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Sales In A Slump? Innovative Copywriter Makes An Offer You Can’t Refuse---Grab This Limited WSO!
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Dear Warrior,

You know it. And I know it. The advertising strategies of the past aren’t working anymore.

Times change. Apparently, a lot of copywriters didn’t get the memo.

Everywhere you look, it’s déjà vu. Hype-filled copy with sensational claims, empty promises and absolutely nothing to back it up.

There was a time when that may have actually worked. But prospects aren’t that dumb anymore. These days, you need a NEW approach.

INNOVATIVE sales copy…the lifeline of any business

Are your sales not what they should be? Let’s say you have a great product on your hands, or a service one step ahead of the competition.

It should be a cash cow! But sales are barely trickling in. Why?!

It all comes down to your message. Chances are, your existing sales copy has some of the following problems (each one a SALES KILLER!!!).
  • A headline that doesn’t ‘telegraph’ what you’re offering
  • No emotional ‘triggers’
  • A “cookie-cutter” pitch
  • A convoluted call to action
  • Lack of credibility

These days, your prospects are more skeptical than ever. They’re NOT going to open their wallets lightly. You have to propel them to action with compelling copy that strikes a chord deep within.

And here’s the trouble. Copywriters who can write copy like this (copy that actually CONVERTS), are a rare breed.

I’m betting…you know that pretty well by now. Chances are, you've been ‘burned’ a couple times by amateurs.

At this point, you’re frustrated with the level of talent out there. You might be on the verge of writing the darn copy yourself! But hold on a split second…

What if I told you…there was a copywriter out there who actually KNOWS his craft?

I’m talking about a guy who understands sales like the back of his hand.

A guy who lives by numbers and results.

And finally…a guy who writes autoresponder series so compelling that servers have crashed from the onslaught of new customers (yea, that actually happened).

Would you be interested in such a copywriter? I thought so.

A copywriter with “the right stuff”

Let me introduce myself. My name is John Lloyd. I’m the guy at the top left hand corner of the page. Don’t let the youthful looks fool you!

As one of my recent clients, Delmae Ashgardi (Director of Marketing---Autosoft) put it...
I thought I was taking a chance on John. He looked like he couldn’t possibly have much experience. But wow…call me impressed. The email-campaign he wrote for us increased sales of our flagship software by 92%.
You see, when it comes right down to it…writing good copy is all about having “the right stuff”. You can go to seminars. You can read stacks of books on copywriting. You can write out pages of mediocre ads.

But there’s a natural ability, a knack---that you either have or you don’t. The “right stuff”.

So why do I have the “right stuff”? And how will that solve your sales problem?

Good questions. Read on below for some solid answers.

Creative. These days, you need an original approach more than ever when it comes to the sales copy. People are sick and tired of the same carbon-copy advertising.

The only way you’re going to overcome this is with INNOVATIVE copy. With a NEW message, even ‘dying’ products can be brought back to life. And steady-sellers can be re-positioned into a higher price range.

When I take on a project, I start from scratch. What you’re getting is a raw ORIGINAL approach. I can’t stress enough the importance of this when it comes to your bottom line.

People rarely read the same thing twice. I grab your prospects attention and interest with something novel, something that pulls them in. That’s the HARD part. From there, getting the sale is really a walk in the park.

Psychologically Savvy. In order to write compelling copy, you’ve got to get in the head of your ideal customer. What do they want? What are their strongest desires? They may not even be consciously aware of them.

As a psychologically savvy copywriter, I put words to these buried desires. I tell your customers what they’ve always wanted---and how to get it.

My copy constantly ‘dangles the carrot’ of this need unfulfilled, just moments away from their grasp. Your prospects literally won’t be able to help themselves.

The key here is that I’m NOT selling them. But rather, through a strange kink in human psychology, your prospects sell themselves. This might sound like some kind of Jedi mind trick, but it's PROVEN by volumes of consumer behavioral research.

Committed! This may surprise you. But high-converting copy doesn’t always reveal itself in the first draft. A good copywriter is willing to fall down…and get back up again.

When you hire me, you’re not getting a hired gun that runs away after clicking, “Submit”. You’re getting a copywriter devoted to the craft---in it for the long haul. Your copy will be tweaked until sales are steam-rolling in.

What I’m Offering

Since you’ve read this far, you probably want to know more about the type of copy I write (and my rates).
  • Long form sales pages (and sales letters)---$500
  • Landing/Squeeze pages---$250
  • Email autoresponders ---$200 (6-email series)
  • Other projects on a case-by-case basis

Are We A Good Fit?

The truth is I don’t take on every project that comes my way. That’s for your own benefit---as much as mine. You see, I can only write compelling copy that sells like hotcakes when two conditions are met.

1. I believe in your product. There’s a lot of snake oil being sold out there. Aside from moral qualms, I simply can’t get passionate about a product that doesn’t satisfy a need or solve a problem.

2. You know how to drive traffic to your site. I am a copywriter, not a marketing consultant. If the people come, then I’ll sell them. But that first part of the equation has to be taken care of.

Lets Get The Ball Rolling

Think we might be a good fit? Interested in working with me?

Fantastic. Send me a PM or email me at Let me know what you need, while providing a bit of info on your product/service. You'll hear back from me within 24 hours.

If I feel the project’s something up my alley, I’ll send over my PayPal address. Naturally, an offer like this requires 100% payment upfront.

Are you ready to annihilate your sales problem (and make a small fortune in the process)?

Great. Let's get to work.

To solving sales problems (and making small fortunes),

John Lloyd

p.s. The rates you see above are a one-time special offer for 4 QUALIFIED WARRIORS ONLY. That isn’t fake scarcity or some marketing ploy.

Here’s the deal… I’m a new provider on the WF. So right now, I’m focused on building my rep.

Only four lucky warriors will get to enjoy these silly low rates. Why?
Because once four raving reviews have come in, I’m going to charge what I’m worth. Double.

Yea, that’s right. After four warriors have bragged to the whole forum about all the money they’ve made using my sales copy, the rates you see above will be DOUBLED.

I doubt this offer will be open for more than a day, so don’t wait. Send me a message of interest NOW.

p.p.s Having just finished up a couple big (read: time consuming) projects, I can accommodate those of you working on a crunch. But again…only if you’re one of the lucky 4.

p.p.p.s If you’d like to have a chat on skype before ‘signing on’, my ID is: jlloydcopywriting.

*Samples available upon request
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