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Explode Your Sales With Professional Emails That People Want To Read and BUY from
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How Much Money Are You Leaving On
The Table By NOT Taking Advantage
Of The Power of Email Marketing?

Or by sending out weak emails that are as boring as a class lecture?

As a digital business owner you’ve probably put a ton of time and money into creating a sales letter or VSL that does a great job of selling your product.

But are you also using email marketing to keep driving targeted prospects back to this page?

It’s important to realize most prospects don’t buy the first time they see your offer. Which means they need to be followed up on and nurtured to understand why it’s in their best interests to buy from you.

You see, we live in the age of the skeptic…

And nowadays... …

The majority of consumers will only whip out their wallet and buy from people they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST.

And unless they’re already an existing customer, it’s close to impossible to gain this trust the first time a prospect sees your sales letter.

And whether you believe it or not…

Email is the BEST way to communicate with these people. It always has been (since the internet was born) and it most likely always will be.

So with this in mind… it’s not an option to ignore email and just rely on your sales letter only to convert prospects to buyers… at least not if you want more sales.

And That’s Where I Can Help You

You see, I’ve been writing emails every day (for over a year) for both my own business and for my clients.

These clients include 7 figure earner Marc Goldman (The King of Joint Ventures) and Brad P. (rated number one Pick Up Artist in the world at one point). Both of these have developed into ongoing relationships that have made a lot of money for each of them.

Here’s what Marc Goldman had to say…

"Scott is a Wordsmith par excellence whose straightforward style of writing puts your prospects at ease and makes them feel as though they are being educated rather than marketed to.

His writing style disarms them and lowers their resistance and objections and gets them to hypnotically reach for their wallets without realizing they are doing it. If you get a chance to work with Scott, I highly recommend it. He gets my full 150% endorsement."

Marc Goldman
The King of Joint Ventures

So it’s fair to say I’ve become pretty good at the art of writing an email that not only pre-sells prospects on your products or services…but also gets the click so THEY END UP BACK ON YOUR SALES LETTER.

But there’s an art to this…

Most people fail miserably at it too.

And it’s what separates the men from the boys in email copywriting.

Let me explain…

If you keep sending your subscribers emails that are nothing but content, they’re going to get bored before too long. Cuz there’s an abundance of content on the web now… and you can pretty much find the answer to anything.

And with a few rare exceptions, people don’t want to be receiving truckloads of content.

But on the flip side…

If you only send them straight sales pitches, they’re going to see you as just another cheesy marketer trying to sell them something.

Either way… YOU LOSE THEM.

So what should you be doing then?

Well, boss… the answer is to strike the right balance of these two styles and to include stories and entertainment as much as possible in your emails…

Because That’s What Makes Emails Interesting To Read

Your emails should also be written with a hint of personality and some sort of a fun element to them (unless you’re writing about serious subjects such as cancer). Because if they don’t they’ll be as flat and dull as two-week-old pancake.

You see, 99% of emails do NOTHING to stand out in the inbox. They give the reader no reason to bother opening them, let alone read them.

This is not surprising either, as most people have no idea how to write in a style that makes prospects curios, makes them laugh, and piques their interest. Instead they write emails in a style that either has the personality of Elmer Fudd, or the hostility of Jack The Ripper.

And it’s no wonder the results they get are ordinary.

So that’s why I take the time to fully understand who your target market is and what makes them tick.

This results in…

• Blistering subject lines they can’t ignore
• Opening sentences that get them interested
• Body copy that intrigues them and provides value (telling them WHAT TO DO… instead of how to do it)
• A subtle call to action that seamlessly pre-sells them and motivates them to click your link

It’s this exact process that inspires them to solve their problem and visit your sales letter in the right frame of mind (wanting to buy).

You Can Tackle This Two Ways…

1) Affiliate swipes. If you’ve created info products you’d be crazy to not offer an affiliate program. This is pure passive income that leverages the efforts of other people. I can write either broadcasts or autoresponder messages that your affiliates can copy and paste… that end up making money for both of you.

2) Follow up message sequences for your customers. The amount could be 5,7,10 or even 100 emails that are written for the campaign. This ensures you keep in contact with your subscribers and build a relationship with them. The big advantage is it’s all on autopilot… and you don’t have to lift a finger once it’s set up.

Whichever of these you choose (or you might choose both), I can write emails for you that will get opened, clicked and result in sales.

And assuming you have a decent sized list with a great offer, it’s a no brainer to pay a professional email copywriter to extract as much of the green stuff as possible from your mailing list.

So Let’s Talk A Bit About Price…

I normally charge $50 per email to my clients, but I’m willing to help 12 entrepreneurs by working closely with them at a cost of $35 per email. This includes research and interview time (which is crucial to ensuring the emails convert).

The point is...

$35 Per Email Is A Bargain For The Response You'll Get

And before I go…

Please Realize That I Don’t Just
Accept Anybody As A Client

You have to have a real product that solves problems for people. If you’re looking for a ninja copywriter to trick people into buying, I’m not your guy.

I have no interest in working with scammers or unethical entrepreneurs who don’t sincerely care about their customers. There’s plenty of other copywriters around that will happily take your money.

So, if you’ve decided you’d be interested in having a chat about working together there’s three ways you can contact me.

1) Send me a PM
2) Reply to this post
3) Skype me at: Scott_Dudley

To your success,

Scott Dudley

PS: This service is only intended for entrepreneurs who are already making money and want to increase their income. So if you’re just getting started, have no list, or are struggling… we’re probably not a good fit.

PPS: Here are some samples of my work you can peruse to get a feel for my style of writing. That way you know what to expect before we even start talking.

Brad P. Sample 1
Brad P. Sample 2
Brad P. Sample 3
Marc Goldman Sample 1
Marc Goldman Sample 2
Marc Goldman Sample 3
Eczema Sample
Aquaponics Sample

Scott Dudley is a direct response Copywriter from Perth, Australia, who also specializes in writing sales letters and emails for his clients. You can see samples of his portfolio at or contact him on Skype by adding the username: Scott_Dudley

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