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Emails that inform, seduce and sell. All that without hype.
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Originally Posted by BigFrank

Imagine my surprise when presented with intelligent, engaging and creative emails. Honestly, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

Discover how to make your subscribers ignore your competition and buy only from you (yes, it’s possible!)

Dear vendor or affiliate (whose money I’d like to earn),

Are you disappointed with your email conversion rates? (Please don’t cry). Do you think they could be higher? You might even believe that email marketing is dead or dying. But you’d be wrong, because email marketing, done the right way, can sell your products better than anything else.

So grab a seat and let good boy Lucian (that would be me) show you why he thinks most emails are destined to fail, and how to do it right, so you can teach your mother-in-law a lesson.

Let’s begin by looking at the two most common types of emails that simply flop:

First are the emails of the so-called “email copywriters.” You know, the ones who only sell, sell, and then sell some more. (They think they’re so clever, don’t they?) And that’s just half of the problem. The other one is that they don’t even know how to sell properly. All they do is use cheap, regurgitated sales tactics to try to squeeze the money out of your subscribers. Does limited available copies (when that’s not the case), “I don’t know for how much longer I can keep this low price” and endless P.S.’s sound familiar to you? And do you think your subscribers are that naive not to realize it’s all a charade orchestrated just to close the deal?

All these tactics will ever achieve is making them feel like idiots with credit cards.

Also, their emails never offer anything valuable to your subscribers, something to make them feel like signing-up for your emails was worth it. All they’re receiving are sales pitch after sales pitch that just won’t stop coming because, try to guess…they sometimes ask you to hide the unsubscribe button, don’t they? For your subscribers, this is like an invasion of pesky cockroaches they can’t control.

That’s no way to treat a subscriber. Would you like to be treated this way? I think not.

The second type of emails that just don’t convert are the ones of the well-intended folks, who most likely know what they’re saying, but boy, they also know how to make their subscribers yawn. It doesn’t matter what these emails contain – the dull subject line, monotonous content and excitement-free conclusion is sure to make them forget their name in no time. If you pay close attention, you can actually see how their name enters into their subscribers’ cortices and instantly vanishes, just like an air bagel in the wind – that’s how boring these emails can be.

These emails don’t sell, not because they’re not full of valuable content, but because nobody reads them.

So, what does work?

This is actually interesting; selling is not about selling at all. It’s not about using “special words,” tactics and things like that. They say people buy from people they like and trust. They’re right.

That’s what you should be looking for – being liked and earning their trust. This will set you miles apart from your competition who are doing the same two things we’ve just discussed. They’re only hard-selling or are as boring as watching a banana take a nap. Not only that, but if your subscribers like and trust you, they’ll even forget that they’re subscribed to other lists. Your emails will get all the attention and everything else will get ignored.

So, let’s look at how to achieve this, and let’s talk about earning their trust, first, shall we?

This applies mostly to the first type of emails that don’t convert, the ones written by the email copywriters “geniuses.” Please don’t be one of them. Don’t try to use sales gimmicks to try to close the deal. That’s right. No bait-and-switch subject lines, no hype, no hard-selling, no endless P.S’s, no false scarcity, no hiding the unsubscribe button, no made-up or exaggerated personal stories, etc.

You also need to offer them the best free advice they can find anywhere on this World Wide Web to earn their trust and make them lower their guard. You can’t win their trust with promises – they need the real deal, even if just a bite.

You also have to ask for the sale less often than these “smart” cookies advise you to – nobody likes getting sales pitch after sales pitch. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to sell, but it has to be a soft, gentle sell, more like a recommendation rather than a “hard-sell.” Hard-selling, especially the way these people do it, makes you look desperate, like a convict who hasn’t seen the flesh of a woman in decades.

