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Unread 12th Jul 2015, 04:14 PM   #1
The Crazy Pharmacist
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WSO Sales Copy that CONVERTS! NO Payment Required Upfront! Just $197
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What Would Happen if Someone Grabbed You by Your Shirt Collar and Smacked You in the Face?

Well for one, you’d probably get REALLY pissed, and rightfully so. You might even retaliate in a fit of rage…

But do you realize what else would happen? In that instant…in that moment, that douche-bag of a person becomes your ENTIRE world.

Every ounce of mental and physical energy you can possibly muster up, is devoted to that person and that confrontation.

Mr. Joe Smacker now has 100% of your attention…Full and UN-DIVIDED.
Anything else going on around you becomes totally irrelevant….almost invisible even.

Seriously, someone could be stealing a baby right next to you, and you wouldn’t even notice.

This is EXACTLY what you need your WSO Sales Copy to do to everyone who reads it.

Now just to be clear…I am NOT saying it’s ok to steal babies. The point I am making, is that you want your sales copy to be so emotionally gripping that your readers are FORCED to pay attention to your offer.

They are so entranced, that in the few minutes they spend reading your sales page, literally all they can think about is how your product will transform their businesses and their lives.

So how do you accomplish this elusive feat?

How do you get your audience to put on their “mental blinders” so that 100% of their focus is dialed in on your offer?

The Era of “Watch how my 92 year old blind grandmother with prosthetic hands makes $15,296 a week working just 10 minutes a day from her nursing home” are OVER

Thankfully, the days of absurd, over-the-top hype are coming to a close…
Regulations are tightening up, and the FTC is cracking the whip.

I’m sure you’re already aware that income claims can no longer be used in WSO sales pages here on the forum.

While this is great to help prevent the jackals out there from scamming people, it also hurts the HONEST product vendors here (and there are plenty).

These are WSO sellers with creative and successful business models and legitimate income earnings.

Vendors with extremely valuable information to share that could change someone’s life for the better…

So how do the “good guys” break through the ceiling, and accurately communicate the value in what they are offering?

By Having a Real Conversation with their audience…on a deeper, personal, and more engaging level

You can forget about wild income claims, unbelievable figures, and catchy buzz words. This won’t get the job done anymore…

Plus, consumers here are getting savvier by the day. They have high expectations and can smell B.S. coming a mile away.

Insult their intelligence with ridiculous hype, and you’ve just lost that sale…probably forever.

But if you can converse with them openly as you would with a genuine friend…

If you can clearly communicate how your product will help improve their situation

And if you can do this in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and triggers all the right emotions

Then you have a TRUE recipe for success….and that’s when the magic tends to happen.

This is What I want for YOU…and I can Help You Achieve this by Writing Powerful Copy that CONVERTS

I’m about to reset the bar for insanity…and to be honest, I’m kind of nervous.

I’m about to do something that I personally have never seen done for WSO sales copy on this forum…

Now before I reveal my offer, I feel I need to first explain why I am doing this…
Because if I don’t, you’ll probably think I am certifiably insane, and just trying to yank your leg.

Here’s the thing….I already know how good my writing is. I know that when working with the right client, the copy I produce for them will SING and pull in some impressive conversions…

But you DON’T know that…yet. And as a result…you are probably skeptical, which is completely understandable.

Sadly there is A LOT of crap that gets peddled around here and an overabundance of scammers.

So I want to eliminate ALL of the risk for you, and actually prove to you that my copy is as good as I’m saying it is.

And that brings me to my offer…

I’ll Write Kick-Ass Sales Copy for your WSO for just $197…with NO Money Required Upfront…and You ONLY Pay if you are 100% Happy with the Finished Copy

That was not a typo. You only pay me once I have delivered the first draft of finished copy…and only if you are thrilled with what I wrote.

The only catch is that if you are not happy with my copy for whatever reason and decide not to pay….I retain the rights to the copy. This means the copy is mine to keep, to use in my portfolio etc.

You truly have nothing to risk here…

And that is the primary reason I am doing this…to give you an opportunity to get an AMAZING piece of copy, for a crazy low price, with absolutely No Risk on your part.

