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KAWebb 10th November 2014 08:36 AM

Speculative Fiction Ghostwriter
I've been writing speculative fiction of one type or another for as long as I can remember, although I don't think my crayon written stories would make me much now. For the last three years I've been writing professionally, both for my own website (http://www.kawebb.co.uk) and more recently for other people. I have a Fiverr account (https://www.fiverr.com/kawebb) or a contact form at my website for anyone who might be interested in hiring me (Ghostwriting - K. A. Webb Writing).

My prices are low, because I don't yet feel comfortable charging more, but that doesn't affect the quality of my writing. If you check out my Fiverr reviews it's possible to see how happy my buyers have been and I should be getting some testimonials up at the website from some of my regular buyers. On Fiverr I don't sign NDAs, due to having already agreed to the TOS (which state that all copyright belongs to the buyer once the work has been delivered), but I'm happy to do that for anyone who purchases via the website, if that makes them more comfortable with hiring me. As far as I'm concerned any work that I write for someone else has never belonged to me, so I wouldn't try to claim ownership of it.

If anyone would like more information feel free to PM me here, contact me at my website or Fiverr, or email me at k_a_webb[at]live[dot]co[dot]uk.

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