So, what about the other part, the one about being liked? How can you make yourself likeable? Here’s how. You need to write emails that fulfill three things:
  • Educate
  • Engage
  • Entertain

If you’re one of the well-intentioned guys, I’m assuming you already know your niche inside-out, so the first condition is met. But, what about the other two? Can you write emails that properly engage and entertain your audience? Can you make them laugh like crazy or at least make them crack a smile? Can you make them keep on reading all the way through to the end without any other thought entering their mind? Because if you don’t, you’ll lose the sale to your competitors, because your subscribers are on your competitor’s lists as well, aren’t they?

And just like any other person – and just like you – they look for the best possible solution to their problems. The thing is, though, human beings are very subjective creatures. They let their emotions rule their life. That’s why drug addicts keep buying that stuff – they love the feeling they get out of it, even though they know drugs can kill them.

To a much lesser extent, the same is true with your subscribers. They’ll buy from you if they really like the way you talk to them and if you make them laugh, even if your product is priced higher than your competitors’ products. But, if they find you boring and dull, then they’ll just head off to your competitors and buy from them instead.

It’s not fair, but that’s the reality.

The bottom line is that you need emails that stand out from your competitors, emails that earn your subscribers’ trust and make them like you. Do this and they’ll ignore the other people in your niche. And you know what this leads to, right? More sales, of course.

Is that enough?

Being trusted and being liked can get you a long way, but only if you…

Give your subscribers enough time to get to trust and like you.

The reality is that you need many emails to achieve a higher degree of trust and likability, but especially trust. This is a funny one. Many people start out with only 4-5 emails, or in the best case scenario, 6-7 emails. If after the 7th email went out and they still haven’t made enough sales, they’ll say email marketing isn’t working for them. And you know what’s even funnier? It’s that if they only had just a few more emails, they could have made a lot more sales – they were close to the tipping point, and the few extra emails would have pushed their subscribers over the edge, into the land of “I want to buy from you!”

The picture above is a bit cheesy, but that’s exactly how it is with fewer emails: close, but not there.

So, the reality is that you need a minimum of 10-12 emails to earn enough trust to see the results you want. And the more expensive your product is, the more emails you’ll need (says Captain Obvious).

Don’t believe me? Then think about this typical scenario. You meet a new person, and right after the first day you have met, they ask you to lend them $50. You’d be reluctant to do it, right? Even if that person is a friend of someone you trust, it just feels awkward. I mean, who asks for $50 right after you’ve met?

But, what if they do the same thing, but this time after two weeks, many lunches together and a few great nights out? You’ll even ask if $50 is enough.

You see? You need time to get to trust a new person enough to know they won’t head south with your $50. Imagine if they asked you for $200 – you would need even more time to trust them, wouldn’t you?

It’s the same with your emails. Each email is like a meeting, date, night out, lunch – you name it. The more you have of them, the more your subscribers will trust you, and the easier it’ll be to get them to buy your product. It’s as simple as that.

“I was unsure at first whether this type of email marketing will work, especially since I always believed, like most marketers, that I had to sell in every email. It turns out Lucian was right, and that this type of “educational” emails work extremely well, especially in niches where prospects are used to only receiving email after email of sales pitches, and little to no actual advice. I am very happy I made the decision to switch from purely sales emails, to this type of emails.”
– Daniel D.

So, can you do it on your own?

If you take the information I presented here and start writing your own emails, I can assure you that you’ll have some success. I say some, because you still have to know how to write well if you really want to make a difference. (Here comes my sales pitch!)

You’d think that you can just sit down with a big coffee mug, fire up a Word document, start writing away, and in minutes your fingers will craft these amazing emails that will get your subscribers’ eyes glued to their screens, but you’d be wrong. I’m not just trying to sell you my services (obviously I’m doing that, too), but I’m telling you the truth here.

The thing is, your emails have to sound as natural as possible. This is actually a paradox. It takes me hours upon hours of repeated revisions to make an email read like it was casually written on a rainy afternoon when I had nothing else to do. And that’s after having written hundreds of emails. Imagine how difficult it is, then, for someone who’s not familiar with this type of writing.

You also need to carefully balance the selling part with the valuable information part, and make buying the product seem like the natural thing to do, instead of a blatant sales pitch. If you don’t handle this part with care, you’ll lose all the credibility you’ve built up so far.

