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BradCarroll 8th June 2015 11:51 PM

Become a Product Owner In Two Days--Take Advantage of My Mistake
Do you want to have your own product--but for whatever reason, you just don't have it yet? Or maybe you'd like another product or lead piece and want an absolute steal of a deal?

If you want to become a product owner, but haven't had the time to create your own product...or the money to pay someone else to do it...or if you're simply looking for an exceptional deal on your own info product...well, you've come to the right place.

Why You're Getting Such a Deal

Because of some poor business investment decisions, I am 100% broke this month! As in, we're almost 33% through with the month of June and the rent isn't paid. As in, I may have to take my son out of day care soon. Broke as in, I ate Cheerios and milk all day and was happy to put five bucks in my gas tank at 5pm! That kind of broke.

No, I'm not looking for your sympathy. Just explaining why I'm not charging my normal ten cents a word, plus image costs, plus formatting costs, in order to provide five lucky marketers with their own products.

You can also have an instructional video course, if that's what you'd prefer instead.

What will you get for your money?

The most basic package--the lowest cost one--will get you up to 3,000 words in written product, or up to 30 minutes in instructional video. That may not sound like much, but that's plenty for a small intro product, or even a moderately sized how-to. These kinds of products typically sell from $7-$17, which makes you an instant product owner. Or, you can use them as lead pieces to entice people to join your list, membership site, etc.

(I can even break up the content for you, so that your readers have to stick around for several days in order to get what they want. In the meantime, you can pitch affiliate products, or your own products to them.)

Have I created information products before?

I have! Dozens, in fact. My first one was for an IM "guru" in 2008...and I just never stopped.

I've written ebooks, long and short, in the following niches:

Internet Marketing
Cheating Spouse
Organic Living
Affiliate Marketing
How to Use Various Ad Platforms
Weight Loss
Guitar Playing
Mobile Marketing
Self Defense
Local Online Business Methods
and last but not least:
"How to Create Your Own Products" Products!

And in addition, I've created multiple video courses, complete with voiceovers, to teach newbies the ins and outs of CPA marketing.

And since I've written in several other niches as well (blogs, articles, reports, etc.), you can get a good info product from me regardless of your niche.

Do you have any samples?

I'm still waiting to here back from previous product owners as to whether I can show the products they've written. Unfortunately, most people don't want to expose their products as ghost-written! Which is perfectly ok. It just makes it difficult to show a sample!

You can see some of my work below. While these are not product samples, you can get an idea of the quality of the writing you'll get:

Carroll Content & Copy | SEO Web Content & Copy | Prompt, Professional Service
NWA WEB Design and SEO Firm

So...what's the offer?

Listen, I'm not going to be like the full of sh*t guys who run a "special" on product creation and claim they are "giving back". Sure, anyone with a good heart wants to give back. But good writers, just like other good business owners, don't give back by offering ridiculous prices on their goods and services. We typically give back by "paying it forward," helping others out, etc.

That being said, I am offering a pretty ridiculous price today. I'll admit it's out of sheer desperation! I need a handful of $xxx (don't want to share the exact amount), so you're getting a special price for your very own product.

3,000 words of content, plus images, plus formatting (which can come out to 15-20 pages of ebook, or a reasonably long e-mail course)


up to 20 minutes of video, plus voice-over, plus a copy of the script

all for


Wait...is that really a deal?

That's just over 3 cents per word--a rate you can't usually get with a good, experienced product creator. And it's a rate I haven't worked for, for years!

But if you'd like to become a product owner...or if you need a lead magnet...or if you just want to take advantage of a great deal..now is your chance.

Slots are open--but limited.

I only have five slots open for this. And only the first slot is guaranteed to get their product within two days. If you take advantage now, you can have your very own product available and ready to go by Thursday morning. But only if you get that first slot!

Even if you don't get that first slot, the sooner you act, the quicker you'll have your product.

I almost don't want to make this offer to anyone, but I need money...fast...just like you need a product post haste! And right now the pressure from my girlfriend...my apartment manager...and Ally financing...well, it's adding up.

Click Here to Become a Product Owner ASAP!

Take advantage of me while you still can.

Brad Carroll

P.S. Want a product that's longer than 3,000 words or 20 minutes? You can have it. Just buy two slots instead of one.

P.P.S. The sooner you act, the sooner you can have your own product or lead magnet, ready to take action. And after five of these slots are taken up--that's it! If you want your own product, buy it now. Otherwise you'll miss out on the cheapest, quickest way to own an info product that is completely your own.

Doug Wang 9th June 2015 11:37 AM

Re: Become a Product Owner In Two Days--Take Advantage of My Mistake
Do you just create the product or a complete set to go clickbank website ? i.e product + sales page etc :)

BradCarroll 9th June 2015 02:05 PM

Re: Become a Product Owner In Two Days--Take Advantage of My Mistake
Hi Doug,

I can set up a site and a sales letter for the cost of an additional product. The product you will receive will be 100% original and unique; the fee I'm charging unfortunately won't cover the time it would take to create both the product and a sales letter for it.


sunchyme 5th September 2015 05:50 PM

Re: Become a Product Owner In Two Days--Take Advantage of My Mistake

Paid $97 August 9 and sent through order details straight away. Promised it by August 19. Sent multiple messages to seller, no reply.

Seems like I've been swindled by the seller.

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