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Smoking Hot Custom Written Direct Mail Piece for Offline Leads
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For a limited time...

Offliners Get Your Smoking Hot Custom Written
Direct Mail Piece for Offline Leads Today!

Are You Ready For Leads To Call?

I’m just now offering this here on the Warrior Forum. This means two things:
First, zero testimonials exist to thoroughly convince you this guy rocks, and second…

There is a story below you must read.

Hello Warrior,

Howdy, I'm Doug.

If you are at all like me there are ups and downs you experience with this grand opportunity we call Internet marketing.

And one thing for certain about these struggles… they continue day after day.

Offline though, well, dreams are being made…

The very first business I started was successful right from the start.

Was it the Midas touch?


These were the days before the Internet was anything like it is now. There were no autoresponders. Yes, email maybe

It was the early ‘90’s

An envelope and a stamp got your message out to the market. That message was a direct mail piece of some sort.

Starting a construction company was my plan.

No computer.

But I did have an old Smith & Corona manual typewriter. Have you ever seen one of those?

Anyway, sitting around the kitchen at night I pecked out letter after letter on that old typewriter…

I wasn’t even smart enough in those days to create one master mail piece and then just copy it.

Six to ten letters each night.

Hand write the mailing and return addresses, lick the stamp and pile them on the table. Followed by mailing them out the next morning.

Fortunately, this went on for only about two weeks, probably only 50 or 60 letters actually were mailed, when the very first phone call came.

A real estate developer putting together a custom home proposal for a client, he read my letter and wanted to put a set of plans in my hand to look over.

Well, long story short, that one phone call stemming from one direct mail piece lead to a $45K contract!

And my little construction company was launched. $45K contract - An 8000 square foot house to frame, and then it hit me... I didn't have a single employee! Not one.

Now I scrambled to find a couple of solid carpenters, fortunately I found some.

So, why did it happen? Because I put myself out there, that’s why.

One day not a sole beyond my wife knew my little company existed, the next fast tracked to success!

And believe me, you can do the very same thing. Can I promise $45K contracts? Nope.

But I can confidently tell you... Direct Mail Works!

Let's get you set apart from other offline marketers, and make you more money in the process.

Sound like a plan?

Let's start now and kick your direct mail campaign into overdrive!

After all, that's why you're here. You want to make dreams come true, right?

So, how exactly can I help you out?

I’ve learned a ton since those first few days direct mailing for clients. And yes, I know what gets people to respond.

We start as you tell me about your business. Your hopes. Your deepest dreams, the ones you have never shared with others.

Oh, and your scars, those painful failures.

Remember that scene in the movie Jaws? Three men drinking, one small boat, a really big shark and a whole lot of camaraderie. The drunker these guys get, the more they brag about their scars.

I want to hear about your scars. Your failures. The big mistakes you made along the way.


Because in putting together your direct mail piece…those stories will make all the difference!

My biggest mistake in business has been attempting to do everything alone. It’s been huge. Granted back then it was a must.

I’ll bet you can relate to that problem.

It’s a trap huh?

Let’s turn things around. Being wise enough to use the experience of others you don't have to learn from scratch.

We are going to get your foot in the door using direct mail... in the same manner that worked for me over twenty years ago.

Which by the way still works today!

Here you go…

Attention Grabbing Direct Mail Piece
Written Just For You

It’s time…
  • Time you see results
  • Time to provide quality.
  • Time to stand out!

This Works Better Than Ever.


Because business owners don’t want to be called, they want to make that call when they need help. And too many marketers are calling first, pestering and annoying business owners.

Direct mail sets you apart. If you do it right…

So the real question becomes, “why wait any longer?”

You are about to receive one direct mail piece designed to get business owners calling you.

Sound like a good deal? It is.
  • We start by defining your project
After you order you will be redirected to a questionnaire. Here you tell me about your
business, the goal of your project and the product or service you are promoting.
  • Research
Once I'm holding your responses to the questionnaire, research occurs about
your product or service, this way you are not getting template written emails
but well thought out, custom written ones.
  • I do the writing – You are hiring me
No turning over your project to outsourced writers. No arbitrage involved,
just me doing the research and the writing for you. Period.
  • Communication
You will get my personal email, skype contact, and even my cell phone
number, if you ask that is. I want to be accessible, you deserve it – not to
mention we need to stay in touch so you receive the best service possible,
as I’m sure there will be questions for both of us.

There you have it… so now is the time to jump on this offer!

Keep in mind...

Far too many ‘offliners’ are attempting to build their business without contacting people in a face to face manner. I get it. But it doesn’t work very well. Don’t be like those marketers.


Set Yourself Apart.
• Be Different
• Tell Your Story
• Ask For A Call

The only trick is to mail your piece out to the right targets. I will help you with this part too. Do this and they will call you.

Then watch your business grow as you get your foot in the door.

And… you don’t have to fear rejection. They qualified themselves. They invited you!


I'll Take The Risk!

You must be satisfied. If after truly using your custom direct mail piece and no body calls. I mean nobody, just let me know and I’ll refund your investment within the first 30 days.

So, how do you know for sure this is the right program for you? Pull the trigger, make the decision to put this to the test.

I’m not going anywhere, being a Warrior has been 14 years to this point – I’m stable.

That is fair.

This Is What You Do Now

In keeping everything as easy as possible, Paypal is the way to go. Below is the "Start Now" link... Simply follow that link through to Paypal and do your thing

When finished with Paypal, you will be redirected to the questionnaire. Please complete and submit it as quickly as possible – when it is in my hands then I can go to work researching, writing and finishing your project.

Oh! One more thing. I'll certainly be in touch once I am aware of your purchase. Please keep in mind I'm in the Central Standard Time zone, I may be sleeping when you order... rest assured I will be contacting you.

Mentioned above, and well worth pointing out again…

After only two weeks of mailing prospects my little construction company was off and going strong because of one lead generated off those mailings.

It’s proof direct mail makes things happen.

You get the benefit of my knowledge and experience for your written direct mail piece.

Plus, this is a letter you can use over and over, as often as you need it. You are only at the beginning here and the future is exciting.

Let’s get that excitement started Today!

All the best,

PS – To recap, you will receive custom written direct mail letter you can use over and over, as often as you wish. There is a questionnaire provided, I make myself accessible and we work together to get quality delivered to you as quickly as possible.

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