I’ll be honest though…this offer is NOT for everyone…

Are You a Good Fit for This Offer or Not?

I’m actually not as crazy as I may appear….I realize I’m sticking my neck out there on this one…

Even though I like to be trusting and see the good in people…there are those who will TRY to take advantage of me with this offer.

I want to help as many product vendors as I can, but keeping this in mind, I need to protect myself too.

I’m ONLY interested in working with honest product vendors that have a quality product that delivers value to their customers.

If you’re brand new to this forum with no post history at all, then I’m sorry but this offer is NOT for you.

First and foremost…I need to know you have a quality product. If you’re trying to swindle people with some useless, rehashed piece of garbage…we will NOT be working together.

So if you think you fit the bill, I would LOVE to hear from you. You must contact me on Skype, as I will be asking you some questions…strictly through instant messaging.

My Skype id is adam.napolitano1

This Offer is Only Available to 5 People

Look, I hate false scarcity just as much as you. But because of how much risk I’m taking on with this offer, I have no choice but to make this opportunity extremely limited. So you won’t find any false scarcity here.

In the interest of fairness, these slots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Once they are taken and fulfilled, they are gone for good.

And if just one bozo screws me over with this…chances are I’ll pull this offer. So if you are a good fit, I highly recommend you get in first.

Are You Ready for Deadly WSO Copy that WOW’S Your Audience and Increases Sales Conversions?

That’s what it comes down to….it really is that simple.

You can stick with the same old bland and boring, and continue to get nowhere…or maybe mediocre results at best.

On the other hand, you can get face-smacking copy that instantly commands your audience’s attention, and ethically forces them to take action.

This is what I can offer you today, so if you’re a good fit, let’s connect to discuss your project.

To Your Success,

Adam Napolitano

P.S. I want to make this very clear. You NEED to contact me through Skype to qualify for this offer. Emailing back and forth won’t cut it. I promise I am friendly and don’t usually bite. Again, my Skype id is adam.napolitano1

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Unread 12th Jul 2015, 08:54 PM   #2
The Crazy Pharmacist
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Re: WSO Sales Copy that CONVERTS! NO Money Upfront! Insane Offer!
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Reserved for F.A.Q's.

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Unread 21st Nov 2015, 11:55 AM   #3
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Re: WSO Sales Copy that CONVERTS! NO Payment Required Upfront! Just $197
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Not gonna lie bro, I got a little man crush on you after reading this copy!

I complied a list of why I think your sales copy KICKS ASS!

Why this copy is awesome!

1) Awesome headline - that gets your mind wandering (totally had me forget that this was a sales pitch).

2) You are using a story line - where appropriate.

3) Personality & humor (I'm not saying its cool to steal babies).

4) You created a common enemy - which puts us on the same team... (those scamming gurus) and call us "the good guys".

5) You got me engaged enough to do this list.

6) You are talking to me like a friend, not someone trying to take my money.

7) You want to HELP me.

8) You're showing your human by saying "I'm kinda nervous"... causing a reader to put their guard down.

9) Created an air of mystery (You're about to do something never done before, WHAT IS IT, I MUST KNOW.... gotta keep reading).

10) You make a KICK ASS BALLSY offer - with NO RISK to the buyer.

11) You create exclusivity (this offer is not for everyone).

12) You use simple to understand English, no fancy language and very short sentences that a 12 year old could read and understand.

13) You have integrity and principles that you hold on to even if costs you money. You are VALUE focused! (LOVE THAT)!

14) Limited Offer (forcing me at least, to ACT NOW).

15) You differentiate yourself from the crowd by your unique offer.

I'm sure there are a few other things you've used in this copy to make it sick, that I might have gone over my head.

Either way, you are a SICK ASS COPYWRITER!

Added you on skype man! Lets talk


Rent this space.
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Unread 9th Jul 2017, 05:00 AM   #4
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Re: WSO Sales Copy that CONVERTS! NO Payment Required Upfront! Just $197
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Hey man! All I can is "ditto" to the post 100K said above my post. Not so sure about the "man crush" all the same (LOL).

I'm definitely interested if you are still offering this service and sent you a Skype request.

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