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Mr. Smith
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Email Copywriter. Money Back Guarantee. Samples Inside!
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My Name Is Jason And Here Are Some Samples Of My Work:

Marketing Niche:

Subj: The Marketing Trick Of A Desperate Babysitter.

The other day I got roped into babysitting.

It was my cousin’s kid and normally he's a cool kid, but on this day he was determined to make my life as difficult as possible.

The kid just wouldn't behave.

I tried bribing him, reasoning with him, and even threatening to tell his parents, but nothing worked.

I was ready to throw in the towel, but then I decided to use one of my go to marketing tactics on him and it made all the difference. Let me explain.

You see, more than anything else people want to be understood, and it’s only after people feel like you get them will they buy what you have to offer.

And make no mistake I was definitely in a selling situation.

Only instead of trying to sell a product, I was trying to sell a kid on sitting down on and behaving.

So I switched tactics.

Instead of focusing on what I wanted, I decided to talk to him and try to understand why he was behaving the way he was, and as it turns out he was upset because his parents left him.

And after learning this I said “I used to hate when my would leave me too, but just because you are upset doesn’t mean you should misbehave, because you know your parents wouldn’t like that.”

And it was like flipped was switched in his little head. Suddenly he was a completely different person.

Listen, everyone wants to be understood and once you give them the understanding they crave, a bond will established and it will become much easier to persuade them to follow your lead.

And this is why in my book (url) I give specific strategies for quickly making your prospects feel like you understand them.

Because selling is all about building a bond with your prospects, and once you can do that, then there is no limit to how far you can go.

Until next time,

Subj: Toothless Heroin Addict Reveals The Key To Marketing Success

Heroin baby!

Dope. Smack. China White.

It goes by many names and it has ruined many lives, but if you were to get hooked on it yourself you just might discover the key to accomplishing everything you could ever want in life. Let me explain.

I grew up in a pretty bad neighborhood. Drug dealing, robberies, and assaults were a common everyday occurrence.

There was this heroin addict who lived on my street named Joe. He was old and walked with a cane but he was one of the hardest working people I ever knew.

Every day I would see him collecting bottles, cleaning yards, working on cars, or doing any other task he could that would earn him money.

And he would do this at all hours of the day. From sunrise to sunset, if you came down my street there was good chance you would see joe working.

So one day I asked him “Joe why do you work so hard?”

And he replied “I gotta feed my habit.”

You see the pull the heroin exerts on the mind of its users is powerful. It’s enough to make people skip meals, leave their families, and risk great bodily harm just to get that fix. Nothing matters to them except getting their drugs.

And that’s the same way you should feel about your business.

If you want to achieve marketing success then that should be your number one priority. Forget about watching your favorite sports team play. Forget about hanging out with your friends. Forget about “relaxing” in front of the television or wasting time on the internet.

None of that is going to help you achieve your marketing goals. So it doesn’t matter.

Stop wasting your precious time on things that will do nothing to further your life. That’s what average people do. And I know you don’t want to be average.

You want to be a successful entrepreneur that doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

So what should you do instead?

You should spend all your free time either working on your business or learning how to

grow your business by reading books like mine (available here: url).

That’s the only way you will ever be successful.

Until next time,

Subj: Tree House Almost Kills Little Boy

I saw it all with my own 2 eyes.

The boy was in his new tree house reading a stack of comic books when his mother told him to come in for dinner.

He didn’t want to move. He was enjoying himself and he wasn’t hungry, but his mother insisted.

So he stood up, climbed down the ladder, and began to walk towards the house when suddenly…

The tree house collapsed!

It came tumbling down in a storm of wood, nails, and comic books.

And his parents rushed out of the house and were relieved so see that he wasn’t hurt, the boy began to cry as he looked at the ruins of his special hideaway.

Why did the tree house cave in on itself?

Because the boy’s father hurried the construction.

He was in such a rush to build the house for his son that he didn’t do the proper ground work and it almost caused his son to get hurt.

Whenever you rush things you almost always get poor results and you usually end up making more work for yourself in the long run.

And this especially true when it comes to marketing.

Too many people are in a rush to make a sale. I mean, I get it, we all want to make money and we want to do it as quickly as possible.

But the truth is that rushing the sale will only make your progress slower in the long run.
Before people will buy from you its important that you lay the proper foundation of trust, bonding, and understanding.

You must become a trusted adviser before you ask them to take out their wallets.

Now of course you can just do what most marketers do and scream at them to buy buy buy, and you will certainly make money.

