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C and E Vincent 14th October 2014 07:59 PM

Advice About Clickbank

I have created a one-hour self paced video teaching Excel basics. I created it initially to be the first part of a two part course, in which the second part is a live webinar workshop.

I am considering selling the one-hour video on clickbank. Any feedback or advice? How much should I sell it for?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

IMPromocoder 15th October 2014 01:56 PM

Re: Advice About Clickbank
My advice is that you consider placing it on learning platforms such as Udemy, Lynda or others. This will add trust to your potential buyers.
As for pricing, the market of Office/Excel tutorials is pretty saturated, whether it is for free or not, thus more than $10 will be problematic.

Best of luck!

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