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Improve Your Standing As A Marketer
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Oh God! (Yawn). Here's another ebook telling me how to live my life and be a hit on social media sites.

Well actually, no it isn't.

This book doesn't tell you how to join the high Twitterati, become a Facebook phenomenon or a StumbleUpon Superhero. It barely mentions social media except in passing so if you're looking to sell more from social sites, this isn't your thing... Or is it?

Part of what many people tell you is that if you want to be an ongoing success, as opposed to a one or two shot wonder, you need to brand yourself. But what does that really mean?

This book DOES tell you that.

It also tells you the sort of things you need to do if you need to be regarded as someone to be searched for, as opposed to someone who should be avoided. Someone who is here for the long haul and not some fly-by-night. Someone who cares about his customers and doesn't treat them like his source of disposable income.

Someone who is actually a Social Marketer.

Does that sound like the sort of person you want to be? Someone whose words are held in high regard? Someone to whom people come to with money in their hands saying "Let me buy from you", instead of you having to say "You must buy this".

Someone who doesn't chase the money, because the money chases you!

The book is not 30 pages of material, small paged, double-spaced and using large fonts to make it 100 pages long, just because some people associate size and page-count with value. There's no need for fancy graphics to bulk it out even further. There's not even a high priced upsell to my personal $1000 training course. In fact, there's no upsell, down-sell or side-sell at all. I don't think this book needs it and it would only distract from the content.

It is 11,000 words of useful information, a count that won't change no matter how much the page and font sizes are altered. It probably won't even take you half a day to read, but it may just change the way you approach your entire selling plan. (Assuming you even had a plan before you started reading it).

I'm Steven Lucas and I am not a typical rags to riches story. I haven't been laid low financially, I don't have a tough luck and tough love tale to tell you and anyway, why would you be interested? This isn't my first ebook and nor will it be my last. It's not my final declaration of world-wide domination (that, is yet to come), nor is it my last desperate plea before I slide into oblivion. I'm technically aware, reasonably polite (most of the time) and even when I'm impolite it's (usually) under my breath. In other words I don't have a sob-sob back story, I'm slightly above average (in my humble-ish opinion, and that's almost my wife's opinion too) and I do have something I want to share with you.

I also don't like long sales letters and I'm overdoing this one as it is.

This book is about self-brand building. It's about caring for your customers – even the ones who haven't bought anything from you... because there's always the unspoken 'yet'. It's about being more than just a seller. It's about being the marketer, the one who everyone respects.

It's about you and what you want to be.

The Social Marketer is instantly available to you after the modest payment of $7 and I'm sure you won't regret it.

60 day guarantee of satisfaction. No quibble, money back guarantee. You can even become an affiliate and send other people here for a 50/50 share of the sales.

In regards to the rules of WSO, this is a genuine special offer. This ebook is also on sale on Amazon for $8.99 or local currency equivalent. It will also be a paperback for $10.99.

Buy 'How To Become A Social Marketer' now and become a better person, and a better Marketer.

Yours sincerely

Steven Lucas
Steven Lucas Internet Marketing Blog

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