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HKDigital 6th February 2016 01:03 PM

Get Your Professionally Written SEO Articles Now! First Article Half Price
Fully Researched 500-700 Word Articles.
I will extensively research your industry and what your competitors are offering in order to provide you the highest quality competitive content.

SEO Optimised Formatting and Titles

I will always ensure your content stands the best chance for high ranking when it comes to SEO without the quality of the content suffering.

Expert Proofreading

Your content will benefit from being fully reviewed for typos and errors and other mistakes making sure your content is flawless.

Complimentary Revision Service
If required you will be entitled to two free revisions up to 7 days after you receive your content

High Quality Stock Photo

Phots increase the authority of your article as well as making them attractive and easy to share to high traffic social sites such as Pinterest .If needed your article will include a relevant high quality stock photo at no extra cost to you.

Written By an Expert Published By You

Give your website the best chance of success and relax knowing your content is in the capable hands of a digital marketing expert and professional writer .Once you have these articles they are yours to do with as you please, all rights to them will be yours and you will be able to put your name to them when published.

Order Now!

Getting your seo optimised article package couldn't be easier, not only are these packages the perfect solution to the never ending time consuming content writing that falls on the shoulders of business owners and marketers they will be sent straight to your inbox ready for you to review put your name on, publish and then reap the rewards.

Once I have the information I need from you I will begin to research and create the best article targeted to your customers€™ needs as well as your keywords.

Because every business has different budgets we have options to suit everyone. You can purchase a minimum of five articles and I can accommodate large orders.


Bespoke Article Package

Your content and keyword are researched in depth along with the subject, drafted, written then proofread for flawless content written exclusively for you.

Get Your First Trial Article



5 x SEO Article Package

10 SEO Article Package

20 SEO Article Package

30 SEO Article Package

40 SEO Article Package

50 SEO Article Package

Small Business Full Content Package Special

10 SEO Articles
7 Targeted Marketing Emails
Rewritten PLR E-book personalised to your business if you can
send me your graphics logo, links etc


Specialist Subjects

I specialise in the following subjects but will consider other areas please
contact me for more information.
  • Copywriting
  • Seo Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Articles
  • Blogging Articles
  • Health and Fitness
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Beauty
  • Cosmetic reviews and articles
  • Cooking

Don€™t hesitate to order your article package now and enjoy the fruits of well targeted well researched engaging content written by a English native and digital marketing and seo expert.

Don€™t forget you will get a bespoke service tailored to your business and keywords as well as,

[LIST][*]500-700 word articles[*]SEO Optimised Titles and Articles[*]Stock Photo[*]Proof reading.[/LIST]
Please allow up to,
Five days for the 5-20 Article Packages
Up to Fourteen Days for The
30-70 Article Packages.

This is because your content is carefully researched and drafted and also to accommodate very busy times. I aim to get it to your inbox much quicker.

If you would like to read some examples of my writing please visit my content example blog or click the kinks below

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing Content Sample

9 Reasons Your Company Should Use Internet Marketing Content Sample

How to Cleanse and Detox Your Skin Content Sample

Article Example

Five Effective Tips аnd Techniques Fоr Email Marketing Success

There are many benefits to email marketing and that is why so many companies choose email marketing as their preferred type of advertising. There are numerous benefits to email marketing and one of the best is it enables you to easily keep in touch with your customer base.

To get the best response, every email you send to your prospective customers should be particular in terms of what you want the reader to receive from it. If you do not have a crystal clear understanding of the email advertisements your readers are also going to get confused and they won€™t even bother reading you emails. This can have a very bad effect on your business and rob you of a highly effective marketing asset.

More and more companies of all niches from all over the world are using email marketing to keep in touch with their customers and advertise their products and services to a responsive engaged list. What they have all noticed is what a good response they get from customers who are approached using email marketing.

Plan Plan Plan
Planning is just as important in email marketing as it is in any other field. If you are planning to send bulk emails to potential customers you need to carefully plan the amount of emails you send, the number of customers you send them to , the time period of the next email to be sent etc. You my even go as far as to prepare a timetable for sending occasional promotional email to your customers in addition to your other campaigns.

For example, if you had a festival coming up you should prepare well In advance regarding what products and event information are to be marketed and what the primary goals of the email ads are.

Draft Your Emails Appropriately
Your emails should be written so they hook your reader€™s interest straightaway. You can focus in getting this right as part of email planning, after which you would have time to concentrate on how the emails look to your customer (always test how everything looks from your customer€™s point of view)

When marketing consumer products always make sure your email adverts are attractive, colourful and engaging. However if your email is geared towards certain events and occasions it is more appropriate for your emails to have a more sober tone.

Other obvious but very important factors to maintain strict standards about are; correct grammar, sentence construction, location of the text etc.

Update Your Format and Content Often
It is highly important you keep updating your, offers, invitations, content and product information mentioned in your emails. If you do not do this your readers will get bored with the same known format and won€™t take the time to read or respond to your emails. Brainstorm new ideas for content, updating the look of your emails and how to make them even more interesting. Try using new templates, add the latest and freshest images to enhance the look and feel of your format. Doing this will almost certainly help you attract new readers.

Ask Your Readers for Feedback
Asking your readers for their point of view regarding what they expect from your content. This is a good idea as it gives a personal touch to your email campaign. Learning as much as possible from your readers enables you to modify them in such a way it attracts many more readers.

This is easy to do and simply requires you to enable a feedback space and an email address where their comments can be left. Doing this can encourage them to feel free to let you know what they do and don€™t like about your emails. (Just make sure you can handle the truth)

Record All Your Details
All details of your email campaigns should be recorded with the sender€™s details. This will enable you to estimate the success level and the recorded information can later be used for further reference.
You should also prepare a spate list for your current customers and your potential customers as they both require different content. Make sure to have clear and separate sign up forms for each category on your website. This will save you a ton of time and put all information its correct place.


Nefelim 11th February 2016 05:58 AM

Re: Get Your Professionally Written SEO Articles Now! First Article Half Price
Any samples on the Travel niche?

mike_lucas 19th February 2017 02:34 AM

Re: Get Your Professionally Written SEO Articles Now! First Article Half Price
I have seeral 2000 Articles I need rewritten cost est plz?

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