But, if you think you can do it, then compare one of your emails with one of these emails I have for samples:

Email sample series for the running niche

It took me about 10 hours to write them, then another 15 to “refine” them (so a total of 25 hours) and that’s without including the initial research, which took me another 4-5 hours or so. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t write more than 5 hours a day. Anything more than that makes me feel like I have vertigo. So if you can write emails just like those, easier and in less time, then drop me a line and tell me your secret.

But if you can’t, don’t worry. I can help you write exactly the type of emails I’m talking about here.

“Lucian writes great emails. They’re not salesly like most people offering email writing services, but rather engaging and fun. He writes the type of emails you just enjoy reading. No wonder he has great open-rates and lots of sales.”
– Laurence P.

But first, let’s look how exactly my emails are going to help you

First of all, you’ll sell more. I obviously can’t tell you exactly how much more, but if you don’t see a substantial sales increase, I’ll give you all your money back. Fair enough?

Secondly, because I’m always open and honest about the product I sell in the emails, you’ll see a lot less refunds – nobody will buy a product and say, “I was expecting a lot more after all the promises he made me.” That means even more money for you. (And if you’re a nice person, you’ll recommend me to other people, won’t you?)

Thirdly, my emails open the doors to the golden land of repeated sales. Everyone and their dog knows that acquiring a new customer is much more expensive than selling to existing ones. But, for that you need satisfied existing clients. And, because I never exaggerate and always say the truth (I’m a very good person, I know), your customers will be happy customers.

But, I know what you’re thinking: you believe that if you just “beef up” your claims a little, more people will buy. You’re wrong. Do you think your subscribers can’t smell hype? They can, and you’ll only push them away if you exaggerate your claims. Honesty can take you a long way, trust me.

But I know what you’re thinking…

You’re probably skeptical about whether this will work for your niche and product. I mean, this approach isn’t something you see every day. Few people are that honest with their subscribers. Fewer still know how to “talk” to them. But aren’t all people… people? Aren’t we all drawn to honesty and openness, meaningful advice, engaging conversations and fun reads? I think we are.

So if you’ve made the mistake of hiring email copywriters who only hard-sell and even mislead (to put it mildly), then I think you should give honesty, openness and offering lots of great advice a try. You appreciate these in other people, so why not offer them to your subscribers, too? They’ll appreciate it and will only like you more, buy more, and finally see how the competition really behaves – like a pack of hungry wolves hunting for their credit cards. But you’ll be different, and your competition will forever sink into oblivion.

If you think your emails are rich in valuable advice, but not so warm, chatty and engaging, then maybe you need to enliven your paragraphs a bit, inject some passion into them and take your subscribers on a roller-coaster of fun, excitement and mystery, all while enjoying the great free advice you give. This will only make them naturally hover around the “buy” button, eagerly click it, and wait for the doors of your premium content to open in front of them and let them into the Promised Land. It’s a ride they’ll love to embark on because people love buying, but they need you to make it a ride they won’t forget.

“Working with Lucian has been invaluable for my business. I turn to him for all of my email marketing needs. He always over-delivers and even gives me helpful tips unrelated to the services I paid for! Communication with him is always quick and convenient; he is always very clear on when he will deliver your work. You can’t go wrong with such a reliable email marketer. Best of all, I learn new things about internet marketing just from talking to him. Seriously, hire this guy.”
– Michael Chef, dating expert

So, how much do I charge?

My prices are as follows:
  • $90 per email with a minimum order of 10 emails or
  • $80 per email for 15 emails or more

I ask for the payment in full in advance, and I use PayPal for transactions.

Turnaround time is one week or more, depending on my workload and how many emails you want.

So, if you’re interested in emails that make your subscribers forget about your competition and buy just from you, then drop me a line at I reply within a day – maximum two. (And that’s just because of the hangovers, so technically it’s not my fault.)

P.S. I don’t do cheesy P.S’s.

P.P.S. Or P.P.S’s.

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emails, hype, inform, seduce, sell

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