But if you want to make really huge profits then you need something extra. You need to be able to get inside their heads and lay the proper groundwork so that buying from you becomes a no-brainer.

And that’s exactly what I teach in my book:

Until next time,
Marriage Intimacy Niche:

Subj: Did You Have Sex Last Night?

Well did you?

Chances are you didn't.

Because if you did then you probably wouldn't be reading this email.

So given that fact, let me ask you another question...

What are you going to do about it?

Are you going to continue to suffer the humiliation of having a wife rejects you sexually?

Are you going to continue to deal with your wife's selfishness and refusal to take your needs into account?

Or are you going to take action?

Listen, I've sent you some quality information and by now it's pretty obvious that I know what I'm talking about.

And it's also pretty clear that my course, Married Seduction Secrets is packed full of powerful tactics, because if what I'm giving away for free is so good, then clearly my paid stuff is going to be even better.

And yet you still haven't ordered your copy...


Is there something there is something holding you back from pulling the trigger?

If so, then reply to this email and let me know what your concerns are so I can help you.

Look I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass...

This is a business and I do want to make money, but I also want to help you remove the pain of suffering through a sexless marriage.

I honestly do care about your success and happiness. Why?

We've never even met before so why do I care what happens to you?

It's because I know what it's like to have your wife reject you.

I know what it's like to wish for the early days when you and your wife had a great sex life and you couldn't keep your hands off each other.

And I know what it's like to look at the woman you love and to feel like she doesn't give a damn about your needs.

How do I know all this?

Because I spent 8 years trapped in a sexless marriage myself and so I know the emotional damage it can do.

So while yes, I am running a business, this is also very personal for me.

I hate seeing men suffer the way I did and that's why I created my audio course and why I send out these emails.

There is nobody out there talking about our issues.

In fact most people don't even see a sexless marriage as something wrong, because after all it's normal for the passion to die down in a marriage over time, right?


You can have a loving and affectionate wife that can't wait to jump your bones like when you first met and I'm going to show you how.

Now I'm going switch gears in these emails for a bit.

I've been sending you a bunch of tips but I'm putting that on hold.

Instead I want to prove to you that it really is possible to transform your marriage...

And I'm going to do it by sharing my personal story.

I'm going to peel back the curtain and give you the no holds barred story of how I went from sexless porn addicted chump to having a wife that can't keep her hands off me.

Some of what I reveal will be embarrassing but it's what needs to be done.

And in addition to sharing my story I am also going to keep drilling it into your head that you need to order the Married Seduction Secrets Course.

Because it's the only course of it's kind and if you follow it step by step you will get finally get the married you deserve.

And if you happen to be the type of person that refuses to spend money to fix their problems and that thinks everything should be free, then do yourself a favor and click the unsubscribe link below because there is nothing I can do for you.

No hard feelings.

It's just that these emails are for winners that aren't afraid to spend a little money to get what they want in life.

And if you are a winner then stick with me and I will show you the way to the promise land and how to get there without going through all the struggle I went through.

So be on the lookout for tomorrow's email because it's gonna be life changing.

And if you don't want to wait and you want to fix your sex life as soon as possible then go ahead and order Married Seduction Secrets right now.

Get it here:

Until next time,

P.S. I'm serious about you unsubscribing if you aren't willing to make a small investment in your future happiness.

So if you are just looking for a bunch a freebies then you are just wasting your time.

So go ahead click the link below and unsubscribe.

I wish you all the best

Subj: It was a buffet of tits and ass… (My Story Chapter 1)




Those are the words I would use to describe my former self.

No wonder my wife showed zero interest in having sex wife me.

Hell, if I was a woman there is no way I would have banged me.

And on the rare occasions when the stars would align and we would actually have sex, my wife would just lay there like a cold fish.

No movement. Zero sounds. It was like making love to corpse.

But things weren’t always that way.

We used to have a great sex life but then things gradually died down and I had no clue how to fix it.

Eventually the situation became so hopeless that I gave up…

I was sick of begging for sex and getting turned down, so I took matters into my own hands and started relying on internet porn to get my rocks off.

Every night I would sneak down the basement, get on PornHub, start browsing around and before I knew it I would have 10 tabs open.

It was like a buffet of tits and ass.

There was so much variety it was often hard to choose what video I wanted to finish to, and since I had given up on ever having a normal sex life, I somehow convinced myself that as long as I got my “alone time” every evening then things would be fine, and this continued for 7 months until one day…

I overheard my wife say something that ripped my heart to shreds…

She was on the phone with her sister when I heard her say that even though she still loved me, she had lost all sexual attraction to me, and that maybe we should get a divorce before things got worse and we began to hate each other.

