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Get a film-director to write your next VIDEO SALES LETTER
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I write video sales letters...
...For business owners, product creators and other people…
Who want to make more money with their products and services.

That's it.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

I specialize in one thing and one thing only.

If you’re looking for a generalist copywriter who can write anything from website copy to emails to banners and everything in between, then you’ll have to click the “back” button and find someone else.


If you need a highly-converting video sales letter done, then read on.

What can a VSL do for you?

Well, you need one to sell your product (duh!).

But why go with a VSL instead of a traditional sales letter?

A VSL gives you a number of advantages:

• Audio and video keeps the prospect more engaged than text (provided you know how to do so)

• You can educate your prospect by giving them high-quality actionable advice which increases trust (which opens them up to the sale)

• Using the right kind of videos, you can create an emotional connection with your prospect that you could never do with regular text

• You control the sales presentation (so they can’t scroll to the bottom of the page, see the price without knowing your benefits and deciding that “it costs too much”)

These and many other benefits lead to a higher conversion rate all over the board.

Even a mediocre sales letter converted into a VSL will do much better than a great sales letter…

But what I’m offering today is not mediocre nor average,

I’m offering you THE BEST OF THE BEST when it comes to VSL scripts.

Here’s why you should hire me

My background:

I have a degree in film-directing and I’ve been writing direct-response copy since 2013.

While I was at film-school, we had a class called “Manipulation techniques in Film & TV”.

I really dug that class.

It taught me how to convince people do things using only the power of images.

Things like getting people to rally for an arguably less than humanitarian causes or getting them to completely change their perception about important historic events.

Powerful stuff.

I’ve also been writing copy for myself and others for a while, constantly improving my craft and learning from the biggest dogs in copywriting.

I used to write “all-you-can-eat” generalist copy, writing anything from emails to sales pages, banners, site copy and so on.

While I did pretty well, it wasn’t until I took my film manipulation techniques and combined them with direct-response marketing principles that clients started seeing really impressive results.

That’s when I decided to specialize on doing video sales letters ONLY.

You see, I treat VSLs like full-fledged movies.

I apply the same principles that they use to make propaganda and political movies.

I think in "scenes" rather than "paragraphs."

When I'm done creating the VSL, you could just as easily hire a professional film team to shoot the thing and air it on TV if you wanted.

The only difference is that people will be rallying to buy your product or service instead of siding with a candidate or supporting a cause.

I know my s***:

Not long ago I posted a 24-page point-by-point breakdown of one of the best converting VSLs in the weight loss niche.

I describe every copywriting and manipulation tactic used in it.

I also clearly outline the structure of a highly-converting VSL.

A recent client has paid me $200 to do a similar breakdown for a VSL in one of his niches.

I’m giving this breakdown away at no cost to you on my site.

Heck, if you’ve got no money to hire me, you can just take this outline and adapt it to your own needs... pretty cool, right?

What others say about me:

Some testimonials from the Cult of Copy Job Board group on Facebook...

And some other clients before I started focusing on VSLs only:

He provided an incredible amount of detailed, effective, actionable advice that I implemented right away. With his help our conversions have considerably increased and our visitor duration has increased by 150%. He does great work and really can get into the head of the targeted audience – definitely will be contacting him in the future again! Thanks a million man!

- Josh Anderson, M.S., AFAA CPT, Owner/CEO Always Active Athletics

My process:

Each copy project begins with in-depth research of the prospect.

I study the prospect, learning everything from the demographics to their deepest fears, wants and beliefs.

Beliefs are important because if you get these wrong, you can be the best copywriter in the world and still fall flat on your face.

For example, it wasn’t until I got commissioned on writing a VSL for the survivalist niche that I found out that almost half of the U.S. believes that global warming is a hoax.

The people in the survivalist niche lean on the conservative side, which means that if I wasn’t sympathetic to this issue, I would have turned these people away from buying something in the very first minute of the VSL.

So what I did is I immersed myself in media that my prospects consumed on a daily basis, trying to get all the facts and sources that led them to having this belief, analysing behaviour, seeing what language they used, what made them tick, what kept them up at night and so on.

I was consciously changing my own mindset to model the prospect as close as I could.

After about 5 days of non-stop reading of conservative news sites, survivalist forums, chatrooms and watching Fox News, I had enough material to craft a VSL that would resonate with the prospect on a very deep level.

I had practically become “one of them”.

I thought like they did.

I spoke like they did.

I could have a real conversation with any one of them on the topic of survivalism/prepping all without actually being a prepper.

And I sure as heck didn’t come off as salesy because they had identified me as being a “member of the tribe” that wanted to help, rather than pitch his product.

The secret lies in doing research properly.

Writing the actual VSL is a piece of cake once you’ve got all the info assembled and the necessary mindset in place.

We’re actually recording the VSL and preparing the funnel for this product as I’m writing this.

The owner, who has launched multiple products in this niche tells me that he’s “very impressed” and has “no doubt that it will convert”.

(I will update the thread with actual numbers when we do launch – stay tuned)

Just so we’re clear - I do this kind of intensive research for every niche that I work with.
It’s the only way to ensure breakthrough results.

And if you take action today, you can have the same expertise applied to your own funnel.

Here’s how much it’s going to cost:

Only $850 for a full-length VSL.

Why so cheap?

I’m using Jon Benson’s 3X VSL formula to do this.

It’s a tested and proven-to-work formula for VSLs in the biggest niches.

Using a template cuts down on the time I need to write it.

And you get a highly-converting formula in a very short time (turnaround time is 3 to 6 days).

Want a custom VSL? My rates start at $2500 for up to 15 minutes (or about 10 pages) VSL and $5000 for a full-length one (up to 50 minutes).

This option is for those who want the Rolls Royce of VSLs and they want to absolutely crush it in their niche.

Please note: I don’t offer any discounts or special offers so please don’t bother PMing asking for a “good price”.

The prices are fixed and very fair for anyone who is serious about his/her online business.

Here’s what you have to do next:

Send me a message or add me on Skype (silvestru.iapascurta).

We’ll talk about your product and see if we’re a good fit.

Once you’ve sent me the money (50% upfront, 50% on completion), I will begin work on your VSL.

You get a great script back within 3 to 6 days and all that’s left is for you is to record the voiceover and publish it.

Once that’s done… IT’S GO TIME!

(Also known as the moment when you see your inbox flooded with PayPal notifications of purchase)

Sound good?


If you’re truly committed to having a successful launch, go ahead and message me or add me on Skype.

Like I said, VSLs and video is my specialty. You won’t get this kind of expertise (at this price) anywhere else.

Thanks for reading this far

Looking forward to working with you,


P.S. I don’t believe in scarcity but I believe in having enough time for each project to complete it successfully. Once I get 2 or 3 projects on board I will be pausing this offer. First come, first served. Don’t miss out.
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