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Registry Cleaner Sales Only: Test With an Experienced Software Copywriter
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If You Could Hire a Sales Writer with Plenty of Registry Experience--How Hard Would You Work Him?

How easy do you want your life to be? This is your chance to try a sales writer who brings 5+ years of registry cleaner sales experience to the table. He'll bust his ass to increase your bottom line. And you wont' have to worry about "Copywriter Egonitis," either!

“The absolutely most talented copy writer in the world, who doesn’t work very much, will be beaten by a copy cub who puts in four times as much work.” --Gene Schwartz

Two fed-up entrepreneurs started their affiliate careers on January 1, 2014. Both of them were smart. Both hated their jobs. Both had a burning desire to get a little more out of life. And both of them picked registry cleaners as their first product.

While these offers weren't as “big time” popular as, say, payday loans or weight loss product, every CPA network always had a couple on hand. And ClickBank had a ton. And these two marketers wanted to sell what people were buying.

Each budding affiliate worked hard. Each one stuck with the same niche. Each one hired a good copywriter and tested all sales copy. And each one tested various offers.

At the end of the year, one affiliate was still broke—while the other had quit his job and was topping six figures.

These two affiliates met up at Affiliate Summit West just last night. Turns out, they'd been pushing the exact same offer for the past six months.

What Made the Difference?

One of these two affiliates had turned six figures of profit in the last half of 2014. The other had spent all of his savings, sold his car, borrowed from his family—and was still five figures in debt. He is at the Summit right now, a broken man, looking for one last chance to salvage his career--and his life.

There was a single choice that each affiliate made differently. It didn't revolve around the offers they chose, nor the hours they spent at the keyboard.

That choice was critical. It spelled the difference between success and massive failure.

“But aren't you just making all this up?”

I wish I were. But this is the exact scenario that plays itself out again and again—including the expensive trip to Affiliate Summit!

Unfortunately, real life is even harder on most new affiliates. The failure-to-success ratio is a lot more discouraging than 1:1. Or 10:1. Or even 20:1.

But statistics are statistics. You are a real human being blessed with courage and free will. You don't have to fail at affiliate marketing. A large degree of your success depends on who you choose to write your ads for you.

Who Will You Choose to Help You Reach the Top?

Will you choose someone who will work hard, not just to make a name for themselves, but to create profit on your behalf? Will you choose someone who will set their ego aside and do the work that needs to be done, focusing 100% on your needs?

Or will you choose an ego-driven “copywriter” who uses the word “I” five or six times in their opening paragraph alone?

When contrasted that way, nobody in their right mind would choose the second type of sales writer. But it's easy to be fooled into thinking that bravado=self-confidence=sales ability online. I dare say it happens all the some of the exact places that it shouldn't!

But you don't have to go that route. You can work with someone who will make you a success.

Your Immediate Opportunity

Today, you have the chance to work with someone who knows your niche and wants to help you. Someone with years of experience in the registry cleaner market. Someone who takes Gene Schwartz's advice to heart when he said, “Be the best listener you ever met.”

I've written sales material for the registry cleaner market since 2009. In fact, my first landing page of any sort, I wrote for an affiliate who sold RegCure (and plenty of it). Since then, my work has included multiple landing pages and short copy for affiliates. It's also included FaceBook ads, site copy, premium content, and multiple sales pages for two merchants.

You can see some of my samples here:

and contact me at

While the product's names have been changed, all of these samples were originally assignments for products that sold well.

What Really Made the Difference in The Two Affiliates' Lives

The difference lay in who each affiliate chose to help make them a success. The successful affiliate chose a sales writer who wasn't well-known—but who had experience in the niche.

Together, they discussed the new affiliate's needs and goals. Every ad and landing page came with two headlines, for instant split testing. Before long, the affiliate knew exactly what kind of message sold the most registry cleaners. And from there it was a greased slide to success.

The failed affiliate spent money on a cocky copywriter with a good track record. That cockiness meant the writer didn't thoroughly research his market. The affiliate paid for that deeply.

“If you don’t get in the facts,you’re just not going to do a top job.” --Gene Schwartz

Sure, the copywriter was good. One of the best. He knew it, too—which made him cocky. Unfortunately, it blinded him to the fact that in sales, good writing isn't mostly rewriting. It's mostly reading!

The failed affiliate couldn't figure out why he was hanging his head every day, after hiring such a “good” sales writer. When he met his happy successful friend at Affiliate Summit, he said to himself, “I've got to steal that sales writer for myself!”

Steal a Sales Writer Who Knows Your Niche and Is Happy to Work Hard

Righ now, you have a unique opportunity. You can work with a sales writer who has years of experience writing in this niche. One who knows his best asset is the ability to listen. And who is ready to work hard to make you a success.

Go ahead and visit Then send me an email telling me about your business, your next project, and what you'd like it to be. I think you'll be happy with the results.

Thank You,
Brad Carroll

P.S. A sales writer with 5+ years experience in the registry cleaner market wants to help you out. He knows the world you inhabit, and he believes in hard work. Contact him a !

P.P.S. I've also written copy for Home Solar and Home Security affiliates. While those aren't the services I'm advertising here, they do have some crossover with the biggest registry cleaner audience. Getting the whole picture of your market is one thing that makes sales copy more effective. Message or email me to make your ads more effective!

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