Hearing those words was like a kick in the stomach.

I mean, I knew we had problems but divorce was never even entered my mind.
I guess it really is true that nearly 30% of men whose wives leave them never see it coming.

At that moment I realized that I only had two choices.

I could continue to suffer through a sexless existence and risk losing my wife or I could grow some balls, quit using porn as a crutch, and do whatever it took to rescue my marriage and start getting laid again.

The choice was clear…

I had to take action.

But what could I do?

To Be Continued…..

Until Next Time,

P.S. Thinking back to those days is really hard for me. I want to slap myself for being so clueless and taking so long to get my marriage in order.

I wasted years of my life suffering through a hellish existence when all I had to do to fix things was grow a set of balls and make a few simple behavioral changes.

It was shocking how easy it was to make my wife want me again.

So if you unsatisfied with your sex life and you are sick and tired of it then it’s time for you to check out Married Seduction Secrets.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to make your wife want you again.

Learn more here:

Subj: Broken and defeated…. (My Story Chapter 2)

I was finally faced with the reality that I was in danger of losing my marriage.

My wife felt zero attraction to me and was contemplating divorce.

I can’t believe I was so blind.

It should have been obvious once she stopped wanting sex but I was too blind to see it, or maybe I knew all along and just didn’t want to face reality.

Either way after overhearing my wife’s phone conversation I could no longer avoid the truth.

I had to do something or I would lose my wife.

And for the next month I did everything I could to make her want me again…

I rushed to the bookstore and dropped $132.56 snapping up every book they had on rebuilding marital desire, and over the weeks that followed I tore through every last one of them, furiously taking notes for hours at a time and sometimes forgetting to eat.

It was grueling work but I felt it was worth it.

I was discovering exactly what it would take to make my wife attracted to me again, and after I finished the last book I quickly began to put my newfound knowledge into action.

I did everything the experts told me to do.

I became more attentive to her needs and stopped taking her for granted.

I did little things to make her feel special like sending flowers to her job and planning romantic dinners.

I even began to help out more around the house and spend more of my time doing the things that she liked.

I gave her all the things that women often say they want.

And can you guess what happened next?...

She pushed me away even further!

I couldn’t believe it.

I followed all the advice from the books, did everything the experts said, and she still didn’t want me. It was like I just wasn’t man enough for her and there was nothing I could do to change it.

Feeling unloved and humiliated I began to contemplate filing for divorce myself, because even though I was still in love with my wife, there was no way I was going to stay married to a woman that didn’t want me.

But before it got to that point something happened that would change my life forever.

To Be Continued…

Until Next Time,

P.S. All those so called relationship experts are full of it.

They don’t give men any useful information. Most of the books, websites, and marriage counselors out there are geared towards giving women what they claim they want.

But the problem is that you should never pay attention to what a woman, says but rather you should watch what she does.

Her actions are the key to her desires and uncovering her desires is the key to making your wife feel an uncontrollable attraction to you.

In order to rebuild your wife’s desire for you, you need to ignore all the mainstream b.s relationship advice and start basing your actions on powerful principles of evolutionary female psychology.

Principles that you’ll only find in Married Seduction Secrets.

Learn more here:

Online Dating Niche:

Subj: The Mike Tyson School Of Online Dating

Mike Tyson…

Former heavyweight champion… Actor.…Ear-biter…. and dating guru?

Yes, if you want to have more success meeting women online, then you can stand to learn a lot from good old Iron Mike. Let me explain.

Mike Tyson is a character if there ever was one. He went from being the youngest heavyweight champion ever to a prison inmate. His battles with drugs and alcohol are the stuff of legends and he committed one of the most blatantly heinous acts in the history of professional sports.

At the height of his presence in the media everybody had an opinion on him.

Some people loved him. Some hated him. But most importantly, no one could ignore him.

And that’s exactly the effect you want to have on the women you meet online.

You see every day the women on dating sites get bombarded with messages. In fact, it’s not uncommon for an attractive woman to receive well over 100 emails in as little as 24 hours and if you want to get a date then you must rise above the noise.

You have to stand out of the crowd and force women to pay attention to you, the same way people were forced to pay attention to Mike Tyson and there’s no way you’ll ever be able to do that by sending emails that say things like:

“Hi how are you?” or…

“You’re really pretty” or my personal favorite…

“What’s up?”

