste time creating accounts and verifying emails and filling out CAPTCHAs you can’t even read.

You don't have to know jack about SEO.

You can use this service to help build your authority and credibility in your niche.

Get the grunt work taking care of - the stuff that you know is important but hate doing.

Get your submission on any topic or any niche without lifting a finger - even if you hate to write articles, research articles, research for keywords, produce videos or you just hate working for that matter on the computer. This is a perfect service for you niche marketers - I've got the time and patience that you don't have – Guaranteed.

This is a Push Button Marketing Submission System Solution for the stuff that you know what works but are just too lazy to take action on. Click here to Get In On This Now.

Why don’t you drop the SEO Bomb now on your competition. Let someone like me who has the time, effort and energy that you don’t have or even want to think about. I’ll do the dirty donkey work you don’t like touching, even if you had a ten foot pole.

To helping you creating kick ass marketing that works,

Matt Santi

PS – If you buy 2 packages of the submission and you are one of the next 10 Warriors that signs up today, you'll get a third submission completely free - that alone is a $97 dollar bonus...and it is all yours for the taking. Get it now.

PSS - Please note that normally I charge a rate of $147 for this kind of service and have received it already. This is a promotional discount valid only for Warior Forum members. This will not last at this price as spots fill up.
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Unread 28th May 2009, 04:29 AM   #2
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Re: Super Social Domination: Get On 15 Social Network Sites, 26 Bookmarks, 18 RSS & 12 Video Submiss
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I'm in for this buy 2 get one free package. Off to Paypal now.

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Unread 28th May 2009, 04:32 AM   #3
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Thanked 67 Times in 46 Posts
Re: Super Social Domination: Get On 15 Social Network Sites, 26 Bookmarks, 18 RSS & 12 Video Submiss
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Done deal! Will PM you details soon.

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Unread 29th May 2009, 03:38 AM   #4
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Re: Super Social Domination: Get On 15 Social Network Sites, 26 Bookmarks, 18 RSS & 12 Video Submiss
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Done deal! 3 for the price of 2. Will PM details later, after work.

Thanks, Elliott
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