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Sales Page Formating: Convert Your Boring Sales Page Into An Amazing One.
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Visit my site :
contact me :

(please allow up to 24 hours for response)


Convert your plain ol' and boring sales copy, into a graphical, and definitely MUCH BETTER CONVERTING sales page.. I have 6 years of experience, working with top internet marketers, so I know exactly how to make a sales copy CONVERT BETTER.. What color to use, what font type, the layout, etc.

Send me your sales copy (MAX 1,500 words), and we'll do the magic. We'll show you the draft first, and if all good to go, then the design will be coded into HTML (for the sake of SEO, and faster page loading time)


Click below to see sample of the page coded into HTML:
Sample #1 | Sample #2

Q & A / TERMS:

Do you provide copywriting service?
NO, we don't.

Should I provide the pics to use on the Sales Letter?
NO you don't have to. We will find and create all the appropriate pics to be used. However, if you have any particular pics to be use (product shot, client pic, etc), just sent it over and we'll put them on the sales page.

How long is turnaround time:
I can only work at 1 project per day (yes, it does take some time). So, if you're lucky i.e, I'm not booked, you can have your graphic done in 24 hours. Then after approval, please allow another 24 hrs for my coder to convert it into HTML.

Got a longer sales copy (more than 1500 words)?
No problem, just send me the copy, and I'll give you a quote.

Can I ask for a revision once I've shown you the draft?
YES, you can ask for 1 (one) time revision. (FYI, 98% of my clients are never asking for revision, cos they've more then satisfied with the draft at the first place

Can I have the PSD file?
YES, you can have it if you want to. No extra charge.

Can you make the sales page "responsive"
YES we can (although this is not a common practice for Sales Page). But it'll require an additional charge. Please contact me for a quote.

How long have you-re doing this?
Since 2008. You're not dealing with a newbie. I've worked with over 2,000 clients, literally.


Hi Oki,

Honestly, you did an EXCELLENT job on the design,
I'm very happy and quite impressed with it, you truly
delivered on what I wanted.

I'm trying to figure out what changes are needed, and
there really aren't any! That's definitely a first in my
time dealing with designers for the past 6 years.

The design is very professional, clean, and truly delivered
the vision that I was after

Oh yea, and did I mention that I needed this design
within 24 hours? and as a rush order, Oki delivered!

I highly recommend your services to other Warriors interested
in excellent design services.

Carlos Garcia
Just got my first design and Oki is truly a diamond in the rough. A Professional with an excellent eye for design and style. I have literally been searching for a decent designer for years, and I have just found him! He will be my main designer from this point on....GO OKI!
You're the Man.......


Wow, I think we have a new contender for the title "Mr. Over Deliver". Thanks Oki, you did an amazing job on the site. Clean and crisp graphics all the way, and great color combination too. You are now my first choice for all my mini site projects.

Kerry Emrich

Hello everyone,
My name is John Paul

I have received my second site now, and just ordered my third.
Not only is this great value - but the designs are first class ...

In fact, to be perfectly honest - I feel guilty. Really guilty.

You see - normally, I pay around $100 for a quality minisite.
And, that's a great price point. I mean, let's face it. $100
per site is really cheap. In most cases, the entire design
has paid for itself after just a couple of sales ...

But to receive multiple sites for this type of money is insane.
Like I said - I feel guilty, knowing that I have already received
WAY MORE than I expected.

However, being a greedy marketing freak - I will ask for more.
And, Oki never complains. He delivers on time, and with amazing

I hope to hell that I can continue and extend my monthly membership,
and I will be the very first to join again next month.

The site designs are amazing!

P.S. - And just so you know, this "all you can eat service" has
allowed me to quickly dive into new totally new niches (which
I'm not ready to disclose. Hence the lack of examples. But,
believe me - this is world class minisite design. Wicked!)

- NewQuestions -

Hi Oki,

Just wanted to say I got the first set of graphics from you and they are incredible. I've ordered my next set and got the entire months worth of work lined up!

In fact, can I just book you for the next few months? Your designs are excellent, your communication top notch and I can honestly say you are a pleasure to deal with!

Looking forward to the next set of graphics and you are definitely a rising star in the graphics design world!

All the best to you


Jason Johns

Let me just say, Oki is the REAL DEAL! His graphics are extremely professional, and he is very prompt in his emails. I plan to use him for many future projects to come. Don't pass up the opportunity to get his services at this price!

- Ben Clemmons -
Hi Oki

I'd just like to add my "two pence" and congratulate you on a fantastic job!

All my designs were absolutely awesome. I was literally blown away when I saw the most recent one you did for me and this will surely make the launch a big success.

Thanks so much for packing SO much value into this WSO it ain't funny!

I sincerely wish you all the best for your business and the future. Looks like you will have some lifetime clients :-)

Take care


I just received my first mini site design from Oki and I am extremely pleased! He far exceeded my expectations. I gave him a general idea of what I wanted and he came up with an amazing design. My websites are going to look so much more professional now. I will use his services again and recommend him to other Warriors. Thanks Oki!
- rosterling -

I have just seen the draft of my 1st site and it looks brilliant far better than i expected.
I am looking forward to receiving the finished product and ordering some more.

I think i will definitely be using this guy for my graphics in the future


Coded into HTML

Contact me to get a Free Quote:

Visit my site :
contact me :

(please allow 24 hours for our response)


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