Now I know this can be difficult for most guys. After all, one of the most challenging things a man will ever do is come up with the perfect thing to say to get the girl he wants, and that’s why I created (product name)

Listen, online dating shouldn’t be hard.

In fact, it’s supposed to be easier than going out to bars and clubs and trying to meet women in person, but unfortunately most guys struggle simply because they aren’t doing it right.

They don’t a proper understanding of female psychology and that’s what I want to teach you. I want to give you the tools and training you need to be successful and get the life you want.

You would never sign up for a boxing match without training so why would you try to meet women online with first learning the proper techniques?

Let me help you and I guarantee you’ll get into fighting shape in no time.

Check it out here:
(insert link)

Subj: Robert Deniro Reveals The Key To Getting Laid

Have you ever seen the movie Heat?

It’s a great film with an equally great cast.

I mean we’re talking Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, and Ashley Judd as a pretty hot blonde.

Now you’re probably wondering what exactly this movie can teach you about getting better results from your online dating and it’s actually quite simple.

You see Robert Deniro’s character has a line that contains a great lesson for not only meeting women online but for all your interactions with women. Here’s what he said:

"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."

Now the character that says this is a criminal and by heat he means the police, but even if you never break a law in your life this idea can help you tons and here’s how…

One of the biggest mistakes men make when trying to meet women online is that they invest too much of themselves into the interaction.

They become desperate, needy, and they try way too hard.

They act as if every email they send is life or death and that if they can’t somehow get the woman they are messaging to like them then it will be the end of the world, and this is a huge problem. Why?

It’s because when you have this mindset it will come across in your actions and nothing turns a woman off faster than a needy man that acts like he is desperate for her approval.

Women love men that have confidence and a confident man never acts like he is desperate to get some chick to like him. Instead he is completely relaxed because he knows that if one woman isn’t buying what he’s selling then there are plenty more that will.

And women love this because the dirty little secret that most women will never admit is that knowing that a man has options automatically makes him more attractive.

So if you want women to find you more attractive then you never allow yourself to feel like you need to have a woman like you. You need to have a mindset that says if this chick is into me then great, but if she isn’t then it’s no big deal.

So in the spirit of one of the best films of the last 30 years, my final suggestion to you is:

Don’t let yourself get so invested in having any woman like you that you can’t forget about her in 30 seconds flat if things go south.

If you can do that then not only will you start having better results with women online, but you’ll also have a lot more fun.

Want more rock solid online dating advice?

Well then perhaps it’s time for you to check out (product name).

It’s already helped thousands of guys and it can help you too.

Check it out here:
(insert link)

Subj: The Hooker With A Heart Of Gold

Does having a vagina automatically make a woman a good person?

Does having breasts mean she is somehow a morally superior being that deserves your respect and admiration?

Does the fact that she pees sitting down mean that she is endowed with qualities that makes her worthy of being in your life?

Of course it doesn’t.

But you try telling that to the majority of men on dating sites.

The average guy online automatically places every hot piece of tail on a pedestal. By sheer virtue of her attractiveness she automatically becomes some special snowflake that is deserving of all his time and attention.

For all these guys know the chick they are ready to treat like a goddess could be a crack smoking prostitute that’s wanted in 3 states for passing bad checks and robbing gas stations. It makes zero sense.

And to make matters worse all the pedestalization (yes that’s a word, google it) of random women will never help these guys get girlfriends or get laid. Why?

Because when you start worshiping a woman without even knowing anything about her it
tells her 2 things:

1. It smacks of neediness and desperation which are 2 words that no woman in the history of humanity has ever used to describe a man that she’s attracted to.

2. It instantly lumps you into the same category as every fool that has sent her emails online and if she thinks you are just like all other men, then why should she spend her time responding to you?

So if bending over backwards to show a woman how great you think she is isn’t the key to meeting women online then what is?

It’s simple.

You just have to make her chase you. You have to make her qualify herself to you and get her trying to prove that she is worthy of your time and attention.

Now I know that may sound like an impossible feat unless you are rich, famous, or very good looking, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact I have a brain dead simple technique that you can use to get women to start chasing you without even realizing.

But I only reveal it in (product name), available here: (insert link)

So if you are truly ready to take your online dating to the next level then check it out and watch how fast your dance card fills up.
100% Money Back Guarantee!

Use my emails in your business for a minimum of 30 days and if at the end of those 30 days you don't feel like you've gotten your money's worth then I will give you back your money no questions asked. You must provide me with screen shots of your stats to receive your refund. This guarantee is for new clients only.


I charge $40 per email with a 5 email minimum.

Contact me via pm or email me at

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