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Unread 15th Apr 2015, 04:25 PM   #1
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Copywriting -- Affordable Sales Letters that Sell!!
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Let me help you save thousands
of advertising dollars by
writing a sales letter that converts

I've already put in the time and invested the money to learn
how to write a sales page that sells – EVERY TIME! Why throw
darts at a board when you can save your precious time and
money by investing in my experience?

Greetings Fellow Warrior,

My name's Bob and I'm one of those crazy guys who spend their entire lives thinking about that part of business that everyone else wants to pretend doesn't exist – SELLING!

I don't write articles
I don't write blog posts
I don't write SEO-optimized Google-bait

I describe products and services in ways that inspire people to pull out their credit cards and place orders.

I make squeeze pages that not only get people to opt-in, but also to anxiously await every email you write.

I talk about your stuff in a way that has people frantically
searching for the BUY NOW button, screaming “TAKE MY MONEY!”

I'll never forget the first sales letter I ever wrote . . .

It was an accident, really. I was writing an outline for what was to become my first information product and I decided to write a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to get my head straight as to what topics to include.

Well, being as excited as I was about finally creating my first course, my excitement rolled-over into my USP – which eventually became my first attention-getting headline!

I was having too much fun to outline a dry list of features, too. Instead I ended-up with a passionate list of benefits that my customers would get from buying my videos.

What I had after all of this wasn't a product outline, but the basis for a sales letter that would, after a few modifications and improvements, end-up bringing in money for years to come!

Well, sure enough, the next time I had an idea for a product, I wrote the sales letter first.

Things were going great for me, I was making money and enjoying the process, but then something very bad happened – I got bored!

I got bored of writing blog posts about the same topic . . .

I got bored of writing emails about the same topic . . .

I got bored of my niche . . .

So, I had no other choice, but to go into another niche, one that I thought I would be able to stay passionate about for the rest of my life.

Of course, the first thing I did in my new found excitement was write about six sales letters, only four of which would ever become products.

After I got bored with my second niche, I briefly tried a third and finally realized that my interest and my talent isn't in creating and marketing my own products after all!

I just love learning about a new niche, getting excited about a
new product and creating a kick-ass sales letter for it!

That's the reason why people are lining up to hire me and not some fly-by-night wannabe copywriter who's only qualification is that he skimmed through a book on advertising.

I'm an experienced direct marketer who learned to write copy by selling my own products in three different niches first! That means I perfected the art of writing copy at my own expense BEFORE I started writing for anyone else!

Now I USUALLY don't come cheap – that's to be expected because the quality of my service isn't cheap, either. I mean, who really wants to trust his financial success to the lowest bidder, anyway?

If you want REAL RESULTS from a REAL COPYWRITER, you should concern yourself with getting the best quality sales page, not the lowest price.

BUT, since we're all friends here, I'm willing to give you a little discount . . .


Sales Page Copywriting
Normally I charge $0.25 per word for my services, which will put you out about $500- for a standard, 2,000-word sales letter, but, to help my fellow warriors, especially those just starting out I AM OFFERING FRESH, NEW, 100% ORIGINAL SALES LETTERS FOR ONLY $25 PER PAGE!!

As soon as you are ready to hire me, you'll send me a descripton of the product or service you have to sell, then we'll disscuss the approximate length of the sales page and a deadline. After you transfer half of the money that we have agreed upon, I'll get to work.

Because the final length of the sales page is just an approximation, you may actually end up paying less, if the page ends up being shorter than expected and, if it is longer, I still won't charge you for more than the final price we agreed upon!

BONUS: If you order my full-service copywriting, I will include the complete copy for an opt-in page – FOR FREE! (See below for details on my opt-in page creation services)

Sales Page Editing
If you already have a sales page but it isn't converting, I may be able to save it.

Sometimes, especially if it was written by a beginner trying to learn copywriting, all that has to be done are a few changes, like the order of the page, the wording, some essential elements that are missing or other elements that should be omitted altogether.

Since having an existing sales page to work from will save me time and research, I can edit and improve your ad copy for half of what it costs to write from scratch, or only $13 per page.

It is very important that I see your copy before you hire me to edit your sales page – No offense, but some sales pages just cannot be saved and need to be discarded and rewritten from the ground up!

Squeeze Page Copy
My fee to write the copy for a squeeze page is $47- and includes the following:
– Headline
– Sub-Header
– Your choice of either 3-5 bullet points -OR- a short paragraph
– “Submit button” title
– Free color / layout consultation after I see your finished page

You can order a second squeeze page to split-test for only half price, or $23

Headline and Sub-Header Creation
The most important part of any marketing page is the headline because it is the headline and the sub-header that will get your ad copy read.

If you have a strong headline that attracts the attention of your prospects, they will continue reading your advertisement, even if the body of your ad is weak, but even the best, most persuasive advertising copy in the world will be totally ignored, if your headline is weak!

I will create a headline and sub-header for your page for $17 and, if you want to conduct split-testing, I will make a second one for only $9.

Launch Sequence Emails
An email launch sequence is basically a long-form sales letter broken down into several emails, instead of being read all at once. Usually a launch sequence tells a story to keep the reader interested and provides useful information to build trust in the prospective customer.

If you like the thought of having a series of emails that will make you money every time someone subscribes to your list for years to come, just send me a mail and we'll come up with a strategy that will get you there!

The ball's in your court!

Are you serious about taking your profits to the next level?

Do you want quality sales copy from an experienced marketer?

As soon as you're ready to start making some REAL money, drop me a line and we'll talk about how I can help you

See you at the winners' table!

PS -- Remember that I'm lowering my prices for you guys, not my quality. That means I won't be able to write more than one or two letters per week, so make sure you order now to reserve your spot before I'm booked out for the entire month and your chance to get in on this epic deal is lost forever!
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Re: Copywriting -- Affordable Sales Letters that Sell!!
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Need some help please converting traffic into customers. Please email me at for website details. Thanks in advance
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Unread 19th Apr 2015, 09:19 AM   #3
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Re: Copywriting -- Affordable Sales Letters that Sell!!
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Ok GlennLeese, you've got mail!
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affordable, copywriting, letters, sales, sell

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